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A Report from

BORNEO - SABAH, May - June 2003,

Stuart White and Mike Clarke


The aim of our trip was to see as many pittas and endemic birds as possible, a total of 22 endemics was deemed respectable. Also the two hornbills we had missed in Thailand and Western Malaysia and a wild Orang-utan. On the whole the trip was a huge success, we saw 250 species of bird and lots of animals. Danum Valley proved as hard as everybody had warned but Mount Kinabalu was more than enough compensation.

Sites Visited

Mount Kinabalu National Park (MKNP)

The Upper part of the Silau Silau trail was pretty good, we usually walked from the twin bed cabins onto the trail then almost immediately left after the small bridge. This then comes out about 1km up the power station road. Another good tactic is to phone for a minibus the night before and get dropped at the Timphon Gate, they will pick you up outside your accommodation. Walk down the Bukit Ular trail, as you come to the end of the fence surrounding the power station walk slowly down the steps we saw Red Breasted Partridge at the bottom of the steps. Also around 7.30am a superb pair of Everett's Thrushes hopping along the path. The Liwagu trail was pretty good but very long, it is mostly through beautiful forest though. Be careful near the end as it is pretty easy to get lost, the map is useless and the signposts not much better. We found the restaurant on the road, outside the entrance gate pretty good, it was also cheaper than those in the park. The summit trail was hard work but did prove worthwhile. Most people stay at Laban Rata overnight and then climb to the summit, we on the other hand, only walked as far as LR and descended the same day.

Mountain Black-eye is easy, I think given some time Tawny Breasted Parrotfinch is pretty easy as well, as Phil Benstead mentioned in his report the best place to look is around KM3. We saw them on several occasions on the way up and down. Just wait around and listen for their call a high pitched tzit-tzit or tseet-tseet, they were calling all the time when near the path, also they are not exclusively in Bamboo.

We only saw one Island thrush just above Laban Rata GH in low bushes. We jammed a Friendly Warbler by standing just outside the kitchen of the GH and pishing loudly, quite a few Bush warblers came in as well. The bird though was quite distinctive being warm brown above, buffy on the vent and flanks and had black spots on a white throat.

Rafflesia centre

We stayed the night before in Tambunan and caught an early bus, which was bound for KK. The centre was closed so we didn't see any flowers but birding from the car park was reasonably productive with quite a few birds around, including at least 10 Mountain Barbets not seen at all at MKNP.

Poring Hot Springs (PHS)

Not many birds seen here and only a few that were not seen elsewhere, if you choose the right time of year possibly September you may be able to see the Blue Banded Pitta. The Hot springs are quite nice, though strange, basically a collection of small swimming pools and tiled baths!

Danum Valley (DV)

This lived up to its reputation of being one of the hardest birding spots on earth, I don't know how people can spend more than a few days here, we were ready to kill each other by day 4! We mainly concentrated on the grid and waterfall trail, the first day was good but the other days were pretty awful. We got agonisingly close to a pair of Giant Pittas, which called constantly for the best part of 30 minutes but would not show themselves, I think a tape may have helped. We did have cracking views of a male Blue Headed Pitta, also Striped Wren Babbler, Red Naped Trogon and Crested Jay.

Bornean Rainforest Lodge (BRL)

This place was amazing, teaming with birds, if you can afford it, I would recommend staying here. The alternative is to get transport from DVFC early in the morning and get picked up early evening. We birded the approach road back from the lodge to the canopy walkway, the first stretch near the lodge is fantastic. Birds seen included Crested Fireback, Helmeted Hornbill, Fluffy backed Tit Babbler, banded Broadbill and Red Throated Sunbird none of which were seen anywhere else. A note in the logbook stated you could take the guide out and he can whistle in both difficult pittas, maybe next time.

Kinabantang River (KR)

Probably the most enjoyable and easy part of the trip. This was mainly due to the company of Robert Chong a very interesting, funny and nice man. He had seen ground cuckoo only a few days before we arrived, also Giant Pittas had been seen though we only heard one very briefly. The birding here is pretty easy mainly done from a boat, we managed to see all the special birds of the area. The forest area just outside the Sepilok reserve also proved to be good giving us our only chance to see Black & Crimson Pitta

Manukan Island

We got a speedboat from KK harbour to the island early in the morning, you can either wait for the boat to fill up or as we did pay for all the other passengers. It's worth it as by 9 am it's about 150 F! We walked the Joggers track, which is 1.5KM long, there were at least 5 pairs of Mangrove Blue Flycatcher and a pair of scrubfowl just off the path. The snorkelling is very good as well, lots of fish and colourful live coral.

Daily Log

22 May Thursday

Arrived in Kota Kinabalu at around 10.30pm after a long flight from Heathrow, Mike had been to Likas bay and Maukan before I arrived.

23 May Friday

Up early headed to Likas bay from KK birded for a couple of hours then headed to KK airport for an internal flight to Lahad Datu, very scary, think the pilot forgot where the run way was and just dropped out of the sky! Even the locals seemed scared. Walked around the perimeter of the airport, then got late transport from the DV centre to Danum itself. We had hoped to get there before dusk but the delay was a blessing in disguise as we saw an Orang-utan cross the road then a few minutes later two elephants.

Highlights: Pied Triller, White Browed Crake, Buffy Fish-Owl

24 May Saturday

Up 5.30 out in Grid, stopped around W4-N0 for a while saw some good birds, carried on up as far as W15-N0 then back to the Field Centre. Very hot humid and quite a few leeches around. Back for a welcome drink and lunch. Headed out again around 3pm walked around the nature trail then headed for the football pitch late in the day.

Highlights: Crested Jay, Scarlet Rumped Trogon, Blue headed Pitta m, Rufous Piculet, Bushy Crested Hornbill, Bat Hawk, Gould's Bronze Cuckoo, Asian Black Hornbill.

25 May Sunday

Up 5.30, bad day should have stayed in bed!! Walked up to W5-N0 then headed to W5-S5 towards Rhino Ridge trail. Back for lunch then out up the main West trail in the afternoon.

Highlights: Yellow rumped Flowerpecker, Dusky Munia, heard lots of pittas

26 May Monday

Up 5.30 got lift to BRL, arrived 6.45am birded the entrance road back up to the Canopy walkway, then walked the Hornbill trail, back for lunch and a swim then walked the Hornbill trail again and the entrance road. Got picked up at 6pm

Highlights: Crested Fireback, Helmeted Hornbill, Fluffy Backed Tit Babbler, Blue Headed Pitta f, Banded Broadbill

27 May Tuesday

Up early, walked the nature trail then onto the waterfall trail, pretty quiet early on, pair of Giant Pittas calling very close for nearly an hour, but would not show themselves, maybe a tape would have helped!! Back round the nature trail then had lunch. Ventured out to the suspension bridge as we had missed the heron everyday. Afternoon walk W0-N5 up to N10+ path terrible very quiet on bird front

Highlights: Striped Wren Babbler, Red Naped Trogon, Maroon Breasted Philentoma, Great Billed Heron

28 May Wednesday

Up early out at 6am walked the nature trail and the start of the waterfall trail, back for breakfast followed by drive back to Lahad Datu. Got dropped off at the bus station, where we planned to wait for the bus to leave but it could have taken all day. We ended up paying for 10 passengers as we had to meet Robert Chong at the Saukau turnoff. Picked up by Robert and a fellow birder from Panama, drove the very bumpy road to Saukau, followed by lunch at Proboscis lodge. Headed out for our first boat trip 3-6pm mainly up the small tributary near the lodge. Back for dinner then out on an evening boat ride where we managed to see a Leopard cat, nice end to the day.

Highlights: Black Capped Babbler, Black Backed Kingfisher, Bornean Bristlehead,

29 May Thursday

Up early 6.30 - 10.30am boat ride luckily seeing Storms Stork perched in a dead tree early on. Lots of Hornbills over main river plus a brilliant 20-25 year old male Orang-utan with face plates, probably one of the highlights of the holiday. Saw another Storms Stork in flight then back for lunch. Afternoon boat ride 3-7pm up the main river and tributaries further away from the lodge had four species of hornbill in one tree! Finally saw the falconet then headed back for dinner.

Highlights: Storms Stork, Little Green Pigeon, 5 species of Hornbill, Wallace's Hawk Eagle, White Fronted Falconet

30 May Friday

Up early 6.30 - 10.30am boat ride seeing another Orang-utan also two species of pitta. Back for breakfast at the lodge then headed off to the Gomantong caves. This was an amazing place if not a bit smelly and cockroach infested. Managed to see all the species of swiftlet on their nests and yet another Orang-utan. Headed to Robert's GH where we had a nice cool beer, followed by an afternoon walk in fairly open secondary forest just outside the Sepilok reserve. We only managed to hear hooded and black& crimson pittas.

Highlights: Lesser Fish Eagle, Daird's Trogon, Hooded Pitta, Blue headed Pitta,

31 May Saturday

Up reasonably early 6.30 - 8.30am walk in forest outside sepilok again, managed to get crippling prolonged views of Garnet Pitta perched and calling about 10-15 feet off the ground. Robert called a bus company who arranged to pick us up outside his GH and we were taken to Ranau. From here we got a minibus up to Poring Hot Springs. We checked into the fairly dull Poring Lodge, then headed out for a walk around the gardens and start of the waterfall trail.

Highlights: Black and Crimson Pitta, Grey Headed Babbler

1 June Sunday

Up early for the long hard slog up to the Langanan Waterfall and back, it took us over seven hours (round trip) obviously birding along the way, heard banded pitta but no definite blue banded. Spent the afternoon relaxing in the hot springs, very civilised!

Highlights: Banded Woodpecker, Dusky Broadbill

2 June Monday

Up fairly late after quite a few beers the night before, walked the canopy walkway from 8-9am then caught a minibus to MKNP headquarters. Checked into the hostel as we were a night early for our pre-booked accommodation. Walked the power station road up to the top and caught the bus back down. This was more like it, birds everywhere, we had a good feeling from the off, this would be our most productive site in Borneo.

Highlights: Hodgson's Hawk Cuckoo, Bare headed Laughingthrush, Golden Naped Barbet and Indigo Flycatcher

3 June Monday

Up at 6am after virtually no sleep in hostel, walked the upper part of the Silau-Silau trail again then the Kiau view trail which held lots of birds and down to the park entrance for lunch. Did a bit of birding from the veranda of our new accommodation, then walked the upper SS trail again.

Highlights: Short Tailed Magpie, Crimson Headed Partridge, Whitehead's Broadbill, Bornean Stubtail, Pygmy Blue Flycatcher, Black Sided Flowerpeccker and Eye Browed Jungle-Flycatcher

4 June Tuesday

Caught the 7am bus from outside our room, we had called the night before to arrange, this took us to the Timphon gate. From here we walked the start of the Bukit Ular trail, then headed back for the very long Liwagu trail. After lunch we had an hours walk in the late afternoon up the SS trail again.

Highlights: A pair of Everett's Thrushes, Red Breasted Partridge, Sunda Whistling Thrush, Mountain Wren Babbler and Whitehead's Trogon.

5 June Wednesday

Up at 6.30am had to go to the reception to pick up our totally non-essential guide. Caught the bus to Timphon gate then began the climb, the first 2km were fine but it started to get harder, we were extremely relieved to reach Laban Rata after 5 hours of walking. Had lunch birded the area around the GH then headed down, it took just under 2 hours to get down!

Highlights: Mountain Black-eye, Tawny Breasted Parrotfinch, Island Thrush, Friendly Bush Warbler and Snowy Browed Flycatcher

6 June Thursday

Up early bus to Timphon gate to try and get Mike the Partridge, walked the Bukit Ular trail to no avail, no sign of the Everett's Thrush either. Then walked the Kiau View trail, fairly bird-less this time. Had a late breakfast then headed to Ranau, from here got a very bumpy bus to Tambunan (due to lack of tarmac), stayed at the only motel in town.

Highlights: Whitehead's Trogon, Mountain Wren Babbler

7 June Friday

Up at 6am caught bus from town centre to the Rafflesia Centre, basically birded from the car park, had a few strolls into the forest but nothing serious. Left at midday caught the first mini bus back to KK.

Highlights: Mountain Barbet, Black Sided Flowerpecker, Crested Jay, Black and Crimson Oriole

8 June Saturday

Up reasonably early after a few beers the night before, caught a 7.30am boat to Manukan. Walked the Jogger track for about an hour. Then sunbathed and snorkelled the day away. Caught an early evening flight back to KL then London

Highlights: Mangrove Blue Flycatcher, Tabon Scrubfowl

Species List

Key: KR = Kinabantang River, DV = Danum Valley, KK = Kota Kinabalu, PHS = Poring Hot Springs, MKNP = Mount Kinabalu National Park and BRL = Bornean Rainforest Lodge

Oriental Darter,      Likas Bay 23/5, DV 26/5, KR 28/5 &30/5

Great Billed Heron ,  One seen from Suspension bridge DV 27/5

Purple Heron,  Likas Bay 23/5

Striated Heron, Likas bay 23/5 and KR

Cattle Egret,    Fairly Common

Pacific Reef Egret, Likas Bay 23/5 and manukan 8/6

Great Egret,     Seen at KR

Intermediate Egret, Seen at KR

Little Egret,      Seen at KR

Black Crowned Night Heron,     Likas Bay 23/5

Yellow Bittern, Likas Bay 22/5, Lahad Datu airport 23/5

Cinnamon Bittern,  Likas Bay 23/5

Storm's Stork,  Seen three times on KR 29/5 perched in dead tree early morning, also flight views in afternoon and 30/5 morning boat ride

Lesser Adjutant,     Seen twice on the KR 28/5 and 29/5

Oriental Honey Buzzard, BRL approach road 26/5

Bat Hawk,       Pair seen around football pitch DV late afternoon, also seen flying over river early morning and evening

Brahminy Kite, Likas bay 23/5 and KR 29/5

White Bellied Fish Eagle, Lahad Datu 28/5 and KR 29/5

Lesser Fish Eagle,  KR perched above small tributary early morning 30/5

Grey Headed Fish Eagle, Seen twice at KR, more extensive white and obvious tail band compared to Lesser

Crested Serpant Eagle, 26/5 BRL, 30/5 Sepilok, Rafflesia Centre 7/6

Besra,             KR two birds seen 29/5

Crested Goshawk,  24/5 DV from football pitch and 29/5 30/5 KR

Black Eagle,    MKNP power station road 2/6, Rafflesia Centre 7/6

Wallace's Hawk Eagle,  29/5 KR perched in small tributary, 30/5 Gomantong cave, Rafflesia Centre 7/6

White Fronted Falconet,        29/5 2 birds perched in dead tree

Tabon Scrubfowl,   2 birds seen from Jogger track Manukan Island 8/6

Red Breasted Partridge,        4/6 two birds top of Bukit Ular trail MKNP

Crimson Headed Partridge,   3/6 upper Silau Silau trail MKNP again on 4/6

Crested Fireback,   2 males crossing approach road to BRL

[Pheasant sp.], 27/5 DV female flushed at W0 N10 unidentified

White Browed Crake,   Likas Bay 23/5

White Breasted Waterhen,         Likas Bay 23/5, Tambunan 6/6

Moorhen,         Likas Bay 23/5

Purple Gallinule, Likas Bay 23/5

Whiskered Tern,          KK harbour 8/6

Black Naped Tern, KK harbour 8/6

Little Tern,       Likas Bay 23/5

Crested Tern,   KK harbour 22/5

Thick Billed Green Pigeon,         26/5 BRL

Little Green Pigeon, KR 29/5 morning boat ride in dead tree by river bank

Pink Necked Pigeon, 8/6 Manukan Island

Green Imperial Pigeon, Fairly common at KR

Mountain Imperial Pigeon,         two seen on Liwagu trail MKNP 4/6 and one Rafflesia 7/6

Feral Pigeon,    common

Ruddy Cuckoo Dove,   A few seen each day at MKNP also Rafflesia 7/6

Little Cuckoo Dove,  Power station road MKNP 2/6

Spotted Dove,  Fairly common around habitation

Emerald Dove, 8/6 Manukan Island

Long Tailed Parakeet,  A few seen from boat KR 29/5, A tree full seen while walking on 30/5

Blue Crowned Hanging Parrot,  29/5 KR flyover

Hodgson's Hawk Cuckoo,         A fairly grotty individual

Banded Bay Cuckoo, 30/5 KR seen on overhanging tree in small tributary

Gould's Bronze Cuckoo, One in high trees at back of football pitch DV 24/5

Drongo Cuckoo,     29/5 KR

Black Bellied Malkoha, 26/5 BRL approach road

Raffle's Malkoha,  4 seen DV 25/5, gomantong cave 30/5 and sepilok 30/5

Red Billed Malkoha,  26/5 BRL canopy walkway

Chestnut Breasted Malkoha,      DV 24/5, BRL 26/5 and KR 28/5 + 29/5

Greater Coucal,      30/5 KR

Lesser Coucal, Lahad Datu airport 23/5 and DV 26/5

Buffy Fish Owl,     Seen most evenings on badminton court DV, also seen at KR 2 on 28/5 daytime roost and 2 seen on night boat ride

Edible Nest Swiftlet,  A few seen on their easily distinguishable nests in the lower part of the Gomantong cave 30/5

Black nest Swiftlet, Large numbers at Gomantong cave 30/5

Mossy Nest Swiftlet, reasonable numbers breeding lower down in cave on ledges due to their nest type 30/5

Glossy Swiftlet,      common, nesting KR and Gomantong cave entrance

Cave Swiftlet,  Nesting in entrance to MKNP different nest to Glossy

Silver Rumped Swift, Fairly common at DV over the suspension bridge

Little Swift,      Tambunan early morning 7/6

Asian Palm Swift,  Likas bay 22/5

Grey Rumped Tree Swift, Seen every evening hawking around the river at DV

Whiskered Tree Swift,  BRL canopy walkway 23/5

Red Naped Trogon, 2 males seen 27/5 DV on waterfall trail

Diard's Trogon,      females seen KR on both 29/5 and 30/5 male seen in flight in the shadows

Whitehead's Trogon, pair seen half way down liwagu trail MKNP 4/6 and pair seen on lower part of Bukit Ular trail 6/6

Scarlet Rumped Trogon, male 24/5 DV W4-N0, male KR 28/5

Blue Eared kingfisher,  Seen on 28/5 KR and 30/5 also Sepilok 31/5

Black Backed Kingfisher,          28/5 KR seen perched and in flight

Rufous Backed Kingfisher,        24/5 DV start of nature trail small tributary, then again 27/5 DV W0-N7

Stork Billed Kingfisher, KR 28/5, 29/5 and 30/5

Black Capped Kingfisher,          Likas Bay 23/5

Collared Kingfisher, Lahad Datu airport 23/5

Blue Throated Bee-eater,          29/5 KR and Tambunan 6/6

Dollarbird,        A few seen DV, failry common KR

Bushy Crested Hornbill,  3 birds seen from veranda at DV on afternoon of24/5

Wrinkled Hornbill,  3 birds in same tree as Black, Pied and Rhino 29/5

Wreathed Hornbill, 3 flew over the main river KR 29/5

Asian Black Hornbill, male seen in flight 24/5 DV, female 26/5 BRL, fairly common at KR on 29/5

Oriental Pied Hornbill,  29/5 KR a few seen

Rhinocerous Hornbill,   three at DV 25/5, 3 BRL 26/5 and a handful at KR 29/5

Helmeted hornbill,  Only two seen at BRL 26/5

Gold Whiskered Barbet,  30/5 Sepilok and 1/6 PHS

Red Throated Barbet,   30/5 KR seen well feeding in bare tree

Mountain Barbet, 7/6 Rafflesia up to 10 seen from car park

Golden Naped Barbet, Fairly common MKNP

Blue Eared Barbet, 31/5 PHS just outside along main road

Brown Barbet, DV 24/5 red throated ssp., BRl 26/5, 30/5 KR and 7/6 Rafflesia

Rufous Piculet, 24/5 DV and Sepilok 31/5

Rufous Woodpecker, two birds 30/5 Sepilok

Crimson Winged Woodpecker,   DV 27/5 and Sepilok 30/5

Checker Throated Woodpecker, Upper Silau-Silau trail MKNP 3/6 and Kiau view trail 3/6

Banded Woodpecker,   1/6 PHS on waterfall trail

Buff Rumped Woodpecker,       26/5 BRL, 27/5 DV and 1/6 PHS

Buff Necked Woodpecker,        DV 24/5 and BRL 26/5

Grey and Buff Woodpecker,      26/5 BRL and four together KR 29/5

Maroon Woodpecker,   2 birds 25/5 DV and Upper Silau-Silau trail MKNP 3/6

Dusky Broadbill, One perched high in canopy PHS waterfall trail 1/6

Black and Red Broadbill, Three seen near main river DV 24/5 and 25/5 and seen everyday at KR

Banded Broadbill,   two at BRL 26/5

Balck and Yellow Broadbill,       26/5 BRL, 29/5 KR and Sepilok 30/5 + 31/5

Green Broadbill,     two seen 24/5 DV W5-N0

Whitehead's Broadbill, Start of Kiau view trail MKNP male on 3/6 opposite entrance to Upper part of Silau-Silau trail

Blue Headed Pitta, The first was seen on our first day at DV W4-N0, heard calling then seen briefly on the deck but responded well to whistling, perching fairly high in the tree calling back, we then saw a female at BRL on 26/5 a very brief view of a male at DV on 27/5 then a cracking view of a male at KR 30/5

[Giant Pitta],    25/5 DV heard W5-S5, pair very close 27/5 on waterfall trail and KR 29/5 a few calls heard

Black and Crimson Pitta, Possible at BRL 26/5 only glimpsed in flight, followed by a heard at Sepilok on 29/5 then cracking prolonged views at Sepilok on 30/5 another beautiful pitta

Hooded Pitta,   Heard at KR 28/5 seen well on 30/5 and heard sepilok 30/5

[Banded Ptta], Heard at DV 24/5 and PHS 1/6

Pacific Swallow, Common

Paddyfield Pipit,  23/5 several on Lahad Datu Airfield

Black Winged Flycatcher Shrike, 31/5 PHS

Sunda Cuckoo shrike,   2/6 PHS from canopy walkway

Lesser Cuckoo shrike,  29/5 KR

Pied Triller,      Likas bay 23/5 2m & 1f, Manukan Island 8/6 1m

Grey Chinned Minivet,  MKNP seen most days in small numbers

Green Iora,      30/5 KR

Common Iora,  30/5 KR, 2/6 MKNP

Lesser Green Leafbird, fairly common DV and BRL

Greater Green Leafbird, fairly common DV

Straw Headed Bulbul,   DV 24/5 MC saw 2-3 near suspension bridge

Black Headed Bulbul,   DV 24/5 from veranda

Black Crested Bulbul,   Several seen Rafllesai centre 7/6

Scaly Breasted Bulbul,  BRL approach road 26/5

Flavescent Bulbul,  A few seen on the summit trail on MKNP 5/6

Yellow Vented Bulbul,  common in lowlands

Olive Winged Bulbul, Around field centre DV 24/5 and manukan island 8/6

Cream Vented Bulbul,  BRl 26/5

Red Eyed Bulbul,   Fairly common DV and KR

Ochraceous Bulbul, PHS waterfall trail 1/6, power station road MKNP 2/6 and Kiau view trail 3/6

Grey Cheeked Bulbul,   fairly common DV and BRL

Yellow Bellied Bulbul,  DV 27/5 and KR 28/5

Hairy Backed Bulbul,   DV 27/5

Ashy Bulbul,    Rafflesia 7/6

Ashy Drongo,  1/6 PHS and a few seen most days MKNP

Crow Billed Drongo,  DV 25/5 and PHS 1/6

Bronzed Drongo,    30/5 Sepilok

Hair Crested Drongo,   1/6 PHS by main waterfall, fairly common MKNP

Greater Racket Tailed Drongo,  30/5 KR

Dark Throated Oriole,  f. DV 24/5, m BRL 26/5, f Sepilok 30/5

Black and Crimson Oriole,         Female seen 3/6 Kiau view trail MKNP, nice male seen at rafflesia on 7/6

Asian Fairy Bluebird, A pair seen on 26/5 at BRL and 1f. PHS 1/6

Crested Jay,     DV 24/5 two seen W4-N0 also Rafflesia two birds 7/6 they have a very distinctive call

Short Tailed Magpie, Upper Silau Silau trail 3/6 and Kiau view trail 4/6 MKNP a few other birds seen as well

Green Magpie, Upper Silau Silau trail MKNP on 3/6 and 4/6

Bornean treepie, 2 at PHS waterfall trail 1/6, fairly common MKNP

Slender Billed Crow,  BRL 26/5 and failry common KR

Bornean Bristlehead,  Luckily after failing at DV we saw two of these weird birds at KR 28/5, cross between a woodpecker and a barbet, fantastic bird.

Velvet Fronted Nuthatch, DV 24/5, two at KR 29/5 and seen at MKNP 2/6

Black Capped Babbler, 28/5 DV waterfall trail, 30/5 Gomantong caves

Temminck's Babbler,   Kiau view trail 3/6 and 6/6

White Chested Babbler,  Very common close to water KR

Ferruginous Babbler, 24/5 DV

Short Tailed Babbler, 27/5 DV and 28/5 on waterfall trail DV

Abbot's Babbler,    Common at DV and BRL alos seen KR

Moustached babbler, BRL 26/5 and DV 27/5

Sooty Headed babbler,  A few noted at DV

Scaly Crowned Babbler, Common at DV and BRL

Rufous Crowned Babbler,          27/5 DV

Chestnut Backed Scimitar Babbler,         26/5 BRL and Sepilok 30/5

Striped Wren Babbler,  Three seen well together 27/5 on waterfall trail DV

Mountain Wren Babbler,       A few pished in nicely on the upper part of th Liwagu trail 4/6, also seen on Bukit Ular trail 6/6

Grey Throated Babbler,  Fairly common MKNP, often tricky to see

Chestnut Rumped Babbler,        BRL 26/5

Grey Headed Babbler,  PHS 31/5

Chestnut Winged Babbler,         Fairly common DV, BRL and KR

Striped Tit Babbler, Fairly common DV and BRL

Fluffy Backed Tit Babbler, BRL approach road 26/5

Sunda Laughingthrush,  Failry common at MKNP usually with chestnut capped in loosely associating flocks

Bare Headed Laughingthrush ,  Only seen once 2-3 birds on power station road on the first afternoon at MKNP 2/6

Chestnut Capped Laughingthrush , A common bird at MKNP

White Browed Shrike Babbler,   A few seen most days at MKNP also Rafflesia 7/6

Brown Fulvetta,     Seen in flocks 26/5 BRL, 27/5 DV and Poring on 2/6

Chestnut Crowned Yuhina,    1/6 Poring waterfall trail, very common MKNP

White Bellied Yuhina,   27/5 DV and Poring on 2/6

Magpie Robin,  Fairly common, Black bellied race

White Rumped Shama, Pair nesting at the start of Nature trail DV

White Browed Shama, 24/5 DV and 26/5 BRL

Rufous Tailed Shama,   24/5 DV and 26/5 BRL

White Crowned Forktail, BRL approach road 26/5, Poring just below main waterfall 1/6 and Upper Silau-Silau trail MKNP 3/6

Sunda Whistling Thrush, Seen at top of Liwagu trail by road MKNP 4/6 and on the summit path KM 2.5 on the way up and down on 5/6

Everett's Thrush, A pair seen hoping along the upper end of BukitUlar trail 4/6

Island Thrush,  Just above Laban Rata in low vegetation 5/6

Yellow Breasted Warbler,         Fairly common MKNP

Yellow Bellied Warbler,  A few seen MKNP most days

Mountain Leaf Warbler, Fairly common MKNP

Striated Grassbird,  Likas bay 22/5 and 23/5

Dark Necked Tailorbird, KR 28/5 and 29/5

Ashy Tailorbird,     A few seen at BRL and DV

Rufous Tailed tailorbird,  26/5 BRL

Mountain Tailorbird,  A few seen most days MKNP

Yellow Bellied Prinia,   Common in lowlands

Bornean Stubtail, Kiau view trail 3/6 MKNP

Sunda Bush Warbler, Common at MKNP especially along the power station road and the summit trail

Kinabalu Friendly Warbler,    Pished in with the above sp. Just outside Laban Rata GH standing by the kitchen

Eye Browed Jungle-Flycatcher,  Afternoon walk Upper Silau-silau trail 2 birds 3/6

Asian Brown Flycatcher,    One bird near restaurant MKNP 3/6

Verditer Flycatcher,  One near the field centre DV 25/5

Indigo Flycatcher,   Fairly common MKNP

Snowy Browed Flycatcher,        Pair seen on Bukit Burung trail MKNP 4/6 and on the summit trail on 5/6

Little Pied Flycatcher,   Male near restaurant MKNP 3/6, male on 4/6 Liwagu trail and several on the summit trail 5/6

Malaysian Blue Flycatcher,        Male start of Nature trail DV 24/5, Female KR 28/5 and a pair on the KR 30/5

Mangrove Blue Flycatcher,        5+ pairs along the joggers track Manukan Island 8/6

Pygmy Blue Flycatcher,  Female seen on Kiau view trail 3/6, male on SS trail 3/6 and a female on the Bukit Burung trail 4/6 all MKNP

Grey Headed Flycatcher,    26/5 BRL

Pied Fantail,     Fairly common in lowlands

Spotted Fantail,      BRL 26/5

White Throated Fantail,  Fairly common MKNP

Black Naped Monarch, Very common on KR, a few seen at DV and BRL

Maroon Breasted Philentoma,    A pair seen well on the nature trail DV 27/5

Rufous Winged Philentoma,       One seen 24/5 DV N0-W5

Asian Paradise Flycatcher,        24/5 DV, 26/5 BRL, KR 28/5 and a male on 30/5, also sepilok 31/5

Mangrove Whistler, Palau Manakan 22/5

Bornean Whistler,  Fairly common MKNP

White Breasted Wood Swallow, Fairly common in lowlands

Asian Glossy Starling,   Common in lowlands

Crested Myna, KK airport pair nesting 23/5

Common Myna,     A few seen Sepilok area

Hill Myna,        2 at DV 24/5 and 3 birds 29/5 KR

Plain Sunbird,   DV 25/5

Brown Throated Sunbird, 23/5 LD airport and Manukan 8/6

Red Throated Sunbird,  1m and 2f at BRL canopy walkway 26/5

Ruby Cheeked Sunbird,  23/5 DV and 28/5 KR

Purple Throated Sunbird, Seen at Sepilok 31/5

Purple Naped Sunbird,  seen at DV 25/5 and BRL 26/5

Olive Backed Sunbird,  Fairly common in lowland scrubby habitat

Crimson Sunbird,    DV fairly common also KR 29/5 and 30/5

Temminck's Sunbird, Seen at PHS 1/6, failry common MKNP also seen at Rafflesia 7/6

Little Spiderhunter, One seen in flowers next to DVFC 24/5 and 30/5 KR

Long-Billed Spiderhunter, One near the football pitch DV on 24/5 and PHS 1/6

Spectacled Spiderhunter, One near the football pitch DV on 24/5, DV 26/5

Grey Breasted Spiderhunter,      BRL 26/5

Yellow Breasted Flowerpecker, 26/5 BRL 30/5 KR

Yellow Rumped Flowerpecker,          A few seen everyday at DV also KR 30/5

Scarlet Backed Flowerpecker,   Female KR 30/5

Dark Sided Flowerpecker,     male seen from veranda MKNP 3/6 and male at Rafflesia carpark 7/6

Orange Bellied Flowerpecker,    31/5 PHS and 2/6 PHS canopy walkway

Plain Flowerpecker, 2/6 PHS canopy walkway

Yellow Vented Flowerpecker,    2/6 PHS canopy walkway

Black Capped White-eye,          Fairly common MKNP

Mountain Black-eye, Fairly common after KM2 of summit trail MKNP

Tawny Breasted Parrotfinch,     Seen around KM3 on summit trail MKNP on the way up in the morning and on the way down around 3pm 5/6

Dusky Munia,      Small groups at DV, BRL and Rafflesia

Black Headed Munia,   Common

Tree Sparrow,  Common


Orang-utan,     DV one bounded across the approach road late afternoon 23/5, 20+ year old male KR 29/5, female KR 30/5 and a Male at Gomantong caves 30/5
Asian Elephant,      2 walked across approach road DV 23/5
Leopard Cat,    KR nigh time boat ride 28/5
Bearded Pig,    DV
Barking Dear,  DV
Bornean Gibbon,    BRL 26/5
Proboscis Monkey, KR
Pig Tailed Macaque,  KR
Long Tailed Macaque,  KR
Silvered Langur,     KR
Red Leaf Monkey, DV 28/5
Prevosts Squirrel,   DV
Lowes Squirrel,      KR
Plain Pygmy Squirrel,   KR
Squirrel sp.,      Other species seen at MKNP but unidentified
Water Monitor,      Fairly common
Striped Racer,  26/5 BRL canopy walkway
Common Racer,     28/5 Kinabantang River
Mangrove Snake,   28/5 Kinabantang River
Green Pit Viper,     30/5 KR


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