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The Following Reports are available from New Caledonia :
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New Caledonian Whistler

New Caledonia 22nd - 27th Nov 2004

  • Kagu is the most well known and sought after bird on New Caledonia. It is in its own unique family and is quite unlike anything else. It was probably my most wanted species in the world. There are also some 20 or so endemics which can be seen of which Cloven-feathered Dove is in my opinion the most spectacular...Paul Noakes reports


New Caledonia March 28 – April 4, 2004

  • This was a trip that my wife, Dollyann Myers, and I decided to try because we were going to be in the area anyway. Our friends, Linda and Phil Cross, decided to go with us. Our main target, of course, was the Kagu, but we also wanted to try and find as many endemics as we could...Ron Hoff reports.

New Caledonia July 20-29th 2002

  • I got lucky with New Caledonia Grassbird along the Transversal road, about 12 km from the eastern end, next to a forested area. One seen well in a small vine-covered tree next to a ravine, and a second called from the grassy area nearby. Probably the toughest endemic.....Dave Klauber reports

New Caledonia 22nd October to 6th November1999

  • We awoke early thanks to a very loud dawn chorus and we soon discovered the culprit, our first endemic of the trip - Dark-brown (Silver-eared) Honeyeater. Tony Clarke chases the endemics of this distant island in the Pacific.

New Caledonia 30th September - 3rd October 1998

  • This report is based on a trip undertaken from 30th September to 3rd October 1998. New Caledonia supports 19 known surviving endemics, all of which are fairly easy to see within 70 km of the modern capital Nouméa. These endemics include the island's major avian attraction, the unique Kagu, which is most likely to be seen with assistance from Yves Letocart of the New Caledonian forestry department...Jan Vermeulen reports

South East Australia and New Caledonia 21 July and 22 August 1998

  • Nick Preston and I had wanted to see Kagu on New Caledonia for many years. The prospect of being able to do so became very much to the fore when, in New Zealand in August 1996, we met a French doctor and his girlfriend . Although not birders, they had seen Kagu by the Grand Kaori tree at Riviere Bleu... We planned a trip around Kagu, Plains Wanderer (another bird we had wanted to see for some time) and a good selection of SE Australian species.. Richard Fairbank reports.

New Caledonia 11th - 18th Oct '98

  • There are 122 bird species recorded, the most interesting is the Kagu (Rhynocetos jubatus) - a large flightless bird with silky-grey plumage, a large crest, reddish bill and legs. It is the sole member of its family. There are 15 endemics including the two white-eyes on Lifou. There are cracking pigeons, a blue Goshawk, 2 species of Cuckoo-shrike, a Triller, 2 parakeets, 5 honeyeaters and 2 parrot-finches....



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Some Useful bird books for New Caledonia :
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Birds of Melanesia: Bismarcks, Solomons, Vanuatu and New Caledonia (Helm Field Guides)
Guy Dutson: Buy from or

  • This new Helm Field Guide covers the species-rich Melanesia region of the south-west Pacific, from New Caledonia and the Solomons through the Bismarcks to Vanuatu. The cover star is the Kagu, the region's most iconic bird species and a highly sought-after endemic of New Caledonia. Superb colour plates illustrate the 650 species that occur in the region, allied with concise identification text and a series of distribution colour bars. For anyone travelling to this far-flung Pacific region, this book is indispensable.

Birds of the Solomons, Vanuatu & New Caledonia
Helm Field Guides: Buy from or

  • Situated in the Southwest Pacific, this region boasts a colourful and intriguing range of birds. Of the 362 species covered, 117 are endemics. The colour plates in this guide which is primarily intended for field use depict every species, showing plumages, races and colour morphs, and there are 340 colour distribution maps. The facing-page layout, with colour plates opposite the relevant species descriptions, makes at-a-glace reference easy for anyone interested in the birdlife of the Pacific

Where to watch birds in Australasia & Oceania 
Nigel Wheatley: Buy from or

  • The fourth guide in a series covering birdwatching sites in the great continents. It describes almost 150 sites in detail and many more in passing. It's primary aim is to help birders make the most of their trips, detailing the endemic and "special" birds to be found at each site as well as the more common and "usual" species. Countries are treated alphabetically, with all the practical information required to make the most of a trip and to avoid wasted time. Included are detailed maps and line drawings

A Field Guide to the Birds of Hawaii and the Tropical Pacific
H. Douglas Pratt, Phillip Bruner, Delwyn Berrett: Buy from or

  • Pratt, Bruner, and Dickinson have produced a superb field guide completely covering all the islands of the tropical Pacific from Hawai'i west through Micronesia. This is a true field guide: it gives the field marks of every species, notes problems in identification with special emphasis on distinguishing similar species, and wastes no space on matters not related to identification.

Recommended travel books for New Caledonia:

Lonely Planet : New Caledonia
Leanne Logan: Buy from or

  • Thoroughly updated, this guide includes cultural and historical background, a useful language section, as well as information on all the best places to stay and eat for a range of budgets

South Pacific Handbook
David Stanley: Buy from or

  • Provides historical and travel information for visitors to Polynesia and Melanesia, including Cook Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji Islands, New Caledonia, and Solomon Islands...."In my estimation, David's South Pacific Handbook is THE REFERENCE. David's books inspire loyalty and deserve the continued attentions of conscientious travelers."


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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?