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A Report from

Corfu, 8th  - 23rd May 2000,

Gary Lewis

We were based in Paleokastritsa and hired a car for 10 days, we tried to visit the Plains of Ropa at least twice a day, usually first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

We only made two visits to Lefkimmi Salt Pans because of the distance from Paleo, anyone staying in the south should spend as much time there as possible.

Gavrolimmi Ponds. Take the road from Paleo-Pelakas,2-3 miles along the road you will see a Grasshopper sign by a left turn ,take this "road" after 500 yards park on the right, do not go through the double gates (this is private property) follow the track through the Olive groves for about half a mile, the ponds are on the left, approach quietly.

This is a list of the birds we saw during our 2 week stay:

Little Grebe---Gavrolimni ponds.
Grey Heron---Lake Korission, Lefkimmi salt pans.
Purple Heron---Andinioti Lagoon.
Great White Egret---Plains of Ropa.
Little Egret---Lake Korission, Andinioti Lagoon, Lefkimmi salt pans.
Squacco Heron---Lake Korission, Gavrolimni ponds,
Night Heron---Gavrolimni ponds.
Little Bittern---Gavrolimni ponds, Plains of Ropa.
Honey Buzzard---Andinioti Lagoon.
Booted Eagle---Pantokrator.
Marsh Harrier---Plains of Ropa.
Red Footed Falcon---Plains of Ropa
Lesser Kestrel---Plains of Ropa.
Moorhen---Gavrolimni ponds.
Black Winged Stilt---Lefkimmi salt pans, Lake Korrision.
Little Ringed Plovers--- Lefkimmi salt pans, Lake Korrision
Kentish Plovers--- Lefkimmi salt pans, Lake Korrision
Turnstones--- Lefkimmi salt pans.
Curlew Sandpipers---Lefkimmi salt pans, Lake Korrision.
Dunlin--- Lefkimmi salt pans, Lake Korrision
Little Stint ----Lefkimmi salt pans, Lake Korrision
Greenshank---Lefkimmi Salt Pans
Common Sandpiper---Lefkimmi Salt Pans.
Wood Sandpiper---Lefkimmi,Lake Korrision,Plains of Ropa.
Ruff---Lefkimmi Salt Pans.
Snipe---Plains of Ropa.
Collared Pratincole---Plains Of Ropa.
Herring Gull---All Over
Lesser Black Back Gull---Several Sites.
Little Tern--- Lake Korrision,Lefkimmi Salt Pans.
White Winged Black Tern---Lake Korrision,Lefkimmi Salt Pans.
Collared Dove--- Common Around Paleokastitsa.
Turtle Doves--- Plains Of Ropa.
Cuckoo---Heard Plains Of Ropa.
Scops Owl--- Common.
Swift---Very Common.
Alpine Swifts---Flock 1000+ Paleokastritsa.
Hoopoe---Lake Korrision.
Wryneck--- Heard at several sites.
Short Toed Lark---Lake Korrision.
Crested Lark---Plains Of Ropa.
Red Rumped Swallow--- Common.
House Martin---Common.
Tawny Pipit---Lake Korrision.
White Wagtail---Common.
Yellow Wagtails(Blue,Black Headed)---Plains Of Ropa + Other sites,
Lesser Grey Shrike---Plains Of Ropa,Gavrolimmi Ponds.
Red Backed Shrike---Plains Of Ropa.
Woodchat Shrike---Common at most sites.
Cettis Warbler---Plains of Ropa,Lake Korrision.
Fan Tailed Warbler---Plains Of Ropa.
Whitethroat---Lake Korrision.
Sardinian Warbler---Common.
Subalpine Warbler---Pantokrator.
Chiffchaff---Heard Plains Of Ropa.
Wood Warbler---Plains Of Ropa.
Olivaceous Warbler---Lake Korrision.
Spotted Flycatcher---Paleokastritsa.
Stonechat---Plains Of Ropa.
Whinchat---Plains Of Ropa.
Blue Rock Thrush---Pantokrator.
Wheatear---Lake Korrision.
Black Eared Wheatear---Pantokrator.
Nightingale---Gavrolimmi Ponds.
Great Tit---Common
Blue Tit---Locally Common.
Corn Bunting---Plains Of Ropa.
Cirl Bunting---Pantokrator.
Black Headed Bunting---Plains Of Ropa, Pantakrator.
Reed Bunting--- Plains Of Ropa.
Linnet---Lake Korrision.
House Sparrow---Common
Golden Oriole---Gavrolimmi Ponds, Lake Korrision.
Jay---Seen all around the island.
Raven---2 seen at Paleokastritsa.
Hooded Crow---Lake Korrision.

If anybody requires any more information contact me Gary Lewis

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