The pools

The two pools where built in mitigation for the new sea defense wall that protects the northern part of the peninsular. Built in 1996 they are still maturing ecologically. However, they are already producing new wildfowl records for the area. Each has its own distinct character.

The Bowie Pool.

Approach via the sea wall from Sunderland Point car park. This is the larger of the two pools. The banks are open and muddy and are favoured by waders. Roosting birds use the island at high tide but are easily disturbed by walkers on  the sea wall.  Over thirty species of Wildfowl and Waders  were seen here in autumn '99

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Baxter's Pool.

Approach via the coastal footpath which runs south from Potts Corner. The sea wall is strictly private. The pool has much emergent vegetation around the banks and so the birds are less liable to flushing. It has already provided the first breeding records for the area of Coot, Mute Swan and Lesser Black-backed Gull. (Which ate the Coot!)

In summer 1999 it changed into a fishing pool and bird numbers have drastically reduced.

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