Ducks to Mergansers

Shelduck Common breeding bird, flocks of up to 200 have been seen. Large crèches form in early summer.
Wigeon Large flocks winter in the area, up to 500 on occasions
American Wigeon* Vagrant. (Two records) The long staying Heysham bird was seen on Middleton saltmarsh during a WeBS count, 9/2/97.

A bird first seen at Heysham Red-Nab was flushed by the high tide and landed on Middleton Saltmarsh, 9/11/99  

Teal Previously an infrequent visitor. 53 in Nov. '96 was exceptional.  From 1999 Teal have become regular on the Bowie Pool.
Mallard Scattered flocks totaling up to 60 birds are regular. Max. 136 Nov. '97.
Gadwall* Very uncommon. 2 on the WeBS count of 9/2/97.
Pintail Infrequent winter visitor. 18 storm blown on 10/2/97. 2 on Bowie Pool during September '99 WeBS count.
Garganey Vagrant. A first winter male was on the small pool viewable from The Lane 5-6/10/96.  Up to three birds were present on the Bowie Pool during September '99.
Shoveler A male on Baxter's Pool on the WeBS count of 18/1/98 was the first known record.  There have been a small number of records since.  Up to 6 regularly on the Bowie Pool during Autumn '99.
Pochard A small no. of recent winter records from the Bowie Pool.
Tufted Duck A small no. of recent winter records from both Baxter's Pool and the   Bowie Pool.
Two on Lane pool April 2007
Scaup 2 in Nov. '96 on the Bowie Pool.

Infrequent spring visitor. A family party of 11 birds in July '94 may have bred locally but this was never proved.
Record numbers seen in spring 2005 - over 100. Young seen in the Estuary Summer 2005 - almost certainly do breed. c100 birds in spring 2006

Long-tailed Duck* Vagrant.  (Two records.)  One on a farm pond Nov.'88.  One in a saltmarsh channel on the SW tip of Sunderland, 10/11/99 and then seen intermittently into 2000.
Common Scoter* Vagrant.  Four seen at the mouth of the River Lune 13th Aug. '99.
Goldeneye Small no's. usually present on the River Lune in winter.
Red-breasted Merganser Small no's. usually present on the River Lune in winter.
Goosander Just one record of one bird , autumn '94.

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