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Andy Wraithmell, Rich Moores & Nick Droy

Despite not having any birding gen on the island I feel we did quite well, particularly as we were all suffering from hangovers most mornings! We were based in Faliraki, which is a busy resort in the northeast. We hired a car for 4 days, which cost about £40 each. Our holiday cost a mere £159 each in a 2 bedroom self-catering apartment, which was very good.



Situated halfway between Faliraki and Lindos the River Loutanis was one of the only sites that had water. The river itself empties out into the sea and stretches inland upto the mountains. We covered about a 2km stretch from the coast heading inland until the river crosses the main road.

The most productive part was a series of small pools near the coast, which also had stands of reed and tamarisk scrub. It was here that we saw the majority of out species. The small pools were excellent for waders particularly Wood Sandpipers which were plentiful. They also held breeding Little Ringed Plover and Hirundines, finches and Larks regularly came to drink. It was also a particularly good site for Swallowtail butterflies, which were abundant. Other species recorded here included Glossy Ibis, Squacco Heron, Tawny Pipit, Black-headed Wagtail and Red-footed Falcon.


On our last day we drove down to the south of the island birding on the way. It was much greener there and held different species particularly Black-headed and Corn Buntings. About 10 miles north of Gennadi we stopped at a small stream that was almost dry. We had excellent views of Long-legged Buzzard, Montagu's Harrier and Night Heron.


Apart from Kolymbia this was our most productive site. We had some of our best species including Rock Bunting, Subalpine Warbler, Roller and a spectacular flock of Alpine Swifts (100+).


Situated North of Faliraki we only found this site near end of our week. The cape is a prominent headland and with more attention should produce many more species. It was the only site where we saw Audouin's Gull and Blue Rock Thrush. The latter were watched taking food into a crevice. Strangely this was the only site where we had Nightingale's.


Cory's Shearwater                                            4 off Faliraki on 21st was our only record.
Med Shearwater (Yelkouan)                            In the evening we had 20+ off Faliraki also on 21st.
Night Heron                                                       A juvenile on the Loutanis, Kolymbia on 22nd and an Adult north of Gennadi on 27th.

Little Egret                                                         A single flew north past Cape Vodi on 25th.
Squacco Heron                                                   A single on the Loutanis, Kolymbia on 22nd with 6 there on 27th, 2 of which flew in from the sea.

Glossy Ibis                                                          3 flew up the River Loutanis on 24th and landed briefly on a small pool before continuing upriver.

Purple Heron                                                      2 drifted north over the River Loutanis on 24th.
Garganey                                                            A single drake was flushed from a small pool near Appolakia on 27th.
Honey Buzzard                                                   A single flew north over Maritsa on 22nd.
Marsh Harrier                                                    A female came in off the sea at Cape Vodi on 24th.
Montagu's Harrier                                             A male was watched well quartering a cornfield near Gennadi on 27th.
"Steppe" Buzzard                                               4 drifted north along a steep sided valley near Kattavia on 27th.
Long-legged Buzzard                                         A single watched well in flight then landed on a rock 100 yards from the road and gave crippling views as it preened. Another single watched well was circling over Monolithos. Both records were on 27th
Lesser Kestrel                                                     2 circling over Maritsa with a Honey Buzzard was our only record. 22nd.
Red-footed Falcon                                               A spectacular flock of 22 birds drifted slowly north over the River Loutanis on 22nd. Some alighted for a drink on a small pool. Only 2 Adult males were noted. Other records were of a single Male at Petaloudes on 23rd and a small group of 10 birds on wires near Prassonissi on 27th.

Eleonora's Falcon                                                 2 birds drifted along the coast near Prassonissi on 27th.
Moorhen                                                               2 were noted on a small stream near Gennadi on 27th.
Stone Curlew                                                        On 24th we flushed 2 birds from the mouth of the Loutanis.
Little Ringed Plover                                             Upto 6 birds were recorded on all visits to the River Loutanis.
Little Stint                                                             A single in summer plumage was on a small pool with Wood Sandpipers and a Temminck's Stint at the Loutanis on 27th.

Temminck's Stint                                                 A single showed well on the Loutanis on 27th.
Wood Sandpiper                                                   Recorded at the River Loutanis as follows:
                                                                               22/4         24/4         25/4         27/4
                                                                               4              10+          1              4

Common Sandpiper                                               2 were with Wood Sandpipers on the Loutanis on 22nd.
Yellow-legged Gull                                                Common.
Audouin's Gull                                                      A single Adult was present on the cliffs at Cape Vodi on 25th.
Rock Dove                                                            Common.
Wood Pigeon                                                         Common.
Collared Dove                                                       Common.
Turtle Dove                                                           A pair was on wires in the Profitis Illias Mountains on 23rd.
Cuckoo                                                                  A single at Maritsa on 23rd was our only sighting.
Little Owl                                                              A pair were watched well opposite our apartment in Faliraki on most evenings.

Common Swift                                                       Small numbers were noted on most days.
Pallid Swift                                                            A huge colony exists at Monolithos where we noted at least 200 on 27th. Also recorded in small numbers over Rhodes town on 25th.

Alpine Swift                                                          A single flew north over Maritsa on 22nd. A spectacular gathering of at least 100 were noted over Appollona on 27th.

Roller                                                                    A group of 4 were on wires at Soroni Power Station on 23rd and a single was on wires near Appolakia on 27th.

Black-eared Wheatear                                        At least 10 was recorded on the Loutanis on 24th and a single there on 25th. A pair was on territory on Cape Vodi on 24th and 2 were noted near Appolakia on 27th.

Blue Rock Thrush                                                A pair was watched carrying food into a Cliff crevice at Cape Vodi on 25th.

Hoopoe                                                                 Surprisingly only one record; a single near Maritsa on 22nd.
Short-toed Lark                                                   7 was feeding on wasteland in Faliraki on 22nd and 4 were drinking on a small pool on the Loutanis on 27th
Crested Lark                                                        Singles were recorded in Faliraki on 22nd and at Soroni Power Station on 23rd.
Woodlark                                                              2 singing on wires in the Profitis Mountains on 23rd.
Swallow                                                                 Small numbers were noted throughout the week.
Red-rumped Swallow                                           2 were feeding over Maritsa on 22nd and 23rd. At least 20 were collecting mud from small pools by the River Loutanis on 24th. Also recorded in small numbers at Gennadi, Kattavia and Appollona.

House Martin                                                       A large group of around 200 birds was noted near the airport on 21st.
Crag Martin                                                          3 were flying around the cliffs at the mouth of the Loutanis on 24th and 27th. A single was also recorded over Rhodes town on 25th.

Tawny Pipit                                                           2 were in a field alongside the River Loutanis on 22nd.
Red-throated Pipit                                                Our only record was of 2 birds on a grassy verge alongside the Loutanis on 24th.

Black-headed Wagtail                                         Common. A maximum of 6 were recorded feeding by the Loutanis on 24th.

White Wagtail                                                      A single male was noted in Faliraki on 21st.
Wren                                                                     Common.
Whinchat                                                              Recorded in small numbers throughout our visit.
Stonechat                                                             Common.
Blackbird                                                              Common.
Marsh Warbler                                                    A single watched singing in a tree alongside the Loutanis on 25th.
Olivaceous Warbler                                             A single male watched well singing in Tamarisk by the River Loutanis on 24th was also recorded there on 27th.

Sardinian Warbler                                              Very Common.
Subalpine Warbler                                             A superb male showed well in scrub at Appollona on 27th.
Blackcap                                                             A single male at Maritsa on 22nd was our only record.
Blue Tit                                                               Common at Petaloudes.
Golden Oriole                                                     A superb male proved elusive at times in an orchard in the Profitis Mountains.

Woodchat Shrike                                               Common.
Jay                                                                      At least 6 were recorded in a forest at the foot of the Profitis mountain range.
Hooded Crow                                                      Common.
Chaffinch                                                             Common at Petaloudes.
Greenfinch                                                          Common.
Goldfinch                                                             Common.
Serin                                                                    A male at Maritsa was our only record on 22nd.
Linnet                                                                    Common.
Black-headed Bunting                                        4 singing males were noted on wires between Gennadi and Prassonissi and 3 males were watched singing in the Kattavia area. All recorded on 27th.
Corn Bunting                                                      Common in the south of the Island.
Rock Bunting                                                     Whilst watching the Subalpine Warbler we noticed a bird singing from a rocky outcrop. It was a superb male and showed well for 30 minutes at close range.

BUTTERFLIES                                                    MAMMALS                                          OTHER
Painted Lady                                                         Beech Marten (2 road casualties)          Rhodes Dragon (1 at Petaloudes)
Cleopatra                                                              Pipistrelle Bat                                        Humming Bird Hawk Moth
Pale Clouded Yellow                                                                                                         
Clouded Yellow                                                                                                                   
Scarce Swallowtail
Bath White
Holly Blue
Small White
Green Hairstreak
Large White
Red Admiral
Southern Festoon
Reverdin's Blue
Wood White
Long-tailed Blue


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