Position       Name               Score      Species    Quality

1)                     Pete Marsh                              817                  187                  4.37
2)                     Jean Roberts                            792                  183                  4.33
3)                     Tom Walkington                       781                  183                  4.27 
4)                     Tom Wilmer                             765                  179                  4.06
5)                     Mark Prestwood                      757                  180                  4.27 
6)                     Ray Hobbs                               746                  177                  4.21
7)                     Pete Crooks                             720                  175                  4.12
8)                     John Girdley                             679                  167                  4.07
9)                     Mike Robinson                         663                  165                  4.02
10)                   Howard Elliot                           615                  153                  4.02*   
11)                   John Mason                              591                  154                 3.84
12)                   Bill Cross                                 589                  154                  3.82 
13)                   Jon Carter                                558                                             *
14)                   Andrew McCafferty                 484                  134                  3.61

·        *    Totals before end of August

  We now have a new recruit to the Reality League ranks in Jon Carter, and we are extending the closing date to give others a chance to still enter this years event. Anyone can still enter, just check your note books for this year, count the number of species, apply the Reality League points to each species and then send me the totals. Remember this is a fun event and it has been instrumental in increasing the coverage of much of our local area.

Since the end of May those taking part have still been picking up good numbers of new species, with Tom Wilmer seeing an additional seventeen, moving him up to fourth place. Jean Roberts had fourteen which enabled her to reach second place. Next was Ray Hobbs on twelve with Tom Walkington and Mark Prestwood on eleven.

Still at the top by four species and twenty five points is Pete Marsh mainly by virtue of his sea birds and additional ‘finds’ which have included two Little Egrets, Black Tern, Osprey, Storm Petrel, Common Scoter, Purple Sandpiper, Sanderling, Black-Necked Grebe, and Pomerine & Arctic Skuas. Although he does report that he has still not seen some of the ‘common’ species such as Razorbill, Kingfisher, Great Skua, and Goshawk.

Although most of the people involved managed to connect with the rarer species that turned up, some did not, I managed once again to miss the Petrels and Little Egrets that turned up. Also because of  various commitments such as family, rock-climbing and work the Woodchat Shrike was missed by quite a few including Pete Crooks, Tom Walkington and Tom Wilmer.

We will be arranging a meeting towards the end of the year to discuss the League, regarding any changes necessary, such as changes in rules, format and scoring. Also if enough people are interested I am looking at the possibility of arranging a birding away day for reality birders, perhaps a mini-bus trip to the east coast or other suitable venue.

The next newsletter will be in December and could I please have everyone’s scores  up to the end of November by the beginning of December, with highlights as well please. My new e-mail address at home is                                 


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