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Species list;- Almeria November 1999,


Base;- Casa Montana, Cabrera, Turre, Almeria, Spain

Date;- Thursday 4/11 to Thursday 11/11/1999

Species Notes
Little Grebe Seen daily on reservoir in Cortijo Grande (a maximum of 5 individuals), other individuals at suitable habitats but not numerous except at Las Norias.
Black-necked Grebe 40+ at Cabo de Gata 6/11 and 20+ at Viejas on the 10/11. One or two individuals at other suitable sites.
Cory's  Shearwater Steady movements from all sea-watches
Balearic Shearwater Common.
Gannet Seen regularly on all sea-watches.
Cormorant Regular at all coastal sights visited.
Little Bittern One only seen briefly in flight at Las Norias.
Cattle Egret Two at Las Norias and a small party flying south above the autovia near Almeria, p.m. 10/11
Little Egret Seen regularly in suitable habitat but not numerous.
Grey Heron Common in suitable habitat.
Greater Flamingo Common at Roquetas and Cabo de Gata.
Black Stork One beside a small reservoir at Lorca on the morning of 5/11.
Mute Swan 5 escapees at Roquetas on 10/11
Shelduck Common at Cabo de Gata.
Wigeon Seen at Las Norias and Cabo de Gatta in small numbers.
Mallard Seen in most suitable habitat.
Pintail Single birds seen at Las Norias and Cabo de Gatta.
Shoveler Reasonably common in suitable habitat.
Teal Only seen at Las Norias, maximum of 4 individuals.
Red-crested Pochard One pair at Las Norias, not seen elsewhere.
Common Pochard A few at both Las Norias and on the east coast estuaries (Almanzora and Aguas at Mojacar)
Tufted Duck 3 at Las Norias.
White headed Duck Small groups at Las Norias and salinas Viejas (Roquetas)
Red-breasted Merganser 2 at the estuary of the Almanzora
Griffon Vulture 20+ observed on the Las Amoladeras steppe and 500+ soaring above the Cabo de Gatta on the afternoon of the 6/11
Marsh Harrier Single birds seen on three occasions, Cabo de Gatta 6/11, Las Norias 8/11 and salinas Viejas 10/11.
Sparrowhawk One only in the foothills of Sierra Cabrera 4/11.
Goshawk One above Casa Montana, early morning 7/11.  
Common Buzzard 1 only en-route to Sierra Espuna 5/11.
Bonelli's Eagle One probable bird seen from the car whilst travelling to Casa Montana from Almeria airport.
Peregrine Individuals seen on two occasions, 7/11 and 8/11 at the salinas Viejas.
Kestrel Common
Red-legged Partridge Scarce, heard at Casa Montana and Las Amoladeras. One bird observed after being shot at Cuevas de Los Ubedas7/11.
Water Rail 1 heard at Las Norias.
Little Crake A small Crake disappeared into reeds at the Aguas estuary late afternoon 9/11, this bird was almost certainly a Little Crake.
Moorhen Common
Coot Common
Black-winged Stilt Relatively common in suitable habitat
Avocet Numerous at Cabo de Gatta and a few birds at salinas Viejas.
Stone Curlew Flock of 21 on open land north of the Rio Almanzora estuary.
Ringed Plover Seen in small numbers in suitable habitat.
Kentish Plover Common in suitable habitat.
Lapwing Only one or two birds observed on four days.
Grey Plover Seen on most days but not numerous.
Turnstone seen in small groups at Punta Sabinar and Almanzora estuary.
Dunlin Common in suitable habitat
Purple Sandpiper One individual at Las Norias 8/11.
Little Stint Common in suitable habitat
Ruff Two individuals seen at Roquetas, one on the 8/11 and one on the 10/11
Curlew Small numbers seen on four days, Punta Sabinar, Cabo de Gatta and at the salinas Viejas.
Whimbrel One bird on the shingle bar at the Almanzora estuary 9/11.
Black-tailed Godwit Small numbers at Cabo de Gata and salinas Viejas.
Bar-tailed Godwit 1 individual positively identified at salinas Viejas 8/11.
Sanderling Individuals and small groups seen regularly on beaches in the area.
Snipe Small numbers at Las Norias.
Redshank Common in all suitable habitats
Greenshank 1 or 2 at Cabo de Gata, 1 at Las Norias.
Green Sandpiper 1 only at Las Norias 10/11
Curlew Sandpiper Small numbers at Cabo de Gatta and salinas Viejas.
Arctic Skua 1 only from Punta Sabinar chasing Gulls 10/11.
Pomarine Skua 1 only from Cabo de Gatta headland late afternoon 6/11.
Audouin's Gull Only seen at Cabo de Gatta.
Yellow-legged Gull Common
Lesser Black-backed Gull Common
Black-headed Gull Common
Herring Gull A few individuals at Cabo de Gatta.
Sandwich Tern Common
Razorbill Common
Black-bellied Sandgrouse 9 flushed on the steppe at Las Amoladeras 6/11
Woodpigeon Only two seen at the forest above Cabrera on the 9/11.
Collard Dove Becoming increasingly common, seen every day.
Feral/Rock Dove Common
Little Owl Only one bird seen on the evening of the 4/11 at Cabrera
Kingfisher 1 at small reservoir in Cortijo Grande, appears to be resident.
Hoopoe Common
Green Woodpecker Heard at Cabrera and seen at Puerto Rey9/11 and Espuna 5/11.
Lesser Short-toed Lark Three small flocks on the Las Amoladeras steppe 6/11.
Duponts Lark 2 birds eventually tracked down on Las Amoladeras steppe.
Crested Lark Common in all areas
Thekla Lark A few confirmed sightings, many Thekla/Crested in the area.
Woodlark One or two birds above the forest at Espuna.
Skylark 1 at the western end of the salinas Viejas 8/11
Crag Martin Common
Barn Swallow A few birds moving through the area, seen on 4 days.
Meadow Pipit Common, seen on most days.
Water Pipit Individual birds seen at Las Norias and salinas Viejas 8 & 10/11
Grey Wagtail Not common, but seen on a total of 4 days.
White Wagtail Common
Wren 1 seen at Espuna
Robin Common
Alpine Accentor A scattered flock at the top of Espuna, possibly 6-10 individuals
Bluethroat 1 on the 7/11 at the estuary near Almeria town. At least 1 at Las Norias, another in scrub at the Almanzora estuary and finally 1 at the salinas Viejas 10/11
Black Redstart Common.
Whinchat Difficult to locate, 1 on the steppe at Las Amoladeras 6/11 and 1 in the Roquetas area 10/11.
Stonechat Common
Northern Wheatear One towards Cuevas de Los Ubedas7/11 and one at Puerto Rey.
Black Wheatear Common
Blue Rock-thrush Common
Blackbird Common
Song Thrush Seen on three days, but not common.
Mistle Thrush 1 only at Espuna 5/11
Fan-tailed Warbler Single birds seen on 4 days.
Cetti's Warbler Seen or heard in all suitable habitat.
Moustached Warbler 1 at salinas Viejas late afternoon 10/11.
Reed Warbler One at Puerto Rey 9/11.
Dartford Warbler Common.
Blackcap Seen on three days but not numerous.
Sardinian Warbler Common.
Chiffchaff Common.
Fiercest 1 only in trees at Espuna 5/11.
Penduline Tit 1 or 2 birds in reed bed at Almanzora estuary 9/11.
Crested Tit A few birds at Espuna, but not common.
Great Tit Seen on two occasions, not numerous.
Coal Tit A few individuals at Espuna and heard in the Cabrera forest.
Long-tailed Tit Two small flocks seen at Espuna and Almanzora.
Short-toed Treecreeper 1 or 2 at Espuna 5/11.
Great Grey Shrike 1 or 2 seen every day except at Espuna.
Isabelline Shrike 1 observed for 20 minutes at the salinas Viejas, Roquetas. Report submitted to SEO.awaiting acceptance 10/11. (This bird was subsequently discovered by a Spanish birder 4 days later, photographed and widely reported in the press - we assume it has been authenticated, but still await written confirmation)
Spotless Starling Common
Jay Only one seen at Espuna.
Magpie Common.
Chough Small numbers at the top of Espuna.
Jackdaw Common.
Carrion Crow 2 seen from Autovia close to Almeria town10/11.
House Sparrow Common.
Chaffinch Common.
Serin Common.
Greenfinch Common.
Goldfinch Common.
Linnet Only one bird seen 9/11 Puerto Rey.
Crossbill Reasonably common at Espuna, also heard at the Cabrera forest.
Corn Bunting 2 birds in the Cortijo Grande valley 4/11.
Rock Bunting Seen on three days in suitable habitat.
Reed Bunting Seen on three days, but not numerous.


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