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A Report from

Ibiza 5th-18th June 2006,

Frank Foulger

Base:  Hotel Riomar, Santa Eularia.

My hobby is bird-watching but this was a holiday for my wife and I to have a break, with me doing the birding on walks and when we hired a car out in the second week.

I was made aware to watch out for the rare AUDOUIN’s GULL, YELLOW-LEGGED GULLS and the ELEONORA’s FALCON and the various Warblers that I might encounter by a fellow birder.

Imagine my delight on first going out on the balcony of the hotel and seeing 12 Audouin’s Gulls flying around the beach and landing on the hotel roof!  On the second day I saw 2 Yellow-Legged Gulls and these were the only gulls I saw during my stay on Ibiza.

Birds seen in Santa Eularia – Many SWIFTS, HOUSE MARTINS, SPANISH SPARROWS.

Local area around by the river, BLACKBIRD, COLLARED DOVE, SERIN, GOLDCREST, FAN-TAILED WARBLER (half way up the river there was a tree by the river and one kept flying out, displaying and making its distinctive high pitched call), (Your ‘plastic”) MUSCOVEY’s  were swimming in the river with a several MALLARDs with chicks at the end of the river by the Roman bridge. There was another bird which I could not identify but narrowed it down to either a GARDEN WARBLER or a OLIVACEOUS WARBLER.  On a night stroll down to the new marina a gathering of people were staring out over the promenade at some near rocks.  I heard people saying it’s a  PENGUIN! and that it had been there all day.  I went down on the beach for a close a look as I wasn’t sure if it was a CORMORANT or a SHAG, as the bright lights made its breast pure white.  I noticed it had yellow around its beak but was mystified by the white breast, until I got back to the hotel and referred to my bird book.  I think it was a Juvenile MEDITERRANEAN SHAG.  Early next morning I returned to the marina and it was still there, wings open, drying out and I ruled out CORMORANT. In a tree close to the fountain were a pair of birds which I have seen in pet shops but could not name, they are parakeets or rosellas, they were definitely NOT Ringed Necked Parakeets – they were mainly green, short stubby tail.  They had the shape and size of Love Birds, but this pair had distinctive pink or light red cheeks and green crowns?  (Do you hate it when you see a bird for the first time and can’t identify it?  I am sure I have seen this bird in pet shops).

In the second week I hired a car for two days to explore the island.  My most productive day was at CALA MOLI.  Just off the beach to the left is another road going up to a sand quarry.  On arrival  I saw within ten minutes near the car.  12 BEE-EATERS, 1 WOODCHAT SHRIKE, 1 RED-BACKED SHRIKE (50 yards apart) and a TURTLE-DOVE!  (14 June 2006).  On a back road  between CA’N PUJOLET and SA PLANA DE SA PELLA, I  forced to stop to allow a RED-LEGGED PARTRIDGE with 5 CHICKS to cross the road.  Whilst photographing them, there were 4 SWALLOWS perched on the telephone wires, and a LESSER KESTREL hovering nearby.  Also I saw OLIVACEOUS WARBLER or GARDEN WARBLER hard to tell.  HOOPOE was seen at CAN SENYORA NNW of ST RAFEL and at ST MATEU D’AUBARCA.

As I explained this was not a bird watching holiday but a holiday for my disabled wife and I, but when the chances occurred I got out the binoculars.  I was so excited to see all in one place for the first time Bee-Eaters, a Woodchat and a Red-Backed Shrike with a Turtle Dove. Jackpot!   But I wish I had found your report before I went to Ibiza. As the plane took off to take us home, I saw about 100 FLAMIGOS that you mentioned at SES SALINES.  Ah well another time.


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