This list follows the sequence and scientific nomenclature of Chris and Tilde Stuart's Field Guide to the Mammals of Southern Africa. Data are estimates of the minimum numbers seen.

The Dutch names follow "Elseviers Gids van de Afrikaanse Zoogdieren" of Haltenorth/Diller/Smeenk.

1.   PETER’S EPAULETTED FRUIT - BAT , Epomophorus crypturus, Peters Epaulettenvruchtenvleermuis
A single sighting at Popa GR (N).

2.   CHACMA BABOON , Papio ursinus, Chacma Baviaan
Common in the southwestern Cape (SA), a few at Waterberg Plateau Park (N) and Mahango NP (N).

3.   VERVET MONKEY , Cercopithecus aethiops, Groene Meerkat
A few at Mahango NP. (N).

4.   CAPE HARE , Lepus capensis , Haas
A single sighting at Goegap Provincial NR (SA).

5.   SMITH’S RED ROCK RABBIT , Pronolagus rupestris, Smiths Rotshaas
A single observation at Goegap Provincial NR (SA).

6.   GROUND SQUIRREL , Xerus inaurus, Kaapse Grondeekhoorn
Small numbers at Waterberg Plateau Park (N) and Etosha NP (N).

7.   TREE SQUIRREL , Paraxerus cepapi, Geelpooteekhoorn
2 at Mahango NP (N).

8.   GREY SQUIRREL , Sciurius carolinensis, Grijze Eeekhoorn
Small numbers in the southwestern Cape (SA).

9.   SPRINGHARE , Pedetes capensis, Springhaas
2 at Waterberg Plateau Park (N) and 3 at Shakawe Fishing Camp (B).

10. PORCUPINE, Hystrix africaeaustralis, Zuidafrikaans Stekelvarken
A single sighting at the Halali waterhole in Etosha NP (N).

11. STRIPED MOUSE , Rhabdomys pumilio, Gestreepte Muis
A single sighting near Springbok (SA).

12. BLACK - BACKED JACKAL , Canis mesomelas, Zadeljakhals
Small numbers daily in Etosha NP (N).

13. CAPE CLAWLESS OTTER , Aonyx capensis, Vingerotter
2 at Popa Falls (N) and 1 in the Okavango near Shakawe Fishing Camp (B).

14. HONEY BADGER , Mellivora capensis, Honingdas
2 at Halali camp in Etosha NP (N).

15. SMALL GREY MONGOOSE , Garella pulverulenta, Kleine Grijze Mangoeste
1 at Strandfontein SW (SA) and 1 near Springbok (SA).

16. SLENDER MONGOOSE , Galerella sanguinea, Slanke Mangoeste
2 at Potberghuisie (SA), 1 at Mahango NP (N) and 2 in the Omaruru area (N).

17. YELLOW MONGOOSE , Cynictis penicillata, Vosmangoeste
2 at Waterberg Plateau Park (N), 1 at Etosha NP (N).

18. SURICATE , Suricata suricatta, Stokstaartje
Single ones at Springbok (SA) and near Swakopmund (N).

19. SMALL - SPOTTED GENET , Genetta genetta, Gewone Genet
A single sighting at Popa Falls (N).

20. SPOTTED HYENA , Crocuta crocuta, Gevlekte Hyena
3 at Etosha NP (N).

21. LION , Panthera leo, Leeuw
20 at Etosha NP (N).

22. ELEPHANT , Loxodonta africana, Olifant
Up to 75 daily at Etosha NP (N) and 40+ at Mahango NP (N).).

23. ROCK DASSIE , Procavia capensis, Klipdas
A common appearance throughout the visited areas excluding the Okavango region.

24. BURCHELL'S ZEBRA , Equus burchellii, Burchells Zebra
Cmmon at Etosha NP (N).

25. HOOK - LIPPED RHINOCERS , Diceros bicornis, Zwarte Neushoorn
11 at Etosha NP (N).

26. WARTHOG , Phacochoerus aethiopicus, Wrattenzwijn
Small numbers in northern Namibia.

27. HIPPOPOTAMUS , Hippopotamus amphibius, Nijlpaard
25+ at Mahango NP (N) and a few in the Okavango near Shakawe (B).

28. GIRAFFE , Giraffa camelopardalis, Giraffe
1 near Fish River Bridge (N), up to 20 daily in Etosha NP (N).

29. BUFFALO , Syncerus caffer, Kaapse Buffel
25+ at Mahango NP (N).

30. ELAND , Taurotragus oryx, Elandantilope
1 at De Hoop NR (SA).

31. KUDU , Tragelaphus strepsiceros, Grote Koedoe
4 at Hardap Dam (N), fairly common at Etosha NP (N) and a few at Mahango NP (N).

32. BUSHBUCK , Tragelaphus scriptus, Bosbok
1 at De Hoop NR (SA), a few at Mahango NP (N).

33. SABLE ANTELOPE , Hippotragus niger, Sabelantilope
32 at Mahango NP (N).

34. GEMSBOK , Oryx gazella, Spiesbok
A few at Hardap Dam, fairly common at Etosha NP (N).

35. LECHWE , Kobus leche, Moerasantilope
25+ at Mahango NP (N).

36. GREY RHEBOK , Pelea capreolus, Reeantilope
Small numbers in the southwestern Cape (SA).

37. BLUE WILDEBEEST , Connochaetes taurinus, Wildebeest (Gnoe)
Common at Etosha NP (N), 20+ at Mahango NP (N).

38. RED HARTEBEEST , Alcephalus buselaphus, Rood Hartebeest.
10 at Bontebok NP (SA), fairly common at Etosha NP (N).

39. BONTEBOK , Damaliscus dorcas dorcas, Bontebok
8 at the Cape of Good Hope NR (SA), a few at Bontebok NR (SA) and 20+ at De Hoop NR (SA).

40. TSESSEBE, Damaliscus lunatus, Topi
25+ at Mahango NP (N).

41. IMPALA , Aepyceros melampus, Impala
Up to 20 daily in Etosha NP (N), a few at Mahango NP (N).

42. SPRINGBOK, Antidorcas marsupialis, Springbok
A common mammal throughout Southern Africa, excluding the Okavango region.

43. DAMARA DIK - DIK , Madoqua kirkii, Kirks Dikdik
6 at Waterberg Plateau Park (N), 15+ near Fort Namutoni in Etosha NP (N).

44. KLIPSPRINGER , Oreotragus oreotragus, Klipspringer
3 at Sir Lowry’s Pass (SA), 3 at Table Mountain (SA).

45. STEENBOK , Raphicerus campestris, Steenantilope
Up to 3 daily at Etosha NP (N).

46. CAPE GRYSBOK , Rhapicerus melanotis, Grijsbok
2 at De Hoop NR (SA).

47. COMMON DUIKER , Sylviacapra grimmia, Gewone Duiker
1 at Mahango NP (N).

48. RIGHT WHALE , Balaena glacialis, Walvis
15 along the coast at De Hoop NR (SA).

49. CAPE FUR SEAL , Arctocephalus pusillus, Zuidafrikaanse Pelsrob
1 at Lambert’s Bay and 200+ at Cape Cross Seal Reserve (N).

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