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The Following Reports are available from Pelagic trips around the UK:
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Biscay and the Picos de Europa 11/9/02 – 17/9/02.

  • The combination of Biscay with what must be Europe's easiest summer Wallcreeper site is very easy to do independently - details of birding the Portsmouth - Bilbao ferry are included....Nick Ransdale and Corazon Dye report.

Heysham - Isle of Man: 28/8/00 & 1/9/00

  • About two hours into the trip, at a point almost level with the furthermost of the Morecambe Bay Gas Rigs, Gannets started to appear in close proximity to the boat. The arrival of a flock of Kittiwake was followed almost immediately by two piratical Arctic Skuas. The first Manx Shearwater flew across the bows. Gannets suddenly became very common...John Girdley reports

The Scillonian August 2000

  • The Scillonian Pelagic has become an annual ritual for many UK birders. Others travel from as far afield as Holland, Belgium and Finland to see Western Palearctic birds that are often very difficult to see from the mainland. Top of everyone's wish list is the enigmatic Wilson's Petrel.....Introduction by John Girdley, report by Derek Smith.

Pelagic from the Plymouth-Santander Ferry Aug 1997

  • .....another large whale, probably a Fin, spouted distantly at around 4.30, along with another two Great Shearwaters. These two were a precursor of an awesome feeding group of at least 60 Great Shearwaters.....


Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?

Some Useful bird books for pelagic trips :
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Peter Harrison , with foreword by Roger Tory Peterson: Buy from or

  • This revised edition of Harrison's guide to seabirds of the world, with full colour paintings of 1600 birds covering 312 species, has been updated to include recent research. The illustrations usually show several views of a species and each bird has been given an individual account.

Gulls of Europe, Asia and N.America
Klaus Malling Olsen, Hans Larsson: Buy from or

  • Perhaps the best book yet in this superb series from Helm. "Gulls of Europe, Asia and North America" is truly ground breaking. It combines excellent plates by Hans Larsson, photography that is second to none and a most authoritative text by Klaus Malling Olsen. Several putative "splits" are suggested (or rejected) by the authors all backed up by detailed field observations and DNA analysis. Buy it!

Flight Identification of European Seabirds
Anders Blomdahl, Bertil Breife & Niklas Holström: Buy from or

  • This book is set to become the dedicated sea-watchers bible. Flight photography is very difficult, especially for seabirds and yet this volume contains over 650 generally superb shots, each carefully annotated to pick out the key identification features. Just about every seabird that has ever occurred in European waters has been included. (making this book equally valuable to birders on the East coast of America.) The authors are experts in their feild and they have included a weath of new information.

The Skuas
Robert W. Furness: Buy from or

  • "I enjoyed this book... I recommend it to anyone with an interest in seabirds or the interaction between birds and their environment." A classic from the Poyser stable.

Gulls: A Guide to identification.
P J Grant: Buy from or

  • This standard work revised throughout and with the addition of eight North American species, now contains 280 new photographs, raising the total to 541. Illustrated by the Author

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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?