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Bird watching on Halki, Greece,

Mark Graham

Halki is a small Island Approximately 10 miles long and 5 miles wide. It is about an hour and a quarter from Rhodes.The Island is very rocky with sea cliffs and not easily accessed coves.There is a sufficient tree and shrub cover to provide a habitat for a good number of birds whilst the lack of disturbance in the hills and along the coast has resulted in a surprisingly good quantity and variety of birds as well as reptiles dragonflies and butterflies.

The holiday was arranged through Laskarina who I would recommend to anyone. Although not specifically a bird watching holiday there was sufficient interest and variety to make this a very enjoyable destination for the average bird watcher.There is virtually no traffic on the one road and it is therefore possible to watch from the road without fear of being knocked down.

Birds seen between 24 August and 31st August 2005

Audouins Gull- 2 seen regularly in harbour. One seen near Katrina and another on rocky islet past Aliminia on return ferry trip.

Yellow legged Gull- Up to 8 seen most days including one regular on building at edge of Emborio.

Med Shearwater- Up to 10 seen every day from Katania or from end of Emborio bay.

Eleanora Falcon- 2 seen at dusk on most days over island opposite Emborio Bay.2 seen near Castle one day.

Shag- one juvenile near entrance to Emborio bay.

Cormorant -5 on rocky islet just past Aliminia  on return ferry trip home

Little Egret- one stranded on above rocky islet.

Olivacious Warblers- numerous and widespread on Katania road and up to Chorio.

Willow warblers- similar to Olivacious Warblers.

Sardinian Warbler- same as above warblers.

Chaffinch- one seen on road to Chorio.

Red Back Shrike- Numerous and widespread especially on road to Katania.

Raven- 5 seen most days on way to Katania

Jackdaw- common

Yellow Wagtail- Up to 10 seen most days from shingle beach beyond Potamos beach.

Pied wagtail- common

Grey Heron- one seen beyond Potamos beach

Kingfisher- regular sighting flying across area in front of shingle beach beyond Potamos beach.

Little Owl- regular sighting near water tanks

Spotted Flycatcher- up to 10 seen along road to Chorio.Hoopoe- 2 seen on left of Chorio road on way to Chorio just past cement works.

Whinchat- regular sighting on right of road up to Chorio near church.

Other bird’s seen-
Rock Doves, Feral Pigeons, Collared Doves,

House Sparrows. All common and widespread.

Two buzzards and two Wheatears seen but specific species not identified.


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