Pigeons to Larks

Feral Pigeon Remarkably seldom seen. Only one known coop in the area.
Stock Dove Scarce Passage Migrant.
Woodpigeon Small no's. breed in the area. There are occasional large flocks in winter, i.e. 110 birds Feb. '97. Flocks of 20 -30 birds are sometimes seen on autumn visible migration watches.
Collared Dove One or two pairs breed in the area. Rather scarce in winter. Sometimes seen in small no's during spring and autumn visible migration watches.
Cuckoo* Scarce summer visitor.
Little Owl One record, Oct '94 presumably relating to juvenile dispersal. Almost certainly bred just north of The Lane in '98. (frequent sightings.)
Short-eared Owl There have been very occasional records from the Middleton saltmarsh.
Swift Predominantly a late spring and very early autumn migrant. Tends to migrate along the shore line at Middleton Sands, which at low tide can be more than two miles away.  Not known to breed in the area but does visit in summer.
Kingfisher Scarce visitor / migrant along the salt marsh edges in autumn. (i.e. 1 in Sept. '96.)
Great-spotted Woodpecker. Occasionally seen in the area, in Potts Corner Woods and at least two records from the woodland by the salt marsh cattle grid at Overton.
Skylark Breeds in quite high densities in some parts of the area. Approx. 20 pairs in the Juncus beds at Potts Corner. It is also a feature of early spring and late autumn visible migration, with day counts of 45 in Feb. '97 and 60 in Oct. 95, being fairly typical records.

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