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A Report from

Lesvos, Greece 27th of April to 6th of May 2003,

Niclas Winqvist

Participants: Niclas Winqvist, Simon Schubert,


April 27th: Athens - Mytilini - Dipi Larssos - Derbyshire – Kalloni Pool – East river

April 28th: Potamia Valley – Achladeri – Kremastes stone bridge – West river – Kalloni Pool

April 29th: East river – “Raptor spot” (a lay-by with a small hut along the serpentine road 2 km N Kalloni) – Molivos – Coast road to Skala Sikaminias – Mount Vigla

April 30th: East river – Kalloni Salt Pans – Napi Valley – Kalloni Salt Pans – East river

May 1st: Kalloni Salt Pans – Kalloni Inland lake – Potamia Valley – Devil´s Bridge – Parakila marsh – Kalloni Inland lake – Keramio

May 2nd:         East river – Kalloni Salt Pans – Pigi Valley – Polichnitos Salt Pans – Derbyshire – Kalloni Salt Pans – East river

May 3rd: Potamia river - Agra – Eressos – Ipsilou monastery – Sigri – Faneromeni Beach – Coast track (Sigri – Eressos)

May 4th: Napi Valley – ”Raptor spot” N Kalloni – West river – Road to Makara

May 5th: Road to Makara – ”Raptor spot” N Kalloni – Abelia beach – The chapel near Limonos monastery

May 6th: Kalloni  - Mytilini – Athens – Copenhagen - Malmö


Almost all sites visited were those recommended by Richard Brooks in his compulsory book “Birding on the Greek Island of Lesvos” with updates. There are a couple of sites that we would like to mention though. Those with special interest in migrating raptors and other large birds should pay the lay-by about 2 km North of Kalloni along the main road to Petra a visit. On the fifth of May the winds were more easterly and the raptors tended to take a course right above a small chapel close to the Limonos Monastery. This seemed to be the perfect location on these circumstances.

Mount Vigla is the highest mountain on the island and we had some extraordinary tense hours there. This was more due to the bad track than the birds though. The Chukars made this effort worthwhile.

We also visited the Pigi valley as we thought that it topographically should be suitable for migrating birds coming in from Southeast. The day we went there was not overwhelming but we arrived only at noon and we still think that it may have potential.

Car rental and accomodation

Before we went to Lesvos we had made a reservation for car hire through Alfa Car Rental. For a small car, Fiat seicento, we paid 25 € per day including insurance and we were satisfied with this arrangement. In nine days we drove 930 kms without trying to keep the kilometers down.

If you, like us, do not want to stay at any of the more or less luxuous hotels provided via Internet there are a lot of excellent rooms for hire, at least in Skala Kalloni. The price we paid for an excellent room with a small pentry close to the harbour was 20 € per day for the two of us. For those with skills in Greek language even these rooms can be booked in advance by phone. Even if you not intend to call we urge everyone that will visit Lesvos to check the Greek Travel Pages at

If you would like to have personal information you are welcome to send us an e-mail.

The birds

Smådopping , Tachybaptus ruficollis Little Grebe 2-3 Kalloni pool 28/4, 6 in Inland lake 1/5 and 2 by the ford on the coast track from Sigri to Eressos 3/5.
Skäggdopping, Podiceps cristatus       Great Crested Grebe 1 at Derbyshire 27/4 and 4 off shore from Kalloni salt pans 30/4.
Svarthalsad dopping, Podiceps nigricollis Black-necked Grebe 5 at Derbyshire  and 1 off East river 27/4.
Gulnäbbad lira , Calonectris diomedea   Cory's Shearwater 3 at Makará 4/5.
Medelhavslira, Puffinus  yelkouan          Yelkouan Shearwater About 200 off coast between Molivos and Sikaminia 29/4 and 20-30 off Makará 4/5.
Storskarv, Phalacrocorax carbo     Cormorant 3 above Kalloni salt pans 1/5.
Toppskarv , Phalacrocorax aristotelis   Shag 1 off Sigri and 6 off Faneromeni beach 3/5, about 70 on and around the Isle of Garbias off Makará 4/5 and about 50 at the same location 5/5. No obvious signs of breeding behaviour.
Krushuvad pelikan, Pelecanus crispus Dalmatian Pelican 1 Kalloni salt pans 1/5.
Dvärgrördrom, Ixobrychus minutus   Little Bittern 4-5 Inland lake 1/5, 1 East river 2/5, 2 by the ford on the coast track from Sigri to Eressos 3/5, 1 Makará and 1 Kalloni pool 4/5.
Natthäger , Nycticorax nycticorax Black-crowned Night Heron 2 or 3 Inland lake 1/5 and 1 Parakila marsh 3/5.
Rallhäger, Ardeola ralloides      Squacco Heron Seen 5 out of 9 days with highest number in East river with up to 7 birds on 2/5.
Silkeshäger, Egretta garzetta      Little Egret Seen in moderate numbers every day.
Ägretthäger, Egretta alba     Great White Egret Single birds seen at several locations. At most 6 birds in Derbyshire 2/5.
Gråhäger, Ardea cinerea          Grey Heron 2 West river 28/4, 3 and 1 Kalloni salt pans 30/4 and 1/5 respectively and 4 at Derbyshire 2/5.
Purpurhäger, Ardea purpurea     Purple Heron 2 Kalloni salt pans and 2 at Inland lake 1/5.
Svart stork, Ciconia nigra      Black Stork 1 East river and 1 between Kalloni and Petra 29/4, 1 Kalloni salt pans 1/5, 1 Pigi valley and 1 East river 2/5, 1 West river 3/5, 2 at "Raptorspot" N Kalloni 4/5 and 1 same spot on 5/5.
Vit stork , Ciconia ciconia        White Stork 2 above Inland lake and 1 Kalloni 1/5, 1 Kalloni salt pans and 1 Polichnitos 2/5 and 1 at a nest on top of the church in Papiane between Kalloni and Skala Kalloni.
Bronsibis, Plegadis falcinellus      Glossy Ibis 4 East river and 4 Kalloni pool 27/4, 4 Kremastes old stone-bridge and 2 Kalloni pool 28/4, 3 and 1 Kalloni Salt pans 30/4 and 1/5 respectively.
Flamingo, Phoenicopterus ruber      Greater flamingo Almost 400 resident birds in Kalloni salt pans counted from the chapel above Dafia.
Knölsvan, Cygnus olor        Mute Swan 1 off East river 27/4.
Rostand, Tadorna ferruginea      Ruddy Shelduck 2 above Potamia valley 28/4, 2 above Kalloni salt pans 30/4 and a pair at Derbyshire 2/5.
Gravand , Tadorna tadorna     Shelduck 7 Kalloni salt pans 30/4 and 1 at Derbyshire 2/5.
Årta, Anas querquedula       Garganey 1 female and 10 males Kalloni pool 27/4, 1 female and 4 males same location 28/4, 1 pair Parakila marsh 1/5, 1 male East river 2/5 and 1 single male Kalloni pool 3/5.
Bivråk, Pernis apivorus   Honey Buzzard 1 Derbyshire 27/4, 1 Potamina valley 28/4, 1 near Ipsilou Monastery 3/5 and 1 "Raptorspot" 4/5.
Ormörn, Circaetus gallicus      Short-toed Eagle 1-2 birds seen at several locations on six out of nine days.
Brun kärrhök, Circus aeruginosus    Marsh Harrier Single birds seen at several locations.
Stäpp-/ängshök, Circus pallidus/ pygargus      Pallid/Montagu's Harrier 1 female near the ford on the coast track between Sigri and Eressos 3/5.
Sparvhök, Accipiter nisus      Sparrowhawk 1 Sikaminia 29/4 and 3 "Raptorspot" 4/5.
Ormvråk, Buteo buteo  Common Buzzard Single birds almost every day. 6 birds by the "Raptorspot" between Kalloni and Petra 29/4.
Örnvråk, Buteo rufinus   Long-legged Buzzard 1 - 3 birds seen at several locations. Up to 5 birds at "Raptorsot" 4/5.
Rödfalk, Falco naumanni  Lesser Kestrel 4-5 between Eressos and Sigri near Ipsilou Monastery 3/5 and 8-10 between Makará and the small Isle of Garbias off the coast 5/5.
Tornfalk, Falco tinnunculus Common Kestrel Scattered observations of single birds.
Aftonfalk, Falco vespertinus         Red-footed Falcon 10 females and 2 males at East river in the evening of 27/4 the only records.
Lärkfalk, Falco subbuteo  Hobby 1 Potamis valley 28/4.
Eleonorafalk, Falco eleonorae     Eleonora's Falcon 1 light morf and 1 dark morf Faneromeni 3/5 and 1 (or possibly 2) at the "Raptorspot" N Kalloni 4/5.
Slagfalk, Falco biarmicus  Lanner 2 "Raptorspot" N Kalloni 4/5 and 1 at the same location 5/5.
Pilgrimsfalk, Falco peregrinus       Peregrine 1 "Raptorspot" N Kalloni 4/5.
Berghöna, Alectoris chukar     Chukar 3-5 birds on the track up Mount Vigla 29/4.
Vaktel, Coturnix coturnix         Quail 2 birds heard East river 29/4 - 30/4 and 3 heard at Kalloni salt pans 30/4 - 2/5.
Småfläckig sumphöna, Porzana porzana Spotted Crake One "once-in-a-liftime-observation" from three meters during five minutes at Inland lake 1/5.
Mindre sumphöna, Porzana parva   Little Crake 1 female Kalloni pool 28/4.
Rörhöna, Gallinula chloropus       Moorhen Seen daily in East river and Kalloni pool. 15-20 Inland lake 1/5.
Sothöna, Fulica atra  Coot 30 Kalloni pool 27/4-28/4, 3 Inland lake 1/5 and 1 Kalloni pool 3/5.
Styltlöpare, Himantopus himantopus         Black-winged Stilt Decreasing numbers in Kalloni pool during our stay, abundant in Kalloni salt pans.
Skärfläcka, Recurvirostra avosetta      Avocet Common Kalloni salt pans.
Tjockfot, Burhinus oedicnemus       Stone Curlew 3 Kalloni salt pans 30/4 and 2 at the same location 1/5.
Mindre strandpipare Charadrius dubius Little Ringed Plover Seen in decreasing numbers in East river and Kalloni salt pans during our stay. Single birds in West river and Makará.
Större strandpipare, Charadrius hiaticula Ringed Plover 1 Kalloni salt pans 30/4.
Svartbent strandpipare, Charadrius alexandrinus Kentish Plover About 10 Kalloni salt pans 30/4 - 2/5, 2 Derbyshire 2/5 and 1 Polichnitos salt pans 2/5.
Kustpipare, Pluvialis squatarola   Grey Plover 1 Makará 5/5.
Småsnäppa, Calidris minuta    Little Stint Rather common in Kalloni salt pans and seen in smaller numbers in suitable habitat e.g. East river.
Mosnäppa, Calidris temminckii     Temminck's Stint 2 East river 27/4, 1 East river 29/4, 1 Kalloni salt pans 1/5 and 1 Makará 5/5.
Spovsnäppa, Calidris ferruginea    Curlew Sandpiper 15 - 20 Kalloni salt pans 30/4 and about 50 same location 1/5.
Kärrsnäppa, Calidris alpina Dunlin 2 Kalloni salt pans 1/5.
Brushane, Philomachus pugnax          Ruff Seen in good numbers in suitable habitat almost every day. Most common wader together with wood sandpiper.
Rödspov, Limosa limosa           Black-tailed Godwit 4-6 Kalloni salt pans 30/4 - 1/5.
Svartsnäppa, Tringa erythropus    Spotted Redshank 1 Kalloni salt pans 30/4.
Dammsnäppa, Tringa stagnatilis   Marsh Sandpiper 1 Kalloni salt pans 1/5 - 2/5.
Gluttsnäppa , Tringa nebularia     Greenshank Single birds in East river and Kalloni salt pans 27/4 - 2/5.
Grönbena , Tringa glareola       Wood Sandpiper Common during our entire stay.
Drillsnäppa  , Actitis hypoleucos       Common Sandpiper 1-3 birds East/West river and/or Kalloni salt pans 27/4 - 2/5.
Svarthuvad mås , Larus melanocephalus         Mediterranean Gull 2 off East river 27/4.
Medelhavstrut , Larus michaellis  Yellow-legged Gull Common both close to water and up in the valleys.
Sandtärna, Sterna nilotica        Gull-billed Tern 1 off East river 27/4, 5 West river 28/5, 3 Kalloni salt pans 30/4 and 1 same place 1/5.
Fisktärna, Sterna hirundo          Common Tern Rather common.
Småtärna , Sterna albifrons         Little Tern Rather common in Kalloni salt pans 30/4 - 2/5, 1 West river and 1 Skala Kalloni harbour 4/5.
Skäggtärna, Chlidonias hybridus         Whiskered Tern 1 Kalloni pool 28/4, the only record.
Vitvingad tärna, Chlidonias leucopterus   White-winged Black Tern 2 Kalloni pool 27/4, 4 same place 28/4 and 2 Kalloni salt pans 1/5.
Klippduva , Columba livia    Rock Dove 3 between Molivos and Sikaminia 29/4, 2 Isle of Garbias off Makará 4/5 and 4 Makará 5/5.
Turkduva , Streptopelia decaocto Collared Dove Most frequently seen dove, predominantly in villages and towns.
Turturduva , Streptopelia turtur        Turtle Dove Increasing numbers during our stay but never as common as collared dove. First seen 28/4.
Gök , Cuculus canorus   Cuckoo Single birds heard until 2/5.
Tornuggla  , Tyto alba Barn Owl 1 pair nesting just behind Skala Kalloni square.
Dvärguv, Otus scops  Scops Owl 2 calling at Karamio between Skala Kalloni and Kalloni 1/5, 1 Pigi valley 2/5 and 1 by the mini-soccerpitch N Kalloni 4/5.
Minervauggla , Athene noctua Little Owl 1 behind the garage N Kalloni salt pans 30/4, 1 Kalloni salt pans, 1 Derbyshire and 1 East river 2/5, 1 close to Ipsilou Monastery and 1 along the coast-track between Sigri and Eressos 3/5.
Hornuggla , Asio otus Long-eared Owl 1 ad and 3 pulli by the mini-soccer pitch N Kalloni 4-5/5.
Tornseglare  , Apus apus       Common Swift Seen every day in small numbers. Highest number in one place was 18 at Kalloni pool 28/4.
Alpseglare  , Apus melba       Alpine Swift About 30 Ipsilou Monastery and 6 at Faneromeni 3/5, about 150 Isle of Garbias off Makará and 50 incoming 4/5 and about 10 same place next day.
Kungsfiskare  , Alcedo atthis Kingfisher 1 East river 27/4 and 1 East river 2/5.
Biätare  , Merops apiaster        Bee-eater 21 southern ford of East river 27/4 - 1/5, 2 Kalloni salt pans 30/4 - 1/5, 10 same place 2/5 besides single parties on migration here and there all week.
Blåkråka , Coracias garrulus    Roller 1 Potamia valley 1/5 and 1 Kalloni salt pans 2/5.
Härfågel, Upupa epops         Hoopoe 1 Kremastes old stone bridge 28/4, 2 Napi valley 30/4, 1 Kalloni salt pans 1/5, 1 between Eressos and Sigri 3/5 and 2 again at Napi valley 4/5.
Mellanspett , Dendrocopus medius     Middle Spotted Woodpecker 1 Derbyshire 27/4, 1 Potamia valley 28/5, 1 East river 29/5, 1 Napi valley 30/4 and 2 in Pigi valley 2/5.
Korttålärka , Calandrella brachydactyla       Short-toed Lark 2-5 Kalloni salt pans 30/4 - 2/5.
Tofslärka , Galerida cristata     Crested Lark Seen and heard everywhere.
Trädlärka , Lullula arborea        Woodlark 1 Derbyshire 27/4 and 1 at Mount Vigla hillside 29/4.
Backsvala , Riparia riparia      Sand Martin Seen almost every day. Not uncommon.
Ladusvala  , Hirundo rustica    Barn Swallow Common. Both local and migrating birds. Shot for fun at weekends at the town squares!
Rostgumpsvala, Hirundo daurica       Red-rumped Swallow Not at all as abundant as Barn swallow but seen every day.
Hussvala , Delichon urbica    House Martin Common.
Fältpiplärka  , Anthus campestris    Tawny Pipit 1 Kalloni salt pans 30/4 and 2-3 same place 2/5.
Rödstrupig piplärka , Anthus cervinus    Red-throated Pipit Several dozens on the marshy fields between Kalloni salt pans and the bay from 30/4 to 2/5.
Gulärla , Motacilla flava      Yellow Wagtail M.f. flava the most common subspecies. Seen almost every day. Blue-headed subspecies M. f. feldegg second most common and more affined to humid places. The harsher call somewhat resembles the call of Citrine wagtail. "Black-headed wagtail", M. f. thunbergi only seen in small numbers together with other Yellow wagtails.
Citronärla , Motacilla citreola   Citrine Wagtail 2 females finally located in the dense vegetation of a pond behind the Kalloni salt pans. Seem to choose a more humid habitat than the other wagtails.
Sädesärla , Motacilla alba   White Wagtail 2 East river 27/4 and 2 Makará 4/5.
Gärdsmyg , Troglodytes troglodytes         Wren 1 singing at Mount Vigla 29/4.
Trädnäktergal , Cercotrichas galactotes  Rufous Bush Robin Only two birds seen. What was probably the first bird on the island of the year was singing behind the factory at Kalloni salt pans 2/5. Another one close to the ford on the track between Sigri and Eressos 3/5.
Sydnäktergal , Luscinia megarhynchos Nightingale Heard at least somewhere every day.
Buskskvätta, Saxicola rubetra Whinchat Rather common.
Svarthakad buskskvätta , Saxicola torquata Stonechat 1at the "Raptor spot" 29/4, 1 pair feeding young at Devils bridge 1/5, 2 at Ipsilou monastery 3/5 and 1 close to Filia 5/5.
Isabellastenskvätta , Oenanthe isabellina Isabelline Wheatear 5 close to the junction between Eressos and Ipsilou monastery.
Stenskvätta , Oenanthe oenanthe Northern Wheatear 1 male close to the road between Kalloni and Molivos 29/4.
Medelhavsstenskvätta , Oenanthe hispanica Black-eared Wheatear Seen every day.
Blåtrast , Monticola solitarius    Blue Rock Thrush 1 Mount Vigla 29/4, 1 pair feeding young at Ipsilou 3/5, 1 female above the "Raptor spot" North of Kalloni 4/5 and 1 male in the mountains close to Filia 5/5.
Koltrast , Turdus merula Blackbird Seen, and often heard, in many places every day.
Taltrast, Turdus philomelos Song Thrush 1 heard at East River 27/4.
Dubbeltrast  , Turdus viscivorus    Mistle Thrush 1 Napi valley 30/4.
Cettisångare , Cettia cetti     Cetti's Warbler The characteristic song explodes everywhere.
Sävsångare, Acrocephalus schoenobaenus     Sedge Warbler Heard every day except from the two last ones. Common at Inland lake.
Rörsångare , Acrocephalus scirpaseus    Reed Warbler Heard once or twice a day but not at all as commonly as Sedge warbler.
Trastsångare, Acrocephalus arundinaceus  Great Reed Warbler 3 East river 29/4 and 1 30/4 and 2/5, 1 Inland lake and 1 Potamia valley 1/5.
Eksångare , Hippolais pallida Olivaceous Warbler Commonly dispersed all over the island. Especially along East river where practically every bush hide an Olivaceous warbler.
Olivsångare, Hippolais olivetorum            Olive-tree Warbler 2 Napi valley 4/5.
Härmsångare , Hippolais icterina        Icterine Warbler 1 Ipsilou Monastery 3/5.
Rödstrupig sångare, Sylvia cantillans     Subalpine Warbler Not uncommon.
Svarthakad sångare, Sylvia rueppelli     Ruppel's Warbler 1 male singing North of Petra 29/4.
Mästersångare, Sylvia hortensis Orphean Warbler Often heard, seldom seen. Daily observations.
Ärtsångare , Sylvia curruca       Lesser Whitethroat 1 East river 30/4 and 1 at Ipsilou and 1 near Sigri 3/5.
Törnsångare, Sylvia communis      Whitethroat 1 bird each at Derbyshire and East river 27/4, 1 along the track between Sigri and Eressos 3/5 and 4-5 East river 4/5.
Svarthätta, Sylvia atricapilla          Blackcap A few scattered sightings during the week.
Balkansångare , Phylloscopus  orientalis   Eastern Bonelli's Warbler 1 or 2 birds uphill from Derbyshire 27/4 a kilometre and a half up a track to the left at the first right bend of the road towards Achladeri. 1 East river the same day.
Grönsångare, Phylloscopus sibillatrix   Wood Warbler 2 East river 27/4 and 1 along the road from Eressos to Sigri.
Lövsångare, Phylloscopus trochilus      Willow Warbler 2 at the same place as Eastern Bonelli's 27/4, 1 between Eressos and Sigri and 1 Potamia river 3/5 and 1 Makará 4/5.
Grå flugsnappare , Muscicapa striata Spotted Flycatcher Seen every day until 3/5.
Halsbandsflugsnappare, Ficedula albicollis  Collared Flycatcher 1 male and 2-3 females 27/4 at the same place as the Eastern Bonelli's warbler.
Svartvit flugsnappare, Ficedula hypoleuca Pied Flycatcher 1 male and 2-3 females 27/4 at the same place as the Eastern Bonelli's warbler. 1 at Kremastes stone bridge 28/4 and 1 Ipsilou monastery 3/5.
Stjärtmes , Aegithalos caudatus   Long-tailed Tit 1 in a densely vegetated valley along the coastal track between Molivos and Sikaminia 29/4.
Balkanmes, Parus lugubris       Sombre Tit 3-4 Kremastes stone bridge 28/4, 2-3 in the same valley as described above (see Long-tailed tit)  and 2 Mount Vigla 29/4, 2 napi valley 30/4 and 2 at Devil's bridge 1/5.
Blåmes, Parus caeruleus    Blue Tit Commonly observed during the whole stay.
Talgoxe, Parus major   Great Tit About as aboundant as the Blue tit.
Krüpers nötväcka , Sitta krueperi Kruper's Nuthatch A couple feeding nestlings at Achladeri as predicted 28/4.
Klippnötväcka, Sitta neumayer      Western Rock Nuthatch 1 Napi valley 30/4, 1 between Agra and Eressos 3/5 and 3 Makará 4/5.
Trädgårdsträdkrypare , Certhia brachydactyla Short-toed Treecreeper 1 Potamia valley 28/4.
Sommargylling , Oriolus oriolus Golden Oriole A party of 11-15 in a small valley (see Long-tailed tit) between Molivos and Sikaminia 29/4 obviously on migration, 1 East river 30/4 and 2 Napi valley 4/5.
Törnskata , Lanius collurio        Red-backed Shrike  Increasing numbers during our stay. From 1 daily in April to more than a dozen per day in May.
Svartpannad törnskata, Lanius minor Lesser Grey Shrike 2 East river and 1 Kalloni salt pans 30/4, 2 Kalloni salt pans 2/5 and 1 each by the road between Eressos and Sigri and Faneromeni 3/5.
Rödhuvad törnskata , Lanius senator   Woodshat Shrike Scattered observations of single birds.
Masktörnskata, Lanius nubicus  Masked Shrike Seen with at most 4 birds in Potamia valley from 28/4 onwards. Single birds observed in Kremastes 28/4, Napi valley 30/4 and 4/5 and Pigi valley 2/5.
Nötskrika, Garrulus glandarius     Jay Seen almost every day. Not uncommon.
Kaja , Corvus monedula    Jackdaw 8 Sigri 3/5, about 20 at Isle of Garbias off the coast of Makará 4/5 but about 100 on the same isle the following day.
Kråka, Corvus corone   Hooded crow Common.
Korp  , Corvus corax  Raven 1 Pigi valley 2/5.
Gråsparv , Passer domesticus        House Sparrow Common.
Spansk sparv, Passer hispaniolensis    Spanish Sparrow Colonies close to East river and Kalloni salt pans but also seen in small parties elsewhere.
Stensparv, Petronia petronia     Rock Sparrow 1 between Agra and Eressos, 2 Ipsilou monastery and 1 along the track back to Eressos 3/5.
Bofink, Fringilla coelebs          Chaffinch Seen and heard every day.
Gulhämpling, Serinus serinus    Serin Seen almost every day but nowhere in big numbers.
Grönfink, Carduelis chloris      Greenfinch About as common as Serin.
Steglits, Carduelis carduelis       Goldfinch Seen and heard every day.
Hämpling , Carduelis cannabina    Linnet 4-6 Kalloni salt pans 30/4, 4 Devil's bridge 1/5, 2 Ipsilou monastery 3/5 and 3 Abelia beach 5/5.
Stenknäck, Coccothraustes coccothraustes    Hawfinch 2 napi valley 30/4 and 1 Potamia valley 1/5.
Häcksparv, Emberiza cirlus              Cirl Bunting A couple of obsevations every day but the first.
Gulgrå sparv, Emberiza cineracea Cinereous Bunting 1 male at Devil's bridge 1/5 and 2 before and 1 after passing Eressos 3/5.
Rostsparv, Emberiza caesia  Cretzschmar's Bunting Quite common on altitudes from about 100 meters.
Svarthuvad sparv, Emberiza melanocephala   Black-headed Bunting Increasing numbers from the first observation on 29/4. On the 2/5 about 50 males and the first female.  More than 80 birds were observed on the 3/5.
Kornsparv , Miliaria calandra      Corn Bunting Everywhere every day.

Stockholm and Malmö 23rd  of January 2004.

Niclas Winqvist, Simon Schubert                   


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