Jay Very scarce autumn migrant, only ever seen during this species occasional irruptive movements.
Magpie Breeds locally, (three or four pairs.)  There is some evidence of southward movement with up to 20 birds/day seen in late October.
Jackdaw Strictly a late autumn migrant. Hitting the right day would seem to be very important. i.e. a single flock of 120 birds on 19/10/97 was one of the few records of the year.
Rook A passage migrant, Mainly late autumn, usually in small no's.
Carrion Crow Small no's. are always present, up to 10 birds. Breeds in the area. Carrion Crow can be a major feature of autumn visible migration, with up to 80 birds per day during favourable conditions in October.
Raven Rare visitor: 2 on Middleton Salt Marsh 22/4/07

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