Visible Migration Point

To reach this watch point, park at the car park in the village and walk south to the tip of the point, bird watching as you go. Autumn is the best time of the year to view visible migration as the shape of the point tends to concentrate south bound migrants. In spring the birds tend to arrive in a much wider front.

The tip of Sunderland point is at the confluence of two significant migration flyways. In autumn birds fly south along the coast and south along the River Lune, meeting up at the point. On a suitable day over a 1000 birds will fly overhead in the first couple of hours after dawn.

The main birds involved include Meadow Pipit, Starling, Swallow, Skylark, Wagtails, various Finches, Thrushes and Corvids and a small number of raptors.

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Article by Pete Crooks about Vis Mig at Sunderland Point