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A Report from

Sulawesi, 18 July – 5 August 2012,

Henk Hendriks

Lore Lindu N.P. – top of the Anaso Track

Other participants: Frans Hendriks + Jan Hein van Steenis


This report covers the 3-week trip I made to Sulawesi in the company of my brother Frans and Jan Hein van Steenis.

As I visited Sulawesi & Halmahera back in 1993 I was at first not very eager to return to this region but as I had missed quite a few good species during that trip and both Frans and Jan Hein were really keen to go, we decided to go ahead.

We focussed on Sulawesi because we want to maximise our time on this island and also because I had observed (almost) everything on Halmahera in 1993. Initially I would, after this trip, continue on my own to Sanghi and Talaud but because of some problems back home, I decided to skip that part.

We tried to see as many of the endemics and specialties of this island as possible and I can only conclude that we had a really successful trip.

The guideline of our trip was the excellent report of my friend Jan Vermeulen (Sulawesi & Halmahera 2009). We more or less followed his itinerary but decided to include a short visit to the Lompobattang area near Makassar in our itinerary to try to find Lompobattang Flycatcher. And we did find it!

As I said we saw a nice selection of species and personally my major dip was Geomalia which was only briefly seen by Frans when it crossed the trail, high on the Anaso Track.

A painful miss was the fact that we failed to observe White-rumped Cuckoo Shrike at Tangkoko, a species I saw easily in 1993. The only other species I observed in 1993 and not during this trip was Rufous-throated Flycatcher.


On arrival you are issued a visa valid for 31 days and for which you have to pay 25 US$


Frans and I flew with Emirates from Amsterdam to Jakarta with a stop-over at Dubai.
We paid 880€ for a return ticket.
Jan Hein flew with KLM from Amsterdam to Jakarta which was a few 100 € more expensive.


We brought some cash euros and dollars with us but can you easily get money from ATM machines.
The currency used in Indonesia is the Rupiah
During our stay the exchange rate was: 100,000 IDR = 10 dollar
The total cost of our trip, including the international flights was around 3000€.


We had 4 domestic flights:
Jakarta – Makassar – Palu with Garuda
Palu – Makassar with Lion Air
Makassar – Manado with Lion Air
Manado – Jakarta with Garuda

As Jan Vermeulen recommended Royke Mananta of Explore Indonesia to us, we decided to use his services to organise our Sulawesi trip for us. (see useful addresses)

The accommodation varied from basic to excellent and it was generally clean. The food during our trip was outstanding and Royke made sure that at all times enough mineral water was available. Beer was sometimes not available and when it was, it was expensive and often warm.


Travelling independently in Indonesia means that you need to have some basic knowledge of Bahasa Indonesia. As we were guided by Royke this was not an issue.


Sulawesi is really a safe island to travel around and we only met friendly people during our stay on Sulawesi.
Malaria occurs on Sulawesi and as a consequence you have to take precautions.
We did not suffer much from mosquitos and we did not encounter a single leech.
But the main problem is chiggers. Though we protected ourselves with repellent as good as possible we still suffered.


We were extremely lucky with the weather conditions. Only some rain at night and one heavy downpour on a late afternoon was all.
Most of the time daytime temperatures were pleasant and only at Tangkoko it was really hot in the middle of the day.
In the mountains (Lore Lindu and Gunung Ambang) it was a little cooler early morning and in the evening.


Jan Hein brought a scope and this was really a must.
We also collected a nice selection of songs from Xeno-canto on our Ipods and this worked rather well. Royke had most songs/calls but not all!
I also took some nice photographs with a canon 40D and 300 mm 5.6 with a 1.4 extender.
We brought rubber boots with us and used them regularly.


First of all I would like to thank Royke for guiding us on this trip. All the logistics were taken care of by him and transport, lodging, food and drinks were excellently arranged.
He tried very hard from dawn to dusk to try to find us all the specialties.
I can only recommend him, especially for small birding groups, intending to have a hassle-free trip to Sulawesi/Halmahera for a reasonable price.
Also Peter Logtmeijer who provided us with some additional info about Sulawesi.



A Guide to the Birds of WallaceaBrian J.Coates & K.david Bishop

Birding Indonesia – Paul Jepson

Reports & Articles

Sulawesi & Halmahera 2009 – Jan Vermeulen

Oriental Bird Club, bulletin 32,December 2000 – Jon Riley.

Birdwatching areas: Gunung Ambang Nature Reserve, North Sulawesi

Lompobattang Flycatcher – Peter Collaerts, 2008


Royke Mananta
Address: Jl. Prof. Moh. Yamin No. 6
Palu – Central Sulawesi
Ph:     +62 451 4701918
         +62 451 488755
Mobile:         +62(0)811456468


Day 1: Monday 16 July

We took the train from Eindhoven to Schiphol at 10.45 am. Flight from Amsterdam via Dubai to Jakarta. Left at 15.30 pm.

Day 2: Tuesday 17 july

Arrival at Jakarta airport at 15.40 pm. taxi to Ibis hotel, booked by Jan Hein. Jan Hein arrived 2 hours later with a KLM flight from Amsterdam. Dinner together.

Day 3: Wednesday 18 july

After an early breakfast we left for the airport again where we took the 9.45 am Garuda flight from Jakarta via Makassar to Palu. A flock of Woolly-necked Storks (20) at Makassar was notable.

We landed at 15.00 pm at Palu, where we were welcomed by Royke. We then drove for 3 hours to our guesthouse (Sendy) in the village of Wuasa, where we arrived in pouring rain. Some short birding stops provided us with views of Savanna Nightjar and our first Pale-headed Munias and best of all a single Large Sulawesi Hanging-Parrot.

After a delicious mail and a beer we went to bed early.

Day 4: Thursday 19 July

Breakfast at 5.00 am and at 6.00 am we started birding at the forest edge and scrub in the vicinity of the village of Salibu, not far from Wuasa. Here we observed species mostly occurring at lower altitudes. One of the first birds encountered was a very vocal Sulawesi Babbler. A Crimson-crowned Flowerpecker showed itself briefly to me but could not be relocated.

We did very well on raptors this morning. We observed Barred Honey-Buzzard (1), Sulawesi Serpent-Eagle (4), Black Eagle (1), Rufous-bellied Eagle (3-4), Sulawesi Hawk-Eagle (1) and best of all a single Sulawesi Goshawk. The latter was observed in the scope but rather distantly.

In scrubby habitat we also recorded Brown Cuckoo-Dove, Superb Fruit-Dove, White-bellied Imperial Pigeon and good views of a flock of Yellow & Green Lorikeets.

Further Black-billed Koël, Sulawesi Cicadabird and 3 Knob-billed Hornbills in flight. We heard Piping Crow and after some effort we had good views of 2 birds. When scanning tree tops and bare branches we managed views of Ivory-backed Wood Swallow, Fiery-browed Myna, Finch-billed Myna and at least a group of 15 Sulawesi Crested Mynas.

At the forest edge we observed our first Sulawesi Blue Flycatcher, Yellow-sided Flowerpecker and Grey-sided Flowerpecker.

Around noon we returned to our guesthouse for lunch. From 15.30 – 21.00 pm we birded extensively in the area around Lake Tambing. Here we encountered a different set of species. Good views of the endemic Blue-fronted Flycatcher and a male Pygmy Cuckoo Shrike also obliged.

Other species we saw this afternoon were Yellow-billed Malkoha, Sulawesi Pygmy Woodpecker, at least 3 Caerulean Cuckoo-Shrikes, Sulawesi Drongo, Sulawesi Leaf Warbler, Black-fronted White-eye, Snowy-browed Flycatcher, Citrine Flycatcher, Rusty-bellied Fantail and Yellow-vented Whistler.

We decided to stay in the area after dark to try for owls. Despite the annoyance of passing cars we managed good views of a Cinnabar Boobook. Satisfied with the results of our first full day in the field we returned to our guesthouse.

Day 5: Friday 20 July

Again breakfast at 5.00 am and from 6.00 – 12.00 we birded again in the Tambing area.

We observed our first Golden-mantled Racquet-tails in flight. Caerulean Cuckoo Shrike and 2 Pygmy Cuckoo-Shrikes turned up again. Highlight in the morning was the observation of several Malias. We saw at least 7 birds today.

We tried very hard to entice a Great Shortwing into view but only Frans glimpsed the bird. In the same area we had brief views of a Sulawesi Thrush. We heard Maroon-backed Whistler but no views. Later we had a female briefly in that area.

After lunch we birded in the same general area from 16.00 – 18.00 pm

Several Chestnut-backed Bush Warblers showed at the road side, a male Crimson-crowned Flowerpecked as well but the best species was the observation of a “Sulawesi Flycatcher” in a small flock. Lesser Sulawesi Honey-eater was also present in the area near the lake. Late afternoon we had great views in the scope of 3 Ashy Woodpeckers and a single Red-eared Fruit-Dove.

Day 6: Saturday 21 July

Breakfast at 4.00 am. At 5.30 we started our ascent of the Anaso track. We took plenty of water and a packed lunch with us.

We birded the whole day along this track and we returned to the bottom of the track at 19.00 pm. We had to cross 2 land bridges which looked rather dilapidated. I wonder if it is still possible to ascend the Anaso Track in a few years.

We observed Golden-mantled Racquet-tails and best of all 3 (2 + 1) Sombre Pigeons in flight. Higher up the mountain we had fantastic views of a pair of Purple-bearded Bee-eaters.

Mountain White-eyes became a common sight and several Yellow-flanked Whistlers were seen but I managed to dip them all. It was worrying that we were unable to locate any Satanic Nightjar on their regular roosting sites.

At the highest part of the mountain we tried for Geomalia. We hide along the trail and scanned the trail ahead of us, hoping the bird would appear on the trail. At one time Frans was lucky enough to observe one briefly when a bird crossed the trail just a short distance from where he was standing. But despite the fact that we staked out the area for the next hour or so the bird never reappeared.

In the same area we had good views of several Greater Sulawesi Honey-eaters and best of all very close and good views of a male Greater Shortwing.

We briefly visited the camping site, where we had lunch. Two Mountain Serins flew past but disappeared in the thick foliage never to be seen again.

On the way down we decided to stay until dusk in the area were normally Satanic Nightjar is located and we hoped that the birds would start to call and fly around at dusk. But nothing. Good views of Sulawesi Myzomela though. The descent in complete darkness was no fun.

Sulawesi Scops Owl and Cinnabar Boobook were heard on the way down.

Day 7: Sunday 22 July

From 6.00 – 12.00 we birded again in the Lake Tambing area. Initially Royke was unable to find the entrance of a specific trail but at 7.15 we started to bird along this trail.

The birding along this trail was very productive and we had exceptional good views of a responsive male Maroon-backed Accentor, several Sulawesi Thrushes were also seen well and together with Royke I was the lucky one to flush a Sulawesi Ground Dove from the trail which we unfortunately could not relocate.

We drove back to the “ticket office” near Lake Tambing and when we sat down next to the building a bird was flushed and it landed on the ground near a small rubbish dump, behind the building.

I put my bins on the bird and could not believe my eyes, a Scaly-breasted Kingfisher.

This was the kingfisher species I had missed back in 1993 and had planned to try for at Gunung Ambang, where it is regularly recorded. It was an immature bird and during the next 30 minutes I was able to take some nice photographs of this bird. We also added Small Sparrowhawk to our list.

Our late afternoon birding was not very productive because of a heavy downpour.

In the evening we tried for Sulawesi Masked Owl but we got no response. Because of rain we had to give up early.

Day 8: Monday 23 July

Again on the Anaso track from 5.00 – 17.00 pm. We tried to get to the best area of Geomalia as fast as possible. On the way up we had good views of Grey-headed Imperial Pigeon and the first of several Yellow-flanked Whistlers. A small flock of Mountain Serins was observed by me but we failed to find the most wanted Geomalia. The same applies for Satanic Nightjar. Royke and a local guy tried all day to find this bird for us but to no avail.

On the way down we played the song of Scaly-breasted kingfisher in the area where we heard the species at dawn. And to our surprise a male flew in and gave brief but good views.

In the evening we birded along the main road until 19.00 pm. And besides Great-eared Nightjars we finally located a calling Satanic Nightjar. At one time the bird passed us (Jan Hein’s head that is) at a distance of 10 centimeters! in response to playback of its call.

Day 9: Tuesday 24 July

From 6.30 – 11.00 am we birded in the same general area as we did on day 4.

New birds included the local form of Peregrine Falcon, Barred Buttonquail, Grey-cheeked Pigeon, a male Black-naped Fruit-Dove, Blue-backed Parrot, Large Sulawesi Hanging Parrot, Little Bronze Cuckoo and our first Pale-blue Monarch.

We also drove to an area which should hold a day roost of Tawny-bellied Boobook, according to a local guy. But the tree had been cut down! Great views though of a male Sulawesi Blue Flycatcher and several Yellow-billed Malkohas.

After lunch we drove towards Palu. We made a few birding stops.

One was at the edge of some rice fields near Palu, where Royke regularly observes Pale-bellied Myna. And sure enough after a short wait we observed 4 different birds. But I have to admit that I found the bellies of these birds not obvious pale! Pale-headed Munia and Chestnut Munia were common at this site.

In Palu we had a nice room in hotel Rama Garden.

Day 10: Wednesday 25 July

Flight from Palu (7.00 am) to Makassar where we arrived at 8.00 am. From the airport we drove straight to the nearby fishponds where it was soaring hot when we arrived.

We birded the area from 10.00 – 11.30 am and despite the heat we observed some nice species. This area is most likely a lot more productive at another time of the year when migration is in full swing.

A single Terek Sandpiper and 2 Javan Plovers were our best observations. Also several Australian Reed Warblers at the edge of the fish ponds in the scrub.

After lunch we birded an area (Indonesian Cereals Research Institute) at Maros, close to Makassar, which is known for its population of Java Sparrow. And sure enough we found a flock of at least 20 birds.

At 15.00 pm we continued to the small town of Malino where we arrived at 18.00 pm. Malino is situated at an altitude of 850 m. and was our base for exploring the Lompobatang area, the next morning. We stayed at Hotel Meso Gedung Putih where we were the only guests.

Day 11: Thursday 26 July

Before dawn we drove the short distance to the start of the trail which was supposed to bring us to a specific tract of forest where we had a chance of finding the Lompobattang Flycatcher. But Royke initially failed to find the right track. By this time we were getting a bit nervous. We could see the forest but how to get there? With the help of some locals we finally found the right track and, amazingly, when we arrived in suitable habitat and played the tape of the flycatcher, we got an immediate response. Within minutes we had great views of a male Lompobattang Flycatcher. A little further we found a second pair, which I could photograph. Another surprise find was the brief observation I had of a Red-backed Thrush, a species I was hoping to find at Tangkoko, later on the trip. Unfortunately I was the only one who saw the bird.

Satisfied we returned to the main road and we ended our session with no less than 5 Lompobattang Flycatchers. Jan Hein also saw a pair of Sulawesi Thrushes and another southern specialty, Black-ringed White-eye was easily found. Streak-headed White-eye also gave good views.

After lunch we drove back to Makassar where we flew in the early evening to Manado. We spent the night in the excellent Manado Quality hotel.

Day 12: Friday 27 July

After an extensive and slightly late breakfast we left for the long drive (5 hours) to the village of Sinsingon at the foot of Gunung Ambang. During a road side stop we had good views of at least 4 Bay Coucals.

We took a room in the guesthouse of the local ranger Julius. Here we met a British birder Paul Dobson. He just finished a nice trip to West Papua and as Jan Hein and I had birded West Papua last year, we had a lot to talk about.

From 15.00 – 19.00 pm we birded the lower section and scrubby edge of Gunung Ambang. We had good and close views of Purple-bearded Bee-eater but not a sound of the Cinnabar Boobook.

On our way back to the village, Frans suddenly noticed a Sulawesi Masked Owl, gliding over the fields and landing in a tree at the edge of a small forest patch. During the next hour we tried to relocate the bird but only flushed it twice.

Day 13: Saturday 28 July

Before dawn we walked up the mountain and we birded Gunung Ambang from 6.15 – 11.00 am. Satanic Nightjar was heard at dawn.

We slowly walked up the trail. We located several singing Matinan Flycatchers, the specialty of the area, and after some careful manoeuvring we had great views of the bird and were even able to photograph it.

On the way down we spent some time with a gorgeous pair of Purple-bearded Bee-eaters at their nesting site. A bash through some scrub gave us a pair of Blue-breasted Quail.

After lunch we left for the drive to Kotamobagua. We made an extensive birding stop along the main road and this stop gave us quite some good birds. We had our first Purple Needletails and a fruiting tree held both Superb Fruit-Dove and Black-naped Fruit-Dove.

Hotel in Kotamobagua (Senator Resort)

Day 14: Sunday 29 July

Left Kotamobagua at 4.00 am and at dawn we arrived at Tambun, the traditional site for the mythical Maleo. We positioned ourselves strategically, overlooking a forested hillside, used by the species as a roosting place. But nothing happened and we decided to enter the forest to look for the species. And this time we were successful as we surprised a pair walking on the forest floor but they flew of before we all got good views. A little later we twice discovered a bird in a tree and especially the latter one could be observed at length. After this highlight of the trip we continued by car to the forest ranger station at Toraut (Dumoga Bone NP), where we arrived around noon.

A short stop at a swampy area gave us Little Pied Cormorant, Sunda Teal, Wandering Whistling Duck, White-browed Crake and Dark-backed Swamphen.

In the afternoon we crossed the river on a raft and accompanied by 2 rangers we entered the forest, which was rather quiet. Besides a Lilac-cheeked Kingfisher and 2 single Sulawesi Trillers we did not find much inside the forest.

We continued to the forest edge where we stayed until dusk, observing the forest edge from a vantage point. A fruiting tree produced Brown-Cuckoo Dove, Sulawesi Black Pigeon, Grey-cheeked Green Pigeon, Black-naped Fruit-Dove, Grey-headed Imperial Pigeon, Green Imperial Pigeon and Silver-tipped Imperial Pigeon.

Other nice birds seen in the late afternoon include Isabelline Waterhen, great views in the scope of Yellow-breasted Racquet-tail, Blue-backed Parrot, Ornate Lorikeet, Knobbed Hornbill and we added Pied Cuckoo-Shrike to our list. At dusk Great-eared Nightjar was heard and seen.

Day 15: Monday 30 July

We birded a full morning along a road at the edge of the Dumoga Bone NP. This was near the villages of Matayangan and Tapakolintang. Unfortunately Royke was the only one who observed a Maroon-chinned Fruit-Dove in flight. We later heard the species but no views.

After lunch we first were shown a pair of Speckled Boobooks at their daytime roost in a nearby shack. We slowly walked the trails at Toraut and suddenly a small, dark rail crossed the trail, just in front of me, a Blue-faced Rail!

We heard Red-bellied Pitta but could not entice the bird to show itself. Along the small stream we observed the local ssp. of Common Kingfisher. Purple Needletails gave a great show at the forest edge, late afternoon. They sometimes passed us within a few meters at eye level. A vocal pair of Purple-winged Rollers were also appreciated a lot and an Oriental Hobby was a nice bonus.

Some spotlighting gave us great views of Sulawesi Scops Owl but Ochre-bellied Boobook was only heard.

Day 16: Tuesday 31 July

We birded a full day in the forest patch near Toraut with a lunch break at noon.
Our main targets were some missing endemics and we succeeded in finding a small flock of Sulawesi Dwarf Hornbills and we had good views of Maroon-chinned Fruit-Dove.

Day 17: Wednesday 1 August

At 7.00 am we left for the 10-hour drive to Manado and on to Tangkoko NR.

We had a nice lunch at a restaurant overlooking rice fields near Manado. From the car I saw a single Java Sparrow at the outskirts of Manado.

Just before dusk we arrived at Tangkoko Dove Resort a few km outside the small fishing village of Batu Putih.

Here we got the information that we had to pay 300.000 RP. a person a day for a local birding guide when entering the national park the next day. A few months later there was a fierce debate within the OBC mailing list about these exorbitant prices the local guides are asking for, for guiding. It meant that we had to pay 1.800.000 RP in total for 2 days of birding at Tangkoko!! The day we left, our local guide told us that the next day he was supposed to guide a group of 9 birders from Singapore for 2 days. You can figure out for yourself how much money that yield for him.

Day 18: Thursday 2 August

At 6.30 we left for our boat trip to a mangrove area to try for Great-billed Kingfisher.

The reason to do this in the morning was the fact that in the afternoon the sea became too rough to undertake this boat trip. It took a while but finally we succeeded in having great views of several Great-billed Kingfishers. Rainbow Bee-eaters and a single Pink-necked Green Pigeon were also seen.

On the way back we checked a cave which used to be a reliable stake-out for Sulawesi Masked Owl but for some reason the birds have not been seen for some time now.

A large flock of Black-naped Terns, a few Lesser Frigatebirds and a single Pied Imperial Pigeon were observed during our return trip.

At 9.00 we landed again on the beach and we spent the rest of the morning (until 13.00) on the trails inside the forest. Highlight was the observation of a pair of Ochre-bellied Boobooks at their daytime roost. We also saw the first of many Green-backed Kingfishers and a single Lilac-cheeked Kingfisher.

After lunch we checked another patch of forest, outside the actual reserve and highlight was the observation of the rare Sulawesi Dwarf Kingfisher.

In the evening we checked a few areas for Sulawesi Nightjar and we had brief views of a calling and perched bird.

Day 19: Friday 3 August

We spent a full morning (6.00 – 13.00) on the trails inside the forest of Tangkoko.

Our main target was Red-backed Thrush and it took a while before we found at least 3 different birds, finally giving great views. Red-bellied Pitta was also seen twice in the same area.

We checked the river for Ruddy Kingfisher but failed to locate it.

After lunch we birded the immediate surroundings of our lodge and late afternoon we drove to a ridge to try for our last 2 targets, Lesser Sulawesi H.Parrot and White-rumped Cuckoo-Shrike. We saw some nice species but not our targets.

Owling in the evening gave us a calling Sulawesi Masked Owl (no views) and good views of Sulawesi Scops Owl.

Day 20: Saturday 4 August

On our last morning we decided to concentrate on the area just outside the village, which is usually reliable for especially the Cuckoo-Shrike. I saw the species easily in 1993.

We did see Lesser Sulawesi H.Parrot but not the Cuckoo-Shrike. This was a really unexpected dip. At 9.30 am we left for our drive to Manado.

At the airport we said goodbye to Royke and at 14.00 pm we flew from Manado to Jakarta where we arrived at 16.00 pm. Took a taxi to hotel Ibis.

Day 21: Sunday 5 August

At dawn we took a taxi to Muara Angke (at least to what we thought was Muara Angke) Back home Jan Hein found out that we went to the wrong place.

Our target was Sunda Coucal. We birded the area to 11.00 and then returned to our hotel. Afternoon we watched the Olympics in our room.

Early evening Jan Hein left for the airport for his KLM flight to Amsterdam. A few hours later we followed and just after midnight we flew to Dubai and on to Amsterdam.

Day 22: Monday 6 August

Arrived at Schiphol airport

Henk Hendriks


16-07  Eindhoven – Amsterdam – Dubai – Jakarta
17-07 Arrival Jakarta in afternoon. Jakarta
18-07  Jakarta – Makassar – Palu. By car to Wuasa, Lore Lindu
19-07  Lore Lindu
20-07  Lore Lindu
21-07  Lore Lindu
22-07  Lore Lindu
23-07  Lore Lindu
24-07  Lore Lindu. Afternoon drive from Wuasa to Palu. Night in Palu
25-07  Palu – Makassar. Drive to Malino. Night in Malino
26-07  Lompobattang area. Drive to Makassar. Evening flight to Manado. Night Manado.
27-07  Manado – Gunung Ambang. Afternoon Gunung Ambang
28-07  Guning Ambang in the morning. Drive to Kotamobagua. Night Kotamobagua
29-07  Kotamobagua to Tambun. Tambun to Toraut. Forest at Toraut.
30-07  Dumoga Bone NP. in morning. Afternoon at forest patch Toraut.
31-07  All day forest patch of Toraut.
01-08  Drive from Toraut – Manado – Tangkoko. Village of Kalu Batih Puti. Night Dove Resort
02-08  Tangkoko NR.
03-08  Tangkoko NR
04-08  Tangkoko in the morning. Drive to Manado. Flight Manado – Jakarta.
05-08  Jakarta Muara Angke. Evening flight Jakarta – Dubai – Amsterdam.
06-08  Arrival at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam.


Species with asterix * and in capitals are endemic species of Sulawesi


Lesser Frigatebird Fregata Ariel
02-08     3 along the coast near Tangkoko.


Little Pied Cormorant Phalacrocorax melanoleucos
28/29-07 and 01-08 1 at a swampy area near Toraut.  


Purple Heron Ardea purpurea
A total of 7 on 4 dates in the Lore Lindu area.
25-07     2 at the fishponds near Makassar
26-07     10+ Makassar.
27-07     1 near Manado
A total of 8 on 4 dates near Toraut, Dumoga Bone

Great Egret Casmerodius alba
19-07     1 near Wuasa
25-07     5 at the fishponds near Makassar
26-07     10+ Makassar
29-07/01-08  1 near Toraut

Intermediate Egret Egretta intermedia
26-07     1 at Makassar

Little Egret Egretta garzetta
22-07     2 near Wuasa
25-07     40+ at the fish ponds near Makassar
26-07     1 Makassar

Pacific Reef Heron Egretta sacra
01-08     10+ along the coast near Tangkoko.

Eastern Cattle Egret Bubulcus coromandus
Observed throughout (11 dates)

Javan Pond Heron Ardeola speciosa
Observed on 9 dates

Striated Heron Butorides striatus
25-07     20 at the fish ponds near Makassar
26-07     10+ Makassar
29-07     1 near Toraut

Yellow Bittern Ixobrychus sinensis
01-08     1 between Toraut and Manado, during a roadside stop at a swampy area.

Cinnamon Bittern Ixobrychus cinnamomeus
24-07     1 ex near Palu
01-08     4 between Toraut and Manado, during a roadside stop at a swampy area.


Woolly-necked Stork Ciconia episcopus
18-07     20 at Makassar airport


Barred Honey Buzzard Pernis celebensis
19-07     1 near Wuasa, Lore Lindu.
30-07     1 near Toraut, Dumoga Bone

Black Kite Milvus migrans(Govinda) race affinis
25-07     1 near Makassar
27-07     1 near Gunung Ambang
01-08     3 between Toraut - Manado

Brahminy Kite Haliastur Indus
26-07     3 Malino – Makassar
27-07     1 near Manado
28/29-07 2 at Gunung Ambang.
31-07/01-08  1 near Toraut
Daily a few at Tangkoko

Lesser Fish Eagle Ichthyophaga humilis
Heard on 3 dates at Toraut, Dumoga Bone

* SULAWESI SERPENT EAGLE Spilornis rufipectus
19-07     4 near Wuasa, Lore Lindu
24-07     1 in the same area
30-07     1 near Toraut, Dumoga Bone

Spotted Harriër Circus assimilis
30/31-07 1 near Toraut, Dumoga Bone

* SULAWESI GOSHAWK Accipiter griseiceps
19-07     1 observed in the scope near Wuasa, Lore Lindu.
02-08     1 in the forest of Tangkoko.

* SPOT-TAILED GOSHAWK Accipiter trinotatus
21-07     1 at Lore Lindu
28-07     1 Gunung Ambang

* SMALL SPARROWHAWK Accipiter nanus
22-07     twice seen near Lake Tambing, Lore Lindu.

Black Eagle Ictinaetus malayensis
19-07     twice a single bird Lore Lindu
21-07     1 pair at Lore Lindu
28-07     3 between Gunung Ambang – Kotamobagua
30-07     1 near Toraut

Rufous-bellied Eagle Hieraaetus kienerii ssp.formosus
19-07     3-4 at Lore Lindu
28-07     1 between Gunung Ambang - Kotamobagua

* SULAWESI HAWK-EAGLE Spizaetus lanceolatus
19-07     1 Lore Lindu
22-07     Heard at Lore Lindu
26-07     Heard near Malino
03-08     1 perched adult with prey, giving great views at Tangkoko.


Spotted Kestrel Falco moluccensis
22-07     3 Lore Lindu in scrubby habitat
24-07     1 in same area
25-07     1 between Makassar – Malino
27/28-07 2 Gunung Ambang
Daily 2 observed near Toraut, Dumoga Bone

Oriental Hobby Falco severus
30-07     1 near Toraut, Dumoga Bone

Peregrine Falcon Falco peregrinus ssp.ernesti
24-07     1 adult near Wuasa, Lore Lindu.


Wandering Whistling-Duck Dendrocygna arcuata
29-07     10 at a small swamp near Toraut
01-08     20 at the same site.


Sunda Teal Anas gibberifrons
29-07     5 at a small swamp near Toraut
01-08     10 at the same site
29/30-07 2 near Toraut along the river


Philippine (Tabon) Scrubfowl Megapodius cumingii
02-08     1 in the forest at Tangkoko.
03-08     3 in the forest at Tangkoko

* MALEO Macrocephalon maleo
28-07     2 probably 3 birds at Tambun. Excellent and close views of a perched bird was one of the highlights of the trip.


Barred Buttonquail Turnix suscitator
24-07     a female in secondary scrub, Lore Lindu.


Blue-breasted Quail Coturnix chinensis
28-07     1 pair at the edge of the forest at Gunung Ambang

Red Junglefowl Gallus gallus
29/31-07 Heard in the forest near Toraut. Royke actually saw the bird on 31-07.


Buff-banded Rail Gallirallus philippensis
25-07     Excellent views of 1 at the fish ponds near Makassar
31-07     1 near Toraut.

Barred Rail Gallirallus torquatus
24-07     2 in scrubby habitat at Lore Lindu
27-07     2 between Manado – Gunung Ambang.
Seen from the car along the roadside
Daily heard near Toraut.
01-08     4 between Toraut - Manado

* BLUE-FACED RAIL Gymnocrex rosenbergii
30-07     1 crossing the trail at the forest patch of Toraut.

White-browed Crake Poliolimnas cinerea
29-07     1 at a small swamp near Toraut
01-08     4 at a swampy area between Toraut - Manado

* ISABELLINE WATERHEN Amaurornis isabellinus
29-07     2 seen at the edge of a field near Toraut
30/31-07 Heard in the same area.

White-breasted Waterhen Amaurornis phoenicurus
24-07     1 at the edge of a ricefield near Palu.
31-07     1 near Toraut

Common Moorhen Gallinula chloropus
24-07     1 at the edge of a ricefield near Palu.
29-07     2 at a small swamp near Toraut
01-08     3 at a swampy area between Toraut - Manado

Dusky Moorhen Gallinula tenebrosa
01-08     5 at a swampy area between Toraut - Manado

Black-backed  Swamphen Porphyrio indicus
29-07     5 at a small swamp near Toraut
01-08     1 at a swampy area between Toraut - Manado


White-headed Stilt Himantopus leucocephalus
25-07     40+ at the fishponds near Makassar
26-07     1 Makassar


Javan Plover Charadrius javanicus
25-07     2 at the fish ponds near Makassar


Eurasian Whimbrel Numenius phaeopus
25-07     5 in the mangroves, fishponds near Makassar

Common Redshank Tringa tetanus
25-07     2 in the mangroves, fishponds near Makassar

Common Greenshank Tringa nebularia
25-07     2 at the fishponds near Makassar

Wood Sandpiper Tringa glareola
25-07     2 at Makassar

Terek Sandpiper Xenus cinereus
25-07     1 at the fish ponds of Makassar


Whiskered Tern Chlidonias hybrida
25-07     100+ at the fish ponds of Makassar
26-07     5 at Makassar

Black-naped Tern Sterna sumatrana
01-08     50+ along the coast near Tangkoko

Little Tern Sterna albifrons
25-07     10 at the fish ponds of Makassar
26-07     10 at Makassar

Rock Dove Columba livia

Red-collared Dove Streptopelia tranquebarica
18-07     20 between Palu – Wuasa
24-07     10+ in scrubby habitat near Wuasa, Lore Lindu
25-07     6 at makassar

Spotted Dove Streptopelia chinensis
A total of 23 birds recorded on 7 dates.

Brown Cuckoo-Dove Macropygia amboinensis
19/20-07 7 and 8 at Lore Lindu
24-07     3 near Wuasa, Lore Lindu
26-07     2 near Malino
27/28-07 1 + 4 at Gunung Ambang
29/30-07 1 at Toraut
03/04-08 2 + 1 at Tangkoko  

* SULAWESI BLACK PIGEON Turacoena manadensis
29/30-07 1 at Toraut
02/03-08 2 +2 at Tangkoko

Emerald Dove Chalcophaps indica
29-07     1 at Tambun

Stephan’s Dove Chalcophaps stephani
30-07     1 Dumoga Bone
01/02-08 1 +1 at Tangkoko

* SULAWESI GROUND-DOVE Gallicolumba tristigmata
22-07     1 flushed along a small trail at Lore Lindu.
28-07     1 seen by Royke at Gunung Ambang

Pink-necked Green Pigeon Treron vernans
02-08     1 in the mangroves near Tangkoko was our only positive observation.

Grey-cheeked Green Pigeon Treron griseicauda
24-07     10+ in scrubby habitat near Wuasa, Lore Lindu
29-07     5 at Toraut
31-07     2 at Toraut
04-08     2 at Tangkoko

* RED-EARED FRUIT-DOVE Ptilinopus fischeri
20/21-07 1 + 2 at Lore Lindu Great views in the scope
22-07     heard at Lore Lindu
23-07     10 at Lore Lindu.

* MAROON-CHINNED FRUIT-DOVE Ptilinopus subgularis
30-07     1 in flight by Royke , Dumoga Bone. Also heard.
31-07     2 observed along the trails at Toraut, Dumoga Bone.

Superb Fruit Dove Ptilinopus superbus ssp.temminckii
19/20-07 2 + 1 at Lore Lindu. More heard.
27-07     Heard at Gunung Ambang
28-07     2 between Gunung Ambang - Kotamobagua

Black-naped Fruit Dove Ptilinopus melanospila
24-07     1 near Wuasa, Lore Lindu
28-07     1 between Gunung Ambang – Kotamobagua
29-07     1 at Toraut
a total of 5 on 3 dates at Tangkoko

A total of 11 on 3 dates at Lore Lindu
28-07     heard at Gunung Ambang
03-08     5 Tangkoko

23-07     3 along the Anaso track, Lore Lindu
29-07     3 at Toraut
03-08     15 at Tangkoko

Green Imperial Pigeon Ducula aenea ssp.paulina
29/30/31-07  10 + 6 + 6 at Toraut, Dumoga Bone
03/04-08 30 + 6 at Tangkoko

Pied Imperial Pigeon Ducula bicolour
02-08     1 single bird along the coast near Tangkoko

A total of 26 on 3 dates at Toraut, Dumoga Bone.
03/04-08 40 + 15 at Tangkoko

* SOMBRE PIGEON Cryptophaps poecilorrhoa
On 21-07 3 birds in flight only along the Anaso Track, Lore Lindu.


* ORNATE LORIKEET Trichoglossus ornatus
Regularly heard at Lore Lindu.
22/23-07 1 + 4 at Lore Lindu
29/30/31-07  4 + 10 + 20 at Toraut, Dumoga Bone
03-08     25 at Tangkoko

* YELLOW & GREEN LORIKEET Trichoglossus flavoviridis
19-07     30 at Lore Lindu

* YELLOW-BREASTED RACQUET-TAIL Prioniturus flavicans
29/30-07 1 + 2 at Toraut, Dumoga Bone. Excellent views in the scope
03-08     3 at Tangkoko

* GOLDEN-MANTLED RACQUET-TAIL Prioniturus platurus
A total of 75 on 4 dates at Lore Lindu.
26-07     4 Lompobatang area.
27/28-07 4 + 1 at Gunung Ambang
30/31-07 3 + 4 at Toraut, Dumoga Bone
03-08    8 at Tangkoko

Blue-backed Parrot Tanygnathus sumatranus
24-07     1 near Wuasa, Lore Lindu
29/31-07 7 + 15 at Toraut
03-08     6 at Tangkoko

18-07     1 between Palu – Wuasa
24-07     4 near Wuasa, Lore Lindu
28-07     2 between Gunung Ambang – Kotamobagua
30-07     10 at Dumoga Bone
03-08     5 at Tangkoko

04-08     1 near Kali Batih Putih, Tangkoko. This was the only reliable observation


Plaintive Cuckoo Cacomantis merulinus
29-07     Heard at Tambun
01-08     Heard before Tangkoko

Rusty-breasted Cuckoo Cacomantis sepulcralis
Daily heard at Lore Lindu and seen on 18-07.
26-07     1 seen and heard at Lompobatang area.
27-07     1 seen at Toraut.
01/03/08 Heard at Tangkoko

Little Bronze Cuckoo Chrysococcyx minutillus
24-07     1 near Wuasa, Lore Lindu.

Gould’s Bronze Cuckoo Chrysococcyx russatus
19-07     Heard at Lore Lindu
29-07     Heard at Toraut.
30-07     1 seen at Toraut, Dumoga Bone

* BLACK-BILLED KOEL Eudynamys melanorhyncha
Recorded on 11 dates.
Mostly heard but several seen well

* YELLOW-BILLED MALKOHA Phaenicophaeus calyorhynchus
A total of 6 on 3 dates in the Lore Lindu area.
27-07     1 during stop between Manado – Gunung Ambang
28-07     6 Gunung Ambang
29-07     2 at Tambun
A total of 14 on 4 dates in the Dumoga Bone area.
A total of 6 on 3 dates at Tangkoko

Lesser Coucal Centropus bengalensis
Recorded on 8 dates. At least 5 seen on 4 dates.
Mostly at forest edges and secondary scrub

* BAY COUCAL Centropus celebensis
27-07     4 during stop between Manado – Gunung Ambang
30/31-07 1 + 8 Toraut, Dumoga Bone.
Also heard at Gunung Ambang and Tangkoko


* SULAWESI MASKED OWL Tyto rosenbergii
27-07     1 near the village of Sinsingon, Gunung Ambang.
Before dusk Frans discovered a bird flying low over an agriculture field near the village.
The next hour the bird which called infrequently, was flushed twice but was never really seen perched for a longer period.
31-07     1 heard at Toraut.
01/03-08 Heard at Tangkoko

* SULAWESI SCOPS OWL Otus manadensis
21/23-07 Heard at Lore Lindu
30-07     Great views in the spotlight at Toraut.
30/31-07 Heard at Toraut
03-08     Heard and 1 spotlighted at Tangkoko.

30/31-07 Heard at Toraut
01-08     Heard at Tangkoko
02-08     Astonishing views of a pair at its daytime roost at Tangkoko

* SPECKLED BOOBOOK Ninox punctulata
30-07     3 seen in broad daylight at a shack at Toraut ranger station.
31-07     Heard at Toraut
01/02-08 Heard at Tangkoko

Heard on 3 dates at Lore Lindu
19-07     1 bird spotlighted along the main road, near lake Tambing, Lore Lindu


* SATANIC (DIABOLICAL) NIGHTJAR Eurostopodus diabolicus
23-07     2 along the main road, near Lake Tambing, Lore Lindu.
28-07     Heard at Gunung Ambang

Great Eared Nightjar Eurostopodus macrotis
23-07     3 along the main road, near Lake Tambing, Lore Lindu.
29/30/31-07  2 + 6 +4 at Toraut, Dumoga Bone
02/03-08 2 + 3 Tangkoko

* SULAWESI NIGHTJAR Caprimulgus celebensis
01/02-08 1 at Tangkoko

Savanna Nightjar Caprimulgus affinis
18/24-07 1 near Palu
25-07     1 near Makassar     


Uniform Swiftlet Collocalia vanikorensis
Observed on 13 dates

* SULAWESI SWIFTLET Collocalia sororum
Observed on 6 dates.
19-07     4 at Lore Lindu
25-07     Common near Makassar
Also observed at Toraut and Tangkoko.

Glossy Swiftlet Collocalia esculenta
Observed on 17 days

Purple Needletail Hirundapus celebensis
28-07     8 between Gunung Ambang – Kotamobagua
Up to 20 daily in the Toraut area. Some great and very close views of low-flying birds.

House Swift Apus nipalensis
25-07     1 near a bridge, Makassar.

Pacific Swift Apus pacificus
03-08     1 at Tangkoko

Asian palm Swift Cypsiurus balasiensis
18-07     4 near Palu
29-07     2 near Tambun


Grey-rumped Tree Swift Hemiprocne longipennis
Recorded on 12 dates. Locally common


* GREEN-BACKED KINGFISHER Actenoides monachus
A total of 13 on 2 dates at Tangkoko

22-07     Fantastic views of an imm. bird near Lake Tambing, Lore Lindu
23-07     1 male taped in along the lower part of the Anaso Track, Lore Lindu.

Single birds on 3 dates at Toraut, Dumoga Bone
02/03-08 2 + 2 at Tangkoko

* GREAT-BILLED KINGFISHER Halcyon melanorhyncha
02-08     3 of this monsters in the mangroves near Tangkoko

Ruddy Kingfisher Halcyon coromanda
02/03-08 Heard at Tangkoko
04-08     At the last moment we found a perched bird near the bridge, Tangkoko

Collared Kingfisher Halcyon chloris
Recorded on 12 dates

Sacred Kingfisher Halcyon sancta
24-07     1 near Palu
25-07     1 at the fishponds near Makassar
01-08     2 near Manado

02-08     1 at Tangkoko. Nice views of a perched bird.

Common Kingfisher Alcedo atthis ssp.hispidoides
29-07     1 near Toraut
30/31-07 3 + 2 along the river, Toraut
04-08     1 at Tangkoko


Blue-tailed Bee-eater Merops philippensis
18-07     5 between Palu – Wuasa
24-07     20 between Wuasa – Palu
25/26-07 10 + 2 near Makassar.

Rainbow Bee-eater Merops ornatus
02-08     10 in the mangroves near Tangkoko

* PURPLE-BEARDED BEE-EATER Meropogon forsteni
21/23-07 2 + 1 along the Anaso Track, Lore Lindu
27/28-07 1 + 2 Gunung Ambang


* PURPLE-WINGED ROLLER Coracias temminckii
30-07     2 at Toraut
02/03-07 1 + 2 at Tangkoko

Common Dollarbird Eurystomus azureus
02-08     2 in the mangroves near Tangkoko


* SULAWESI DWARF HORNBILL Penelopides exarhatus
30-07     Heard and 1 seen at Toraut.
31-07     3+6 at Toraut
02-08     Heard at Tangkoko.
03-08     Heard and 1 scoped at Tangkoko

* KNOBBED HORNBILL Rhyticeros cassidix
19-07     3 at Lore Lindu. Surprisingly the only observation in the Lore Lindu area.
Daily up to 8 at Toraut, Dumoga Bone.
02-08     Heard and 1 at Tangkoko
03-08     At least 20 in the late afternoon at a lookout point, Tangkoko


19-07     5 at Lore Lindu
20-07     1 at Lore Lindu
22-07     Heard at Lore Lindu
25-07     1 near Malino
26-07     1 pair in the Lompobatang area

* ASHY WOODPECKER Mulleripicus fulvus
20-07     3 near Lake Tambing, Lore Lindu
29-07     1 at Tambun and 2 at Toraut
31-07     2 at Toraut
02/03-08 1 +1 at Tangkoko


Red-bellied Pitta Pitta erythrogaster
29-07     1 at Tambun
30/31-07 Heard at Toraut
03-08     Twice excellent views of 1 at Tangkoko


Pacific Swallow Hirundo tahitica


* CAERULEAN CUCKOO-SHRIKE Coracina temminckii
19/20-07 3 +3 at Lore Lindu
22-07     Heard along the Anaso Track, Lore Lindu

* PIED CUCKOO-SHRIKE Coracina bicolour
29/30-07 3 + 6 at Toraut, Dumoga Bone

* PYGMY CUCKOO-SHRIKE Coracina abbotti
19/20-07 1 + 5 at Lake Tambing, Lore Lindu
23-07     1 along the Anaso Track, Lore Lindu

19-07     3 at Lore Lindu
24-07     2 near Wuasa, Lore Lindu
26-07     2 Lompobatang area
30/31-07 1 + 2 at Toraut, Dumoga Bone

* SULAWESI TRILLER Lalage leucopygialis
29/30-07 2 +4 at Toraut, Dumoga Bone.

White-shouldered Triller Lalage sueurii
18-07     1 near Palu
24-07     5 Wuasa – Palu
25-07     10+ near Makassar

Sooty-headed Bulbul Pycnonotus aurogaster
Recorded on 11 dates


* SULAWESI DRONGO Dicrurus montanus
A total of 15 on 4 dates in Lore Lindu.
28-07     2 at Gunung Ambang
29/31-07 1 + 2 at Toraut, Dumoga Bone
03-08     1 at Tangkoko

Hair-crested Drongo Dicrurus hottentotus ssp.leucops
Recorded Makassar, Gunung Ambang, Dumoga Bone and Tangkoko. (8 dates)


Black-naped Oriole Oriolus chinensis
19/24-07 2 + 1 near Wuasa, Lore Lindu
Single birds at Gunung Ambang
Up to 5 daily at Toraut
04-08     3 at Tangkoko


Slender-billed Crow Corvus enca
Recorded on 9 dates. Not in the Lore Lindu area.

* PIPING CROW Corvus typicus
19-07     2 at Lore Lindu. Also heard on 2 more dates.
26-07     1 Lompobatang area


* SULAWESI BABBLER Trichastoma celebense
Recorded on 12 dates. Mostly heard but also good views of this species.

* MALIA Malia grata
Heard on 5 dates in Lore Lindu + a total of 16 seen on 4 dates in Lore Lindu.


* GREAT SHORTWING Heinrichia calligyna
20-07     1 briefly seen at Lore Lindu.
21-07     Amazing close views of a singing male along the Anaso Track, Lore Lindu
22/23-07 Heard at Lore Lindu

* RED-BACKED THRUSH Zoothera erythronota
26-07     1 seen at Lompobatang. Unexpected observation.
03-08     3 observed at Tangkoko

* SULAWESI THRUSH Cataponera turdoides
Heard on 4 dates at Lore Lindu
20/22-07 1 + 2 seen very well at Lore Lindu
26-07     2 Lompobatang area

* GEOMALIA Geomalia heinrichi
21-07     1 crossing the Anaso Track, Lore Lindu. Frans only

Pied Chat Saxicola caprata
A total of 10 observed on 6 dates. Scrubby habitat and forest edges.


Golden-bellied Gerygone (Flyeater) Gerygone sulphurea
Recorded on 10 dates. A total of 11 seen on 6 dates


Chestnut-backed Bush-Warbler Bradypterus castaneus
A total of 12 seen on 5 dates in Lore Lindu
27/28-07 H + 2 at Gunung Ambang

Australian Reed Warbler Acrocephalus australis ssp.celebensis
25-07     4 Fishponds near Makassar
26-07     2 at Makassar

Mountain Tailorbird  Orthotomus cuculatus
Daily heard at Lore Lindu and daily a few seen.
28-07     2 at Gunung Ambang

* SULAWESI LEAF-WARBLER Phylloscopus sarasinorum
Up to 10 daily at Lore Lindu
25-07     10 Malino
27/28-07 2 +2 at Gunung Ambang


Zitting Cisticola Cisticola juncidis
24-07     1 near Palu
25-07     4 Fishponds near Makassar

Golden-headed Cisticola Cisticola exilis
19-07     1 near Wuasa, Lore Lindu
22-07     1 Lore Lindu
27-07     Heard near Gunung Ambang


20-07     1 Lore Lindu

Island Verditer Flycatcher Eumyias panayensis
A total of 7 on 5 dates at Lore Lindu
26-07     4 Lompobatang area.
28-07     1 Gunung Ambang

Snowy-browed Flycatcher Ficedula hyperythra
A total of 7 on 5 dates at Lore Lindu
28-07     3 Gunung Ambang

Little Pied Flycatcher Ficedula westermanni
Single birds on 3 dates at Lore Lindu.
26-07     1 Lompobatang area

A total of 11 on 4 dates at Lore Lindu

* MATINAN FLYCATCHER Cyornis sanfordi
28-07     4 Gunung Ambang

26-07     5 Lompobatang area

* SULAWESI Blue flycatcher Cyornis omissus
19/24-07 3 + 3 near Wuasa, Lore Lindu
26-07     2 Lompobatang area


* PALE BLUE MONARCH Hypothymis puella
24-07     1 near Wuasa, Lore Lindu
28-07     1 Gunung Ambang
31-07     2 at Toraut
A total of 12 on 3 dates at Tangkoko


* RUSTY-BELLIED FANTAIL Rhypidura teysmanni
A total of 45 on 6 dates at Lore Lindu
26-07     3 Lompobatang area
28-07     2 Gunung Ambang


Citrine Flycatcher Culicicapa helianthea
A total of 17 on 4 dates at Lore Lindu
26-07     2 Lompobatang area
27/28-07 2 + 3 Gunung Ambang


* MAROON-BACKED WHISTLER Coracornis raveni
20-07     female Lore Lindu
22-07     Great views of a male near Lake Tambing, Lore Lindu
23-07     Heard and 1 male seen along the Anaso Track, Lore Lindu

* YELLOW-VENTED WHISTLER Pachycephala sulfuriventer
A total of 23 on 5 dates at Lore Lindu
26-07     3 Lompobatang area
28-07     2 Gunung Ambang


White-breasted Wood Swallow Artamus leucorhynchus
Recorded on 10 dates

19/20-07 10 + 2 at Lore Lindu
31-07     10 at Dumoga Bone


Short-tailed Starling Aplonis minor
19-07     10 near Wuasa, Lore Lindu

Asian Glossy Starling Aplonis panayensis
19/24-07 40 + 30 near Wuasa, Lore Lindu
22-07     4 at Lore Lindu

* SULAWESI CRESTED MYNA Basilornis celebensis
19-07     15 near Wuasa, Lore Lindu
30-07     10 at Dumoga Bone

* WHITE-NECKED MYNA Streptocitta albicollis
30/31-07 2 + 1 at Toraut, Dumoga Bone

* FIERY-BROWED MYNA Enodes erythrophris
A total of 55 on 6 dates at Lore Lindu
28-07     7 Gunung Ambang

* FINCH-BILLED MYNA Scissirostrum dubium
19/14-07 30 + 10 near Wuasa, Lore Lindu
20-07     3 at Lore Lindu
Up to 35 daily at Toraut, Dumoga Bone.
Up to 30 daily at Tangkoko

* PALE-BELLIED MYNA Acridotheres cinereum
24-07     4 during a stop at some rice fields near Palu


A total of 13 on 4 dates at Lore Lindu
27-07     Heard at Gunung Ambang
28-07     1 at Gunung Ambang

21/23-07 5 + 5 at the higher reaches of the Anaso Track, Lore Lindu

* SULAWESI MYZOMELA Myzomela chloroptera
21/23-07 3 +2 along the Anaso Track, Lore Lindu


Black Sunbird Nectarinia aspasia
A total of 9 recorded on 7 dates

Olive-backed Sunbird Nectarinia jugularis
A total of 16 recorded on 11 dates

Brown-throated Sunbird Anthreptes malacensis
19-07     1 near Wuasa, Lore Lindu
25-07     1 at Makassar
30-07     2 at Toraut
a total of 4 on 3 dates at Tangkoko

Crimson Sunbird Aethopyga siparaja
19-07     1 near Wuasa, Lore Lindu
28-07     1 between Gunung Ambang – Kotamobagua
30-07     2 at Toraut


* YELLOW-SIDED FLOWERPECKER Dicaeum aureolimbatum
19/20-07 5 + 3 at Lore Lindu
27/28-07 4 + 10 Gunung Ambang
30-07     2 at Toraut
03/04-08 1 + 1 at Tangkoko

19-07     2 near Wuasa, Lore Lindu
20-07     1 Lore Lindu
26-07     1 Lompobatang area

A total of 17 on 4 dates at Lore Lindu
30-07     3 at Toraut
03/04-07 1 + 1 at Tangkoko


Mountain White-eye Zosterops montanus
A total of 35 on 4 dates at Lore Lindu
28-07     1 Gunung Ambang

Lemon-bellied White-eye Zosterops chloris
Common around hotel Sendy, Wuasa Lore Lindu.
25-07     4 Makassar

* BLACK-RINGED WHITE-EYE Zosterops anomalus
26-07     6 Lompobatang area

Black-fronted White-eye Zosterops atrifrons
Common at Lore Lindu
Common at Gunung Ambang
29/30-07 2 + 2 at Toraut
04-08     4 at Tangkoko

* STREAK-HEADED DARK-EYE Lophozosterops squamiceps
21/23-07 2 + 4 higher reaches along the Anaso Track, Lore Lindu
26-07     10 Lompobatang area
28-07     Heard Gunung Ambang


Tree Sparrow Passer montanus


Black-faced Munia Lonchura molucca
24-07     6 near Palu
25-07     4 near Makassar

Scaly-breasted Munia Lonchura punctulata
Observed scrubby habitat near Wuasa, Lore Lindu
25-07     4 Makassar
01-08    30 near Manado

Chestnut Munia Lonchura Malacca
Observed on 8 dates. Locally very common in rice fields

Pale-headed Munia Lonchura pallida
18-07     6 near Palu
22-07     3 Lore Lindu
24-07     30+ near Palu
25-07     100 Makassar

Java Sparrow Padda oryzivora
25-07     30 Makassar
01-08     1 Manado


* HYLOCITREA (formerly Yellow-flanked Whistler) Hylocitrea bonensis
21/23-07 3 + 5 along the Anaso Track, Lore Lindu


Mountain Serin Serinus estherae
21-07     2 top of Anaso Track, Lore Lindu
23-07     8 in the same general area.

A total of 200 species recorded.


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