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A Report from

Mammals of Bolivia,

Jan Vermeulen

This list follows the taxonomy, names and sequence of the Mammal Data by BirdBase & BirdArea by Andrew Duff and Ann Lawson.

Numbers quoted are estimates of the minimum numbers seen.

1.    NINE-BANDED ARMADILLO, Dacypus novemcinctum
1 at Villa Tunari.

2.    BOLIVIAN SQUIRREL, Sciurus ignitus
5 at the Jardín Botánico in Santa Cruz.

3.    MONTANE GUINEA PIG, Cavia tschudii
1 at Samaipata and a few en route Sibería - Cochabamba.

4.    CAPYBARA, Hydrocoerus hydrocaerus
Fairly common in the Bení lowlands.

CULPEO (SOUTH AMERICAN FOX), Pseudalopex culpaeus
1 en route Samaipata - Tambo and 2 in the Tambo/Comarapa area.

6.    CRAB-EATING FOX, Cerdocyon thous
A glimpse of one during the nightdrive at Hacienda El Cutal.

7.    BROWN CAPUCHIN, Capus apella
4 at Memorial Park in Santa Cruz.

8.    BLACK SPIDER MONKEY, Ateles paniscus
A single one in the village of Villa Tunari.

9.    RED HOWLER MONKEY, Alouatta seniculus
Heard at Hacienda El Cutal.

10.    PINK RIVER DOLPHIN, Inia geoffrensis
A single one en route Hacienda El Cutal - Trinidad.

11.    RED BROCKET, Mazama americana
3 at Hacienda El Cutal.

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