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The Following Reports are available from Australia:
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While enjoying your birdwatching trip to Australia and taking in the sights and sounds of such species as the Western Corellas, the Western Spinebill, and the Scarlet Robin all the problems and stresses of life will melt away. You wont think about your cubicle at work or sitting in waiting room chairs at the doctors office (or waiting chairs at the dentist), it's just you and the birds.

Tours of Australia (This Page) Multi-state tours
Australian Islands Lord Howe Island, Christmas Island
Western Australia Western Australia
Central South Australia, Northern Territory
Eastern Australia Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania

Australia & Papua New Guinea (independent trip) 10 Sept – 8 Oct, 2010

  • Highlights: Almost too many to mention, as both countries have a wealth of beautiful, distinctive, rare and sought-after birds, of which we saw many....Remco Hofland reports.

Australia - the West, the South and Tasmania Oct 5th - Dec 12th 2010

  • This 10 week trip was primarily intended as a birdwatching trip and we wanted to see as many of the possible birds as we could, we also wanted to walk, photograph and explore, and to experience the varied scenery and habitats, and especially the flowers which these parts of Australia offer....Rosemary and Peter Royle report.

Birding the mallee, including victoria, South Australia and New South Wales 15 to 27 April 2007

  • I started with an early morning visit to the legendary Nowingi track. The Nowingi track is the key stakeout for Mallee Emu Wren and Striated Grasswren. I spent a good 5 hours searching and had no luck with either...Duan Biggs reports.

Australia (Queensland and Northern Territories) July 29th to August 23rd, 2006

  • In summer of 2006 we took a long-delayed trip to Australia, a continent which had beckoned for a number of years. This trip focused on the NE (Queensland) and the Top End (Northern Territories)...Gail Mackiernan and Barry Cooper report.

Australia: (Darwin, Cairns, Melbourne, Brisbane) 2 - 23 October 2005

  • Jim Zimmer and I recently spent 21 days of intense birding in the vicinity of Darwin, Cairns, Melbourne and Brisbane.  We made all of our own arrangements via the internet – accommodations, transportation, and guides.  We saw a bit over 400 species during our stay, most new to us...Ed Hall reports

Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory and South Australia 4th Dec 2002 to 3rd Mar 2003

  • The first month was spent around the south-east of Australia with the move north towards Queensland not taking place until early January.  Thereafter, the route took us north to Cairns, then west to Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory, south through Alice Springs/Uluru (Ayers Rock) to Adelaide and finally east back to Sydney....Stephen Mawby reports

Australia Tour 1 July to 7 September 2001

  • Birding in Australia is very rewarding and not too difficult. There are few species that pose identification problems and there are a significant number of really delightful, beautifully marked and brightly coloured birds. Birding in NE Queensland was particularly enjoyable due to the availability of bird guides and accommodation specifically aimed at birders....Clare Moger reports.

Australia (and Malaysia) August 2000

  • In August 2000 myself and my parents travelled to Australia.  As an introduction to foreign birdwatching it was fantastic all round.  Great birds, animals, food and people made it a wonderful experience. The main target birds were centred around spectacle rather than rarity, so birds such as Noisy and Rainbow Pittas, Golden, Satin and Regent Bowerbirds, Wedge-tailed Eagle, Australian Bustard, Wandering Albatross and lots of parrots were high on the want list...Saul Cowen reports from the Northern Territories, New South Wales and Queensland (with a brief stopover in Malaysia)

Australia    3rd August to 25th August 2000

  • Three weeks touring Australia, gave Tony Clarke and party 390 species. Here is his detailed itinerary and species list.

Australia 24th Sept -21st Oct.1999

  • This report by Tony Clarke, is dedicated to the memory of Phoebe Snetsinger, for whom this was to be her final complete trip. In all they saw some 365 species including some very elusive species of Owl.

Australia August '99

  • Observations were based on three centres;Sydney, New South Wales– 11th-18th August. Cairns, Queensland – 18th-24th August Darwin, Northern Territory.-.24th-30th August.... Ernest and Joan Garcia report

Australia 23rd June - 31st July 1997

  • This trip was organised to find 29 species which my travelling companion, Phoebe Snetsinger, had not seen on her previous visits to this country....In the end, after 39 days birding, some396 species were seen. Tony Clarke reports.

Accommodation for Birders in Australia

Bandicoot Bottom

  • Twitchers retreat in Brisbane, Australia. Bed and breakfast at Bandicoot Bottom - a great location for city, coastal and country accessibility. Awaken to the raucous dawn chorus of sulphur crested cockatoos and kookaburras and stay amongst abundant and varied local birdlife.




Field Guide to the Birds of Australia 

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Australian Birds

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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?

Some Useful bird books for australia:
Do you have a good book for this region that we haven't featured? let us know


Field Guide to Australian Birds
Michael Morcombe: Buy from

  • A beautifully illustrated and brand new guide to 850 species of birds seen in Australia, Tasmania and Australia's Island Territories. There are lots of innovations, the contoured range maps that also indicate the likelihood of seeing a species are a great idea. Colour coded family groups make finding species in the book very easy. The large illustrated section on nests and eggs is unique in recent guides. The text is authoritative and thorough, I highly recommend this book.

Field Guide to the Birds of Australia 
Ken Simpson, Nic Day: Buy from or

  • Includes details on 770 species found in Australia. Colour illustrations are accompanied by distribution maps, descriptive drawings and useful field information. This edition has been expanded to provide new illustrations and information.

Field Guide: Birds of Australia 
Graham Pizzey, Frank Knight (Illustrator): Buy from or  

  • New and updated. A handbook of Australian birds containing information on 778 species of birds. Identification features are highlighted in the text and illustrations help birdwatchers distinguish similar species. Details of breeding and nesting habits, voice characteristics and habitats are also included.

Green Guide: Birds of Australia
Peter Rowland: Buy from or

  • There are over 700 species of birds in Australia, and this book provides an introduction to the major groups, with an emphasis on those that the amateur naturalist and nature-lover is most likely to see. The book is organized into six sections which cover birds of prey, waders and waterbirds, seabirds, songbirds, pigeons and parrots and other birds. Information is organized simply, with individual species or group entries describing key characteristics - where they are found, food requirements and behavioral habits.

Birdwatching in Australia and New Zealand
Ken Simpson, Zoe Wilson : Buy from or

  • This is a comprehensive introduction to birdwatching in Australia and New Zealand, linking bird observation to habitat with a special emphasis on conservation. The book covers a diverse range of subjects: where to find various birds; migration patterns; breeding habits; bird calls; equipment; how to combine bird watching with other hobbies; and birdwatching for the disabled. It lists popular spots to visit, where to buy tools, and birdwatching clubs. Colour photographs help with identification of various birds.

A Photographic Guide to Birds of Australia
Peter Rowland: Buy from

  • This photographic guide deals with the basics of bird identification in Australia by presenting those species that are most likely to be seen in accessible habitats throughout the region. The book is aimed directly at field identification. For those species that are sexually dimorphic, have both breeding and non-breeding plumages, or in which the juvenile plumage differs markedly from that of the adult, more than one photograph has been included. Thumbnail silhouettes aid the reader in quickly locating the correct group of birds, and for each species account a map shows the bird's distribution

Recommended Travel books for Australia:

Australia: Rough Guide  
Margo Daly: Buy from or  

  • Pratical and up-to-date, this guide includes comprehensive coverage of every town and city in Australia. Candid and critical reviews of the best places to eat, drink, and sleep are included and expert information is provided on exploring the great outdoors

Lonely Planet Australia (10th Ed)  
Hugh Finlay: Buy from or

  • "This guide was my bible throughout my visit to Australia. It was just never wrong, and helped me out of some nasty scrapes. Recommended reading for anyone travelling down under."

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The Birds of Queensland Australia

Birds of Australia

Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?