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Lesvos Trip Report, April 12th - 19th 2001,

James Eaton

We decided to try Lesvos in April after reading several good trip reports, mainly when visited in May. Several reports indicated that late April would be worth a visit, and having 2 weeks off in mid-April we decided to give it a whirl. We hired a Fiat Punto, which we found adequate for most tracks, apart from the track along the West River where we got stuck for 2 hours on out first day!

As much as I enjoyed the trip, I thought mid April was a bit early as you miss several good summer birds, ie Black-headed Bunting and Olive-tree Warbler, and only see small numbers of other birds such as Bee-eaters and Red-footed Falcon, which were gradually picking up in numbers as the weeks progressed. But birds like Little Crake are passing through in good numbers. If I went again I would probably go in the last week of April - first week in May. 

We stayed in the Skala Kalloni II hotel, which was very good and well situated for a pre-breakfast walk. With most other birders staying there too it allows you to exchange information, which proved useful once or twice, though we preferred to do our own thing.


11th    A very long day in airplanes and airports! Caught a morning flight from Birmingham, via Paris to Athens. Then an evening flight to Mytilini, Lesvos. Arrived at hotel Kalloni II at 11.30

12th    Overcast, clearing for Sunny afternoon, Pre-breakfast around Kalloni Pool. Checked out the local area - West River Saltmarsh, East River, Salt Pans, Derbyshire, Achladeri, Inland Lake, Parakila Marsh and finally got the car stuck in mud along West River for 2 hours, allowing prolonged views of displaying Fan-tailed Warblers!

13th    Heavy thunderstorms all day, strong westerly, Pre-breakfast around Kalloni Pool, Got very wet in the west today! Made several stops to Sigri, Devil's Bridge, Koussos, Skala Erossos and Ipsilou monastery. Late afternoon, still getting wet, around Salt Pans and Derbyshire

14th    Pleasant day, sunny spells, Pre-breakfast around Kalloni Pool and West River Saltmarsh, Birded around Kalloni Bay most of the day. East River, Salt Pans, Derbyshire, down to Skala Polichnitos Salt Pans and spent several productive hours around Achladeri. Late afternoon around Devil's Bridge

15th    Overcast and showers, clearing to sunny spells and showers, strong southerly in evening. Pre-breakfast at West River Saltmarsh. After the usual morning around East River, Salt Pans and Derbyshire went north to Skala Sikimmia, then travelled down the east-side to Dipi Larssos, went back to East River

16th    Hot and Sunny, at last! Pre-breakfast at West river Saltmarsh and Kalloni Pool. Straight to Ipsilou monastery, via Skalochori, then onto Faneromeni Ford, Skala Erossos, via the rough coastal track. Evening at Potamia Valley and Inland Lake

17th    Overcast, sunny spells at Petra, Pre-breakfast at West River Saltmarsh, Usual morning around East River and Salt Pans. Travelled north-east to Skalochori, to find a new main road through the Olive-tree Warbler site, so went up to the second lay-by just north of Petra. Late afternoon around Derbyshire and all the way up Potamia Valley to Anemotia

18th    Started with thunderstorms, clearly in afternoon to sunny spells, Pre-breakfast at West River Saltmarsh. Morning around Kalloni Bay, via a quick look at Scop's Owl near Dafia - East River, Salt Pans, Derbyshire and Achladeri. Afternoon around a valley at Napi, but not Napi Valley (where is it?!) and then Potamia Valley and Inland Lake

19th    Sunny and Hot. Pre-breakfast Kalloni Pool. Made brief stops to Faneromeni Ford - Devil's Bridge, Skala Erossos and Ipsilou monastery. Final afternoon spent around East River, Salt Pans and Derbyshire. Managed a few minutes extra birding just south of airport in evening. Overnight near Athens

20th    Early morning flight to Paris, then onto Birmingham and the holiday was over!

Bird Species

Little Grebe tachybaptus ruficollis
Seen, or more often heard, at several reedy fringed water bodies, Derbyshire, Parakila Marsh and Kalloni Pool

Great Crested Grebe podiceps cristatus
A single summer-plumaged bird was present throughout on the sea between Derbyshire and Kalloni

Cory's Shearwater calonectris diomedea borealis
Good numbers were passing Kroussos on 13th and Skala Sikimmia on 15th

Yelkouan Shearwater puffinus yelkouan
Good numbers were passing Kroussos on 13th, with small numbers off Skala Sikimmia on 15th

Cormorant phalacrocorax carbo
2 were present in the small harbour just south of Derbyshire on several dates

Shag phalacrocorax aristotelis desmarestii
6 were present off Skala Sikimmia on 15th

Little Bittern ixobrychus minutus
Several wonderful views were had of this attractive reed dweller, Males were seen on the East River on 12/14th, Kalloni Pool on 14th (2), with 1 calling every night thereafter, with a female present on 19th, Dipi Larssos on 16th, Farneromeni Ford on 16th (3, inc. 1 female, all 3 down to less than 20 ft!!!), with 1 still present on 19th 

Night Heron nycticorax nycticorax
After an adult flew over the Inland Lake on 12th, birds were seen on 15th at Thermi and 2 on East River with 1 on 17th and Faneromeni Ford on 19th 

Squacco Heron areola ralloides
Quite common at several sites, with a maximum of 7 at Derbyshire on 19th

Little Egret egretta garzetta
Common, often in flocks up to 30+

Great White Egret egretta alba
Upto 5 were present at Derbyshire throughout, with presumably the same birds ranging up to Kalloni and Achladeri

Gery Heron ardea cinerea
A common sight at most water based sites

Purple Heron ardea purpurea
Singles were present on the East River on 12/17th, Parakila Marsh on 12/19th, Skala Erossos on 13/16/19th and Inland Lake on 18th

Black Stork ciconia nigra
1-2 were regularly over the Kalloni area as far south as Achladeri throughout, with the Salt Pans being favoured

White Stork ciconia ciconia
In Kalloni the pair breeding on a chimney were noted throughout, with presumably one of the pair seen at Kalloni Pool on 16th, 1 was seen collecting nest material in the village of Agia paraskevi on 18th 

Spoonbill platalea leucorodia
A 1st summer was present at Derbyshire on 13-14th, with 3 1st summers at Kalloni Salt Pans on 17th

Glossy Ibis plegadis falcinellus
A regularly encountered species.
East River - 26 on 12th, 10 on 14th, 8 on 15th, 12 on 17th, 4 on 18th, 8 on 19th
Kalloni Pool - 3 on 14th, 25 on 15th, 22 on 16th, 23 on 19th
Others were seen on the Potamia River with 16 on 12th, Kroussos, 1 on 13th, Skala Erossos, 2 on 13/16th and 1 at Derbyshire on 19th

Greater Flamingo phoenicoterus ruber
Up to 380 (mainly 1st summers) were present on Kalloni Salt Pans throughout, while several birds regularly flew over Kalloni area

Shelduck tadorna tadorna
A single was present on Kalloni Salt Pans on 13/17th

Ruddy Shelduck tadorna ferruginea
Present throughout on Derbyshire, with 29 on 19th, 3 flew south over West River Saltmarsh on 17th and a single was on the East River on 18th 

Mallard anas platyrhynchos
A female was at Kroussos on 13th

Pintail anas acuta
A drake was present throughout at Derbyshire, while 4 (2 drakes) flew onto Kalloni Salt pans on 13th

Shoveler anas clypeata
Present throughout on Kalloni Salt Pans, with a maximum of 8 on 13th and 2 drakes were on Parakila Marsh on 12th

Garganey anas querquedula
Present throughout on Kalloni Pool, with 14+ on 12th dropping to c6 on 19th, also present at Dipi Larssos, with 8 on 16th

Black Kite milvus migrans
A single flew north along the ridge between Potamia Valley and Inland Lake on 18th

Montaqu's Harrier circus pygargus
Single females were at West River on 17th, between East River and Salt Pans on 17th and between Ipsilou and Sigri on 19th

Pallid Harrier circus macrourus
A stunning adult male and female (which nearly hit the car!) at Kalloni Salt Pans on 15th, were followed by females at West River (2, in the company of both Montaqu's and Marsh!) on 17th and an immature heading north up Napi Valley on 18th   

Hen Harrier circus cyaneus
A female was present at West River Saltmarsh on 18th, in the same area as the harriers the previous day!

Marsh Harrier circus aeruginosus
A common sight around the West River (max 5 on 17th) and behind the Kalloni Salt Pans (max 6 on 17th), a notable influx took place on 17-18th, including 2 up Napi Valley on 18th, regularly encountered in all habitats

Sparrowhawk accipiter nisus
Birds were seen at Achladeri on 14th, near Skalochori (2) and Petra on 17th and Napi Valley (2) on 18th

Buzzard buteo buteo
After one at Achladeri on 12th several were noted in the hills of the north and west, mainly in pairs 

Long-legged Buzzard buteo rufinus
The commonest buteo, several sightings in the lowlands, but quite common once in the hills, especially around Ipsilou monastery

Lesser Spotted Eagle aquila pomarina
A single adult was noted along the Ipsilou to Sigri road, before circling off high to the north, flushing a Montaqu's Harrier in the process!

Short-toed Eagle circaetus gallicus
Regular sightings around Derbyshire and in the hills to the north and west

Osprey pandion haliaetus
On the 18th, presumably the same bird was noted catching a fish at the West River, pre-breakfast, then late morning at Derbyshire following the bay north and later in the afternoon circling high north over Napi Valley

Red-footed Falcon falco vespertinus
2 females were hunting over fields between the East River and Salt Pans on 14th with another being noted over Achladeri. A female showed very well 1km west from Devil's Bridge on 16/19th

Kestrel falco tinnunculus
Singles were noted near Sigri on 16th and over Napi Valley on 18th

Hobby falco subbuteo
2 were over Napi Valley on 18th and 1 was on wires near Devil's Bridge on 19th

Lesser Kestrel falco naumanni
On 16th, 1 flew over Ipsilou monastery followed by 14+ around Sigri and c20 distantly at Faneromeni Ford. 1 over Napi Valley on 18th and, finally, 18+ along the Sigri to Ipsilou road on 19th

Peregrine falco peregrinus
Singles were seen over West River and Ipsilou monastery on 16th, Napi Valley on 18th, near Messsotopes on 19th and a pair were breeding on the cliff-face below the second lay-by at Petra

Lanner falco biarmicus
A single adult female was sighted near Messotopes on 19th

Chukar alectoris chukar
2 were flushed from the Agra to Ipsilou road and 2 showed very well 3km south of the airport on 19th

Little Crake porzana parva
A female was flushed at Kroussos, followed by an impressive 9 (4 males) at Skala Erossos Ford (with 3 birds on the ford!) on 13th dwindled down to 2 pairs on 16th, finally, 3+ (2 males) at Inland Lake on 18th  

Spotted Crake porzana porzana
An extremely confiding bird was present at Faneromeni Ford on 16/19th

Water Rail Rallus aquaticus
Up to 4 were calling at Kalloni Pool throughout and one at Parakila Marsh on 12th

Moorhen gallinula chloropus
Quite common on ponds, pools and puddles!

Coot fulica atra
A single present on at least 15th at Kalloni Pool

Stone-curlew burhinus oedicnemus
At least 10 were present and displaying at Kalloni Salt Pans on 17th and recorded thereafter

Black-winged Stilt himantopus himantopus
Common at most water bodies, with 18 at Kalloni Pool on 18th

Avocet recurvirostra avosetta
Common at Kalloni Salt Pans

Collared Pratincole glareola pratincola
Following 4 pratincoles sp. over Kalloni Pool briefly on 12th a single was present on the West River Saltmarsh on 15th 

Little Ringed Plover charadrius
Common on beaches, water margins and rivers

Kentish Plover charadrius dubius
Quite common, as Little Ringed Plover, but more coastal

Dotterel charadrius morinellus
A confiding moulting female was present behind Kalloni Salt Pans on 13-14th 

Lapwing vanellus vanellus
A single was seen by Kalloni Salt Pans on 15th

Curlew Sandpiper calidris ferruginea
A winter-plumaged bird was present on the West River Saltmarsh on 12th

Little Stint calidris minuta
Common at all wader sites, especially on the West River Saltmarsh, with up to 100 present to 17th, with a big clear out on 18th

Temminck's Stint calidris temminckii
A single was noted amongst its commoner cousins on the West River Saltmarsh on 12th

Ruff philomachus pugnax
The commonest wader, with up to 130 present on the West River Saltmarsh

Curlew numenius arquata
Singles were at Derbyshire on 13th and West River Saltmarsh on 17th

Redshank tringa totanus
A single at Derbyshire on 13th,was followed by 2 at both Kalloni Sal Pans on 15th and Derbyshire on 18th

Spotted Redshank tringa erythropus
2 were seen at Derbyshire on 14/15/18/19th, involving at least 3 birds, another was present on the East River on 15th 

Greenshank tringa nebularia
Singles were noted at several sites in Kalloni Bay

Wood Sandpiper tringa glareola
Scarce at the beginning but numbers started to build up, with a maximum of 30 at West River Saltmarsh on 17th

Common Sandpiper actitis hypoleucos
Regular sightings along channels and Rivers in Kalloni Bay

Green Sandpiper tringa ochropus
Singles seen at several rocky rivers, max 3 at Faneromeni Ford on 16th

Marsh Sandpiper tringa stagnatilis
Regular sightings in small numbers.
West River Saltmarsh - 1 on 12th, 1 on 18th 
Kalloni Salt Pans - 3 on 12th, 2 on 13th, 5 on 14th, 8 on 15th 
Kalloni Pool - 1on 12th, 3 on 16th
Skala Erossos - 2-4 on 13th
East River - 1 on 14th, 2 on 15th,
Dipi Larssos - 1 on 15th
Derbyshire - 2 on 17th, 6 on 18th, 1 on 19th

Snipe gallinago gallinago
One was along East River on 12th, 2 at Skala Erossos on 13th and 1 at Kalloni Pool on 17th

Mediterranean Gull larus melanocephalus
Just one, a summer-plumaged adult, was seen at Skala Sikimmia on 15th

Little Gull larus minutus
Big numbers of 1st summers were passing Skala Sikimmia on 15th, with 7 1st summers passing Petra on 17th

Black-headed Gull larus ridibundus
A very worn and bleached 1st summer was present at Derbyshire from 13th, which some observers felt was a Slender-billed Gull

Yellow-legged Gull larus cachinnans michahellis
Very common everywhere! Often in flocks of hundreds over the hills

Gull-billed Tern gelochelidon nilotica
On 13th 16 arrived at Kalloni Salt Pans, later being seen at Derbyshire, with the flock still at the Salt Pans on 14th, with 2 at Derbyshire on 15th and 3 at Kalloni Salt Pans on 18th

Common Tern sterna hirundo
Numbers at Kalloni Salt Pans built up from 8 on 13th to 35+ on 19th, smaller numbers were seen elsewhere around Kalloni Bay, including a flock of 18 at West River and big numbers passing with the Little Gulls off Skala Sikimmia on 15th

Little Tern sterna albifrons
Seen around Kalloni Salt Pans from 16th, with at least 8 present

Caspian Tern sterna caspia
2 adults were at Derbyshire briefly on 15th, followed by a 1st summer at West River and Kalloni Salt Pans on 17th

Whiskered Tern chlidonias hybridus
Singles were at Kalloni Salt Pans on 13th and West River on 15th

Rock Dove columba livia
Occasional sightings were had in the north and west hills

Collared Dove streptopelia decaocto
Common in lowlands

Turtle Dove streptopelia turtur
A common sight and sound of the olive groves and foothills

Cuckoo cuculus canorus
A common sound, and regular sight in all habitats

Scops Owl otus scops
Exceptional views were had of a roosting pair on 18th, 200 yards north of Dafia turnoff

Little Owl athene noctua
A pair were present along the Sigri to Erossos road on 16th

Alpine Swift apus melba
A large passage was noted on 12th and 19th, with several flocks of 30+, otherwise small numbers noted, mainly in the west hills

Pallid Swift apus pallidus
3 were noted along East River on 12th, with odd sightings along the east coast on 15th

Swift apus apus
Very common sight throughout

Kingfisher alcedo atthis
Singles were noted along most Rivers and channels

Bee-eater merops apiaster
An impressive 35 flew north over Faneromeni on 16th, followed by 25 at Inland Lake on 18th and 2 there on 19th

Hoopoe upupa epops
A common sound of the olive covered hillsides, with sightings of 1 at Inland Lake on 12th, back of Salt Pans and 2 along East River on 14th

Wryneck jynx torquilla
Good views were had of one feeding on the track along East River on 12th

Middle Spotted Woodpecker dendrocopos medius
Singles were seen in Olive Groves at Potamia Valley on 16th, Anemotia on 17th and Inland Lake on 18th 

Crested Lark galerida cristata
Too common! Not one site where they weren't present

Short-toed Lark calandrella brachydactyla
After a flock of 15-20 along the Sigri - Ipsilou road, 62 were seen sheltering from the rain at Derbyshire (and 10 on 15th) and 90+ behind the Salt Pans on 13th, where numbers reached up to 200 on 14th, though only 10-20 were present on 17th. Also 2 at Dipi Larssos on 15th and 6 were at East River with 2 on 18th, and 2 on West River Saltmarsh on 17th 

Crag Martin ptyonoprogne rupestris
Singles were seen along the Sigri to Erossos road on 16th, and in the 'Grand Canyon' on 19th

Sand Martin riparia riparia

Red-rumped Swallow hirundo daurica
Good numbers in the hills with much small numbers in the lowlands

Swallow hirundo rustica

House Martin delichon urbica

Tree Pipit anthus trivialis
A large fall was noted on 13th, with a constant stream of fly-overs at Achladeri, perhaps involving several hundred birds. Reguarly noted flying over at various sites, but 30+ were present at Petra on 17th 

Meadow Pipit anthus pratensis
4+ were present behind Kalloni Salt Pans on 13th, with 1 on 15th

Red-throated Pipit anthus cervinus
Following a single over Parakila Marsh on 12th, others were on West River Saltmarsh, with 2 on 17th and 7+ on 18th, and behind Kalloni Salt Pans, with 10+ on 17th
Tawny Pipit anthus campestris
4 were present in the field behind Salt Pans on 14th, with 1 along the Sigri - Erossos road on 16th

White Wagtail motacilla alba
Just 2 seen, a pair at Kroussos on 13th

Blue-headed Wagtail motacilla flava
The scarcest 'yellow wagtail' at the beginning of the trip, though became more numerous during the latter part, and occasionally seen in double figures

Grey-headed Wagtail motacilla thunbergi
Regularly encountered during the beginning of the trip, though became quite scarce later on, rarely seen in double figures

Black-headed Wagtail motacilla feldegg
Quite common, especially on 13-14th, with a maximum of 30 (in addition to several Blue and Grey-headed present) at Kroussos. Favoured sites included Kalloni Salt Pans area, Derbyshire and West River Saltmarsh. Quite a distinctive call compared to the others

Nightingale luscinia megarhynchos
A very common sound, especially along streams

Redstart phoenicurus phoenicurus
A female was seen on the Sigri - Erossos road on 16th

Whinchat saxicola rubetra
A big fall on 13th, resulted in them being everywhere on 14th, regularly up to 50 in a single field! Numbers tailed of during the trip, though there were still several 10's on 19th

Stonechat saxicola torquata
Breeding was confirmed on the north side of Ipsilou monastery, just below the main road, with 1 fluffy, unfledged young seen on 19th, in company of a pair, which were also seen on 16th. Other males were seen along Erossos - Ipsilou road on 13th, Achladeri on 14th, Ipsilou - Sigri road on 16th, with 2 on 19th 

Northern Wheatear oenanthe oenanthe
1-3 were regularly seen behind Kalloni Salt Pans and Derbyshire, with several other singles noted elsewhere 

Isabelline Wheatear oenanthe isabellina
At least 6, including 4+ males in full display 1/2km west of junction to the east of Ipsilou monastery

Black-eared Wheatear oenanthe hispanica melanoleuca
A common sight in the hills, with slightly smaller numbers on the foothills, and less numbers in the lowlands

Rock Thrush Monticola saxatilis
A splendid singing male was along the rough track below Ipsilou monastery on 16th

Blue Rock Thrush monticola solitarius
On 14th singles were seen along Vouvaris River and above Dafia (fem), and a pair were on Ipsilou monastery on 16th  

Blackbird turdus merula
Common in most parts of island

Savi's Warbler locustella luscinioides
2 were reeling at Inland Lake on 16th

Fan-tailed Warbler (a.k.a Zitting Cisticola) cisticola juncidis
Several were seen displaying, especially favouring the West River area (5+) and behind Kalloni Salt Pans (4+)

Cetti's Warbler cettia cetti
Very common and even more vocal

Great Reed Warbler acrocephalus arundinaceus
Regularly heard and seen along East River, Inland Lake, Faneromeni Ford and several fine views at Kalloni Pool

Sedge Warbler acrocephalus schoenobaenus
Common in lowland areas

Reed Warbler acrocephalus scirpaceus
Just 2 were seen, at Inland Lake on 18th and Kalloni Pool on 19th

Olive-tree Warbler hippolais olivetorum
An early bird was heard only (aaahh!) in Potamia Valley on 16th, by a large, overhanging, conifer

Olivaceous Warbler hippolais pallida elaeica
Reasonably common in hedgerows and bushes, especially near water

Icterine Warbler hippolais icterina
A single noted at Achladeri on 14th

Subalpine Warbler sylvia cantillans albistriata
Common in scrubby areas and Olive groves

Lesser Whitethroat sylvia curruca
3 at Petra on 17th, followed by a small influx on 18th, with at least 8 along East River

Common Whitethroat sylvia communis
Only 5 noted, at Faneromeni Ford and between Sigri - Erossos on 16th, Petra on 17th and 2 along East River on 18th

Blackcap sylvia atricapilla
Single females were seen at Devil's Bridge on 14th and Ipsilou monastery on 16th

Ruppell's Warbler sylvia rueppelli
Excellent views were had of 4+ displaying males and 1+ female by the second lay-by north of Petra on 17th

Sardinian Warbler sylvia melanocephala
3 (2 males) were seen 3-4km south of the airport on 19th

Eastern Orphean Warbler sylvia crassirostris
At least 3 (2 males) at Devil's Bridge on 14th, a male at Ipsilou monastery on 16th and 1 at Petra on 17th

Wood Warbler Phylloscopus sibilatrix
An influx on 14th brought at least 15 to Achladeri, with at least 8 still at Ipsilou monastery on 16th, noted in smaller numbers at many other sites

Willow Warbler Phylloscopus trochilus
Just 2 were seen, below Ipsilou monastery on 16th

Goldcrest regulus regulus

One was singing in conifers 1km SE of Achladeri on 14th

Pied Flycatcher ficedula hypoleuca
14th - a male was along East River, were followed by at least 11 (1+fem) at Achladeri, a female along Vouvaris River and 3 (1 fem) at Devil's Bridge.
15th - a female along East River, 2 (m+f) at Derbyshire
16th - 10-15 below Ipsilou monastery and 4 females at Faneromeni Ford
19th - 1 female at Faneromeni Ford

Collared Flycatcher ficedula albaicollis
This stunning bird was seen on several occasions.
14th - at least 2 males at Achladeri and 1 male at Vouvaris River
15th - 4+ (2m, 2f+) at Derbyshire
16th - 2+ males (3+ heard also) below Ipsilou monastery
18th - 1 male in Olive groves near Inland Lake

Semi-collared Flycatcher ficedula semitorquata
A female was identified at Achladeri on 14th, and possibles were also seen at Derbyshire on 15th (female, showed buffy tips to inner median coverts) and a male at Skala Erossos on 19th

Spotted Flycatcher muscicapa striata
Noted in same areas as Pied, though in smaller numbers, with 5+ at Achladeri on 14th, 4+ at Derbyshire on 15th and 3 at Ipsilou monastery on 16th

Sombre Tit parus lugubris
Following along Parakila - Erossos on 13th, 2 were at Devil's Bridge on 14th and 2 at Ipsilou monastery on 16th

Blue Tit parus caeruleus
Quite common

Great Tit parus major
Quite common, more so than Blue Tit

Long-tailed Tit aegithalos caudatus
A pair were seen on every visit to Achladeri

Kruper's Nuthatch sitta krueperi
Brilliant views were had of this little gem at Achladeri, 1 on 12th and at least 8 on 14th! Including a family party of 4

Western Rock Nuthatch sitta neumayer
2 were at Ipsilou monastery on 16th, 2 at Derbyshire on 17th, and 2 at Napi and 1 (+3 nests found) in Potamia Valley on 18th and finally 1 at Derbyshire on 19th

Short-toed Treecreeper certhia brachydactyla
Several were seen at Achladeri on 12th, including a pair feeding 3 unfledged young that had fledged by 18th

Lesser Grey Shrike lanius minor
A single male was seen 2km east of Skalochori on 17th

Woodchat Shrike lanius senator
Numbers built up as the trip progressed, with at least 15 being seen on 19th, mainly in the lowlands

Masked Shrike lanius nubicus
3 were in an Olive Grove just east of Skala Polichnitos on 14th, singles in Potamia on 16/17/18th     

Golden Oriole oriolus oriolus
An incredible flock of 30+ males were seen flying through and over trees at Achladeri on 14th, and 4+ were at Faneromeni on 16/19th

Jay garrulus glandarius
Quite common in most areas, especially in the foothills

Hooded Crow corvus cornix
Quite common, mainly in the hills in the west and north

House Sparrow passer domesticus
Very common

Spanish Sparrow passer hispaniolensis
Common, slightly less so than House Sparrow

Rock Sparrow petronia petronia
2 were below Ipsilou on 16th, and others were seen along the Erossos - Ipsilou road (2) and Ipsilou - Sigri road, where a nest was found on 19th

Chaffinch fringilla coelebs
Very common, mainly in woodland

Hawfinch coccothraustes coccothraustes
2 were at Perivolis monastery on 13th

Serin serinus serinus
Common in the woodland around Achladeri, with odd sightings elsewhere

Greenfinch carduelis chloris
Common in Olive Groves 

Goldfinch carduelis carduelis
Common in most areas

Linnet carduelis cannabina
Reasonably common in low vegetation and other areas

Corn Bunting miliaria calandra
Very, very common and vocal in all habitats

Cirl Bunting emberiza cirlus
Regularly encountered in Olive Groves and in the foothills

Cretzschmar's Bunting emberiza caesia
Common, especially on higher ground

Cinereous Bunting Emberiza cineracea
At least one was singing at Devil's Bride on 13th, followed by 4+ below Ipsilou monastery and 1 along Sigri - Erossos road on 16th and singles at Devil's Bridge and Ipsilou monastery on 19th, with several others heard. Once the song is learnt they are a lot easier!

Southern Swallowtail papilo alexanor
Scarce Swallowtail iphiclides podalirius
Eastern Fastoon zerynthia cerisy
False Apollo archon apollinus
Large White pieris brassicae
Black-veined White aporia crataegi
Orange Tip anthocharis cardamines
Clouded Yellow colias crocea
Berger's Clouded Yellow colias alfacariensis
Small Copper lycaena phlaeas
Grecian Copper lycaena ottomana
Common Blue polyommatus icarus
Red Admiral vanessa atalanta
Peacock inachis io
Painted Lady vanessa cardui
Southern Comma polygonum egea
Lesser Spotted Fritillary melitaea trivia
Spotted Fritillary melitaea didyma
Oriental Meadow Brown hyponephele lupina
Small Heath coenonympha pamphilus
Mediterranean Skipper gegenes nostrodamus
Others were noted on several occasions, but identification not clinched

Emperor anax  imperator
Lesser Emperor anax parthenope
Red-veined Darter sympetrum fonscolombii
Large number of teneral skimmers were noted that superficially resembled Black-tailed, around the reservoir in Potamia Valley

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