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The Following Reports are available from New Zealand :
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A Spring trip to New Zealand
Oct 21st to Dec 15th 2008

  • In 2008 we spent about 8 weeks in New Zealand – roughly 15 days in North Island, 20 days in South Island,  4 days on Stewart Island and an 11 day cruise to the Sub-Antarctic Islands. This balance seemed about right for a leisurely bird-watching trip....Rosemary Royle reports.

New Zealand 1-15 June 2007

  • During the 40-minute ferry crossing, we saw five Blue Penguins and several hundred Fluttering Shearwaters, as well as Australian Gannets, Pied and Little Pied Shag, Great Cormorant, and a male Orca (killer whale) at rather close range...Douglas Futuyma reports.

New Zealand's South Island: March 17 to April 1 2007

  • This was my first trip to New Zealand, and I decided to focus on South Island only. The objectives of the trip were to find as many of the endemics and specials as possible whilst enjoying the incredible scenery that South Island has to offer....Duan Biggs reports

Endemic and scarce birds in New Zealand December 10th 2006 to January 7th 2007

  • This report covers a four week holiday in New Zealand...This report is intended to provide an update on already published material related to finding endemic and other scarce bird species on the main islands...Greg Baker reports
Emperor Penguins

New Zealand; the Sub-Antarctic Islands of N.Z. and the Ross Sea in Antarctica, Feb-Mar. 2006

  • The snow covered peaks of the great volcanoes Terror and Erebus, the Ice Barrier, Terra Nova Bay, Cape Royds, and Cape Evans provided the beautiful but  harsh landscape upon which stage exploits of great courage, endurance and tragedy were played out....Graeme Wallace reports

New Zealand 12 January to 15 March 2006

  • New Zealand’s birds are a strange mixture of endemics, seabirds, and introductions.  The balance of nature has been badly upset by the arrival of man (especially Europeans) and the animals and plants he has brought with him...Steve and Ann Newman report.

Australasian Gannet

Searching for the endemic birds of New Zealand
15 Nov - 3 Dec 2005

  • Near the Orewa Motor Lodge, our first Tui and 2 Australasian Gannets very near the beach ! In the afternoon we drive to Waipu Cove for Fairy Tern and NZ Dotterel...Georges Olioso reports

More photos by Georges Olioso taken in New Zealand

New Zealand May 2005

  • If the United Kingdom ever runs out of Goldfinches, Chaffinches, Greenfinches, Starlings, Blackbirds, Song Thrushes or House Sparrows – New Zealand has them to spare and, similarly, Australia’s Swamp Harriers. I reckon a conservative estimate for the latter at 1 for every 5 kms. I saw most of these species nearly every day...Colin Reid reports.

New Zealand November 27th - December 21st 2004

  • This trip report contains the bird observations made during a holiday trip to New Zealand. The main purpose of the trip was to see as many interesting birds and mammals as possible, but also to escape from the Scandinavian winter and to enjoy the scenery, culture, wine and food of the country...Hans-Åke Gustavsson reports

New Zealand November 19th - December 3rd 2003

  • This trip was to be my first to New Zealand, after having visited Australia on six occations 1997 - 2003. My fiancée Maja and myself flew from Dubai to Christchurch via Singapore, Sydney and Auckland, and rented a car from Christchurch. We had a busy trip planned ahead....Tommy Pedersen reports. Big report - lots of Photos

New Zealand July-September 2002

  • This summer I spent 9½ weeks in New Zealand, 6 weeks of which was on Codfish Island (Whenua Hou) doing conservation work with Kakapo.  As Codfish Island is a restricted area which is not open to the general public I won't dwell too long on the birdlife, which although abundant, is not likely to be enjoyed by any visitors to New Zealand unless they do any conservation work with the Department of Conservation.....Saul Cowen reports 

New Zealand July 29 - Aug 15 2002

  • I saw 102 species, with 48 lifers (4 more if you count the new albatross splits). Biggest misses were the Kiwis, Kaka (would have been easy on Stewart Island), Rock Wren, Flesh-footed Shearwater and pterodromas (wrong season). Highlights were excellent looks at Blue Duck, Yellow-Eyed Penguin, and the seabirds, especially albatrosses, on the Kaikoura Sound trip...Dave Klauber reports

New Zealand 27 Nov 2000 - 13 Feb 2001

  • We were met by the wardens who introduced us to the native and other birds, Blue Penguin in nest boxes, Brown Quail, Pukeko (Swamphen), Takahe with young, Eastern Rosella, Red-crowned Parakeet, Skylark, NZ Pipit, Whitehead, Grey Warbler, (Grey) Fantail, NZ Robin, Stitchbird, Bellbird, Yellowhammer and Saddleback. Superb close views of all these world rarities in quick succession were overwhelming, as were the numbers. We spent most of our 6 hours ashore sitting in the sun enjoying the endemics or wandering the trails, finding Kokako.....Peter Wilson reports

New Zealand 10/12/2000 - 6/1/2001

  • Cloudy cold conditions not ideal for birding but did see Tomtits, Brown Creepers, Yellow-crowned Parakeets, Kakas including a nest with two eggs, and the Wekas were good fun. Bruce showed us an amazing dead caterpillar that had been killed by a fungus on eating its spores which then produces a new spike from the caterpillar's forehead right between its eyes - real horror story stuff....David Cooper reports.

Codfish Island, New Zealand

  • Put an Australian, a South African and two Kiwi's (one of whom is of half Irish and the other person of half Chinese descent), on an island for two weeks and..No not the start of a good joke, rather an expedition to capture and transfer female kaka from Codfish Island to a mainland population at the Nelson Lakes...Glen Holland reports

New Zealand and Hawaii May 1998

  • I spent between 28 April to 3 May 1998 in New Zealand and from 2 to 7 May I spent some time at Oahu at Hawaii.....Justin Jansen reports (photo's too.)

New Zealand 7-30 August 1996

  • The following report relates to a visit to New Zealand by Richard Fairbank and Nick Preston. Nick arrived in New Zealand the day before me, having been in Queensland, Australia for the previous two weeks.... We covered much of New Zealand and thought it a brilliant country. So much so that, ignoring birds, it is the only place I have visited where I'd probably prefer to live than in England.

New Zealand - Quality not quantity

  • The first few days in New Zealand were spent on the North Island visiting relatives. However, we picked up Grey Warbler, Tui, Bell Bird, Spur-winged Plover, loads of NZ Kingfisher, Rifleman and Eastern Rosella. We also saw plenty of Wild Turkey - not strictly tickable in New Zealand, but they are wild, plentiful and breed so must compare with something like Canada Goose in the UK.  Bren McCartney reports




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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?

Some Useful bird books for New Zealand:
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Hand Guide to the Birds of New Zealand
Hugh Robertson, Barrie Heather: Buy from or

  • This beautifully illustrated handguide, provides a comprehensive guide to the birds of New Zealand . Robertson and Heather include detailed information on identification, habitat and location

Field Guide to New Zealand Seabirds
Brian Parkinson: Buy from or

  • Around New Zealand, with its extensive coastline and many inshore and offshore islands, it is possible for the keen observer to see more seabirds than in most other countries. This guide covers 15 seabird groups and describes each species according to various key aspects.

Birdwatching in Australia and New Zealand 
Ken Simpson: Buy from or 

  • This is a comprehensive introduction to birdwatching in Australia and New Zealand, linking bird observation to habitat with a special emphasis on conservation. The book covers a diverse range of subjects: where to find various birds; migration patterns; breeding habits; bird calls; equipment; how to combine bird watching with other hobbies; and birdwatching for the disabled. It lists popular spots to visit, where to buy tools, and birdwatching clubs. Colour photographs help with identification of various birds.

New Zealand: Land of Birds
Geoff Moon (Photographer): Buy from or

  • "New Zealand: Land of Birds" captures the grandeur and variety of many of New Zealand's birds and the wide diversity of environments in which they live, feed and breed. Eight chapters comprising over 150 colour photographs and informative text, range over the various landscapes in which many birds may be found, including the coast and selected offshore islands; tidal estuaries, mangroves and lagoons; migrant wading-bird habits; wetlands, rural landscapes; forests; high country; and urban landscapes.

Recommended travel books for New Zealand:

New Zealand: the Rough Guide
Laura Harper: Buy from or

  • A handbook to one of the most popular adventure destinations, this guide includes: accounts of the wild landscapes; lowdowns on where to eat, drink and sleep; practical guidance on the major walks; and in-depth coverage of the Maori culture and New Zealand's wildlife.

Lonely Planet : New Zealand
Paul Harding, Carolyn Bain, Neal Bedford : Buy from or 

  • This new edition is again one of the most comprehensive guides to New Zealand. Where to stay, eat, visit and most importantly what to expect when you get there, but without spoiling any of the magic this land has to offer. The layout is clear and there are some stunning new photographs of the sights that will await you.
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New Zealand trip report Nov 2003

Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?