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Notes on short trip to West-Timor, 15-16/9/2005 and 13/11/2005,

Mark Schellekens

Locations visited:

Muara Oli’o (MO)                              (15/9/2005)
Kupang El Tari Airport                        (16/9/2005 and 13/11/2005)
Kupang Sea-front (Northern shore) on all dates
Muara Olio was visited at around 13.00pm-16.00pmTide was in so very few shorebirds were present


Lesser Frigatebird              Fregata ariel
More than 10 birds over the Kupang sea-front on 16/9/05 with another 4 birds there on 13/11/05.

Little Heron                         Butorides striolata
A single adult bird was flushed at the MO fishponds.

Spotted Kestrel                   Falco moluccensis
A male bird of this species was seen hunting at the airport on 16/9/05.

Sunda Teal                          Anas gibberifons
A pair was seen at the MO fishpondsBulged foreheads clearly visible, identifying them from Grey Teal A.gracilis, which could occur on Timor.

[Red-backed Buttonquail   Turnix maculosa]
A Buttonquail was flushed near the MO fishpondsIt lacked the distinct barring of Barred Buttonquail T.suscitator which has not yet been identified on Timor

Pacific Golden Plover                     Pluvialis fulva
At least 25 birds of this species were observed at the airport on 16/9/05, in a flock of Oriental Plover Charadrius veredusAnother 50+ birds at the airport on 13/11/05, again in a group of Oriental Plover.

Greater Sand-plover                       Charadrius leschenaultia
Two birds at the MO mudflats.

Oriental Plover                                Charadrius veredus
At least 35 birds at the Kupang airport on 16/9 with c.150 birds there on 13/11/05.

Whimbrel                             Numenius phaeopus
Three birds at the MO mudflats.

Far-eastern Curlew Numenius madagascariensis
Two birds seen on the MO mudflats with N.phaeopus.

Common Sandpiper             Actitis hypoleucos
A total of c.15 birds seen at MO mudflats and fishponds.

Australian Pratincole                      Stiltia Isabella
A single bird at MO on 15/9/05Five birds at the airport on 16/9/05 with at least 90 birds there on 13/11/05.

Little Tern                           Sterna albifrons
Two birds over the sea near the sea-front in Kupang on 16/9/05.

Great Crested Tern            Sterna bergii
At least 15 birds over the sea near the sea-front on 13/11/05.

Rock Pigeon                        Columba livia
Four birds seen feeding in a dried up fishpond at MO.

Spotted Dove                      Streptopelia chinensis
Two birds at the MO fishponds.

Barred Dove                       Geopelia maugei
Five birds at the MO fishponds with several birds heard calling from the bordering mangroves and bushes.

Goulds’ Bronze Cuckoo      Chrysococcyx russatus
A single bird heard singing from the MO mangroves.

Savanna Nightjar                Caprimulgus affinis
Two birds flushed at the MO fishponds.

Glossy Swiftlet                    Collocalia esculenta
Common over MO and over Kupang city.

Edible-nest Swiftlet Aerodramus fuciphagus
At least 15 birds seen over MO and several over the Kupang sea-front on 13/11/05.

Little Swift                           Apus affinis
Five birds seen over Kupang sea-front on 16/9/05.

Common Kingfisher                        Alcedo atthis
Three birds observed at the MO mangroves.

Sacred Kingfisher               Todiramphus sanctus
Two birds at the MO fishponds and mangroves.

Collared Kingfisher            Todiramphus chloris
Two birds at the MO fishponds and mangroves.

Rainbow Bee-eater             Merops ornatus
At least 15 birds over MO

Barn Swallow                       Hirundo rustica
Six birds over MO with >15 birds at the airport on 16/9 and 3 birds there on 13/11/05.

Pacific Swallow                    Hirundo tahitica
Three birds over MOAlso common to abundant over Kupang city, especially the sea-front.

Richard’s Pipit                    Anthus novaeseelandiae
A single bird at the Kupang airport on 13/11/05Treated by some authors as separate species Paddyfield Pipit  A.rufulus.

Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike                       Coracina novaehollandiae
A single bird observed feeding in the MO mangroves.

Sooty-headed Bulbul                      Pycnototus aurigaster
At least 5 birds at MO and more than 20 birds on 16/9 and 13/11 at the Kupang airport.

Pied Chat                 Saxicola caprata
More than 5 pairs at the MO fishponds and mangroves and common around the airportAlso a pair near the sea-front in downtown Kupang on 16/9/05.

Clamorous Reed-warbler   Acrocephalus stentoreus
A single bird heard singing from the MO mangroves.

Zitting Cisticola                   Cisticola juncidis
Two birds at MO and a single bird at the airport on 16/9/05.

Golden-headed Cisticola    Cisticola exilis
More than 10 birds at the MO fishponds and surrounding scrub.

Plain Gerygone                   Gerygone inornata
At least 2 birds heard singing from the mangroves and trees at MO.

Northern Fantail                 Rhipidura rufiventris
A single birds observed in scrub near the airport entrance on 16/9/05.

Red-chested Flowerpecker            Dicaeum maugei
Several pairs in trees, mangroves and scrub at MO.

Flame-breasted Sunbird     Nectarinia solaris
One pair at MO.

Ashy-bellied White-eye                  Zosterops citrinellus
A city-bird in Kupang with flocks of up to 10 birds observed in the Coconut-palms at the sea-front on 15/9 and 13/11/05.

Brown Honeyeater              Lichmera indistincta
Abundant in the trees and scrub at MO

Streaky-breasted Honeyeater                     Meliphaga reticulate
Two birds at MO, seen feeding in scrub.

Helmeted Friarbird             Philemon buceroides
More than 5 birds in the MO mangroves and scrub.

Zebra Finch              Taeniopygia guttata
Common at MO with flocks of up to 26 birdsAlso common at the airport.

Black-faced Munia Lonchura molucca
Three birds at MO and 11 birds at the airport on 16/9/05.

Scaly-breasted Munia                    Lonchura punctulata
Abundant at the airport, where birds were observed collecting nest-material on 13/11/05.

Tree Sparrow                      Passer montanus
Common bird in Kupang city, the airport and villages.


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Drijvers R2000 NTT birdsounds, cassette.

Mark Schellekens
Flores, N.T.T86372
Mobile: (0062)81339165676


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