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The Following Reports are available from Cyprus:
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Cyprus 4th to 18th April 2012

  • This was our third spring visit to Cyprus and the second based at Protaras, handily placed for Cape Greco and Paralimni Lake where much of our birding was done. As on our last visit in 2007, this part of the island remained really under-watched and it suited us to search for our own birds...Ian Kinley reports.

The Dhiarizos Valley - Cyprus 1st -3rd June 2011

  • I thought it would be fun to have a crack at finding Black headed and Cretzschmar’s Buntings. No particular reason for this decision as they are not lifers but they do, to me, epitomise the birds to be found around Cyprus’s foothills....Steve Baines reports.

Paphos, Cyprus, Nov 17th-Dec 1st 2010

  • This short report has been compiled to cover our latest trip to Paphos, whilst we did not expect to see too much we were very pleased to see some interesting birds...Bob Shiret reports.


Winter Bird Watching in Northern Cyprus December 2009

  • In the winter, I found birds very few and far between and when spotted they were mostly very shy and rarely gave good views.  You have to work very, very hard to see good birds in Cyprus in the winter.....Nick Plumb reports.

Cyprus 22nd September-2nd October 2008

  • Our evening visit to Asprokremos dam produced an Osprey sitting on the post and a Marsh Harrier over the water. An ex pat british birder called us over to look at a  Juv. Peregrine Falcon that he had been watching for some time...Steve and Sue Wilce report.

Cyprus Pied-Wheatear

Cyprus 4th to 18th April 2007

  • Though we’d all visited Cyprus previously, none of us had ever been based as far east as Protaras and a number of the sites visited on this trip were new to us all. Protaras proved to be a good base, being particularly handy for Cape Greco where much of our birding was done...Ian Kinley reports

Cyprus Delights 4th - 14th April, 2007

  • Walking to the desserted village of Foinikas, the riverside bushes were full of chirrupping Spanish Sparrows in their hundreds, and we even spotted a Kingfisher, obligingly perched on a nearby reed stem. Along the way, Crested Larks sang and Great Spotted Cuckoos cackled noisily, showing off in the scattered bushes...Chris and Alison Hall report.

Spectacled Warbler

Cyprus May 2006

  • A short report and list from Tom Tams.

Scops owl

Cyprus 19th June - 2nd May 2005

  • We planned to arrive at Phassouri reedbeds reasonably early, however, we did not arrive until 9.10 a.m. where we were greeted by Woodchat Shrike and 4 Cattle Egrets, then the birds we had been looking for appeared from behind a banking: 2 Spur Winged Plovers...Steve and Sue Wilce report

Isabelline Wheatear.

  • The photo was taken in the Lara Bay area, just west of Avigas Gorge in Cyprus by Mark Askew.

North Cyprus 17th – 27th April 2004

  • This was a birding holiday based at Girne, North Cyprus. North Cyprus is a good site during migration especially when the weather is overcast with some rain. The birds varied daily but migrants disappeared when the sun shone....John Kirby reports
Little Crake

Easter in Cyprus 4-11th April 2004

  • Our family had our third holiday in Cyprus in early April, a couple of weeks later than our first spring holiday there. We stayed at the Venus Beach Hotel, just to the West of Paphos, on the coast (very close to the Tombs of the Kings, one of the main tourist spots)...Kenneth Noble reports. (Photo: Little Crake)

Cyprus in winter 5-12th January 2003

  • A non-intensive birding week based in Paphos confined to the west of the island, mainly the Paphos area, apart from a mainly non-birding trip to the Troodos mountains and a full day at the pools in Lanarca....Sean Huggins reports.

Cyprus 27 October - 3 November, 2002

  • This was my second visit to Cyprus. The birding was interesting but, so late in the season, there were few signs of migration. I spent quite a bit of time wandering around the hotel area (right next to the Tombs of the Kings). I came across a dried up stream bed about 400 m west of the Venus which still had a few pools of standing water....It held many warblers and, for a couple of days a handsome male bluethroat....Kenneth Noble reports.

Cyprus 11.04.2002 – 25.04.2002

  • My non-birding wife wanted a family holiday in Cyprus. Never having visited Cyprus before we selected the Elia Latchi Hotel village in Latchi to be our base for 14 days. We chose this resort on the basis of its location in a small village close to the birding hot spots of Evretou dam, Bath of Aphrodite, Neo Chorio and Polis reeds which all were within 15 min drive by car from the hotel. Generally I did pre-breakfast walks around the hotel - which yielded almost all species we saw....Dr. Michael Riffel reports.

Proact Cyprus

  • Each year an estimated 12,5 million migrant passerines are illegally shot, trapped, pickled and sold as expensive delicacies in Cypriot restaurants. Proact has pledged its support to local conservationists to put a stop to this disgusting trade. Give us your support by joining our campaign.

Cyprus November 11th to 18th 2001

  • An enjoyable weeks break but luckily I did not have too high an expectation of vast lists and many lifers, this is possibly the quietest time for birds on Cyprus with Migration and Breeding over and Winter visitors just arriving. It is also very dry with few pools/reservoirs holding water and attracting birds...Robert Payne reports.

Cyprus- A Winter visit 21st-27th December 2000

  • There is very little information available on birding Cyprus in the winter.....I found birding difficult on the island. The birds were few and far between and when they were present, rarely gave themselves up to view. However, some of the birds which did show themselves were superb and of species which can be difficult to see easily in the Western Palearctic...Ken Tucker reports.

A week in Cyprus  23/9 - 30/9/2000

  • It was a last minute decision to visit Cyprus for a one week birding break this autumn. I knew that it was a well-known destination in spring but very little of the literature I read mentioned much about its potential for an autumn visit. Still, after ascertaining that a late September visit would still produce the endemic Cyprus warbler and Cyprus pied wheatear,as well as the chance of some good passage and resident species, I decided to give it a try...Dominic Le Croissette reports.

A Holiday in Cyprus 26th March to 9th April 1997

  • Our holiday was excellent, even though the weather had been unusually cold and wet. This had delayed migration. With hindsight, even in a more average season, we would probably have gone in late April. We only saw one over-wintering species, Greater Sand Plover, and missed some reliable summer ones.



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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?

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