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The Following Reports are available from The Maldives :
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Republic of Maldives
6th -20th January 1999

  • I went with a girlfriend up to the Maldives for a relaxing holiday, and combine it with snorkelling and diving. The Maldives is well known for the fascinating coral reefs and the hundreds of species of fish that can be found there. Also I did my best to see as many bird-species as possible, although the number of birds are very low. Despite that I saw 7 new lifers over here...Justin Jansen reports

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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?

Some Useful bird books for The Maldives :
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Birds of the Indian subcontinent
Carol Inskipp, Richard Grimmett, Tim Inskipp: Buy from or

  • This highly recommended field guide covers all the bird species found in India, Pakistian, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and the Maldives. The plates face the descriptions and maps for quick at-a-glance reference. Many of the plates have been repainted for this edition and a number of new species added. This guide also provides tables, summarising identification features of particularly difficult groups such as nightjars, warblers and rosefinches.

Chamberlain's Birds of the Indian Ocean Islands
Ian Sinclair: Buy from or

  • Following in the format of "Sasol Birds of Southern Africa", this guide presents all the birds of Madagascar and the other Indian Ocean islands, a great many species of which are endemic to these islands. In field guide form, this text presents concise descriptions of each species

A Photographic guide to India (including The maldives.)
Bikram Grewal: Buy from or

  • This is the most comprehensive photographic guide to the birds of India and the Indian subcontinent. Never before have so many of the region's species been illustrated in one book. This is an essential volume for all birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts as well as for anyone traveling to India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Pakistan, Bangladesh, or Bhutan.
Birds of the Indian subcontinent
Grimmett, Inskipp & Inskipp.(1998): Buy from
  • The full version of the book above. Concentrating on identification, this guide to the birds of the Indian subcontinent covers over 1300 species, with information on habits and distribution. It also includes a detailed map for each species. Includes most of the species likely to be encountered on the Maldives.

Recommended travel books for the Maldives

Lonely Planet: Maldives
James Lyon: Buy from or

  • Whether you're a honeymooner or hard-core diver, a cultural tourist or contemporary castaway, this book will help you find your piece of paradise in the turquoise seas of the Maldives archipelago. Contains accurate and detailed maps showing atolls, reefs, resorts and dive sites; the best spots for surfing, snorkelling sailing and diving; colour guide to Maldivian reef fish; important advice on marine conservation; tips on exploring Male', the enigmatic capital.

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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?