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The Following Reports are available from Gabon:
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Gabon, São Tomé & Príncipe August/September 2001

  • Perhaps our main objective here was to find the Dja River Scrub-Warbler discovered in la Lopé by Patrice in 1994 (one of the few known locations for this rare and skulking Bradypterus warbler). We arrived at his site with the birds already singing. The warblers took little time responding and we all had some good views as they flew from one clump of rushes to another, immediately burying themselves deep in the vegetation each time....Nik Borrow reports

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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?

Some Useful bird books for Gabon:
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Birds of Africa
Chris Stuart, Tilde Stuart: Buy from or

  • A comprehensive account of the birds of Africa. The text covers all the avifaunal families that occur in Africa, discusses the species that occur within each family, and provides representative examples of each family in depth. Also included is a general introduction to the major avifaunal regions of Africa.

The Birds of Western Africa
Nik Borrow, Ron Demey: Buy from or

  • A major new fieldguide, and a classic from the "Helm" stable that will set the standard for Western Africa for years to come. It covers all the 1282 species expected to be seen in the c.20 nations inside a triangle enclosing The Congo, Chad and Mauritania. For Gabon it is the only single guide that covers all of the nations birds in one book. Nicely illustrated with over 3000 drawings on 142 colour plates which cover all the species described apart from a few vagrants. Distribution maps are provided for the majority of species. As the first comprehensive guide to the region in over 25 years this is a "must buy" for any serious birder visiting Western Africa.

Where to Watch Birds in Africa
Nigel Wheatley: Buy from or

  • One of a series of guides devoted to birdwatching, this book contains site accounts, plans, maps, lists of birds in the regions and advice on planning bird-watching trips. It deals with over 200 sites in detail, and mentions many others. Each country is covered alphabetically, including archipelagos and isolated islands off the African mainland, for example, the Azores. Bird lists are included under the headings "Endemics", "Specialities", "Others" and also "Other Wildlife", if relevant. Access details are given, often with detailed site maps. The emphasis of the book is "bird finding", that is, where to go for the "best" species.

The Kingdon Pocket Guide to African Mammals
Jonathan Kingdon: Buy from

  • Superb, concise and compact enough to use in the field. All the mammals you are ever likely to encounter on a trip to africa. For anyone with an interest in African mammals, there really is no substitute. More than 700 illustrations by the authoritive and acclaimed Jonathon Kingdon.

Recommended travel guides for Gabon

Gabon, Sao Tome & Principe: The Bradt Travel Guide
Sophie Warne: Buy from or

  • Gabon boasts some of the most unspoiled rainforests in Africa, home to chimpanzees, gorillas and many other primates; it is also one of the continent's best places for birdwatching. As yet almost unknown, its attractions range from idyllic sandy beaches along its 855km coastline to an interior made up of sugarloaf peaks, dense rainforest and savannah.

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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?