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The Following Reports are available from Botswana:
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Namibia and Northern Botswana 28th Nov– 18th Dec 2004

  • This is a report on a trip to Namibia and northern Botswana by Richard Rae and Emer Callanan. The trip was based around the best birding sites, and most time was spent on birding....... we did have good views of most of the endemic and near-endemic species of Namibia.

Botswana 9th Dec 2002 - 27th Feb 2003

  • Supplementing the earlier tour, this trip covered not only Botswana, but also those parts of South Africa not visited on the first journey, i.e. Kruger National Park, all sites in Kwazulu-Natal and short excursions into Swaziland and Lesotho. Jos Stratford eventually netted 715 species on this mammoth tour of Southern Africa.

Botswana and Victoria Falls October 2002

  • The only real hazard in Botswana is the wild animals, remember to give them maximum respect and they always have right of way on the roads. The advice in the National Parks is never to leave your vehicle and anyway most animals are used to them so you can drive up real close....Tony Coatsworth reports

Birding Sites near Gaborone (Botswana)

  • Approximately the size of France or Texas and landlocked in the heart of southern Africa, Botswana has about 577 bird species, with more than 500 being regular - as well as 12 globally Important Bird Areas (IBA) covering 130,000 km2 or 25% of the country's territory!.....Dragan Simic reports

Botswana and Zimbabwe August 1997

  • In August 1997 I spent more than three weeks in Zimbabwe and Botswana. The main objective of the trip was to see as many birds as possible, but the great wonder of both countries is not just the birds, but a second, almost equal feature, the game. The main sites visited in Botswana were the Okavango River Delta, Moremi Wildlife Reserve and Chobe National Park... Jan Vermeulen reports (a big report!)

Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe 1998

  • This is a report on my visit to Southern Africa this autumn. On this trip the first part was an overland tour of Namibia, followed by two days in Botswana and finally a week in Zimbabwe...David Kelly Reports

Cape, Namibia and the Shakawe area in Botswana14th October - 12th November 1996

  • If Pel's Fishing-Owl and White-backed Night-Heron are a 'have to see' on your trip, you have to go to Shakawe. Shakawe is the first village in Botswana. The Shakawe Fishing Camp (Lodge) on the banks of the Okavango, is run by Barry and Elaine Price and is an excellent place to stay, with a remnant of mature forest in the grounds.....Jan Vermeulen reports








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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?

Some Useful bird books for Botswana:
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Southern African Wildlife
Mike Unwin: Buy from or

  • The ideal companion for the wildlife visitor to Southern Africa with good coverage of all the main animal and bird groups and excellent photography throughout. The chapter "Making the most of it" gives invaluable practical advice for the first time visitor with hints on travel, health, accommodation and where to go.

Lonely Planet Watching Wildlife : Southern Africa
Luke Hunter, Susan Rhind: Buy from or

  • This guide covers more than 100 top bird and wildlife-watching destinations, in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Zambia, from capital city day trips to dozens of national parks. Each destination has a map to the best sites and detailed itineraries. The 100 page wildlife gallery (mainly birds and mammals) is a delight to read and for each group of species there is a "hotspots" caption picking out the key sites...recommended, especially as a pre-trip planner.

Peter Pickford (Photographer), Beverley Pickford (Photographer): Buy from

  • Opening with an introductory essay presenting the authors' ideas on Africa, this book on the Okavango Delta is structured around the rivers that give life to the Delta and consists of short essays which directly relate to the accompanying photographs.

Recommended travel books for Botswana:

Bradt Travel Guide: Botswana
Chris McIntyre: Buy from or

  • An excellent guide for the traveling birdwatcher and wildlife enthusiast. For most of the key areas there are separate sections on the birds to be seen. There are also chapters on the natural environment, a wildlife guide and lots of information on the national parks.

Lonely Planet: Botswana
Paul Greenway, Deanna Swaney: Buy from or

  • Botswana is a safe and increasingly popular African destination. An in-depth wildlife section gets face-to-face with Botswana's outstanding fauna. There are detailed chapters on the key wildlife areas of the Kalahari, Chobe National Park and the Okavango Delta, all high on the wish lists of most traveling birders.

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A visit to Botswana 1999
Ruud Kampf reports - Pictures and lists.

Birds of Southern Africa
With so many different habitats in Southern Africa, the bird life is diverse with over 950 species...

Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?