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The Following Reports are available from Ireland:
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Birding "Norn Iron"

  • Belfast Harbour Lagoon Reserve is surely one of the best in the UK?! In winter there are hundreds of widgeon, teal, mallard, curlew, dunlin and oystercatcher and thousands of lapwing and golden plover...Stephen Hewitt reports

Ireland ~ Southern Shores Summer 2004

  • Cape Clear Island is the most southerly point in Ireland, bar the Fastnet Rock, visible four miles out to sea. Such a marine location makes the island a mecca for seawatchers and a great launch for pelagic trips. We were now in the company of our skipper Michael and observatory warden Steve, who kindly offered his expert services as lookout and chum thrower....Chris Hall reports

Southern Ireland Clonakilty, Kinsale, and Cork July 25th to Aug 2nd 2003

  • It was also a successful little Birdwatching week taking in to account the splendid Countryside that is the South coast of Ireland. My Family roots lie in this beautiful part of the world, and it makes me feel so at home not to mention the hospitality from the wonderful people. So warm and welcoming...Christopher Matthews reports.

Northern Ireland: A summer itinerary

  • I'm unfortunate enough to spend every summer in N.I with my in-laws and I can tell you that it can be pretty grim for birding, at least in July and August. As the best of a bad bunch you have to........Enforced exile Paul Tout reports.

Eire tour, Wexford to Galway Feb '2000

  • Although famed as an autumnal destination for many UK birders, the Republic of Ireland offers an unrivalled birding experience in winter and with this in mind, Mike Shurmer and myself were tempted over the water and were not to be disappointed... Jeremy Robson reports

A Visit to the Gull Hotspots of Killybegs and Nimmo's Pier Feb '99

  • A group of ten birders from Lancaster, took a mini-bus to Ireland, with the intention of seeing a representative selection of Irelands winter birds. The emphasis was on Gulls and Wildfowl although with hindsight we should perhaps have concentrated on the Gulls!...John Girdley reports.





Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?

Some Useful bird books for Ireland:
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Where to Watch Birds in Ireland
Clive Hutchinson: Buy from

  • Provides an up-to-date guide to the best places to watch birds in Ireland. The book gives details of 62 major sites and 81 others worthy of attention. The major sites have at least one map and are covered in considerable detail. The lesser sites are generally less well watched areas with potential for interesting birds. Introductory chapters provide a background to Ireland's avifauna and birdwatching in the North and the Republic. There is also advice on travel and accommodation and suggestions for one- and two-week trips. Clive Hutchinson has also written "Birds in Ireland" and was founder of the journal "Irish birds".

Bill Oddie's Birds of Britain and Ireland
Bill Oddie: Buy from or

  • This beginner's field guide to British birds contains realistic illustrations of each species. There are ten "confusion" pages which compare and contrast the species that are difficult to distinguish, and the last section of the book is devoted to 55 less-common and quite rare species.

Collins Bird Guide
Lars Svensson et al: Buy from or

  • Described by some as the best field guide in the world. Provides all the information needed to identify any species at any time of the year, with detailed text on size, habitat, range, identification and voice. Accompanying every species entry is a distribution map and numerous illustrations to show the species in all the major plumages (male, female, immature, in flight, at rest, feeding, etc).

Recommended Travel Books for Ireland

Lonely Planet Ireland
F. Davenport, D. Hannigan: Buy from or

  • This guide is packed cover to cover with information in an easy to access style. Best of all are the many town maps which mean that the location of everything, from the Post Office, to the Banks, to the Bars and Accomodation is clearly laid out before you. The county by county coverage is pretty comprehensive, but with a few ommisions of smaller places that could have been included.
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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?