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A Report from

Lake Rietzer See.,

Dieter Gabriel

Lake Rietzer See is located 60 km west of Berlin and 10 km of town Brandenburg ( start in Berlin at 2 pm ).
After lake Rietzer See, I went with byclycle to fish lakes Reckahner Fischteiche.
I went by railway to station Gross Kreutz.
Lake Rietzer See is all time worth to go.
I was there 4x and saw all times lots of birds.


Starling  lots
Blackbird - very common
Magpie - common
Tree sparrow - very common
Buzzard - common
Red Kite
Black Kite
Western Marsh Harrier ( 1 x male hunt very near to visiting tower )
White Tailed Eagle 1 x  ( 4 x on lake Rietzer See, 2 x Eagles )
Crane -different
Greylag Goose - lots
Great Spotted Woodpecker
Coot  lots
Moorhen  - 3 x
Grey Heron
Great Egret - 3 x
Great Crested Grebe - common
Black-necked Grebe - different
Barn Swallow  - very common
House Martin
Sand Martin
Mute Swan
Great Tit
Black-headed Gull - very common
Herring Gull - different
Kingfisher - 1 x
Pheasant -1 x

Most of the birds I saw near place Rietzer See Streng, which is located between Netzen and Trechwitz.
In Trechwitz is an information centre from NABU ( called Naturbund means nature club ).

Informationszentrum Trechwitz
Neusiedlerstraße 4
14797 Kloster Lehnin
phoe/fax 0049 3382 741 398

Informations also here

Protected nature area is 11,34 square kilomters.
Other interesting thinks are nearby. 6 km north of town Brandenburg is located lime tree "Schwindenlinde" with 11,65 m diameter.
30 km north of Brandenburg is the biggest Bustard area of Germany ( small town called Buckow ).
10 km south near small town Raedel, until 5.000 orchids ( Dactilorhiza majalis ) are possible to find.
Original information in german language on page
There is written 257 different birds detected in this area since 40 years.
All domestic Grebes breed there ( Grete-crested Grebe, Little Grebe, Red-necked Grebe, Black-necked Grebe ).

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