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A Report from

Fuerteventura 14th-28th Nov 2006 ,

Alec and Irene Cheney

We were based at the Hotel Atlantis Palace Corralejo which we found excellent for the room, food, service and location being only a few minutes away from the beach.
We went out for two days with a semi-local resident Derek Bradbury whose local knowledge enabled us to see most of the islands star birds.

Species list

Sandwich Tern            Common fishing daily at Corralejo
Cory`s Shearwater     One seen close to shore cruising the surf at Corralejo
Little Egret        Common on all Rocky shorelines
Grey Heron        One at Playa de Sotavento
Ruddy Shelduck          100+ at Los Molinos
Teal                               One at Trinquivijate on small pool
Common Buzzard      3+ at Catalina Garcia lagoon
Common Kestrel        Common at most sites
Lesser Kestrel             one seen over Plains near La Parede
Barbary partridge      12+ near El Cotillo
Coot                              30+ at Los Molinos
Houbara Bustard       One seen on the plains south of El Cotillo
Grey Plover                 Common on all rocky shorelines
Ringed Plover             small numbers amongst plover flocks
Little-ringed Plover    Common on rocks at Corralejo and at Playa de Sotavento
Kentish Plover            -ditto-
Whimbrel                     Very common on all rocky shorelines
Dunlin                           Few with the Sanderling flocks
Curlew                          Several on the Isla de lobos
Greenshank                 Several with waders at Corralejo
Redshank                     singles with waders at Corralejo
Common Sandpiper    Common near shoreline at Corralejo
Turnstone                      Very common at Corralejo
Sanderling                      30+ with waders at Corralejo
Yellow-legged Gull         very common everywhere
Lesser black-backed Gull    some with YL at Corralejo
Rock Dove - Small flocks on Isla de Lobos, some at Corralejo
Feral Pigeon                    common overall
Collared Dove                    very common overall
Hoopoe               Several flying at El Cotillo.1 Dunes Corralejo
Lesser short-toed Lark       Seen with Pipits near El Cotillo
Berthelot`s Pipit                   Widespread in most habitats
White wagtail                       Several at los Molinos
Fuerteventura Chat       A pair nr Catalina Garcia ,singles seen  Near El Cotillo
Sardinian Warbler        One seen at Catalina Garcia
Spectacled Warbler        Several seen near Catalina Garcia
Common Whitethroat    Several seen Catalina Garcia.   Also seen in scrub nr beach at Corralejo
Chiff-Chaff        one seen in garden of Hotel Bahia Corralejo
Southern grey Shrike     Widespread all habitats
Raven     fairly common mostly seen in two`s
Spanish Sparrow       common overall
Trumpeter Finch     Flock nr El Cotillo Some at Corralejo
Corn Bunting           one at the Trinquivijate pool
Egyptian Vulture One at Los Molinos being mobbed by ravens
Moorhen             Several on Catalina Garcia lagoon
Rose-ringed Parakeet- Several  around palms in Corralejo
Lapwing     Single bird in the scrub near shore at Corralejo
Black Redstart            female with sparrow flock at Dunes nrRei 
Black-eared Wheatear  Female on  plains twds La Parede
White-tailed Laurel pigeon - our star find on the rocks At Corralejo. Single bird v.g cond Listed as endangered/threatened species
Bar-tailed godwit    10+ with wader flock at Corralelo
Spoonbill       6 birds at Catalina Garcia Lagoon, One on the beach at Playa de Sotavento
Montagu`s Harrier   Very good view of perched bird Catalina, Another bird flying nr the Lagoon
Grey wagtail      One at Catalina Garcia
Osprey   Two birds on Isla de Lobos, another from boat One fishing at Playa de Sotavento, later seen Carrying fish towards the cliffs
Black-winged Stilts     10+  At Catalina Garcia Lagoon, 19 at los Molinos Reservoir
Ring-necked Duck        two pair on Catalina Garcia Lagoon


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