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The Following Reports are available from Mauritius:
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Mauritius 15th-30th November 2008

  • These notes are intended to provide some ‘up-to-date’ assistance for birders who, like us, would hope to see all the endemics while enjoying a conventional beach holiday.  We managed all the Mauritian and Mascarene endemics (except the Round Island Pterodroma species)...Colin Smith reports

Mauritius 18-27 June, 2005

  • Largely a post-Madagascar holiday with Glenn Scherf, I managed to see all seven Mauritian endemics plus the three Mascarene endemics which occur on Mauritius, but not without some effort...Greg Roberts reports

Mauritius and Rodrigues June 9th till June 22nd 2003

  • Between June 8th and June 22nd 2003 I went to Mauritius for a holiday. For me, also on the agenda, was to see all island endemics plus some photographing. We had it all, although photographing was quite difficult. Most endemic birds are in the forest and there are no seabird colonies like in the Seychelles which we visited in 2002...Jan van der Laan reports.

Notes on Birds (and other animals) in Mauritius September/October 2002

  • On the south coast, 10 km south-west of Mahebourg, Le Souffleur is an excellent spot for sea-watching, if you have a good telescope and it is not too windy!  Follow the rough track from L'Escalier, keeping a look-out for signposts and birds - we saw Grey Francolin, Madagascar Turtle Dove and Mascarene Swiftlets en route....Peter Edwards reports.

Reunion and Mauritius October 31-November 5, 2001

  • My wife and I had an opportunity to visit and bird these two islands recently. Reunion was fairly easy to bird and find the endemics, but Mauritius was much more difficult in terms of finding the endemics....Ron Hoff reports

Mauritius, Rodrigues and Réunion 28 July till 11 August 2001

  • This trip was a 2-week combination of bird watching and holiday to the Mascarene Islands.  All three main islands Mauritius, Rodrigues and Réunion, which have been isolated for millions of years, have a number of endemic bird species.  Some of the endemics on these islands are seriously threatened and the ease that most of them can be seen makes the islands a good place to visit for a relaxing holiday!....David Van den Schoor reports

Mauritius and Réunion 19th November to 26th November 1995

  • Mauritius and Réunion have been, since their discovery, synonymous with rare birds. The Dodo, a huge flightless, aberrant pigeon, hung on in Mauritius until about 1681....The endemic avifauna of Mauritius has taken refuge in the relics of virgin forest on the heights and in the valleys of the southwest. Good native forest habitat in Réunion has been reduced to a tiny fraction of its original area...Jan Vermeulen reports

Chamberlain's Birds of the Indian Ocean Islands

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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?

Some Useful bird books for Mauritius:
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Chamberlain's Birds of the Indian Ocean Islands
Ian Sinclair: Buy from or

  • Following in the format of "Sasol Birds of Southern Africa", this guide presents all the birds of Madagascar and the other Indian Ocean islands, a great many species of which are endemic to these islands. In field guide form, this text presents concise descriptions of each species

Guide to the Birds of Madagascar
Olivier Langrand: Buy from or

  • The guide to individual species is the heart of this book. Full information on each bird species is presented - descriptions of adults and immatures, song, habitat and dietary requirements, nesting habits, and distribution and status.

Recommended travel books for Mauritius and Reunion:

Lonely Planet Mauritius, Reunion and Seychelles
Jan Dodd, Madeleine Philippe: Buy from or

  • Each of these three islands are melting pots of races, religions and cultures. This travel guide suggests visiting the Seychelles for the beaches, Reunion for the mountains and the alpine scenery, and Mauritius for the people and culture, and includes advice and information on all.

Globetrotter Travel Guide to Mauritius
Martine Maurel: Buy from or

  • A guide to Mauritius. It covers the traditions of the different cultures, major festivals, crafts and architecture, as well as the country's main tourist attractions, towns, resorts, beaches and areas of special interest. A short introduction profiles Mauritius's history, people, places, wildlife, government and economy. This is followed by brief descriptions of what to see and do in the popular tourist regions. The text features travel tips, information panels, photographs, maps and climate charts which should enable visitors to make the most of the time available
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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?