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A Report from

Systematic list of Birds,

Stephen Poley

SW  = Cape Province; 10-19 October.

NE  = Gauteng, Mpumalanga, northern Kwazulu-Natal, 20-29 October.

SZ   = Swaziland, 24-25 October.


Struthio camelus

Common in several areas, especially at Addo, but surprisingly scarce in the Kruger park.

Jackass penguin

Spheniscus demersus

About 80 at the well-known colony at Boulders Beach, near Cape Town

Little grebe

Tachybaptus ruficollis

Fairly common

Great crested grebe

Podiceps cristatus

1 at Rondevlei; a few at Wilderness

Black-necked grebe

Podiceps nigricollis

1 each at Paarl and Kruger park

White pelican

Pelecanus onocrotalus

Several at Rondevlei. Several dozen very large, very distant birds at the Cape of Good Hope probably also this species

Cape gannet

Morus capensis

Numerous at the Cape of Good Hope

Common cormorant

Phalacrocrax carbo

Common in SW. None (surprisingly) in NE.

Cape cormorant

Phalacrocrax capensis

Fairly common along coast in SW

Long-tailed cormorant

Halietor africanus

Common inland.

African anhinga

Anhinga rufa

Fairly common at Wilderness; small numbers at several other locations.

Night heron

Nycticorax nycticorax

One at Rondevlei.

Squacco heron

Ardeola ralloides

One at Sunset Dam, Kruger park. (NB: the rare Madagascar squacco heron was not actually ruled out.)

Cattle egret

Bubulcus ibis

Hundreds in a park at Piet Retief. Common (though in smaller groups) in several areas.

Little green (=green-backed) heron

Butorides striatus

Several at Sunset dam, Kruger park.

Little egret

Egretta garzetta

Small numbers seen on six days.

Intermediate (= yellow-billed) egret

Egretta intermedia

Probables seen twice, but circumstances conspired to prevent positive identification.

Great egret

Egretta alba

Small numbers seen on four days in NE.

Purple heron

Ardea purpurea

Singles at Rondevlei, Paarl and Wakkerstroom.

Grey heron

Ardea cinerea

Fairly common: seen on 7 days.

Black-headed heron

Ardea melanocephala

Small numbers at Wilderness and Addo; common in NE.


Scopus umbretta

Seen on 5 days in NE and SZ. 3 together at Sunset Dam.

Yellow-billed stork

Mycteria ibis

2 at Sunset Dam.

Af. Open-bill stork

Anastomus lamelligerus

Group of about 10 at Mlondozi dam, Kruger park.

Black stork

Ciconia nigra

Two at Mlondozi dam; 1 east of Wakkerstroom.

White-necked stork

Ciconia episcopus

Pair south of Satara in Kruger park.

Saddle-bill stork

Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis

Up to 5 seen each day in Kruger park.


Leptoptilos crumeniferus

Two at Sunset Dam; 1 flying over Big Bend, SZ.

Sacred ibis

Threskiornis aethiopicus

Very common at Rondevlei; small numbers seen on four other days.

Southern bald ibis

Geronticus calvus

One each on Amersfoort Road and Volksrust Road, Wakkerstroom; one at Blyde River canyon.

Hadada ibis

Hagedashia hagedash

Common almost everywhere.

Glossy ibis

Plegadis falcinellus

Small numbers at Rondevlei, Paarl and Suikerbosrand.

African spoonbill

Platalea alba

Small numbers seen on six days.

Greater flamingo

Phoenicopterus ruber

Small groups at Paarl and Wilderness.

Fulvous wh. duck

Dendrocygna bicolor

2 at Wakkerstroom

White-faced whistling duck

Dendrocygna viduata

Small groups at Mondplaas, Kruger and Wakkerstroom

Egyptian goose

Alopochen aegyptiacus

Common almost everywhere with fresh water

South African shelduck

Tadorna cana

Pair in the middle of the Karoo (!); pair at Wakkerstroom

Spur-winged goose

Plectropterus gambensis

1 at Helderberg; 2 at Wakkerstroom.

African black duck

Anas sparsa

1 in Kruger park

Cape wigeon

Anas capensis

Small groups at Paarl and Wilderness


Anas platyrhynchus

(Introduced) Small groups at Sabie and Pongola

Yellow-billed duck

Anas undulata

Common almost everywhere with fresh water

Red-billed teal

Anas erythrorhyncha

Small groups at Wilderness, Mondplaas and Kruger

Hottentot teal

Anas punctata

About 5 at Wakkerstroom

Cape shoveler

Anas smithii

Fairly common in SW

Southern pochard

Netta erythrophthalma

5 at Mondplaas

Maccoa duck

Oxyura maccoa

1 at Paarl

White-backed duck

Thalassornis leuconotos

Pair at Paarl

Black-shouldered kite

Elanus caeruleus

Seen on 2 days in SW; common in NE

Yellow-billed kite (recent split from Black kite)

Milvus (migrans) parasitus

Milvus sp. seen on 6 days. All those positively identified were yellow-billed.

African fish eagle

Haliaeetus vocifer

2 at Wilderness; 1 at Sunset dam on two days; 2 at False Bay.

Hooded vulture

Necrosyrtes monachus

Up to 3 per day in Kruger park

Afr. white-bk vulture

Gyps africanus

2 in Kruger park

Cape griffon

Gyps coprotheres

Group of  about 12 in the Drakensbergen, just east of Abel Erasmus pass.

Lappet-faced vulture

Torgos tracheliotus

1 in Kruger park

White-headed vulture

Aegypius occipitalis

2 in Kruger park

Brown harrier eagle

Circaetus cinereus

1 in Kruger park, plus 2 probables


Terathopius ecaudatus

Up to 4 per day in Kruger park

Harrier hawk (Gymnogene)

Polyboroides typus

1 in Karoo NP; pair near Meiringspoort. (Note: Roberts gives this species as rare in the Karoo. However all three birds were adults well seen in flight; the striking underwing and undertail patterns appear to rule out any other species).

African marsh harrier

Circus ranivorus

Singles at Wilderness and Wakkerstroom

Pale chanting goshawk

Melierax canorus

1 adult at Addo NP on the 17th; group of 1 juvenile and 2 adults just south of Addo on the 19th.

Gabar goshawk

Melierax gabar

1 in Kruger park

African goshawk

Accipiter tachiro

1 near Tsitsikamma

Common buzzard

Buteo buteo

Scattered singles in NE

Forest buzzard

Buteo trizonatus

1-2 seen each day in the Wilderness/Tsitsikamma area

Jackal buzzard

Buteo rufofuscus

Pair at Wilderness

Tawny eagle

Aquila rapax

Two singles in Kruger park

Verreaux's eagle

Aquila verreauxii

Pair at Addo

Booted eagle

Hieraetus pennatus

One pale-phase bird south of Addo

Long-crested eagle

Lophaetus occipitalis

Four singles seen along road between Pretoria and Kruger park

Crowned eagle

Stephanoeaetus coronatus

Good view of one sitting in a tree (being mobbed by a black-shouldered kite) in Kruger park

Secretary bird

Sagittarius serpentarius

1 at Addo; 2 between Wakkerstroom and Heidelberg

Common kestrel

Falco tinnunculus

A few in SW


Falco biarmicus

One over Signal Hill, Cape Town


Falco peregrinus

One at Mondplaas

Red-necked spurfowl

Francolinus afer

Small group at Wilderness

Swainson's francolin

Francolinus swainsonii

Fairly common in Kruger park

Natal francolin

Francolinus natalensis

Singles in Kruger park on 21st and 24th

Cape francolin

Francolinus capensis

1 at Signal Hill, Cape Town

Crested francolin

Francolinus sephaena

Group of 4 in Kruger on 21st and a single there on the 24th

Helmeted guineafowl

Numida meleagris

Common almost everywhere

Crested guineafowl

Guttera pucherani

Group of about 10 on Ezelwini estate, 26th.

Blue crane

Anthropoides paradisea

Pair at Addo on 17th

Crowned crane

Balearica pavonina

4 pairs around Wakkerstroom

Black crake

Porzana flavirostra

Singles at Paarl and Addo


Gallinula chloropus

Fairly common: seen on 8 days

Purple swamphen

Porphyrio porphyrio

Common at Wakkerstroom. 1 at Carlos Rolfes Pan, Johannesburg

Red-knobbed coot

Fulica cristata


Ludwig's bustard

Neotis ludwigii

A pair of birds which flew over the Addo road just north of Port Elisabeth were almost certainly this species, but not seen well enough for certainty.

Buff-crested bustard (=red-crested)

Lophotis ruficrista

1, Kruger park on 22nd

Afrotis afra

1, Addo

Black-bellied bustard

Lissotis melanogaster

1, Kruger park, 24th

African jacana

Actophilornis africana

Several locations in NE and SZ

Painted snipe

Rostratula benghalensis

Group of 3 in Kruger

African black oystercatcher

Haemotopus moquini

One of South Africa's most threatened species, but we had no difficulty finding them. About 10 pairs seen in several locations along the coast.

Black-winged stilt

Himantopus himantopus

Small numbers at Paarl, Wilderness and Mondplaas


Recurvirostra avosetta

Singles at Wilderness and Mondplaas

Spotted thick-knee

Burhinus capensis

One at Addo

Black-winged plover

Vanellus melanopterus

A small group (about 6, but hard to see how many due to long grass) by the N2 east of Knysna

Crowned plover

Vanellus coronatus

One group at Addo; seen at several places in NE between Pongola and Johannesburg.

Wattled plover

Vanellus senegallus

Goup of 4 near Wakkerstroom

Blacksmith plover

Anitibyx armatus


Three-banded plover

Charadrius tricollaris

1-2 on five days, at Rondvlei, Addo and Kruger

White-fronted plover

Charadrius marginatus

One seen twice on the beach at Wilderness


Numenius phaeopus

4 at Knysna

Marsh sandpiper

Tringa stagnatalis

1 at Mondplaas


Tringa nebularia

A couple each at Knysna and Mondplaas

Common sandpiper

Actitis hypoleucos

Seen on 4 days in NE and SZ


Arenaria interpres

2 at Mouille Point, Cape Town


Calidris alba

A mixed flock of about 20 Sanderling and Curlew sandpiper at the mouth of Goukamma River, west of Knysna.

Curlew sandpiper

Calidris ferruginea

See above.

Little stint

Calidris minuta

Singles at Addo and False Bay.


Philomachus pugnax

3 at Mondplaas, about 10 at Wakkerstroom

Kelp gull

Larus dominicus

Common along the coast in the SW

Grey-headed gull

Larus cirrocephalus

Surprisingly few, considering that Roberts describes it as "common to abundant": a handful at Port Elisabeth, False Bay and Carlos Rolfes Pan.

Hartlaub's gull

Larus novaehollandiae

Very common at Cape Town.

Caspian tern

Hydroprogne caspia

1 at False Bay

Crested tern

Thalasseus bergii

Common on the coast in the SW

Common / arctic / antarctic tern

Sterna sp.

A dozen at Mouille point, Cape Town

Rock (feral) dove

Columba livia

Common in towns

Speckled pigeon

(= Rock pigeon)

Columba guinea

Common in SW; somehow missed them in NE

Af. Mourning dove

Streptopelia decipiens

A couple at Satara camp (Kruger park)

Red-eyed dove

Streptopelia semitorquata

Common almost everywhere

Ring-necked dove

(= Cape turtle dove)

Streptopelia capicola

Common almost everywhere

Palm dove

Streptopelia senegalensis

Common almost everywhere

Emerald-spotted wood dove  (= green-spotted dove)

Turtur chalcospilos

Several seen on three days in Kruger park and Swaziland

Tambourine dove

Turtur tympanistria

1 near Nature's Valley (16th)

Namaqua dove

Oena capensis

1 in Kruger park (22nd)

African green pigeon

Treron calva

A few around Lower Sabie camp (Kruger park)

Brown-necked parrot

(= Cape parrot)

Poicephalus robustus

2 at Satara camp

Brown-headed parrot

Poicephalus cryptoxanthus

1 near Lower Sabie camp

Grey go-away bird

(= Grey lourie)

Corythaixoides concolor

1 in Pretoria; fairly common in Kruger park

Knysna turaco

Tauraco corythaix

1 each at Wilderness NP and Storms River

Purple-crested turaco

Tauraco porphyreolophus

1 at Lower Sabie camp

Black & white cuckoo (Jacobin cuckoo)

Clamator jacobinus

1 at Addo NP

Red-chested cuckoo

Cuculus solitarius

Heard on 3 days in NE

Didric cuckoo

Chrysococcyx caprius

Seen on 6 days (Addo NP and NE)

Burchell's coucal

Centropus burchellii

Seen on 5 days in NE; fairly common in Kruger

African marsh owl

Asio capensis

1 on night drive, Kruger park

Mozambique nightjar

Scotornis fossii

Heard at Satara camp

African palm swift

Cypsiurus parvus

Seen on 4 days in NE

Alpine swift

Apus melba

Small numbers at Dutoitskloof Pass (12th) and north of George (13th)

African black swift

Apus barbatus

Only definite one at Helderberg (12th)

Little swift

Apus affinis

Common in several places (seen on 9 days)

White-rumped swift

Apus caffer

Fairly common everywhere except lowveld

Speckled mousebird

Colius striatus

Seen on 8 days in SW, NE and SZ

White-backed mousebird

Colius colius

One at Karoo NP

Red-faced mousebird

Colius indicus

Seen once each at Addo NP and Suikerbosrand

Giant kingfisher

Ceryle maxima

Two singles at Wilderness, and two together at Sunset Dam.

Pied kingfisher

Ceryle rudis

Wilderness and Sunset Dam.

Malachite kingfisher

Alcedo cristata

Seen on six days (SW and NE)

Brown-hooded kingfisher

Halcyon albiventris

One in Addo NP, 2 in Kruger

European bee-eater

Merops apiaster

Small groups seen on three days in Kruger park and SZ.

Lilac-breasted roller

Coracias caudata

Common in Satara area.

Rufous-crowned roller

Coracias naevia

Two singles in Kruger park

African hoopoe

U. e. senegalensis

Heard or seen on 5 days (SW and NE).

Green wood-hoopoe

Phoeniculus purpureus

Seen on two days in Kruger park

Afr. grey hornbill

Tockus nasutus

Two singles in Kruger park, 1 in SZ.

Red-billed hornbill

Tockus erythrorhynchus

1 at Orpen gate, Kruger park

Southern yellow-billed hornbill

Tockus leucomelas

Common in Kruger park

Ground hornbill

Bucorvus leadbeateri

Group of 3 near Lower Sabie (Kruger park)

Black-collared barbet

Lybius torquatus

Pair at Lower Sabie, 1 at Suikerbosrand

Crested barbet

Trachyphonus vaillanti

Fairly common in NE

Cardinal woodpecker

Dendropicos fuscescens

Pair at Satara camp, 1 at Hlane (SZ)

Olive woodpecker

Dendropicus griseocephalus

Pair at Knysna; 1 at Storms River

Rufous-naped lark

Mirafra africana

Singles at Addo, by the Coal Road and at Suikerbosrand

Sabota lark

Mirafra sabota

Two in Kruger park, 1 by the Coal Road

Long-billed lark

Certhilauda curvirostris

1 at Karoo NP

Spike-heeled lark

Certhilauda albofasciata

1 probable in Karoo NP

African sand martin (= Brown-throated martin)

Riparia paludicola

Positively identified on 3 days; probably actually commoner than this

Banded martin

Riparia cincta

2 at Suikerbosrand

Grey-rumped swallow

Hirundo griseopyga

Singles at Kruger park and Wakkerstroom

African rock martin

Hirundo fuligula

Fairly common in SW; not positively identified in NE (probably due to laziness)


Hirundo rustica

Passage of many hundreds just east of Wakkerstroom; a handful seen on two other days.

White-throated swallow

Hirundo albigularis

Group of 3 at Wilderness; a few singles around Wakkerstroom

Wire-tailed swallow

Hirundo smithii

A few around Lower Sabie camp

Pearl-breasted swallow

Hirundo dimidiata

A few mixed in with other swallows at Addo NP

Greater striped swallow

Hirundo cucullata

Common in most areas except lowveld

Lesser striped swallow

Hirundo abyssinica

A few at Addo; common in lowveld.

Red-breasted swallow

Hirundo semirufa

Seen on four days in NE and SZ

S. Af. cliff swallow

Petrochelidon spilodera

Colony of several dozen nests at Wakkerstroom

Black roughwing

Psalidoprocne holomelaena

Seen on four days in SW and NE

African pied wagtail

Motacilla aguimp

Fairly common in NE

Cape wagtail

Motacilla capensis

Common almost everywhere except the Kruger park.

Orange-thr. longclaw

Macronyx capensis

3 at Wakkerstroom; fairly common at Suikerbosrand

Yellow-thr. longclaw

Macronyx croceus

1 at False Bay

Grassveld pipit

Anthus cinnamomeus

1 displaying near Wakkerstroom; 1 at Suiker­bosrand. Several other pipits at Wakkerstroom and Suikerbosrand were probably also this species.

Red-eyed bulbul

Pycnonotus nigricans

1 at Karoo NP

Cape bulbul

Pycnonotus capensis

Common in SW

Common bulbul

Pycnonotus barbatus

Common at Addo NP and in NE

(Zanzibar) sombre greenbul

Pycnonotus importunus

Fairly common in the area from Wilderness to Addo; singles in SZ and False Bay

Yellow-bel. greenbul

Chlorocichla flaviventris

2 at False Bay

Terrestrial brownbul

Phyllastrephus terrestris

Group of 4 or 5 foraging in leaf litter at Storms River (Mouth Trail)

Helmet shrike

Prionops plumata

1 at Hlane


Nilaus afer

1 at Hlane

Black-backed puffback

Dryoscopus cubla

Singles at Mlondozi dam, Hlane and False Bay

Black-hd bush shrike

Tchagra senegala

Seen on three days at Kruger

Southern tchagra

Tchagra tchagra

2 at Addo NP

Southern boubou

Laniarius ferrugineus

Pairs heard at Wilderness and False Bay; common at Addo NP.


Telophorus zeylonus

2 pairs at Karoo NP; fairly common at Addo; 1 at Wakkerstroom.

Grey-headed bush-shrike

Malaconotus blanchoti

1 at Hlane

Eastern long-tailed shrike

Corvinella melanoleuca

Common in Kruger park

Fiscal shrike

Lanius collaris

Common in most areas

Karoo scrub robin

Erythropygia coryphaeus

Seen on two days at Addo NP

White-browed scrub robin

Erythropygia leucophrys

1 in northern Swaziland

Bearded scrub robin

Erythropygia quadrivirgata

1 in Kruger park

Chorister robin-chat

Cossypha dichroa

1 at Storms River

Cape robin-chat

Cossypha caffra

Fairly common in SW

White-throated robin-chat

Cossypha humeralis

1 at False Bay

Red-tailed chat

(= Familiar chat)

Cercomela familiaris

Seen on four days (SW and NE)

Karoo chat

Cercomela schlegelii

1 in Karoo NP


Saxicola torquata

1 in Addo NP, several in Wakkerstroom area and common in Suikerbosrand.

Southern anteater chat

Myrmecocichla formicivora

A few in and around Karoo NP

Cliffchat (= Mocking chat)

Thamnolaea cinnamomeiventris

Seen on four days in NE

Mountain wheatear

Oenanthe monticola

Both black and grey forms seen at Suikerbosrand

Capped wheatear

Oenanthe pileata

2 at Suikerbosrand

Olive thrush

Turdus olivaceous

Seen on 7 days in Addo, SZ and NE

Groundscraper thrush

Turdus litsipsirupa

Singles at Satara camp and Hlane

Arrow-marked babbler

Turdoides jardineii

Singles in Pretoria and Lower Sabie camp

Little rush warbler (African sedge warbler)

Bradypterus baboecala

Seen and heard at Wakkerstroom

African reed warbler

Acrocephalus baeticatus

Seen on five days in SW

Fan-tailed warbler

Cisticola juncidis

NB: Only definite identifications of the various cisticolas are given here; probables were seen in numerous other places.


Grey-backed cisticola

Cisticola lais

Karoo NP

Rattling cisticola

Cisticola chiniana

Kruger park

Winding cisticola

Cisticola galactotes

Northern Swaziland

Levaillant's cisticola

Cisticola tinniens



Cisticola fulvicapillus

Addo NP

Tawny-flanked prinia

Prinia subflava

Singles in Sabie and Kruger park

Karoo prinia

Prinia maculosa

Common in SW

Yellow-throated warbler

Seicercus ruficapillus

At least 1, probably 3-4, at Tsitsikamma

Yellow-chested apalis

Apalis flavida

At least 2 at False Bay

Bar-throated apalis

Apalis thoracica

Common in area from Wilderness to Addo

Green-bk camaroptera

Camaroptera brachyura

One at False Bay

Pale flycatcher

Bradornis pallidus

One probable in Kruger park

Fiscal flycatcher

Melaernornis silens

Common at Addo

Dusky flycatcher

Muscicapa adusta

Singles at Storms River and near Sabie

Cape Batis

Batis capensis

1 at Knysna; several at Tsitsikamma

Chin-spot batis

Batis molitor

Seen on four days in NE and SZ

Af. paradise flycatcher

Terpsiphone viridis

Seen on five days

Blue-mantled flycatcher

Trochocercus cyanomelas

1 male at Storms River (Mouth trail).

Southern black tit

Parus niger

1 each at Mlondozi dam and Hlane

Collared sunbird

Anthreptes collaris

1 at False Bay

Mouse-coloured sunbird

Nectarinia veroxii

1 probable at Addo

Amethyst sunbird (Black sunbird)

Nectarinia amethystina

1 at Wilderness (hotel garden)

Scarlet-chested sunbird

Nectarinia senegalensis

1 at Hlane

White-breasted sunbird

Nectarinia talatala

1 at Hlane

Lesser double-collared sunbird

Nectarinia chalybea

Seen on four days in SW

Greater double-collared sunbird

Nectarinia afra

Seen on three days in Wilderness - Addo area

Orange-breasted sunbird

Nectarinia violacea

Seen briefly at Cape peninsula and Helderberg

Mariqua sunbird

Nectarinia mariquensis

1 at Crocodile Bridge camp (Kruger)

Purple-banded sunbird

Nectarinia bifasciata

2 at False Bay

Yellow-tufted malachite sunbird

Nectarinia famosa

Fairly common in SW

Cape white-eye

Zosterops pallidus

Very common in SW

Yellow white-eye

Zosterops senegalensis

1 at False Bay

Cape sugarbird

Promerops cafer

Small family groups at Cape peninsula, Helderberg and Dutoitskloof pass

Cape bunting

Emberiza capensis

One (appropriately enough) at Cape point; several at Suikerbosrand

Golden-breasted bunting

Emberiza flaviventris

1 near Lower Sabie

Yellow-crowned canary (Cape canary)

Serinus canicollis

Seen on four days

Yellow-fronted canary (Yellow-eyed)

Serinus mozambicus

Seen on five days in NE, SZ

White-bellied canary (Yellow canary)

Serinus flaviventris

1 at Suikerbosrand

White-throated canary

Serinus albogularis

Matjiesfontein, Karoo NP and Addo

Streaky-headed canary

Serinus gularis

Wilderness and Addo

Green-winged pytilia

Pytilia melba

At least 1 in Kruger park in mixed finch group

African firefinch

Lagonosticta rubricata

1 probable at Blyde River canyon

Blue-breasted cordon-bleu

Uraeginthus angolensis

Fairly common in Kruger park and Hlane

Swee waxbill

Estrilda melanotis

Small groups at Wilderness and Sabie

Common waxbill

Estrilda astrild

Singles at Wilderness and Addo

Bronze mannikin

Lonchura cucullata

About 20 at Merry Pebbles campsite, Sabie

Pin-tailed whydah

Vidua macroura

Seen on 6 days; common at Hlane

Red-billed buffalo weaver

Bubalornis niger

Satara camp and near Lower Sabie

House sparrow

Passer domesticus

Common almost everywhere

Cape sparrow

Passer melanurus

Seen on 8 days; common at Karoo NP

Grey-headed sparrow

Passer griseus

Seen almost every day from Addo onwards

Cape weaver

Ploceus capensis

Helderberg; several locations in Gauteng and Wilderness-Addo area

(Lesser) masked weaver

Ploceus intermedius

Common in lowveld

Southern masked weaver

Ploceus velatus

Common except in lowveld

Village weaver (Spotted-backed weaver)

Ploceus cucullatus

Fairly common in Kruger park and at Hlane

Red-headed weaver

Anaplectes melanotis

At least 2 pairs nesting at Hlane

Red-billed quelea

Quelea quelea

One flock of several hundred at Mondplaas

Southern red bishop

Euplectes orix

Seen on eight days

Yellow bishop

Euplectes capensis

Singles at Wilderness, Addo and Suikerbosrand

Fan-tailed widowbird (Red-shouldered widowbird)

Euplectes axillaris

Several in Swaziland and near Hluhluwe

Red-collared widowbird

Euplectes ardens

1 at Addo; several at Suikerbosrand

Long-tailed widowbird

Euplectes progne

Common at Wakkerstroom and northwards to Gauteng

Red-winged starling

Onychognathus morio

Very common in SW; less so in NE.

Black-bellied glossy starling

Lamprotornis corruscus

2 at Wilderness

Red-shouldered glossy starling

Lamprotornis nitens

Several at Addo and in NE

Blue-eared glossy starling

Lamprotornis chalybaeus

Several in Kruger park, especially around Tshokwane picnic site

Burchell's glossy starling

Lamprotornis australis

Fairly common in Kruger park

Violet starling (plum-coloured starling)

Cinnyricinclus leucogaster

Seen on six days in NE and SZ, including an out-of-range bird in the garden of the Weavers Nest at Wakkerstroom.

Pied starling

Spreo bicolor

Seen on five days at Addo and in NE

Wattled starling

Creatophora cinerea

Seen on five days in Addo and Kruger parks

Common starling

Sturnus vulgaris

Fairly common in SW

Common myna

Acridotheres tristis

(Introduced) Pretoria, Wakkerstroom area, Helderbergkloof.

Red-billed oxpecker

Buphagus erythrorhynchus

Fairly common in Kruger park. Not seen anywhere else.

Black-headed oriole

Oriolus larvatus

Singles at Tsitsikamma and along the Coal Road near Piet Retief

Square-tailed drongo

Dicrurus ludwigii

Singles at Hlane and False Bay

Fork-tailed drongo

Dicrurus adsimilis

Fairly common except in Capetown / Karoo area.

Cape rook

Corvus capensis

Several seen along the N12 between Beaufort West and Oudtshoorn.

Pied crow

Corvus albus

Seen on 10 days (SW, NE and SZ)

White-necked raven

Corvus albicollis

Single birds seen on 5 days (SW and NE)

295 species for the trip, of which: 2 only heard; 5 introduced species. (Plus 6 probables, plus 1 not specifically identified.)

289 in South Africa; 57 in Swaziland.

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