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A Report from

ARCAS Rehabilitation Center in Flores,



96; in 6 and 1/2 days (no guide)
65; 1 day high tally


*** Quite a diverse little parcel of land this was with a little lagoon off of Lago de Peten Izta that was surrounded by 25 year old 2nd growth forest.  This was less a birding destination as we were eco-volunteering with ARCAS again, this time doing wildlife rehabilitation and some personal avian research. 


Quite nice, enough for several good days of birding.


Northeastern Guatemala, on the far northeastern side of Lago de Peten Izta, near Flores.

How Do I get there:

To get to the ARCAS facility you must first get to the island of Flores, this is easily done by bus from anywhere in Guatemala and Belize.  Then you must take a boat taxi to the facility ($5 or less), or if you arrange it ARCAS will pick you up for free, that is if you are going to be volunteering there.


At the ARCAS facility you are given a bunk with up to 3 others in your room, (but this isn’t likely) and a shared bath. You are required to participate in the 3 daily feedings and daily cleaning of the animal cages, which totals maybe 1 and 1/2 hours of total work.  There is a $100 a week fee to cover food and housing expenses, this money is also used to provide for the injured animals.  

What to bring:

Good flashlight/headlamp, it gets very dark and its about 100m to the cocina. They had to kill a 1.5m Ferd-de-lance the week we were there.
Food, is provided but a snack or two is a good idea. They kind of shun alcohol.  
Mosquito spray and net if you have one, there are tarantulas and scorpions.

English and Spanish names of Birds

Cormorants and Wading Birds
1. Neotropical Cormorant                         Cormaoran Neotropical
2. Little Blue Heron                                Garza Azul                    
3. Great Egret                                        Garza Grande                 
4. Snowy Egret                                       Garza Nivea                  
5. Green Heron                                       Garza Verde                  
6. Cattle Egret                                       Garza Ganadera  
7. Black-Crowned Night-Heron            Garza-nocturna Coroninegra

8. Blue-winged Teal                                 Cerceta Aliazul              

9. King Vulture                                       Zopilote Rey      
10. Black Vulture                                    Zopilote Negro              
11. Turkey Vulture                                   Aura Cobecirroja

Diurnal Raptors
12. Mississippi Kite                                 Milano de Misisipi
13. White-tailed Hawk                             Aguililla  Coliblanca        
14. White Hawk                                       Aguililla Blanca  
15. Ornate Hawk –eagle                            Aguila Elegante  

Chicken-like birds                      
16. Plain Chachalaca                                 Chachalaca Comun           

17. Northern Jacana                                Jacana Mesoamericana
18. Spotted Sandpiper                              Playero Alzacolita
19. American Coot                                    Gallareta Americana       
20. Ruddy Crake                                      Polluela Rojiza               

21. Royal Tern                                         Golondrina-marina Real    

Parrots and Parakeets
22. Aztec Parakeet                                  Perico Pechisucio
23. Mealy Parrot                                     Loro Verde        

24. Blue Ground-dove                               Tortola Azul      
25. Ruddy Ground-dove                             Tortola Rojiza   
26. White-tipped Dove                             Paloma Arroyera 

Cuckoos and Anis
27. Squirrel Cuckoo                                 Cuco Ardilla
28. Groove-billed Ani                               Garrapatero Pijuy          

29. Mottled Owl                                     Buho Cafe                     
30. Vermiculated Screech-owl                   Tecolote Vermiculado      

31. Common Pauraque                                Tapacaminos Picuyo         
32. Lesser Nighthawk                              Chotacabras Menor         

33. Belted Kingfisher                               Martin-pescador Norteno
34. Pygmy Kingfisher                                Martin-pescador Enano   
35. Ringed Kingfisher                               Martin-pescador Collararejo

36. Rufus-tailed Hummingbird                    Colibri Colirrufo
37. Wedge-tailed Sabrewing                      Fandangero Colicuna        
38. White-bellied Emerald                         Esmeralda Vientre-blanco
39. Little Hermit                                        Ermitano Chico              

Trogons, Toucans and Motmots
40. Black-headed Trogon                  Trogon Cabecinegro        
41. Keel-billed Toucan                      Tucan Pico-multicolor     
42. Blue-Crowned Motmot             Momoto Coroniazul         

43. Golden-olive Woodpecker          Carpintero Olivaceo
44. Lineated Woodpecker                   Carpintero Lineado

45. Olivecous Woodcreeper                      Trepatroncos Olivaceo
46. Streak-headed Woodcreeper             Trepatroncos Corona-rayada

47. Barred Antshrike                               Batara Barrada  

48. Slate-headed Tody-flycatcher              Espatulilla Cabecigris     
49. Stubtail Spadebill                              Picochato Rabon 
50. Yellow-olive Flycatcher                    Picoplano Ojiblanco        
51. Tropical Pewee                               Pibi Tropical                  
52. Couche’s Kingbird                          Tirano de Couch 
53. Great Kiskadee                             Luis Grande                   
54. Social Flycatcher                         Luis Piquigrueso 

55. Barn Swallow                              Golondria Ranchera         
56. Mangrove Swallow                     Golondria Manglera         

57. Brown Jay                                   Chara Papan                   

58. White-bellied Wren                      Saltapared Vientre –blanco
59. White-breasted Wood-wren       Salta paredselvatico Pechiblano
60. Southern House Wren             Saltapared-continental Sureno

61. Blue-grey Gnatcatcher             Perlita Grisilla

62. Swainson’s Thrush                  Zorzalito de Swainson    
63. Wood Thrush                         Zorzalito Maculado        
64. Clay-colored Robin                  Zorzal Pardo

65. White-eyed Vireo                      Vireo Ojiblanco             
66. Lesser Greenlet                          Verdillo Menor   
67. Warbling Vireo                          Vireo Gorjeador 
68. Yellow-throated Vireo               Vireo Gorjiamarillo        
69. Rufous-browed Peppershrike         Vireo Cejirrufo              

70. American Redstart                             Pavito Migratorio           
71. Black-throat Green Warbler                Chipe Dorsiverde
72. Blue-winged Warbler                          Chipe Aliazul                 
73. Black and White Warbler                    Chipe Trepador              
74. Common Yellowthroat                      Mascarita Comun
75. Hooded Warbler                                 Chipe Encapuchado          
76. Magnolia Warbler                              Chipe de Magnolia           
77. Northern Waterthrush                       Chipe-suelero Charquero
78. Ovenbird                                          Chipe-suelero Coronado
79. Prothonatary Warbler                        Chipe Protonotario         
80. Swainson’s Warbler                     Chipe de Swainson
81. Tropical Parula                            Parula Tropical              
82. Kentucky Warbler                    Chipe de Kentucky
83. Worm-eating Warbler             Chipe Gusanero              
84. Yellow Warbler                        Chipe Amarillo               

85. Blue-grey Tanager                       Tangara Azuligris           
86. Grey-headed Tanager                  Tangara Cabecigris         
87. Red-throated Ant-tanager             Tangara-hormiguera Gorjirroja
88. Red-legged Honeycreeper            Mielero Patirrojo

89. Black-headed Solitaire                        Saltador Cabecinegro      
90. Buff-throated Solitaire                      Saltador Gorjileonado     

Sparrows and Seedeaters
91. Green-backed Sparrow             Gorrion Dorsiverde        
92. White-collared Seedeater            Semillero Collarejo         

Blackbirds and Orioles
93. Baltimore Oriole                               Bolsero de Baltimore      
94. Yellow-billed Cacique                      Cacique Mexicano           
95. Great-tailed Grackle                          Zanate Mayor                
96. Melodious Blackbird                       Tordo Cantor     


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