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The Following Reports are available from Antarctica:
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Antarctica and Subantarctic Islands of Australia and New Zealand February 10 - March 10, 2009

  • Awoke off Macquarie Island, with the Spirit of Enderby surrounded by King Penguins. After picking up Tasmanian National Parks and Wildlife Service officers, we made two landings at Buckles Bay. Action at the King Penguin colony included a group of Southern Skua tearing apart a small chick, and Giant Petrels were busy patrolling the edges of the King and nearby Royal Penguin colonies...Greg Roberts reports.

Sailing and birding around Antarctica 9 January-2 February 2008

  • This is the report of a sailing trip made to Antarctica from Ushuaia (Argentina). The trip was made with the “Anna Margaretha”, a Dutch sailing ship....Piet Veel reports

Antarctic Peninsula 25/11/06-7/12/06

  • As the light improved Black-browed Albatross began to follow the boat and one or two Grey-headed Albatross also appeared as well as the first Cape Petrel and Wilson’s Storm-Petrel. Just before breakfast the first nominate Wandering Albatross showed....Nigel Voaden reports
Emperor Penguins

New Zealand; the Sub-Antarctic Islands of N.Z. and the Ross Sea in Antarctica, Feb-Mar. 2006

  • The snow covered peaks of the great volcanoes Terror and Erebus, the Ice Barrier, Terra Nova Bay, Cape Royds, and Cape Evans provided the beautiful but  harsh landscape upon which stage exploits of great courage, endurance and tragedy were played out....Graeme Wallace reports

Prince Edward Island and the Antarctic pack Ice 1st 17th November 2002

  • The purpose of the trip, was to see as many Southern Ocean seabirds as possible on a route plying from Cape Town through the Indian Ocean, by way of Prince Edward and Marion Islands, to the Antarctic pack ice,  returning to Cape Town through the Atlantic Ocean. The trip was an outstanding success recording 66 bird species and 17 mammals. It was however much more than that; a never to be forgotten odyssey through the spectacular and raging southern oceans, fantastic seascapes, breathtaking icebergs, the desolate beauty and stillness of the pack ice and a pristine environment that man has not yet diminished....Graeme Wallace reports.

Western Antarctica

  • Antarctica is the place where concepts such as "awe" and "pristine" stop being corny clichés and recover their full original meaning. The feeling is akin to that produced by a Japanese interior: austere, subtle and elegant. With only a few elements, water, ice and some rocks, an apparently endless series of landscapes unfolds before one's eyes with the relaxed pace provided by navigation. The hypnotic feeling of waves is enriched by the solitude. One is aware that nobody else is out there, or in the next bay, or in the bay next to the next bay…Carlos Pedrós-Alió reports


Antarctica - a guide to the wildlife or


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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?

Some Useful bird books for Antarctica:
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A Complete Guide to Antarctic Wildlife:
Hadoram Shirihai: Buy from or
  • A Complete Guide to the Birds, Mammals and Natural History of the Antarctic Continent and Southern Oceans. The best photographs yet from Antarctica, lavishly illustrated, good maps and robust scientific analyses of the status, taxonomy and conservation of all the species likely to be encountered.

Antarctica - a guide to the wildlife
Tony Soper: Buy from or

  • Delightfully written, detailed and with lots of historical background including sketches by the early explorers. For the wildlife enthusiast visiting Antarctica, this is a superb pocket sized guide. There is full coverage of all the birds and marine mammals and there are even chapters on the plants, fish and invertebrates.

Birds of Patagonia, Tierra Del Fuego and Antarctic Peninsula: The Falkland Islands and South Georgia
Enrique Couve, C. Vidal: Buy from or

  • This is a comprehensive field guide to all the resident, migrant and vagrant birds of Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego and Antarctic Peninsula, including the Falklands and South Georgia Islands. The guide describes over 400 species with over 2000 colour photographs. Descriptive accounts are provided for each species, covering identification, status, range and habits. Distribution maps are also included.

Peter Harrison , with foreword by Roger Tory Peterson: Buy from or

  • This revised edition of Harrison's guide to seabirds of the world, with full colour paintings of 1600 birds covering 312 species, has been updated to include recent research. The illustrations usually show several views of a species and each bird has been given an individual account.

Photographic Handbook of the Seabirds of the World
Jim Enticott, David Tipling: Buy from

  • Covering over 300 species of seabirds, this revised edition aims to illustrate not only the adult bird, but every significant plumage variation. The book presents 700 colour photographs and up-to-date species descriptions, which include details of habit and range, characteristic plumage and behavioral features, sub-species and races where appropriate and vocalization.

Recommended travel books for Antarctica

Falkland Islands: The Bradt Travel Guide
William Wagstaff: Buy from or

  • This Bradt guide focuses on the splendid wildlife and spectacular terrain of the Falklands, including offshore nesting colonies. Plenty of information is also provided on Port Stanley, battlefields and offshore shipwrecks.

Lonely Planet: Antarctica
Jeff Rubin: Buy from or

  • Jeff Rubin's guide-book to Antarctica is a treasure, first of all because guide-books on Antarctica are still very rare indeed, secondly because it is exhaustively comprehensive in its detail and yet so readable.


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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?