The Mammals of Sunderland Point

Rabbit Common. A large Warren by Sambo's Grave.
Hare Only prominent during the March breeding season.
Fox Predictably the known earth's are destroyed by the local farmers. Much damage has undoubtedly been done to local wildlife since foxes made their recent return. Protected by some villagers.
Hedgehog Occasional sightings.
Shrew sp. Only ever seen dead!
Seal Sp. (Poss.  Atlantic Grey) Long Dead. Middleton foreshore. Feb. '99
Porpoise One found recently dead at Potts Corner on 6/11/98 following a storm.
Stoat Seen in the region of the pigeon coops.
Short-tailed vole Seen running along the strandline on the beach, then ran across the track and into the general debris lying againt the seawall. This was roughly around the area of the "no entry" sign in front of the third/fourth house.
(Via Jon Stagg) November 2005

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