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Notes on short trip to 3 Locations in West-Timor, 21/11/2004-23/11/2004:,

Mark Schellekens

Locations visited:

Camplong  (CAM) 21/11/2004 (c.200-450m asl)
Bipolo          (BIP)   22/11/2004 (close to sea-level)
Muara Olio (OLI)   22/11/2004 (Sea-level)

Camplong and Bipolo were visited early mornings, c. 6.00am-13.00am and Muara Olio was visited at around 14.00pm-16.00pm. Visit to Olio hampered by heavy rains and high tide. Some observations made from the seafront on Kupang’s Northern shore, in front of Hotel Susi.

Great Frigatebird       Fregata minor
A single male bird observed over Kupang’s Northern seafront on 23/11.

Lesser Frigatebird     Fregata ariel
Three male birds over Kupang’s Northern seafront on 20/11, with 3 (2m, 1f) again there on 22/11.

Great Egret                Egretta alba
A single bird was seen feeding on the beach at OLI. Bird in non-breeding plumage with a yellow bill with black tip.

Intermediate Egret                Egretta intermedia
Two birds were seen flying in to dry rice-fields, about 1km East of Oesao (c.20km East of Kupang). They joined a flock of Cattle Egret Bubulcus ibis.

Little Egret                 Egretta garzetta
Three birds noted on the beach at OLI. All birds had yellow soles.

Pacific Reef-egret      Egretta sacra
A single dark-morphed bird on the rocky beach on Kupang’s Northern shores.

Cattle Egret                Bubulcus ibis
Seven birds observed in dry rice-fields about 7km East of Kupang on 21/11. Also a flock of 34 molting birds in the dry rice-fields at Oesao on the same date.

Short-toed Eagle        Cirrcaetus gallicus
A single adult bird was seen hovering and soaring over Kupang’s El Tari airport on 23/11.

Chinese Goshawk      Accipiter soloensis
Two adult male birds in the CAM forest at c.250 and 220m asl. Also 2 adult males in the BIP forest (one observed catching a Cicada in mid-flight) with 4 more birds seen circling high over the forest before disappearing to the West.

Spotted Kestrel          Falco moluccensis
A pair was observed hunting near the village of Bipolo and a single male seen perched on a pole near the El Tari airport on 23/11.

Sunda Teal                 Anas gibberifrons
Thirteen birds seen on the OLI mudflats. All identified as Sunda Teal over Grey Teal A.gracilis, on account of the bulged foreheads.

Brown Quail               Coturnix ypsilophora
Two birds flushed just outside the El Tari airport entrance on 23/11.

Grey Plover                Pluvialis squatarola
Three birds on the OLI beach.

Red-capped Plover ?             Charadrius ruficappilus ?
A bird, believed to be this species, in non-breeding plumage was seen in a flock of Rufous-necked Stints Calidris ruficollis on OLI’s beach. Notes: Very small (smaller than C.ruficollis), dark legs. Light brown upperparts, black bill, white forehead and brown crown and hindneck. No white hindneck collar could be seen. White underparts.

Lesser Sand-plover                Charadrius mongolus
Twenty-seven birds in several small flocks and singly on the OLI beach.

Greater Sand-plover              Charadrius leschenaultii
Seventeen birds, mainly seen singly, spread out over the beach at OLI.

Oriental Plover                       Charadrius veredus
Four birds observed in dry rice-fields, 1km East of the village of Oesao on 21/11. Over 100 birds at Kupangs’ El tari airport on 23/11.

Whimbrel                    Numenius phaeopus
Eleven birds on the OLI beach and a single bird on the rocky shore in Kupang’s towncenter on 22/11.

Far-eastern Curlew    Numenius madagascariensis
Two birds on the OLI beach.

Terek Sandpiper        Xenus cinereus
Five birds on the OLI beach.

Common Sandpiper    Actitis hypoleucos
Five birds on the OLI beach and noted every day on Kupang’s rocky beach in the town center.

Rufous-necked Stint              Calidris ruficollis
Over 40 birds of this species positively identified on Oli’s beach. Biggest flock consisting of 21 birds.

Stint sp.                       Calidris sp.
Over 25 Stints were failed to be identified. Most birds sitting too far away to determine species.

Sharp-tailed Sandpiper          Calidris acuminata
Seven birds on the OLI beach.

Australian Pratincole             Stiltia isabella
At least 4 birds in the dry rice-fields 1km East of Oesao. A single bird at the El Tari airport on 23/11.

Whiskered Tern                     Chlidonias hybridus
Common off the coast in Kupang in flocks of up to 10 birds. Also 5 on the beach at OLI.

White-winged Black-tern                   Chlidonias leucopterus
A flock of 41 birds was observed over a large grass field picking insects, inflight, of the grass and catching them in midair and picking them off the grass. Observation made at a village at the Km16-marker on the Kupang-Soe road. The large circling flock was at this for about 15 minutes before the flock headed North towards the sea. All birds in non-breeding plumage.

Gull-billed Tern                      Gelochelidon nilotica
Seven birds, in full breeding plumage, were observed on the beach at OLI. Birds appeared to be of sub-species macrotarsa from Australia on account of large bill, grayer upperparts.

Little Tern                  Sterna albifrons
Four birds off the Kupang Northern coast in the citycentre on 21/11 and 4 birds on the OLI beach. All birds in non-breeding plumage.

Great Crested Tern   Sterna bergii
At least 15 birds off the Northern shore in Kupang on 22/11.

Timor Green Pigeon              Treron psittacea
A single bird observed in mid-storey of a tall tree at BIP. Observed for several minutes.

Black-backed Fruit-dove       Ptilinopus cinctus
A single bird observed at CAM at c.325m asl but several heard calling (c.200-400m asl). At BIP also a single bird.

Rose-crowned Fruit-dove      Ptilinopus regina
Common at both CAM and BIP, with more than 5 birds heard at CAM and 2 birds observed and 2-3 heard calling at BIP.

Pink-necked Imperial Pigeon            Ducula rosacea
Three birds at BIP, observed in the top of a dry tree in the heart of the forest.

Rock Pigeon               Columba livia
Recorded from all location, mainly around villages but in the center of Kupang a bird was observed on a nest in the crown of a coconut palmtree.

Timor Black Pigeon               Turacoena modesta
A single bird observed at both CAM and BIP. Vocal records: 1 at CAM and at least 3 at BIP.

Spotted Dove             Streptopelia chinensis
Common in the outskirts of Kupang. Also 1 in the village of Bipolo and 2 birds just outside the village of Camplong. At OLI, 3-4 birds in the scrub between the fishing village and the East-Timor refugee village.

Barred Dove              Geopelia maugei
At least 3 birds heard calling at BIP and several birds observed along the main Kupang-Soe road around the villages. Also at least 5 birds at OLI.

Emerald Dove                        Chalcophaps indica
At least 5 birds at BIP. Observed feeding on the paths in the forest or flying at high speed through the forest. A single bird observed flying out of a dry river gully near Oesao.

Olive-headed Lorikeet          Trichoglossus euteles
Two birds at c.375m asl at CAM and 5-6 birds at BIP.

Red-cheeked Parrot              Geoffroyus geoffroyi
Three birds in mid-storey of a tall fig-tree at BIP.

Olive-shouldered Parrot        Aprosmictus jonquillaceus
At least 6 birds at BIP.

Brush Cuckoo                        Cacomantis variolosus
A single bird at BIP, observed in a tree bordering the dry, rocky river, eating a moth.

Gould’s Bronze Cuckoo         Chrysococcyx russatus
4-5 Birds heard singing at CAM (c.220-350m asl) and a single bird observed at the dry river-bed at BIP.

Channel-billed Cuckoo          Scythrops novaehollandiae
Two birds at CAM at c.200m asl and a single bird heard calling at BIP.

Lesser Coucal                        Centropus bengalensis
Individual birds heard calling from both CAM and BIP. The one at CAM at c.410m asl.

Savanna Nightjar       Caprimulgus affinis
At least 3 birds were seen over the Kupang waterfront in the city centre at c21.15hrs with another bird heard calling at c.22.25hrs.

Edible-nest Swiftlet                Aerodramus fuciphagus
The only record of this bird was at CAM, where 5 birds were observed at c.400m asl.

Glossy Swiftlet                       Collocalia esculenta
More than 10 birds at CAM, not recorded at BIP and at least 5 birds over OLI. Also common in the countryside and over Kupang.

Fork-tailed Swift        Apus pacificus
4 Birds over CAM (c.200-400m asl), 2 over BIP and common over Kupang in small flocks of up to 5 birds.

Little Swift                  Apus affinis
3 Birds over CAM (c.350m asl) and common over Kupang in small flocks of up to 6 birds.

Common Kigfisher     Alcedo atthis
A single bird seen flying out of the mangroves at OLI.

Cinnamon-banded Kingfisher            Halcyon australasia
A single bird observed in the Taman Parawisata in the village of Camplong.

Collared Kingfisher               Halcyon chloris
A single bird heard calling at CAM at c.425m asl. 2-3 Birds at BIP, a single bird at OLI and a single bird feeding on the rocky beach at Kupang’s North coast in the citycentre.

Blue-tailed Bee-eater                        Merops philippensis
2 Birds over CAM (c.250m asl), over 25 at BIP (where seen in a flock with next species) and 5 birds at OLI.

Rainbow Bee-eater                Merops ornatus
At least 10 birds at BIP. Observed in a mixed flock with M.philippensis.

Common Dollarbird               Eurystomus orientalis
At least 4 birds observed at BIP. Seen over-flying the forest and perched on dead branches in trees.

Barn Swallow              Hirundo rustica
Common and numerous at all locations, including the city of Kupang.

Pacific Swallow           Hirundo tahitica
Common and numerous at all locations, including the city of Kupang.

Tree Martin               Hirundo nigricans
A flock of more than 15 birds observed at CAM at c.300m asl.

Yellow Wagtail                       Motacilla flava
Two birds behind the beach at OLI. A single bird at the El Tari airport on 23/11. Three birds in the dry rice-fields at Oesao on 22/11.

Richard’s Pipit                       Anthus novaeseelandiae
A single bird seen displaying from a fence in the dry rice-fields of Oesao on 22/11.

Sooty-headed Bulbul              Pycnototus aurigaster
Seems to be established at CAM, where at least 4 birds were observed between c.250-400m asl. Also 4 birds the entrance of the El Tari airport on 23/11. At Bipolo calls resembling that of P.aurigaster were heard but birds not positively identified.

Long-tailed Shrike                 Lanius schach
A single bird observed in the village of Bipolo. Bird perched on a fence.

Pied Chat                    Saxicola caprata
Common to abundant at all locations, especially in and around dry rice-fields and around villages. Seen also in downtown Kupang on 23/11.

White-bellied Chat     Saxicola gutturalis
Three males and 2 females observed at CAM between c.300-425m asl. Several males heard singing from the forest.

Chestnut-backed Thrush       Zoothera dohertyi
Just one bird heard singing from the forest at BIP.

Orange-sided Thrush             Zoothera peronii
A single bird heard singing at CAM at c.375m asl. At BIP, 2 birds observed and at least 2 birds heard singing. A popular cage-bird in Kupang, especially with Javanese shop-keepers.

Timor Stubtail                        Urosphena subulata
More than 4 birds heard at CAM. A single bird observed at BIP but many heard from the scrub.

Clamorous Reed-warbler                  Acrocephalus stentoreus
Several birds heard singing in the Olio reed beds.

Buff-banded Grassbird          Buettikoferella bivittata
A short glimpse of a birds caught at CAM at c.220m asl. Two/three Others heard singing from the scrub. A single bird heard at BIP.

Zitting Cisticola                      Cisticola juncidis
Common around villages in dry rice-fields and gardens. Many around the village of Bipolo.

Golden-headed Cisticola       Cisticola exilis
Two birds near the village of Bipolo in breeding-plumage. Also common around other villages, especially around Oesao. Also 2 birds heard singing at the El Tari airport on 23/11.

Timor Leaf-warbler                Phylloscopus presbytes
More than 5 birds at BIP. Not recorded at CAM.

Black-banded Flycatcher       Ficedula timorensis
One bird observed at BIP.

Timor Blue Flycatcher           Cyornis hyacinthinus
Two birds at Bipolo.

Plain Gerygone                      Gerygone inornata
Very common at both CAM and BIP with many birds heard singing at both locations.

Spectacled Monarch              Monarcha trivirgatus
A single bird observed moving through mid-storey at the CAM forest at c.220m asl.

Northern Fantail                    Rhipidura rufiventris
Very common at both CAM and BIP, especially so at CAM where many birds were observed from c.200m to 450m asl.

Rufous Fantail                        Rhipidura rufifrons
Very common at both Cam and BIP.

Fawn-breasted Whistler                    Pachycephala orpheus
Common to abundant at both CAM and BIP.

Common Golden Whistler                 Pachycephala pectoralis
At both Cam and BIP, a single male was heard singing.

Red-chested Flowerpecker               Dicaeum maugei
Very common at both CAM and BIP, especially CAM. Several heard around villages on the Kupang-Soe road.

Olive-backed Sunbird                        Nectarinia jugularis
One pair at CAM, 3 pairs at BIP, 2 pairs at OLI and common in the city of Kupang.

Flame-breasted Sunbird        Nectarinia solaris
Three pairs at CAM and 1 pair at BIP.

Ashy-bellied White-eye         Zostyerops citrinellus
Common to abundant at both CAM and BIP. At CAM (c.235m asl), an adult bird was seen feeding a juvenile bird. Also common in the city of Kupang. Near the waterfront on the Northern shore, an adult bird was seen carrying nesting material into a coconut palmtree.

Spot-breasted Dark-eye        Heleia muelleri
Two birds observed at CAM with at least 3 more heard singing. At BIP, 1 bird observed with at least 2 more heard singing.

Brown Honeyeater                 Lichmera indistincta
Two birds at CAM, 2 birds at BIP and more than 15 birds in the trees behind the beach leading to the East-Timor refugee village. Very noisy.

Black-chested Honeyeater                Myzomela vulnerata
Two pairs at CAM and a single pair at BIP.

Streaky-breasted Honeyeater          Meliphaga reticulata
At least 7 birds at CAM and 4 birds at BIP.

Timor Friarbird                      Philemon inornatus
Four birds at CAM and over 15 at BIP, outnumbering next species.

Helmeted Friarbird                Philemon buceroides
Four birds at CAM and 7 at BIP.

Red Avadavat                        Amandava amandava
Seventeen birds in the scrub behind the beach at OLI. Also 5 birds observed at the El Tari airport on 23/11.

Zebra Finch                Taeniopyga guttata
Seven birds at BIP. Eleven birds at OLI behind the beach and  common in Kupang at parking lots, sandlots and scrub.

Black-faced Munia    Lonchura molucca
Big flocks totaling c.100 birds observed in the dry rice-fields at Km16 from Kupang on the Soe road. Mixing with L.punctulata, P.montanus and L.quinticolor.

Scaly-breasted Munia                       Lochura punctulata
Big flocks totaling c.150 birds observed in the dry rice-fields at Km16 from Kupang on the Soe road. Mixing with L.molucca, P.montanus and L.quinticolor. Also 5 at the El Tari airport on 23/11.

Five-coloured Munia             Lonchura quinticolor
Four birds near the village of Bipolo. Small flocks totaling c.35 birds, observed in the dry rice-fields at Km16 from Kupang on the Soe road. Mixing with L.molucca, P.montanus and L.punctulata.

Tree Sparrow             Passer montanus
Abundant in Kupang and present in all the villages passed on the main road to the 3 locations. At Km16 on the Kupang-Soe road, large numbers were seen feeding in the dry rice-fields with the three Lonchura species.

Short-tailed Starling               Aplonis minor
A total of 6 birds observed at BIP. Flocks of 3 and 2 and a single bird.

Olive-brown Oriole                Oriolus melanotis
Three birds at CAM and at least 8 birds at BIP.

Timor Figbird             Sphecotheres viridis
A total of 5 birds observed at BIP. Single bird seen mobbing a Wallacean Drongo Dicrurus densus.

Wallacean Drongo     Dicrurus densus
Two birds at Cam and also 2 birds at BIP.

White-breasted Woodswallow           Artamus leucorhynchos
Four birds at BIP.

Large-billed Crow                  Corvus macrorhynchos
A single bird near Oesao on 22/11.


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Mark Schellekens
Flores, N.T.T. 86372
Mobile: (0062)81339165676


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