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The Following Reports are available from Malta:
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Proact Malta

  • The sensless slaughter of 8 majestic Mute Swans, seeking refuge from icy northerly climes, is just one example of the barbaric and unnecessary decimation of European migrant populations - in particular exhausted raptors - every year. Proact has been active, and public opinion is swelling against the hunters and the disinterested politicians. Lend a hand.

Malta  8th- 15th April 2003

  • Normally I would've been fairly excited to visit the Med in April as it would provide me with opportunities with connecting with a lot of migrants as well as the residents.  However as Malta has a reputation for being the centre of the annual slaughter of European migrant birds, I wasn't sure whether it would be worth my while even taking my bins. However I spoke to John Borg at Birdlife Malta who reassured me that there would be some birds to see...Saul Cowen reports

Why go birding to Malta?

  • Birdwatchers in Malta are fighting back against the hunters. They need your help. Justin Vassallo of Birdlife Malta explains how they are slowly winning the battle:


Easy car


Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?

Some Useful bird books for Malta:
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Collins Bird Guide
Lars Svensson et al: Buy from or

  • Described by some as the best field guide in the world, and 15 years in the making. Has it been Worth the Wait?...Yes definately! If you buy just 1 book a year then make sure that its this one. Stunning drawings by the worlds finest bird illustrators..and it shows..check out the plates on tern, Skuas, and the Ducks...not forgetting the Finches and Crossbills.

The Raptors of Europe and the Middle East
Dick Forsman: Buy from

  • This volume presents a comprehensive guide for the recognition of the diurnal raptors of Europe and the Middle East. Photographs demonstrate the plumage of each age and sex class of every species found in Europe and the Middle East. Line drawings focus on particular identification details and are backed up by detailed text, enabling bird-watchers to recognize difficult species. The book also describes the plumage and soft part colouration of each category of bird, and compares and contrasts with similar plumages of species which may cause confusion. It discusses the difficulties caused by stage of moult, variation in light conditions, and changes in silhouette arising from different flight types.

A Field Guide to the Raptors of Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa
William S. Clark, N. John Schmitt (Illustrator): Buy from or

  • The birds of prey must rank among the most imposing birds to be found anywhere in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. In this guide, the author presents the latest information on tried and tested field marks for identifying the diurnal raptors, both perched and in flight. Forty-eight colour plates, especially painted for this volume by artist N. John Schmitt, depict all the plumages for every raptor found in the Western Palearctic region, both regularly occurring and vagrant. The plates are augmented by a forty-page colour photograph section. The accompanying text provides the essential clues to identification. These include detailed plumage descriptions for each age, sex, and colour morph, as well as sections describing flight, moult, behaviour, and distribution for every species. The text also contains useful sections on similar species, notoriously difficult to identify, and how to distinguish them.

Flight Identification of European Raptors
R.F. Porter: Buy from or

  • This third edition has been revised and reset throughout. Therre are 50 new drawings and the expanded plates section has 248 photographs. "...a superb guide which will be invaluable to every birdwatcher."

Recommended travel books for Malta: None!

  • Birdtours doesn't recommend that you travel to Malta unless you are willing to attend one of the Autumn migration camps and help stand up to the illegal hunting and hunters
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