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PANAMA: Canopy Tower Ecolodge and Nature Observatory

"Canopy Tower... is simply one of the best places in the world to visit if you're a bird watcher". Sanjida O'Connell, The Guardian Saturday March 29, 2003 Read the full article

"...without doubt, Canopy Tower is among my top sites on earth for watching birds" Jonathan Elphick, Scientific Fellow of the Zoological Society of London, author of many publications, including The Birdwatcher's Handbook: A Guide to the Birds of Britain and Ireland, and editor of The Collins Atlas of Bird Migration and many other titles.

An extraordinary birding lodge built at canopy level in a remodeled USAF radar tower. Considered one of the top birding lodges in the world, it is located only 45 minutes from the international airport in the heart of Soberania National Park. You will be birding in a quality forest within 2 hours of disembarking from the airplane. Come and see canopy specialties, like Blue Cotingas and Green Shrike-Vireos, at eye level and wake up every morning to a dawn chorus outside your window of forest falcons, trogons, tinamous and motmots.

Green Itinerary for birders on a budget

Click here to see Canopy Tower

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