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The Following Reports are available from Norway:
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Owls in Norway March 2014

  • Owls are one of my favorite groups when it comes to birds, and especially clear nights when the stars are shining bright and the owls are doing their magic...Håvard Eggen reports.

Birding Northern Norway in Winter by Hurtigruten March 2013

  • I have always wanted to see Steller’s Eider, King Eider, Gyr Falcon and the Northern Lights. We decided that there was good chance of achieving at least some of these ambitions by travelling on a Hurtigruten ferry from Tromso northwards to Kirkenes and back again in the winter. The ferry route crosses Varanger Fjord which is known as the best place in Europe to see Steller’s Eider, and is also good for King Eider....Rosemary Royle reports.

Varanger 2-18th July 2010 (with 3 day trips to Pasvik and 1 to Kevo (Finland))

  • First two rough leg buzzards hovering by the road soon after leaving Kirkenes, with red throated divers in the roadside lochs just outside the town. Fieldfares in the roadside trees. Willow warblers abundant and in full song. Hoodies everywhere....Dave and Sammy Langlois report.

Finnmark & Pasvik National Park and the Varanger Peninsula, June 24-29, 2009

  • I looked forward to seeing all the Red-necked Phalaropes in the small lake here. We found more than 100 of them and took a lot of pictures. We also found our first Red-throated Pipit....Jan Landsverk reports

Pine Grosbeak

Finland / Norway - Oct - 2003, 281  Bird Species recorded 

  • Our next stop was for an awesome adult White-tailed Eagle that flew over the roadside trees and gave spectacular views. A little further on we stopped for coffee at a roadside café.....There were all the usual commoner birds present including several Common Redpolls, and after a good 10 minutes I picked up a Pine Grosbeak perched in a very close tree...Nick Bray reports for Birdseekers

Spitsbergen Cruise ~ Polar Bear Quest 21st July-2nd August, 2007

  • On July 25th, we reach our most northerly position, Sjuøyane, a group of seven islands, north of Nordaustlandet, barely 600 miles from the North Pole, where tiny pale yellow Svalbard Poppies, the national flower of Svalbard, may be the world’s most northerly flowering plants...Chris Hall reports

Voss area, Norway late August 2006

  • This trip was primarily for sightseeing purposes, though one eye was always kept on the wildlife and a trip was made to the nature reserve at Reppen which held several wader species...Stephen Dunstan reports

5th journey from S Sweden to the Barents Sea July 2004

  • Weather in the High Arctic was mostly dry and quite windy this year. No rodents there, neither in Norway nor in Finland, whereas below the Arctic circle in Sweden (Norrbotten) rodents were plenty! - Mosquitoes quite bad this year, especially on calm, warm days on wet tundra in the evening. Strangely, a few species were quite scarce or totally missing like Common Eider, breeding Bar-tailed Godwit , Purple Sandpiper etc..Lutz Lücker reports. .

Sweden to the Barents Sea (Great grey, brown and white Owls) July 2003

  • My main target species was Great Grey Owl; I managed to see  it on the third day; the rest I considered as a bonus! It was a little too late for passerines so I did not go to the Pasvik valley this year, preferring to explore a high tundra plateau more thoroughly. One cannot do everything at the same time. Distances are just too far in the Arctic!...Lutz Lücker reports. More photo's from Lutz on

From S Sweden to the Barents Sea and back to the North Sea Coast July 2002

  • No Gyrfalcons this year at the Tana Valley site but the first Rough-legged Buzzards, Woodcock and Waxwing. 1 Merlin km 8 NE Austertana. Another Rough-legged Buzzard near Gednje, Sedge Warbler + 2 more male Elk at km 8, crossing miles of bare TUNDRA ! There were lots of rodents in Arctic Norway this year (except Mountain Lemming.) so the Buzzards were everywhere! Waxwings were also numerous, even in non-coniferous woodland....Lutz Lücker reports.

From S Sweden to Lapland July 2001

  • Generally, it was a windy month of July. No long periods of sunshine, but not too much rain either. But the wind often kept birds and animals hidden and difficult to observe. My main target species were Gyrfalcon, Moose and Whales; I managed to see them all during the first week; the rest I considered as a bonus! Ended up with 15 raptor species, all except Hen Harrier!...Lutz Lücker reports

Varanger (Norway) June 1-6 2001,

  • From a birder's point of view, the Varanger Peninsula is a fantastic place. In five and a half days of birding I saw 74 species, maybe not a lot in terms of numbers but being my first time in Northern Scandinavia, almost every bird was a big thrill. Although some of the species listed below can be seen in Spain and Southern Europe in winter, here they were all in full breeding plumage...Ignacio Yúfera reports

Finland and Varanger 23rd May – 3rd June 2001

  • We traveled in late May in order to maximise opportunities to pick up species that can be difficult at other times of the year e.g. Owls and Woodpeckers, and to get early migrants. We decided to travel extensively and the longer daylight hours enabled two whole 'nights' to be spent birding, although having to travel the following day, led to significant sleep loss....Wilton Farrelly reports

Lapland/ Laponie July/juillet 2000

  • Some Norwegians said it was the wettest or coldest summer they had ever seen, another said there had never been so many insects.... But thanks to some good local anti-mosquito stuff, a net (and, very rarely, gloves) the little bastards were not a major problem on the coast and the tundra. In woodland areas (Pasvik...) they did get a bit troublesome at times...Lutz Lücker reports






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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?

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Birds of Europe with North Africa and the Middle East
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Scandinavian and Baltic Europe on a Shoestring  
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The Rough Guide to Norway
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