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A Report from

The birds of Kos (1st-12th September '96),

John Jennings

John Jennings visited the Island of Kos in September 1996.  This is an account of the birds that he saw and the sites that he visited.

Though the Island is relatively small, some fifty three different species were seen.   There were many of significant interest to a birder making their first trip to this area of the Eastern Mediterranean.  John managed to see twenty nine species of new birds.

" Tigaki is actually where we stayed. It was also the only bird reserve on the island. it is like a large shallow pool just inland of the sea. (There is a naturist beach there as well.) When we were there most of the water had dried up but there is a small stream that runs into it and most of the waders congregated on the edge of the stream and fed amongst the mud at the edge of this stream. It was also a good hunting ground for raptors between the sea and this reserve. You could actually lie on the beach and every now and again walk the 200 yards to the reserve, see if anything new had arrived then walk the 200 yards back to the beach and continue your suntan"

The Sites:


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