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A Report from

Lanzarote, 28th Dec 06- 4th Jan 07,

Iain Brown

Based at Playa Blanca at the SW end of the Island, I spent 5 mornings from dawn till 10-11am birding then the rest of the day with my wife sight seeing. I did hire a car and so was able to cover more or less the whole Island

Overall memory was the low numbers of birds in general over many parts of the island.

That said it was still a very interested trip with some very good birding days.

The most widespread and common birds were Spanish sparrow and Collared Doves.

I have listed the birds seen below with an idea of how frequently I came across them and if they were restricted to any particular area

Cattle Egret

Small parties seen with up to 15 birds a time, generally in the centre of the island north of the town of Teguise

Little Egret

Only 2 or 3 on the coast


2 separate birds on coast


1 bird at the small estuary at La Santa on west coast


Female bird at the salt pans at Salimas de Janubio. This is the best area for waders and ducks as it is the only large area of inland water



The most common bird of prey and very numerous, 10-20 seen most days

Barbary Falcon

Seen on three occasions. Pair chasing each other across hill side was a delight. Others even allowed reasonable approach if spotted perched on a rock.

Barbary Partridge

Meant to be resident and the golf course at Tahiche just inland from Costa Teguise on the east coast is the best place to see them. I missed out on these birds

Houbara Bustard

Seen on most days if you looked hard enough. Always at a distance. I saw them in most parts of the islands but the largest number were to be found in an area called El Jable. I had up to 20 birds at a time in this region

Stone Curlew

2 birds seen in the El Jable area

Black winged Stilts

Common at Salinas de Janubio up to 40 birds

Cream Coloured Courser

Missed out on these, are in the El Jable area.

Ringed Plover

Common at Salinas de Janubio, mostly juveniles

Kentish Plover

Found on the rocky outcrops in several areas, both adults and juveniles, fairly common and in numbers of between 2-6 birds


Grey Plover

Found again at Salinas de Janubio and else where on coast. Generally in pairs or in small groups up to 15


Common all round the coast


Common all round the coast


One bird seen


Two or three seen


Seen at Salinas de Janubio in reasonable numbers


Seen at Salinas de Janubio in reasonable numbers

Common sandpiper

Seen at Salinas de Janubio in reasonable numbers

Black headed Gull

Only the one seen at Salinas de Janubio

Yellow Legged Gull

Very Common both on coast and flying across island

Lesser Blacked backed Gull

Common in small groups

Sandwich Tern

Odd bird seen flying up the coast

Feral pigeon


Collard pigeon

Very common

Rock dove

Difficult to decide how pure they were


One bird flushed from road side, suspected Barn but unable to re find

Swift sp

3 birds seen at the Golf course at Tahiche


12-15 birds seen often in 2/3’s, all in the North end of island

Lesser Short toed lark

Only found in the El Jable, where it was present in fairly large groups. Saw about 60 birds over the week


Very view seen, single birds on two occasions

Berthelots Pipit

Very common

White Wagtail

3 birds seen, two at Golf course


I bird seen


1 bird seen near Playa Blanca

Song Thrush

1 seen

Spectacled Warbler

10-12 seen, but a lot more heard 

Blue tit

Only two seen in North end

Great Grey shrike

This turned out to be one of the surprise birds as there were so many of them right across the island. Had up to 10 every day in almost every habitat. They are voracious callers so once you knew what to listen out for they were easily found


Seen on 5 occasions mostly in the higher ground

Spanish Sparrow

Very common and great to look at.


Only found two birds Mirador de Haria in the north end of the island


Fairly common in small numbers

Trumpeter Finch

Found on three occasions both in the south and north of the island. One party of 15 birds, one of 4 and a single bird

47 species in a week

I made no real attempt to look for sea birds as I did have a limited amount of time to birdwatch

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