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A Report from

Sultanate of Oman (10 - 23 November 2001),

Georges Olioso

This trip was a Destination Nature – Guillemont Tour. The international flights was with Lufthansa from Paris to Frankfurt and from Frankfurt to Muscat. The domestic flight Muscat - Salalah by Oman Air. We rented three 4x2 cars and, for 4 days, two 4x2.

Driving is easy but in Muscat area. There was no control by police or army. Range of accommodations is great, but there are few camp sites. The food is safe and there are numerous restaurants, cafés and small shops. 

Reef Heron. Photo: Georges Olioso


  1. Birdwatching guide to Oman, H. & J. Eriksen, P. & D. Sargeant, Al Roya Publishing. (October 2001). Numerous sites with maps and pictures. Species list. Very useful !.
  2. Oman Bird List, Edition 5. J. Eriksen & D. E. Sargeant. Bird list. Good.
  3. Whales and Dolphins along the coast of Oman, R. Baldwin & R. Salm.
  4. Snakes of the Arabian Gulf and Oman, M. Gallagher.
  5. Field guide to the birds of the Middle East, R.F. Porter, S. Christensen & P. Schiermacker-Hansen.


10 November 2001.

The day starts by a walk near the hotel, near Muscat : . Common Mynas, Purple Sunbird, House Crow and Indian Roller are the first species seen ( and the … House Sparrow). Numerous Ring-necked Parakeets flight over the city.

At 8 a.m., go to Sunub Waste Disposal Site , astonishing ! More than 100 Egyptian Vultures and Steppe Eagles about twelve Lappet-faced Vultures  and Imperial Eagles, some Greater Spotted Eagles (one  fulvescens). Also seen Red-tailed Wheatear, Long-billed Pipit and House Bunting

We start at 11 a.m. to Al Ansab Lagoons. We saw  Red-wattled and White-tailed Plovers, two Isabelline Shrikes, one Jack Snipe, almost thirty Citrine Wagtails and third Grey Francolins (+ Whiskered and White-winged Black Terns, Marsh Sandpipers, Spotted and Baillon’s Crakes, numerous Graceful Prinias...

11 November 2001.

In front of the hotel, on a telecom tower, a Barbary Falcon is heating a Laughing Dove ! New stop at Al Ansab Lagoons where almost 200 Chestnut-bellied Sandgrouses are seen drinking ! Unexpected, 6 Greylag Geese arrive (last recorded in Nov. 1996).

Go to North-East of Oman. Stop in Qurayyat area, at the Waste Disposal Site… About 10 Black Storks … in fact are oiled White Storks ! Tens of Egyptian Vultures, some Eagles (Greater spotted, Imperial), our first (but not the last !) Desert Wheatear. Not far, we saw also, 3 Black-crowned Finch Larks, a flock of Arabian Babblers and a one Desert Lesser

A short stop at Daghmar beach : 2 Lesser Sand Plovers and 4 Greater Sand Plovers, some Bridled Terns and numerous Swift Terns flight over the sea.

Go to Sur. En route, near Tiwi, we saw an Amur Falcon, a species rare in the North of Oman.

12 November 2001.

Our hotel is on the  Sur beach. We saw our first Sooty Gulls (a very common species). In the trees, in front of the hotel, 3 or 4 Siberian Chiffchaff  are catching insects. In the Sur harbour, numerous Gulls (« Siberian » Lesser Black-backed and « Caspian » Yellow- legged), and also 3 Lesser Crested Terns and some Slender-billed Gulls.

Our next stop is Khawr Jirama where we saw 3 Crab Plovers, about 10 Terek Sandpipers, only one Broad-billed Sandpiper and  numerous other waders and herons. A Saker Falcon flies and an Amur Falcon is catching preys. A young Indian Pond Heron flies over the mangrove like two Ospreys (a common species) and one Greater Spotted Eagle.

Second stop at Ras al Hadd and the surroundings, nothing very exiting but our first Desert Warblers.

Evening at the Sur Lagoons, this site is not in Birdwatching guide to Oman. Drive the road to the industrial complex and turn right on a gravel road just before the road arrives at the small hill. The lagoons are seen from the road. We saw an Abdim’s Stork, numerous ducks and waders, some Flamingos, 5 White-fronted Geese and… one Starling. At night, about 25 Lichtenstein’s Sandgrouses arrive to drink.

13 November 2001.

Second stop at the Sur lagoons. Hundreds of Chestnut-bellied Sandgrouses come to drink … A Peregrine Falcon catches a Black-necked Grebe ! We saw also a Quail, a Baillon’s Crake, some Red-throated Pipits, Bluethroats, waders and Egyptian Vultures.

On the side of the Sur lagoon, a Striated Heron on the rocks.

Next stop near Ras al Hadd. Very good to day:  a Desert Eagle Owl in a tree, first (and last !) Hoopoe Lark, first Isabelline Wheatear, a Hooded Wheatear, numerous Desert Larks, 6 Desert Warblers, numerous Desert Wheatears, a Desert Lesser Whitethroat, two Southern Grey Shrikes (aucheri), etc.

We go to Ras al Khabbat, sea-watching hot spot in Oman. En route, we saw an Amur Falcon (male) near al Daffah. In front of the cliff, 4 Red-billed Tropicbirds, one Great Black-headed Gull (immature), a young Saker Falcon. At sea, some Persian Shearwaters, about 20 Pomarine Skuas, tens of Swift Terns and some Sandwich Terns. Very numerous gulls fly to their roost,  90 % are Sooty Gulls. Night at Ras al Jinz camp site. Sea Turtles come to the beach to lay.

14 November 2001.

Early morning we go to Muscat (about 300 km). Stop near the Sur “lagune” where there is thousands of birds. About 400 Slender-billed Gulls but also 2 Great Black-headed Gulls, 3 Spoonbills, more than 60 Lesser Crested Terns, 80 Swift Terns, Caspian Terns, Whinbrels and 1 Common Gull (only the second for  Oman).

Between Sur and Muscat, in the desert we saw some Egyptian Vultures, one Steppe Eagle and numerous Brown-necked Ravens. Evening at Al Ansab Lagoons . We heard and see some Clamorous Reed Warblers. A flock of about 20 Lichtenstein’s Sandgrouses comes to drink.

15 November 2001.

Before the flight to Salalah, walk in the Al Qurm Park. Some waders  (4 Pacific Golden Plovers), ducks and passerines (2 Yellow-throated Sparrows, 2 White-cheecked Bulbuls, 1 Red-vented Bulbul.

Last stop at Sunub Waste Disposal Site , always numerous raptors (1 Griffon Vulture). Arriving in Salalah, a flock of 14 Blue-cheecked Bee-eaters above our hotel!

16 November 2001.

At the Khawr ad Dahariz or « East Khawr », we saw some species of ducks and waders, one Red-knobbed Coot, one Purple Heron, one Glossy Ibis, one Squacco Heron and un Indian Pond Heron. In the bushes, , numerous African Silverbills, some Rüppell’s Weavers and Shining Sunbirds, On the beach, about 300 Sanderlings, tens of Dunlins, 4 Bar-tailed Godwits, etc. At sea, our first Masked Boobies and one young Brown Booby. Some Persian Shearwaters, more than 100 Whiskered Terns, tens of Swift Terns and hundreds of Sooty Gulls. Some raptors, one Short-toed Eagle, one Long-legged Buzzard and 2 Ospreys. Leaving the khawr, we saw about 200 White Storks flying. We saw also a Swift like Pallid Swift, provisionally named Dhofar Swift.

In the evening, we go to Wadi Ayn Sahnawt. Numerous raptors are present: one adult Verreaux’s Eagle chased by a pair of Bonelli’s Eagles, 3 Imperial Eagles, one Steppe Eagles, one Peregrine Falcon, Lesser Kestrel. Passerines are good also ! Two Blackstarts, 2 Arabian Warblers, 6 White-breasted White-eyes, about 50 Fan-tailed Ravens, almost 10 African Rock Buntings and twelve Tristram’s Grackles, some African Rock Martins or Yellow-vented Bulbuls. Our first African Paradise Flycatcher (a common species in the Dhofar). In the town, small flocks of Rose-coloured Starlings, one European Roller, 1 Hobby, 1 Amur Falcon and two Common Swifts. Ring-necked Parakeet is common.

17 November 2001.

Flying over the town, a flock of 33 Glossy Ibis

Morning at Khawr Sawli. Good views on 2 Little Bittern, one Yellow Bittern, 2 Squacco Herons, one Little Crake and two Baillon’s Crakes. On the water, 3 Cotton Teals and about 10 Ferruginous Ducks. On the mud banks, numerous herons (4 Intermediate Egrets this species is not common), numerous waders, 1 Pintail Snipe and 6 Glossy Ibis. In the bushes, one Wryneck, one Ménétries’s Warbler and one Grey-bellied Cuckoo (the second for Oman!). In the sky, one Little Swift, a rare bird in Oman. Raptors are numerous (Greater Spotted Eagle, Saker Falcon, Montagu’s Harrier, Osprey and a young Pallid Harrier catching a Desert Wheatear ! Tens of Chestnut-bellied Sandgrouses come to drink…

Afternoon at Jarziz Farm, near Salalah. Numerous species of raptors Black Kite (yellow billed), Short-toed Eagle, four species of harriers, Long-legged Buzzard, Greater Spotted Eagle (one fulvescens), Steppe Eagles, Imperial Eagle, one Booted Eagle (light form), Osprey, Kestrel, Hobby.

There are also some waders (4 Sociable Plovers), numerous Singing Bush Larks, some Red-throated Pipits and numerous White and Yellow Wagtails. In the palm grove, one Grey-headed Kingfisher and a Corncrake !

18 November 2001.

Above our hotel, one Pallid Swift and two Crag Martins are catching insects…

All the morning at Ayn Razat. In the fig trees, we saw 6 Bruce’s Green Pigeons sleeping. In the forest along the small river, some Palestine Sunbirds, a small species, one Red-breasted Flycatcher. Here, the more common species are Yellow-vented Bulbul and African Paradise Flycatcher. Good observation of a Psammophis schokari, a long and  slender tree snake harassed by Bulbuls and White-eyes. In the arid wadi, we saw some South Arabian Wheatears, un young Blue Rock Thrush and numerous Desert Wheatears, Tristram’s Grackles and African Rock Buntings. A big group (more than 25 birds) of Arabian Partridges on the rocks with some Dassies.

Always numerous raptors…one adult and 2 young Imperial Eagles, one Short-toed Eagle, 2 adults, un immature and 2 juveniles Bonelli’s Eagle, a pair of Verreaux’s Eagles, one Sparrowhawk and 4 Lesser Kestrels. At 16 p.m, a Crested Honey Buzzard arrives… we saw this rare bird a long time, flying and perching no far !

Afternoon at Khawr Taqah, long Khawr, with reed beds and mud. Numerous waders (2 Long-toed Stints and 4 Jack Snipes), one Spotted and 2 Baillon’s Crakes, one Bluethroat and one Clamorous Reed Warbler. About one hundred Yellow Wagtails (with thunbergi and beema). Some ducks (one Cotton Teal)… and … numerous raptors...

19 November 2001.

This morning, we go to South. First stop near the Raysut harbour. Thousands of gulls, the more common is Sooty Gull ; there are also some Yellow-legged (Larus (cachinnans) barabensis).

In front of the Al Maghsayl beach, 17 Socotra Cormorants are fishing between Dolphins (Sousa chinensis). No far, on the Khawr, 16 White-fronted Geese, 12 Spoonbills, one Pacific Golden Plover, some Long-toed Stints and 3 Glossy Ibis... Around, in the desert, some Tawny Pipits, one Steppe Grey Shrike and some Desert Wheatears. One Greater Spotted Eagle is catching a Grey Heron…A pair of Bonelli’s Eagles near the cliff…

Afternoon in the arid Wadi about 10 km upstream. We saw some wheatears (Isabelline, Desert, South Arabian), one Arabian Warbler, 2 Desert Warblers and some Desert Larks… At night, we eared (but not see) one Bruce’s Tawny Owl

20 November 2001.

We go to Mirbat (about 60 km East of Salalah) to see sea birds…. Good morning with 3 Socotra Cormorants, about 10 Persian Shearwaters, 15 Pale-footed Shearwaters and 40 Masked Boobies. We saw also more than 200 Common Dolphins ! In front of the rocky coast, numerous Sooty Gulls are fishing   In the evening, we go to Tawi Atayr , only site in Oman where breeds the Yemen Serin. We saw 6 or 7. The is also a beautiful adult Bonelli’s Eagle.

21 November 2001.

Today, long time at the Khawr Rawri where we’ll see about 120 species!

The day starts with 2 Indian Pond Herons together with 5 Squacco Herons… There are also one Cotton Teal, two Pheasant-tailed Jacanas, 2 Ferruginous Ducks, one Intermediate Egret and a group of 19 White-fronted Geese. On the mud, some waders (2 Long-toed Stints and one Jack Snipe). In the bushes, one Rufous Bush Robin, one Desert Warbler, 3 Desert Lesser Whitethroats, one Arabian Warbler, one Ménétries’s Warbler, one Jacobin Cuckoo, one Barred Warbler, one Cinnamon Least Bittern, one Lesser Spotted Eagle, one Richard’s Pipit and one Pintail Snipe.

Afternoon at Ayn Hamran . Here, we saw our first Black-crowned Tchagras, one Spotted Eagle Owl and, at night, one  Egyptian Nightjar. There are also one Masked Shrike, one Olivaceous Warbler and one Namaqua Dove.

22 November 2001.

Back to Ayn Hamran early in the morning… 3 adults and 5 young Arabian Partridges and one Shikra are seen. At the paved pool edge a male of Little Bittern is catching Dragonflies... The Laughing Doves are very  numerous like African Rock Buntings, African Silverbills and Rüppell’s Weavers.

A short stop at Wadi Hanna produces 2 Lappet-faced Vultures. In a small Khawr East of  Salalah , we saw an adult Striated Heron and an Isabelline Shrike.

Late Evening at East Khawr, where a Peregrine Falcon is eating a Whiskered Tern ! At Khawr Taqah there are 3 Little Pratincoles.

23 November 2001.

Back to Khawr Taqah. The same species are seen (two very tame Baillon’s Crakes) + one Lesser Spotted Eagle, one Pheasant-tailed Jacana and a Caspian Plover ! Two Flamingos with Iranian ring.

A short walk near the Salalah Farms procures a Grey-headed Kingfisher, about 20 Ring-necked Parakeet, 3 Booted Eagles and a Yellow-billed Black Kite. Evening at the Jarziz Farm: 3 Sociable Plovers, hundreds of Collared Doves, about 100 Rose-coloured Starlings (and 1 Starling!). We leave Salalah at 10 p.m. to Muscat, Frankfort and Roissy where we arrive the 24 November at 9 a.m..

The best sites : Sunub Waste Disposal Site , Sur area, Khawr Jirama, Khawr Sawli, Jarziz Farm, Ayn Razat , Khawr Taqah and Khawr Rawri.

Georges Olioso, le Mail, F-26230 Grignan (France),

Species list:

OMAN, 10/23 November 2001  
Tachybaptus ruficollis iraquensis Little Grebe
 Podiceps nigricollis Black-necked Grebe
Puffinus persicus* Persian Shearwater
Puffinus carneipes* Pale-footed Shearwater
Phaeton aetherus indicus* Red-billed Tropicbird
Sula dactylatra melanops* Masked Booby
Sula leucogaster plotus* Brown Booby
Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis Cormorant
Phalacrocorax nigrogularis* Socotra Cormorant
Ixobrichus minutus Little Bittern
 Ixobrichus sinensis* Yellow Bittern
(Ixobrichus cinnamomeus) Cinnamon Little Bittern
Nycticorax nycticorax Night Heron
Butorides striatus brevipes* Striated Heron
 Bubulcus ibis Cattle Egret
Ardeola ralloides Squacco Heron
 Ardeola grayii* Indian Pond Heron
Egretta garzetta Little Egret
Egretta gularis Western Reef Heron
Egretta intermedia Intermediate Egret
Ardea alba Great White Egret
Ardea cinerea Grey Heron
Ardea purpurea Purple Heron
Ciconia abdimii* Abdim's Stork
Ciconia ciconia White Stork
 Plegadis falcinellus Glossy Ibis
Threskiornis aethiopicus Sacred Ibis
Platalea leucorodia Spoonbill
Phoenicopterus ruber Greater Flamingo
Anser albifrons White-fronted Goose
Anser anser Greylag Goose
Nettapus c. coromandelianus* Cotton Teal
Anas penelope Wigeon
Anas strepera Gadwal
Anas crecca Teal
Anas platyrhynchos Mallard
Anas acuta Pintail
Anas querquedula Garganey
Anas clypeata Shoveler
Aythya ferina Pochard
Aythya nyroca Ferruginous Duck
Aythya fuligula Tufted Duck
Pernis ptilorhynchus* Crested Honey Buzzard
Milvus migrans aegyptius Yellow-billed Black Kite
Neophron percnopterus Egyptian Vulture
(Gyps fulvus) Griffon Vulture
Torgos tracheliotos negevensis* Lappet-faced Vulture
 Circaetus gallicus Short-toed Eagle
Circus aeruginosus Marsh Harrier
Circus cyaneus Hen Harrier
Circus macrourus* Palid Harrier
Circus pygargus Montagu's Harrier
Accipiter nisus Sparrowhawk
Accipiter badius* Shikra
Buteo rufinus cirtensis Long-legged Buzzard
Aquila clanga Greater Spotted Eagle
Aquila p.  pomarina* Lesser Spotted Eagle
Aquila nipalensis* Steppe Eagle
Aquila heliaca* Imperial Eagle
Aquila verreauxii Verreaux's Eagle
Hieraaetus pennatus Booted Eagle
Hieraaetus fasciatus Bonelli's Eagle
Pandion haliaetus Osprey
Falco naumanni Lesser Kestrel
Falco tinnunculus Kestrel
Falco amurensis* Amur Falcon
Falco subbuteo Hobby
Falco c. cherrug* Saker Falcon
Falco peregrinus Peregrine Falcon
Falco pelegrinoides* Barbary Falcon
Alectoris melanocephala* Arabian Partridge
Francolinus pondicerianus mecranensis* Grey Francolin
Coturnix coturnix Quail
Rallus aquaticus Water Rail
Porzana porzana Spotted Crake
Porzana parva Little Crake
Porzana pusilla Baillon's Crake
Crex crex Corncrake
Gallinula chloropus Moorhen
Fulica atra Coot
Fulica cristata Red-knobbed Coot
Hydrophasianus chirurgus* Pheasant-tailed Jacana
Haematopus ostralegus Oystercatcher
Himantopus himantopus Black-winged Stilt
Dromas ardeola* Crab Plover
(Cursorius cursor) Cream-coloured Courser
(Glareola lactea) Little Pratincole
Charadrius dubius Little Ringed Plover
Charadrius hiaticula Ringed Plover
Charadrius alexandrinus Kentish Plover
Charadrius mongolus* Lesser Sand Plover
Charadrius leschenaultii* Greater Sand Plover
(Ccharadrius asiaticus) Caspian Plover
Pluvialis fulva* Pacific Golden Plover
Pluvialis squatarola Grey Plover
Vanellus indicus aigneri* Red-wattled Plover
Vanellus gregaria Sociable Plover
Vanellus leucurus* White-tailed Plover
Calidris alba Sanderling
Calidris minuta Little Stint
Calidris temminckii Temminck's Stint
 Calidris subminuta* Long-toed Stint
Calidris ferruginea Curlew Sandpiper
Calidris alpina Dunlin
Limicola falcinellus Broad-billed Sandpiper
Philomachus pugnax Ruff
Lymnocryptes minimus* Jack Snipe
Gallinago gallinago Common Snipe
Gallinago stenura* Pintail Snipe
Limosa limosa Black-Tailed Godwit
Limosa lapponica Bar-tailed Godwit
Numenius phaeopus Whimbrel
Numenius arquata Curlew
Tringa erythropus Spotted Redshank
Tringa totanus ussuriensis Redshank
Tringa stagnatilis Marsh Sandpiper
Tringa nebularia Greenshank
Tringa ochropus Green Sandpiper
Tringa glareola Wood Sandpiper
Xenus cinereus* Terek Sandpiper
Actitis hypoleucos Common Sandpiper
Arenaria interpres Turnstone
Phalaropus lobatus Red-necked Phalarope
Stercorarius pomarinus Pomarine Skua
Larus hemprichii* Sooty Gull
Larus ridibundus Black-headed Gull
Larus ichthyaetus* Great Black-headed Gull
 Larus genei Slender-billed Gull
Larus canus Common Gull
 Larus heuglini/taimyrensis* Siberain Gull
Larus c. cachinnans* Caspian Gull
 Larus barabensis* Baraba Gull
 Sterna nilotica Gull-billed Tern
Sterna caspia Caspian Tern
Sterna bergii velox Swift Tern
Sterna b. bengalensis* Lesser Crested Tern
Sterna sandvicensis Sandwich Tern
Sterna hirundo Common Tern
Sterna repressa* White cheecked Tern
Sterna anaethetus fuligula* Bridled Tern
(Sterna saundersi) Saunders's Tern
Chlidonias hybridus Whiskered Tern
Chlidonias leucopterus White-winged Black Tern
Pterocles lichtensteinii arabicus* Lichtenstein's Sandgrouse
Pterocles exustus erlangeri* Chestnut-bellied Sandgrouse
Colomba livia palaestinae Rock Dove
Streptopelia decaocto Collared Dove
Streptopelia senegalensis cambayensis Laughing Dove
(Oena capensis) Namaqua Dove
Treron waalia* Bruce's Green Pigeon
Psittacula krameri Ring-necked Parakeet
Melopsittacus undulatus* Budgerigar
(Clamator jacobinus) Jacobin Cuckoo
Cuculus canorus Common Cuckoo
Cacomantus passerinus* Plaintive Cuckoo
Bubo ascalaphus desertorum Desert Eagle Owl
Bubo africanus milesi Spotted Eagle Owl
(Strix butleri) Hume's Tawny Owl
Caprimulgus aegyptius* Egyptian Nightjar
Apus "Dhofar"* Dhofar Swift
Apus apus Common Swift
Apus pallidus Pallid Swift
Apus melba tuneti Alpine Swift
 Apus affinis Little Swift
Halcyon leucocephala semicaerulea* Grey-headed Kingfisher
Alcedo atthis Common Kingfisher
Merops orientalis cyanophrys* Little Green Bee-eater
Merops persicus Blue-cheecked Bee-eater
Coracias garrulus semenovi European Roller
Coracias b. benghalensis* Indian Roller
Upupa epops Hoopoe
Jynx torquilla Wryneck
Mirafra cantillans simplex* Singing Bush Lark
Eremopteryx nigriceps forbeswatsoni* Black-crowned Finch Lark
Ammomanes deserti taimuri* Desert Lark
Alaemon alaudipes doriae* Hoopoe Lark
Calandrella brachydactyla eremica Short-toed Lark
Galerida cristata brachyura Crested Lark
Riparia riparia Sand Martin
Hirundo fuligula peloplasta African Rock Martin
Hirundo rupestris Crag Martin
Hirundo rustica Barn Swallow
Delichon urbica House Martin
(Anthus richardi) Richard's Pipit
Anthus campestris Tawny Pipit
Anthus similis arabicus Long-billed Pipit
Anthus trivialis Tree Pipit
Anthus cervinus Red-throated Pipit
Anthus spinoletta Water Pipit
Motacilla flava Yellow Wagtail
Motacilla f. thunbergi Yellow Wagtail
Motacilla f. baema* Yellow Wagtail
Motacilla citreola* Citrine Wagtail
Motacilla cinerea Grey Wagtail
Motacilla alba White Wagtail
Pycnonotus leucogenys dactylus* White-cheecked Bulbul
Pycnonotus xanthopygos* Yellow-vented Bulbul
Pycnonotus cafer* Red-vented Bulbul
Cercotrichas galactotes syriacus* Rufous Bush Robin
Luscinia svecica Bluethroat
Phoenicurus ochruros semirufus Black Redstart
Cercomela melanura neumanni* Blackstart
Oenanthe isabellina* Isabelline Wheatear
Oenanthe deserti* Desert Wheatear
Oenanthe xanthoprymna* Red-tailed Wheatear
Oenanthe lugentoides* South Arabian Wheatear
Oenanthe monacha* Hooded Wheatear
Oenanthe alboniger* Hume's Wheatear
Monticola saxatilis Rock Thrush
Monticola solitarius Blue Rock Thrush
Prinia gracilis carpenteri* Graceful Prinia
Cettia cetti albiventris Cetti's Warbler
Acrocephalus scirpaceus fuscus European Reed Warbler
Acrocephalus stentoreus brunnescens* Clamorous Reed Warbler
(Acrocephalus arundinaceus) Great Reed Warbler
(Hippolais pallida) Olivaceous Warbler
Sylvia mystacea turcmenica* Ménétries's Warbler
Sylvia nana* Desert Warbler
Sylvia l. leucomelaena* Arabian Warbler
(Sylvia nisoria) Barred Warbler
Sylvia curruca Lesser Whitethroat
Sylvia minula* Desert Lesser Whitethroat
(Sylvia borin) Garden Warbler
Sylvia atricapilla Blackcap
(Phylloscopus borealis) Arctic Warbler
Phylloscopus sibilatrix Wood Warbler
Phylloscopus collybita tristis Siberian Chiffchaff
 Ficedula parva* Red-breasted Flycatcher
Terpsiphone viridis harterti African Paradise Flycatcher
Turdoides squamiceps muscatensis* Arabian Babbler
Nectarinia asiatica brevirostris* Purple Sunbird
Nectarinia habessinica* Shining Sunbird
Nectarinia o. osea* Palestine Sunbird
Zosterops abyssinica arabs* White-breasted White-eye
Tchagra senegala percivali* Black-crowned Tchagra
Lanius isabellinus* Isabelline Shrike
Lanius meridionalis pallidirostris Steppe Grey Shrike
Lanius meridionalis aucheri Southern Grey Shrike
(Lanius nubicus) Masked Shrike
Corvus splendens zugmayeri* House Crow
Corvus r. ruficollis* Brown-necked Raven
Corvus rhipidurus* Fan-tailed Raven
Onychognathus tristramii* Tristram's Grackle
Sturnus vulgaris Starling
Sturnus roseus Rose-coloured Starling
Acridotheres tristis* Common Mynah
Passer domesticus hufufae House Sparrow
Petronia xanthocollis transfuga* Yellow-throated Sparrow
Ploceus jacksoni* Jackson's Golden-backed Weaver
Ploceus galbula* Rüppell's Weaver
Lonchura malabarica* Indian Silverbill
Lonchura cantans orientalis* African Silverbill
 Serinus menachensis* Yemen Serin
Emberiza s. striolata* House Bunting
Emberiza tahapisi arabica* African Rock Bunting


Georges Olioso

Species with an * are "life birds" for me. I didn't see species in brackets, but these species were seen by other group members,


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