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The newsletter article written by Jean Roberts suggested that the Crag viewpoint was the best place in this area to see the largest number of species from a fixed point last October.  This was partly due to a reasonably good autumn ‘visible migration’ day and partly due to the vantage point overlooking the Allen/Eric Morecambe pools and the rest of Carnforth Marsh whilst still being ‘in touch’ with nearby woodland species.  Other sites covered were Red Nab, Heysham Nature reserve and Sunderland Point.  It would be nice to expand on this.  Sites which come to mind are: Pilling Lane Ends, Jenny Brown’s Point,  Teal Bay (due for a new name) and even the likes of the Lilian’s Hide or in/by the causeway Public Hide.

It would be most useful if the visible migrants were counted so that material for a comparative article on visible migration is available.  We appreciate it might be difficult to differentiate between migrants and resident/off-passage birds at some sites e.g. Jenny Brown’s Point.

Suggested date 

Saturday 29th April  0700-1000.  

If anyone wishes to start earlier than that, in order to benefit further from the incoming tide (which produces a “low high” at 0828hrs), please make it 0600 so that analysis is facilitated.   In this respect, it would be useful, but not necessary, to split the visible migrant counts into hourly blocks.  Thank you.

Please contact Jean Roberts at 01524/770295.  This landline is often engaged due to internet use, therefore please try  mobile 07773271187 or  01523/5223/523 Pager 831999 or

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