A new approach to sponsored birdwatching.

Finding the ‘fixed’ point likely to produce the largest number of birds over a given time period in this area:

As the joys of ‘getting up at goodness knows when to listen for the likes of Water Rail, racing around the county and finishing at goodness knows when to midnight after dipping on Long-eared Owl’ began to wear a bit thin, people started to think up new, less strenuous sponsored-birdwatch challenges.  One of these, which is becoming very popular, is to remain at a fixed point for a given length of time and record all the species seen. 

Off the top of my head, I would have thought that the Crag viewpoint overlooking the Allen/Eric Morecambe pools would come out tops, especially with the aid of high quality telescopes.  However, it could be a little short on passerines, so JBP, Heysham Red Nab or Sunderland Point could enter the frame.     

Anyone interested in a trial run on Saturday 16th October (or 23rd if the weather forecast is awful)?  This can be a time of large-scale visible migration, so it would be nice if comparable Vis. Mig. data  could also be obtained.  Suggest 0700hrs-1000hrs, with observers at the Crag Viewpoint, Sunderland Point, Jenny Brown’s Point and Heysham Red Nab.   

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