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Dr E.F.J. Garcia and Mrs J Garcia

Cory's Shearwater
Always visible offshore often at close quarters. Constant movement north to south past Punta de Jandía with following force 6 wind watched from 1300-1400 hrs on 19th. Rate of about 60birds/min. No other seabirds involved.

Grey Heron
1 at Pta de Jandía on 19th.

Black Kite
1 juvenile soaring near Las Playitas, immediately north of Gran Tarajal on 25th. Slides/description available. Presumably a displaced migrant; date falls some two weeks after peak passages at Gibraltar.

Egyptian Vulture
Seen in most parts of the island, singly or in pairs. Only 1 juvenile noted (near Tefia)

Common Buzzard
Single birds seen in scattered localities, including one at El Cotillo.

Common Kestrel
Widespread and common, especially along the coast where frequenting cliffs. One seen to attack a pipit, without success.

Barbary Falcon
Three seen. One juvenile chasing Rock Doves near Tefia on 17th. One juvenile chasing a Hoopoe at the Barranco de Esquinzo (South of El Cotillo) on 18th. An adult chasing Rock Doves at Embalse de los Molinos on 18th.

Barbary Partridge
Locally common. Largest covey was 24 in dunes north of El Cotillo on 25th.

100+ near inlet stream at Embalse de los Molinos on 18th, frequenting drowned tamarisks. No juveniles noticed.

Houbara Bustard
Up to three together on several dates in coastal scrub south of El Cotillo, where habitat is badly degraded. One near Tefia on 21st.

Stone Curlew
Seen commonly in dunes between El Cotillo and the lighthouse to the north (Faro de Tostón). Two or three groups of up to 6 birds noticed there.

Cream-coloured Courser
Seen commonly in the vicinity of El Cotillo, in the dunes to the north of the village and in the coastal scrub to the south. Largest groups were 10 on 16th and 10 on 25th. Only 3 definite juveniles seen.

Little Ringed Plover
Flock of 15 at Embalse de Los Molinos on 24th.

Ringed Plover
Seen in ones and twos on rocky shores north of El Cotillo.

Kentish Plover
As previous but less common.

A few single birds seen around El Cotillo.

A few single birds seen around El Cotillo.

Frequent on rocky coasts and seen also on dunes at El Cotillo. Usually seen singly but 10 in flight southwards at El Cotillo on 26th.

Green Sandpiper
1 at Embalse de Los Molinos on 24th.

Common Sandpiper
Several on rocky shore at El Cotillo. 2 at Embalse de Los Molinos on 24th.

Several on rocks at El Cotillo and in Corralejo harbour.

Yellow-legged Gull
Common on shores and inland at rubbish dump near La Oliva. Not abundant.

Sandwich Tern
Several seen off El Cotillo and Casas de las Salinas.One off Jandía.

Black-bellied Sandgrouse.

Seen near Tefia and especially on the plains south of El Cotillo. Flocks of up to 15 coming to drink mid-morning at springs in the Barranco de Esquinzo, south of El Cotillo, on several dates.

Rock Dove
Wild-type birds common on coast, roosting on cliffs south of El Cotillo for example. Flock of 30+ at Embalse de los Molinos. Some birds had white rump of typical form but most had grey rumps. Feral types present at El Cotillo itself.

Turtle Dove
Characteristic of villages and palm groves along river beds. Ones and twos seen in widespread localities.

Barn Owl
An owl flushed from road after dark near Antigua. Presumed this.

Pallid Swift
Five near Corralejo on 25th.

Plain Swift
10 feeding low over hills above Morro del Jable on 19th. 30 near Gran Tarajal on 25th. feeding low over vegetation at times; distinctive call heard here.

Several present in Barranco de Esquinza, south of El Cotillo.

Lesser Short-toed Lark.

Widespread and locally numerous. Flock of 150+ seen near Tefia on 17th. Small groups often drinking in Barranco de Esquinza, south of El Cotillo.

Barn Swallow
One at El Cotillo on 26th was the only hirundine recorded.

Berthelot's Pipit
Common and widespread throughout the island.

Canarian Chat
Two pairs seen around Embalse de los Molinos.

Melodious Warbler
One on 25th and another on 26th in gardens at El Cotillo.

Spectacled Warbler
Widespread and common.

Sardinian Warbler
One male in a town park at Pájara on 19th.

Willow Warbler
Several migrants at El Cotillo in gardens; 3 on 25th and 5 on 26th.

Great Grey Shrike
Widespread and common.

Widespread and common. Generally seen in pairs.

Spanish Sparrow
Locally common near habitation. Largest gatherings at Embalse de los Molinos where 200+ seen drinking together.

Seen only in the Barranco de Esquinza where up to 30 drinking together.

Trumpeter Finch
Seen mainly near El Cotillo. Up to 20 drinking together in the Barranco de Esquinza.


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