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A Report from

South Africa, A birdwatching trip from July 7 - 31, 2000,

Stijn De Win

Spekmolenstraat 37, 2200 Herentals


            7 :Departure, flight Brussels-Johannesburg.  Arrival 22.00u    Night in car.
            8 :Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve, 7u15 - 15u00.    Drive to Witbank holiday park for     
               the night (30 R for car, small tent, 2 persons)
Sun.     9 :Witbank dam Nature Reserve.  Dullstroom.  Drive to Sabie.  Castle Rock caravan                                
               park for 75 R.
          10 :Lone Creek waterfall.  Kruger ; Numbi gate at 11u30.  Skukuza camp 17u00  65 R
          11 :Skukuza - Lower Sabie 17.25, camping 60 R
          12 :Lower Sabie - Satara, camping 65 R
          13 :Satara - Maroela tent camp (book in Orpen camp) 65 R     Night drive.
          14 :Orpen - Letaba camp 75 R
          15 :Letaba - Depart from Kruger at 12u00, Phalaborwa gate.  BLyde river Canyon.                                 Graskop Holiday resort, camping for 50 R
Sun.   16 :Waterfalls in Graskop-Sabie area.  Mount Sheba Nature Reserve. Drive to                 
               Waterval-Boven.  Elandskrans Holiday resort, camping for 57 R.
          17 :Waterfall Elandsriver.  Drive to Amersfoort - dirt road to Wakkerstroom.  Drive              
                to Piet Retief.  Municipal caravan park 40 R.
          18 :Drive to Mkuzi.  At gate 12u00.  Entrance + 2 nights = 198 R
          19 :Mkuzi
          20 :Mkuzi, depart 12u00 to False Bay Park. (camping 74 R)
          21 :False Bay Park. Enroute to St. Lucia visit Dukuduku forest.    St. Lucia Wetland                    Park, road to Cape Vidal.  Camping Cape Vidal 90 R.
          22 :Depart St. Lucia 10u00 to Richard's Bay.  Umlalazi Nature Reserve 14u45
                Entrance + camping 88 R
Sun.   23 :Umlalazi.  Durban botanical gardens.  Howick falls, camping 64 R.
          24 :Howick falls.  Drive to Underberg - Franklin - Ngele forest (trail) - Oribi Gorge  
               Entrance + camping  50 R
          25 :Oribi Gorge, Hoopoe falls trail till 14u00.   Drive to East London.  Lagoon valley          
               camping 45.60 R
          26 :Drive East London - Port Elizabeth - Jeffrey's Bay - Cape St. Francis,
               camping 50 R.
          27 :Cape St. Francis - Jeffrey's Bay - Addo Elephants Park, campsite 40 R.
          28 :Addo till 12u30.  Drive to Graaff-Reinet.  Urquart Park camping 30 R.
          29 :Graaff-Reinet, Valley of Desolation, Game viewing area.  Drive to Colesberg.
                Hotel for 78 R, 2 persons.
Sun.   30 :Drive to Pilanesberg National Park.  Entrance + campsite =  150 R
         31 :Pilanesberg until 16u00.  Drive to airport.  Flight to Brussels.


Getting there
We flew to Johannesburg with KLM.  The flight takes about 10 hours.  Our return-ticket booked with Connections cost us 21790 Bef/person.  We reconfirmed our return flight directly after arriving in the airport.  There is no departure tax when leaving South Africa.

1 USD = 6,67 Rand at the airport in July 2000
We changed 1000 dollar which was just enough for the whole trip

English !
Afrikaans is difficult to understand, even for Dutch or Flemish speaking people.

Generally very good and cheap.  Dinner in Kruger is double in price than elsewhere but excellent and still a bargain. (60 R + drinks / person)

We did not encounter any problems during the trip and had no feelings of unsafety.
Avoid Johannesburg and be careful, especially at night.

We rented a kat. A (VW Polo) from Avis 25 days for 40560 BEF
The car was registered in May and had 3770 km done.  With this 'new' car we had no problems during the trip.  After our trip he was looking many years older and with many hunderds of kms dust roads the dirtyest car I've ever seen.  There was no cleaning charge !!
Total of the trip = 6911 km
Fuel is cheap : 3,51 R / liter

Cold at night, sunny in daytime.  Somewhat warmer in Kruger.  Freezing at night in mountains. 
We had one night with rain and one overcast day, at Umlalazi.

Literature and optic instruments
Birds of Southern Africa is very good (Sinclair etc. ISBN1 85368 281 0)
Lonely Planet, South Africa, Lesotho & Swaziland 2002
Many site information on the website of Southern African Birding cc:
Trip reports by others
Map South Africa 1:2 000 000  Freytag & Berndt
Good maps of national parcs are sold at the entrances and in camps.
Mammals of Southern Africa, Field Guide by Chris and Tilde Stuart ISBN 1 86825 519 0
A telescoop is very useful,  we do not used a tape recorder.

Be sure you have the right vaccinations before leaving for South Africa, consult your doctor.   
We took Lariam tablets against malaria wich is neccesary for Kruger and Natal.

Places to stay
Except for one night we camped with a small tent on campings which is cheap.  There are many caravan parks and quality camping grounds in National Parks


The list follows the sequence and scientific nomenclature of  'Illustrated Guide To The BIRDS OF SOUTHERN AFRICA'.  Ian Sinclair etc.

Used abbreviations :

SBR   Suikerbosrand                             SL       St. Lucia - Cape Vidal          
WB    Witbank                                     RB       Richards Bay
DS     Dullstroom                                 MU      Mtunzini-Umlalazi
SG     Sabie and Graskop area               DB       Durban-botanical garden
KR     Kruger National Park                    OG      Oribi Gorge
BL     Blyde River Canyon                      CF       Cape St. Francis
WAB  Waterval Boven                          AD      Addo Elephants Park
AW     Amersfoort-Wakkerstroom           GR       Graaff-Reinet
MK     Mkuzi                                       PB       Pilanesberg
FB      False Bay Park

1.         Dabchick                                            Tachybaptus ruficollis
2.         Great Crested Grebe                           Podiceps cristatus
            one R36 Carolina-Amersfoort
3.         Shy Albatross                                     Diomedea cauta
            several CF
4.         Whitechinned Petrel                            Procellaria aequinoctialis
            several CF
5.         Sooty Shearwater                               Puffinus griseus
            very common CF
6.         Cape Gannet                                       Morus capensis
            common coast, very common CF
7.         Whitebreasted Cormorant                   Phalacrocorax carbo
            fairly common
8.         Cape Cormorant                                 Phalacrocorax capensis
            several CF
9.         Reed Cormorant                                 Phalacrocorax africanus
10.       Darter                                                 Anhinga melanogaster
            fairly common near water
11.       Eastern White Pelican              Pelecanus onocrotalus
            50 +  MK
12.       Pinkbacked Pelican                             Pelecanus rufescens
            one MK, one FB
13.       Goliath Heron                                      Ardea goliath
            KR, AW, MK, Jeffrey's Bay
14.       Purple Heron                                       Ardea purpurea
15.       Grey Heron                                         Ardea cinerea
16.       Blackheaded Heron                             Ardea melanocephala
            fairly common                                                                                       
17.       Great White Egret                               Egretta alba
            MK, SL
18.       Little Egret                                          Egretta garzetta
19.       Cattle Egret                                         Bubulcus ibis
20.       Squacco Heron                                   Ardeola ralloides
21.       Black Egret                                         Egretta ardesiaca
            one DB
22.       Blackcrowned Night Heron                 Nycticorax nycticorax
23.       Greenbacked Heron                            Butorides striatus
            KR, PB
24.       Yellowbilled Stork                               Mycteria ibis
            MK, several
25.       Marabou Stork                                   Leptoptilos crumeniferus
            KR,  50 à 55 ex. river behind Letaba Camp
26.       Saddlebilled Stork                               Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis
            KR,  one Sabie river at Nkuhlu picnic site and one river behind Letaba Camp
27.       Openbilled Stork                                 Anastomus lamelligerus
28.       Woollynecked Stork                           Ciconia episcopus
            KR, MK, SL, MU
29.       Greater Flamingo                                 Phoenicopterus ruber
            one Durban Riverside road
30.       African Spoonbill                                 Platalea alba
            near WB, AW, RB, Jeffrey's Bay       
31.       Hamerkop                                           Scopus umbretta
            KR, MK, RB, PB
32.       Hadeda Ibis                                        Bostrychia hagedash
            very common
33.       Southern Bald Ibis                               Geronticus calvus
            DS, AW, Sani pass road, R617 Franklin
34.       Sacred Ibis                                          Threskiornis aethiopicus
35.       Spurwinged Goose                              Plectropterus gambensis
36.       Egyptian Goose                                   Alopochen aegyptiacus
37.       South African Shelduck                       Tadorna cana
38.       Whitefaced Duck                                Dendrocygna viduata
            KR, AW, MK
39.       Fulvous Duck                                      Dendrocygna bicolor
40.       Whitebacked Duck                             Thalassornis leuconotus
            SBS, AW
41.       Southern Pochard                                Netta erythrophthalma
            AW, R 36
42.       Maccoa Duck                                     Oxyura maccoa
            AW, R 36
43.       Yellowbilled Duck                               Anas undulata
44.       African Black Duck                             Anas sparsa
            one BL, one PB
45.       Cape Shoveler                                    Anas smithii
            AW, Franklin
46.       Cape Teal                                           Anas capensis
            saltworks Port Elizabeth, Jeffrey's Bay
47.       Redbilled Teal                                    Anas erythrorhyncha
            AW, Franklin, GR
48.       Hottentot Teal                                     Anas hottentota
            AW, RB
49.       Lappetfaced Vulture                            Torgos tracheliotus
            KR several
50.       Whiteheaded Vulture                           Trigonoceps occipitalis
            KR several
51.       Cape Vulture                                       Gyps coprotheres
            one R617 Franklin
52.       Whitebacked Vulture                           Gyps africanus
            KR, BL, MK common
53.       Palmnut Vulture                                   Gypohierax angolensis
            MU two in village at Wilderness Drive
54.       Hooded Vulture                                  Necrosyrtes monachus
            KR few
55.       African Fish Eagle                               Haliaeetus vocifer
            DS, KR, SL, Howick falls, PB
56.       Bateleur                                              Terathopius ecaudatus
57.       Brown Snake Eagle                             Circaetus cinereus
            SG, KR
58.       Blackbreasted Snake Eagle                 Circaetus gallicus
            KR one
59.       Southern Banded Snake Eagle             Circaetus fasciolatus
            SL one road to right before entrance to the beach
60.       Tawny Eagle                                       Aquila rapax
            KR, MK fairly common
61.       Martial Eagle                                       Polemaetus bellicosus
            KR one near Phalaborwa gate
62.       Black Eagle                                         Aquila verreauxii
            2 ex. N10 Paterson - Cookhouse, GR Valley of Desolation 1 à 2 ex., PB one
63.       African Hawk Eagle                            Hieraaetus fasciatus
            KR few
64.       Longcrested Eagle                               Lophaetus occipitalis
            SG, SL, R617 Underberg, Sani pass road
65.       Jackal Buzzard                        Buteo rufofuscus
            DS, SG, OG, Karoo, etc. fairly common
66.       Gymnogene                                         Polyboroides typus
            KR, SL, PB
67.       African Marsh Harrier              Circus ranivorus
            RB, one near Durban
68.       Black Harrier                                      Circus maurus
            AW, near GR
69.       Blackshouldered Kite                          Elanus caeruleus
70.       Pale Chanting Goshawk                       Melierax canorus
            Several  between Port Elizabeth-Addo Park-Graaff Reinet-Bloemfontein
71.       Dark Chanting Goshawk                     Melierax metabates
            KR one
72.       Cuckoo Hawk                                    Aviceda cuculoides
            AD one
73.       Gabar Goshawk                                  Micronisus gabar
            KR two
74.       African Goshawk                                Accipiter tachiro
            KR, MK ad. male perched
75.       Lanner Falcon                                     Falco biarmicus
            OG one
76.       Peregrine Falcon                                 Falco peregrinus
            GR one
77.       Rock Kestrel                                       Falco tinnunculus
            SBS, DS, AW, near GR, PB
78.       Greater Kestrel                                   Falco rupicoloides
            one N1 between Colesberg and Bloemfontein
79.       Swaninson's Francolin             Francolinus swainsonii
            KR, PB
80.       Rednecked Francolin                           Francolinus afer
            CF one
81.       Natal Francolin                                    Francolinus natalensis
            KR, PB
82.       Redwing Francolin                               Francolinus levaillantii
            DS one group
83.       Greywing Francolin                             Francolinus africanus
            SBS, AW
84.       Crested Francolin                                Francolinus sephaena
            KR, FB, PB
85.       Helmeted Guineafowl                          Numida meleagris
86.       Crested Guineafowl                             Guttera pucherani
            MK several groups
87.       Ground Hornbill                                  Bucorvus leadbeateri
            KR 2 + 4 + 6 ex
88.       Ostrich                                                Struthio camelus
            KR 2 male, AD, GR, PB
89.       Redknobbed Coot                              Fulica cristata
90.       Moorhen                                             Gallinula chloropus
91.       Purple Gallinule                                   Porphyrio porphyrio
            AW, RB
92.       Black Crake                                        Amaurornis flavirostris
            KR, RB, DB, AD
93.       African Jacana                         Actophilornis africanus
            KR, RB, SL
94.       Southern Crowned Crane                    Balearica regulorum
            2 ex. near Franklin
95.       Wattled Crane                                     Grus carunculatus
            AW one in group of 15 Blue Cranes on Amersfoort to Wakkerstroom dust road
96.       Blue Crane                                          Anthropoides paradisea
            AW 15 ex., 2 ex. on R335 near Addo Park, 2 ex. N9 near Middelburg, 2 ex. N1 Colesberg-Bloemfontein
97.       Secretarybird                                      Sagittarius serpentarius
            SG, AW, on the way to GR
98.       Kori Bustard                                       Ardeotis kori
            KR 2 ex. near Satara camp
99.       Stanley's Bustard                                Neotis denhami
            SG 2 ex. on the way to Mt.Sheba reserve at 1778m altitude, 2 ex R617 near Underberg
100.     Ludwig's Bustard                                Neotis ludwigii
            GR one near town,  2 ex. N9  20 km south of Colesberg
101.     Blue Korhaan                                      Eupodotis caerulescens
            AW 4 ex. Amersfoort to Wakkerstroom dust road
102.     Redcrested Korhaan                           Eupodotis ruficrista
            KR 3x  1 ex.
103.     Soutern Black Korhaan                       Eupodotis afra
            AD two males
104.     African Black Oystercatcher                Haematopus moquini
            common coast south of East London
105.     Blackwinged Stilt                                 Himantopus himantopus
            MK, coast Port Elizabeth
106.     Threebanded Plover                            Charadrius tricollaris
            KR, MK, RB, CF
107.     Kittlitz's Plover                                    Charadrius pecuarius
            MK, coast around Port Elizabeth, CF
108.     Chestnutbanded Plover                        Charadrius pallidus
            2 ex. saltworks along N2 just south of Port Elizabeth
109.     Whitefronted Plover                            Charadrius marginatus
            SL, coast near Port Elizabeth
110.     Crowned Plover                                  Vanellus coronatus
111.     Blackwinged Plover                             Vanellus melanopterus
            SG  2 ex. road to Mt. Sheba reserve
112.     Wattled Plover                        Vanellus senegallus
            KR, PB
113.     Whitecrowned Plover                          Vanellus crassirostris
            KR 2 ex.  H1-4  at bridge over Olifants river and 1 ex. at N'wamanzi viewpoint
114.     Blacksmith Plover                                Vanellus armatus
            very common
115.     Curlew Sandpiper                               Calidris ferruginea
            Several saltworks south of Port Elizabeth
116.     Little Stint                                            Calidris minuta
            Several  Jeffrey's Bay
117.     Grey Plover                                         Pluvialis squatarola
            St. Francis Bay one
118.     Ethiopian Snipe                                   Gallinago nigripennis
            AW, several reserve near  Wakkerstroom
119.     Turnstone                                            Arenaria interpres
            coast south of East London
120.     Common Sandpiper                            Tringa hypoleucos
            MK two
121.     Greenshank                                         Tringa nebularia
            St. Francis Bay one
122.     Spotted Dikkop                                  Burhinus capensis
            PB two on campground lawns
123.     Water Dikkop                                     Burhinus vermiculatus
            KR several near waterholes and near Orpen gate, calls at dusk
124.     Temminck's Courser                           Cursorius temminckii
            SG two road to Mt. Sheba reserve
125.     Subantarctic Skua                               Catharacta antarctica
            CF one
126.     Kelp Gull                                            Larus dominicanus
127.     Caspian Tern                                       Hydroprogne caspia
            Jeffrey's Bay one
128.     Greyheaded Gull                                 Larus cirrocephalus
            Several near inland lakes
129.     Swift Tern                                           Sterna bergii
            common coast
130.     Common Tern                                     Sterna hirundo
            FB, Jeffey's Bay
131.     Antarctic Tern                                     Sterna vittata
            SL one
132.     Whiskered Tern                                  Chlidonias hybridus
            MK, RB
133.     Doublebanded Sandgrouse                  Pterocles bicinctus
            KR one S100 near Satara and several near Orpen gate
134.     Rock Pigeon                                       Columba guinea
            SBS, WAB, coast Port Elizabeth, PB
135.     Rameron Pigeon                                  Columba arquatrix
            Howick falls, Ngeli forest trail
136.     Cinnamon Dove                                  Aplopelia larvata
            OG one Hoopoe falls trail
137.     Mourning Dove                                   Streptopelia decipiens
138.     Redeyed Dove                        Streptopelia semitorquata
139.     Cape Turtle Dove                                Streptopelia capicola
140.     Laughing Dove                        Streptopelia senegalensis
141.     African Green Pigeon                          Treron calva
            KR few
142.     Greenspotted Dove                             Turtur chalcospilos
            KR, MK, AD
143.     Tambourine Dove                                Turtur tympanistria
            SL several
144.     Namaqua Dove                                   Oena capensis
            KR one, GR one
145.     Brownheaded Parrot                           Poicephalus cryptoxanthus
            KR, MK
146.     Knysna Lourie                         Tauraco corythaix
            OG  3 ex.
147.     Livingstone's Lourie                            Tauraco livingstonii
            SL several Mvubu trail,  Dukuduku forest; trail behind picnic site
148.     Purplecrested Lourie                           Tauraco porphyreolophus
            KR two
149.     Grey Lourie                                         Corythaixoides concolor
            KR, MK, PB : very common
150.     Klaas's Cuckoo                                  Chrysococcyx klaas
            MK one female
151.     Burchell's Coucal                                Centropus burchelli
            KR, MK, SL
152.     Green Coucal                                      Ceuthmochares aereus
            Dukuduku forest; trail behind picnic site along road to St. Lucia village
153.     Giant Eagle Owl                                  Bubo lacteus
            KR two imm.  daytime along H1-3
154.     Barn Owl                                            Tyto alba
            AD  ± 6 ex. visitor centre nighttime
155.     Marsh Owl                                          Asio capensis
            one R543 between Wakkerstroom-Piet Retief  hunting above field in late afternoon             
156.     Pearlspotted Owl                                Glaucidium perlatum
            PB one daytime
157.     Alpine Swift                                        Apus melba
            KR, Howick falls, GR
158.     Black Swift                                         Apus barbatus
            KR, WAB, Howick falls
159.     Little Swift                                           Apus affinis
            common villages and towns
160.     Palm Swift                                           Cypsiurus parvus
161.     Narina Trogon                         Apaloderma narina
            OG one female Hoopoe falls trail
162.     Redfaced Mousebird                           Colius indicus
            MK, FB, PB
163.     Speckled Mousebird                           Colius striatus
            KR, SG, DB, etc. common
164.     Giant Kingfisher                                   Ceryle maxima
            SG(Lone Creek waterfall, Sabie village), KR, DS, AW, Sani pas, PB
165.     Pied Kingfisher                        Ceryle rudis
            KR, MK, RB, coast Port Elizabeth, PB
166.     Halfcollared Kingfisher             Alcedo semitorquata
            one on beach at Cove Rock ± 10 km south of East London
167.     Malachite Kingfisher                            Alcedo cristata
            MK, RB, PB
168.     Brownhooded Kingfisher                     Halcyon albiventris
            KR, MK, OG, Cove Rock(East London), near Port Elizabeth, PB
169.     Stiped Kingfisher                                 Halcyon chelicuti
170.     Whitefronted Bee-eater                       Merops bullockoides
            SG, KR
171.     Little Bee-eater                                   Merops pusillus
            KR, MK
172.     Lilacbreasted Roller                             Coracias caudata
            KR, MK, PB
173.     Purple Roller                                       Coracias naevia
174.     Trumpeter Hornbill                              Bycanistes bucinator
            MK, FB, SL, MU, OG
175.     Crowned Hornbill                                Tockus alboterminatus
            MK, Dukuduku forest, SL, OG
176.     Grey Hornbill                                      Tockus nasutus
            KR, PB
177.     Southern Yellowbilled Hornbill Tockus flavirostris
            KR, MK, PB
178.     Redbilled Hornbill                                Tockus erythrorhynchus
            KR, MK, PB
179.     Redbilled Woodhoopoe                      Phoeniculus purpureus
            KR, MK
180.     Greater Scimitarbill                              Rhinopomastus cyanomelas
            KR, MK
181.     Hoopoe                                              Upupa epops
            small numbers throughout
182.     Scalythroated Honeyguide                   Indicator variegatus
183.     Blackcollared Barbet                           Lybius torquatus
            SBS, KR, MK, DB, OG, Cove Rock, AD, PB
184.     White-eared Barbet                             Stactolaema leucotis
            MK, SL, MU
185.     Crested Barbet                                    Trachyphonus vaillantii
            SBS, WB, KR, MK, PB
186.     Acacia Pied Barbet                             Lybius leucomelas
            PB campground
187.     Redfronted Tinker Barbet                    Pogoniulus pusillus
            OG one
188.     Goldenrumped Tinker Barbet   Pogoniulus bilineatus
            MU one, DB one
189.     Ground Woodpecker                          Geocolaptes olivaceus
            GR two Valley of Desolation
190.     Redthroated Wryneck                         Jynx ruficollis
            WB two, SG one Breidal falls
191.     Olive Woodpecker                              Mesopicos griseocephalus
            SG(Mt. Sheba reserve), OG
192.     Cardinal Woodpecker                         Dendropicos fuscescens
            KR, MK
193.     Goldentailed Woodpecker                   Campethera abingoni
            KR, MK, DB
194.     Bennett's Woodpecker                       Campethera bennettii
            KR one Orpen camp
195.     Bearded Woodpecker                         Thripias namaquus
196.     Knysna Woodpecker                          Campethera notata
            OG one Hoopoe falls trail
197.     Sabota Lark                                        Mirafra sabota
            KR, MK, PB
198.     Rufousnaped Lark                               Mirafra africana
199.     Redcapped  Lark                                Calandrella cinerea
            AW, GR
200.     Spikeheeled Lark                                Chersomanes albofasciata
            AW Amersfoort to Wakkerstroom dust road
201.     Lesser Striped Swallow                       Hirundo abyssinica
            KR, PB
202.     Wiretailed Swallow                             Hirundo smithii
203.     Black Saw-wing Swallow                    Psalidoprocne holomelas
            SL several
204.     Brownthroated Martin             Riparia paludicola
205.     Rock Martin                                        Hirundo fuligula
206.     Greyrumped Swallow                          Pseudhirundo griseopyga
            KR few S25 near Crocodile Bridge camp
207.     Forktailed Drongo                               Dicrurus adsimilis
208.     Squaretailed Drongo                            Dircurus ludwigii
            MK, FB, OG
209.     Grey Cuckooshrike                             Coracina caesia
            OG several
210.     Blackheaded Oriole                             Oriolus larvatus
            KR, Howick falls, OG, near Port Elizabeth
211.     Whitenecked Raven                            Corvus albicollis
            BL, OG, near Port Elizabeth, AD
212.     Pied Crow                                          Corvus albus
            common but not seen in Kruger and north of Wakkerstoom
213.     Black Crow                                        Corvus capensis
            DS, AW, coast from East London south
214.     House Crow                                       Corvus splendens
215.     Ashy Tit                                              Parus cinerascens
216.     Southern Black Tit                               Parus niger
            KR, MK
217.     Arrowmarked Babbler             Turdoides jardineii
            KR, PB
218.     Southern Pied Babbler             Turdoides bicolor
219.     Cape Bulbul                                        Pycnonotus capensis
            CF, AD
220.     Redeyed Bulbul                                   Pycnonotus nigricans
            SBR, DS, AD
221.     Blackeyed Bulbul                                Pycnonotus barbatus
222.     Terrestrial Bulbul                                 Phyllastrephus terrestris
            FB, OG
223.     Sombre Bulbul                         Andropadus importunus
            KR, WAB, MK, CF, AD
224.     Yellowstreaked Bulbul             Phyllastrephus flavostriatus
            SG (Mt. Sheba reserve)
225.     Yellowbellied Bulbul                            Chlorocichla flaviventris
226.     Yellowspotted Nicator             Nicator gularis
            MK one at entrance road to Fig forest
227.     Orange Ground Thrush                        Zoothera gurneyi
            SG 2 ex. Lone Creek Waterfall, one Horseshoefalls
228.     Southern Olive Trush                           Turdus olivaceus
            SBR,  SG, OG, GR
229.     Kurrichane Thrush                               Turdus libonyana
            SG, KR, MK, DB
230.     Groundscraper Thrush             Turdus litsitsirupa
            KR, WAB, PB
231.     Spotted Ground Thrush                       Zoothera guttata
            SL one Mvubu trail, OG one Hoopoe falls trail
232.     Cape Rock Thrush                              Monticola rupestris
            SBR, SG, WAB, DS, Howick falls, PB
233.     Sentinel Rock Thrush                           Monticola oxplorator
            SBR, DS
234.     Familiar Chat                                       Cercomela familiaris
            SBR, BL, GR, PB
235.     Mountain Chat                         Oenanthe monticola
            SBR, AW, GR
236.     Capped Wheatear                               Oenanthe pileata
            SBR, DS
237.     Stonechat                                            Saxicola torquata
238.     Buffstreaked Chat                               Oenanthe bifasciata
            DS,  R617 Franklin
239.     Southern Anteating Chat                      Myrmeccocichla formicivora
            SBR, DS, AW, way to GR, GR
240.     Mocking Chat                                     Thamnolaea cinnamomeiventris
            KR Mlondozi dam and Masorini picnic site, WAB Holiday park, Howick falls
241.     Chorister Robin                                   Cossypha dichroa
            OG one Hoopoe falls trail
242.     Natal Robin                                         Cossypha natalensis
            KR, MK, DB
243.     Heuglin's Robin                                   Cossypha heuglini
            KR Letaba Camp
244.     Cape Robin                                         Cossypha caffra
            SBR, WB, WAB, Howick falls, common around Port Elizabeth
245.     African Whitethroated Robin               Cossypha humeralis
            MK, FB
246.     Brown Robin                                       Erythropygia signata
            SL 2 ex. Mvubu trail
247.     Eastern Bearded Robin                        Erythropygia quadrivirgata
248.     Whitebrowed Robin                            Erythropygia leucophrys
            KR, MK, AD, PB
249.     Kalahari Robin                        Erythropygia paena
            SBR, PB
250.     Karoo Robin                                       Erythropygia coryphaeus
            AD, GR
251.     Yellowthroated Warbler                      Seicercus ruficapillus
            Ngeli forest, OG
252.     Yellowbellied Eremomela                    Eremomela icteropygialis
253.     Grey Penduline Tit                               Anthroscopus caroli
            KR, MK
254.     Cape Reed Warbler                            Acrocephalus gracilirostris
            RB, MU
255.     Greenbacked Bleating Warbler            Camaroptera brachyura
256.     Greybacked Bleating Warbler  Camaroptera brevicaudata
            KR one Orpen Camp
257.     Layard's Titbabbler                             Parisoma layardi
            GR ± 5 ex. Valley of Desolation
258.     Titbabbler                                           Parisoma subcaeruleum
            SBR, GR, PB
259.     Longbilled Crombec                            Sylvietta rufescens
            KR, PB
260.     Yellowbreasted Apalis             Apalis flavida
            KR, FB
261.     Rudd's Apalis                                     Apalis ruddi
            MK few
262.     Barthroated Apalis                              Apalis thoracica
            BL, Ngeli forest, AD
263.     Cisticola spec.  (many)                         Cisticola spec.
            No time to waste.  I save them carefully for next trip.
264.     Neddicky                                            Cisticola fulvicapilla
            Between East London and Port Elizabeth, AD  (to easy to save)
265.     Drakensberg Prinia                              Prinia hypoxantha
266.     Spotted Prinia                                     Prinia maculosa
267.     Tawnyflanked Prinia                            Prinia subflava
268.     Blackchested Prinia                             Prinia flavicans
            SBR, DS
269.     Dusky Flycatcher                                Muscicapa adusta
            BL, MK, OG
270.     Bluegrey Flycatcher                             Muscicapa caerulescens
271.     Southern Black Flycatcher                   Melaenornis pammelaina
            KR, MK, DB, MU, PB
272.     Fiscal Flycatcher                                 Sigelus silens
            fairly common
273.     Chat Flycatcher                                   Melaenornis infuscatus
274.     Marico Flycatcher                               Melaenornis mariquensis
275.     Mousecoloured Flycatcher                  Melaenornis pallidus
276.     Bluemantled Flycatcher                        Trochocercus cyanomelas
            MK, SL
277.     Paradise Flycatcher                             Terpsiphone viridis
            MK, OG
278.     Cape White-Eye                                 Zosterops senegalensis
279.     Cape Batis                                          Batis capensis
            BL, Ngeli forest, OG, AD
280.     Woodward's Batis                              Batis fratrum
            Dukuduku forest (near SL),  SL
281.     Chinspot Batis                         Batis molitor
            KR, MK, PB
282.     Cape Wagtail                                      Motacilla capensis
283.     African Pied Wagtail                            Motacilla aguimp
284.     Longtailed Wagtail                               Motacilla clara
            SG, BL
285.     Grassveld Pipit                        Anthus cinnamomeus
286.     Longbilled Pipit                                   Anthus similis
287.     Plainbacked Pipit                                 Anthus leucophrys
288.     Yellowthroated Longclaw                    Macronyx croceus
289.     Orangethroated Longclaw                   Macronyx capensis
            SBR, DS, AW, CF
290.     Crimsonbreasted Shrike                      Laniarius atrococcineus
291.     Longtailed Shrike                                Corvinella melanoleuca
292.     Fiscal Shrike                                       Lanius collaris
293.     Southern Boubou                                Laniarius ferrugineus
            KR, Howick falls, CF, AD
294.     Blackcrowned Tchagra                        Tchagra senegala
295.     Threestreaked Tchagra                        Tchagra australis
            KR, MK
296.     Greyheaded Bush Shrike                     Malacronotus blanchoti
297.     Bokmakierie                                        Telophorus zeylonus
            SBR, AD
298.     Gorgeous Bush Shrike             Telephorus quadricolor
            FB one seen Mpophomeni trail
299.     Olive Bush Shrike                                Telophorus olivaceus
300.     Orangebreasted Bush Shrike               Telophorus sulfureopectus
            KR, MK, FB
301.     White Helmetshrike                             Prionops plumatus
            KR, MK
302.     Puffback                                             Dryoscopus cubla
303.     Southern Whitecrowned Shrike           Eurocephalus anguitimens
304.     Brubru                                                Nilaus afer
            SBR, KR, MK
305.     Greater Blue-eared Starling                 Lamprotornis chalybaeus
306.     Glossy Starling                         Lamprotornis nitens
            KR, PB
307.     Blackbellied Starling                            Lamprotornis corruscus
308.     Burchell's Starling                                Lamprotornis australis
309.     Palewinged Starling                             Onychognathus nabouroup
            GR Valley of Desolation
310.     Redwinged Starling                              Onychognathus morio
            KR, Howick falls, OG, common cape province
311.     Indian Myna                                        Acridotheres tristis
            Around Durban
312.     European Starling                                Sturnus vulgaris
            Coast south of East London
313.     Wattled Starling                                   Creatophora cinerea
            Only one feeding flock along N9 (GR-Colesberg)
314.     Pied Starling                                        Spreo bicolor
            AW, R617 Franklin, common in cape province
315.     Redbilled Oxpecker                            Buphagus erythrorhynchus
            KR, MK, PB
316.     Malachite Sunbird                               Nectarinia famosa
            OG, between Port Elizabeth - AD,  AD
317.     Scarletchested Sunbird            Nectarinia senegalensis
            KR, BL, OG
318.     Black Sunbird                                     Nectarinia amethystina
            SG, KR, DB, GR
319.     Collared Sunbird                                 Anthreptes collaris
            KR, MK
320.     Whitebellied Sunbird                           Nectarinia talatala
321.     Greater Doublecollared Sunbird           Nectarinia afra
            WB, KR, BL, CF
322.     Lesser Doublecollared Sunbird            Nectarinia chalybea
323.     Marico Sunbird                                   Nectarinia mariquensis
324.     Neergaard's Sunbird                           Nectarinia neergaardi
            MK one
325.     Purplebanded Sunbird             Nectarinia bifasciata
326.     Great Sparrow                                    Passer moritensis
            PB garden Pilanesberg centre restaurant
327.     House Sparrow                                   Passer domesticus
328.     Cape Sparrow                                    Passer melanurus
            SBR, WB, AW, coast Port Elizabeth, PB
329.     Greyheaded Sparrow                          Passer griseus
            KR, Howick falls, PB, etc.
330.     Yellowthroated Sparrow                     Petronia superciliaris
            KR, MK, PB
331.     Redbilled Buffalo Weaver                    Bubalornis niger
            KR near Satara
332.     Whitebrowed Sparrow-Weaver          Plocepasser mahali
333.     Tickbilled Weaver                               Amblyospiza albifrons
            SG, Dukuduku forest near St. Lucia
334.     Forest Weaver                                    Ploceus bicolor
            MK, OG
335.     Spottedbacked Weaver                       Ploceus cucullatus
            Howick falls
336.     Southern Masked Weaver                   Ploceus velatus
            SBR, Howick falls
337.     Spectacled Weaver                             Ploceus ocularis
338.     Cape Weaver                                      Ploceus capensis
339.     Redbilled Quelea                                 Quelea quelea
340.     Longtailed Widow                               Euplectes progne
            SBR, AW
341.     Bluebilled Firefinch                              Lagonosticta rubricata
            WAB, Howick falls, OG
342.     Redbilled Firefinch                               Lagonosticta senegala
343.     Bronze Mannikin                                 Spermestes cucullatus
344.     Redbacked Mannikin                          Spermestes bicolor
            SG, OG
345.     Redheaded Finch                                Amadina erythrocephala
            GR several Game viewing area
346.     Scalyfeathered Finch                           Sporopipes squamifrons
            PB several
347.     Violeteared Waxbill                             Uraeginthus granatinus
            PB several
348.     Common Waxbill                                Estrilda astrild
            SBR, AD
349.     Blue Waxbill                                        Uraeginthus angolensis
350.     Melba Finch                                        Pytilia melba
            KR, PB
351.     Pinkthroated Twinspot             Hypargos margaritatus
            MK male entrance fig forest, male near headquarters
352.     Yellow Canary                        Serinus flaviventris
353.     Bully Canary                                       Serinus sulphuratus
354.     Yelloweyed Canary                             Serinus mozambicus
355.     Forest Canary                                     Serinus scotops
356.     Cape Canary                                       Serinus canicollis
357.     Whitethroated Canary                         Serinus albogularis
358.     Streakyheaded Canary            Serinus gularis
359.     Rock Bunting                                      Emberiza tahapisi
360.     Goldenbreasted Bunting                       Emberiza flaviventris
            KR, MK, AD, PB



Follows Field Guide, Mammals of Southern Africa. Chris and Tilde Stuart.ISBN 1868255190
Same abbreviations like bird list.
1.         Chacma Baboon                                 Papio ursinus
            KR, SBR, PB, MK
2.         Vervet Monkey                                   Cercopithecus aethiops
3.         Samango Monkey                               Cercopithecus mitis
            Mount Sheba reserve, SL near Cape Vidal
4.         Thick-tailed Bushbaby             Otolemur crassicaudatus
            One MU at camping above tent, night.
5.         Lesser Bushbaby                                 Galago moholi
            One KR night drive.
6.         Scrub Hare                                         Lepus saxatilis
            KR, MK
7.         Tree Squirrel                                       Paraxerus cepapi
8.         Black-backed Jackal                           Canis mesomelas
            KR, SBR, AD
9.         Banded Mongoose                              Mungos mungo
10.       Dwarf Mongoose                                Helogale parvula
11.       Yellow Mongoose                               Cynictis penicillata
            Jeffrey's Bay
12.       Suricate                                               Suricata suricatta
            SBR, AD
13.       Small-spotted Genet                            Genetta genetta
            One KR night drive
14.       Large-spotted Genet                           Genetta tigrina
            MK night drive to camping, False Bay Park
15.       Spotted Hyaena                                  Crocuta crocuta
16.       African Wild Cat                                 Felis lybica
            KR one night drive
17.       Caracal                                               Felis caracal
            OG one seen very well Hoopoe Falls trail
18.       Lion                                                    Panthera leo
            KR 3 male, 2 female
19.       Elephant                                              Loxodonta africana
            KR, AD also herd of ± 25 ex. coming to drink at pool
20.       Rock Dassie                                        Procavia capensis
            GR valley of Desolation
21.       Burchell's Zebra                                  Equus burchellii
            KR, MK, PB, AD, SL, SBR
22.       Square-lipped Rhinoceros                   Ceratotherium simum
            MK 8 ex., PB 4 ex.
23.       Warthog                                              Phacochoerus aethiopicus
            KR, MK, PB
24.       Hippopotamus                                     Hippopotamus amphibius
            KR, MK, SL, PB
25.       Giraffe                                                 Giraffa camelopardalis
            KR, MK, PB
26.       Buffalo                                    Syncerus caffer
            KR, one SL
27.       Eland                                                  Taurotragus oryx
28.       Kudu                                                  Tragelophus strepsiceros
            SBR, KR, SL, Witbank nature reserve, MK,  AD, GR
29.       Nyala                                                  Tragelaphus angasii
            False Bay Park, common MK
30.       Bushbuck                                            Tragelaphus scriptus
            PB, SL, KR
31.       Gemsbok                                            Oryx gazella
            GR gameviewing area
32.       Waterbuck                                          Kobus ellipsiprymnus
33.       Mountain Reedbuck                            Redunca fulvorufula
34.       Reedbuck                                           Redunca arundinum
35.       Black Wildebeest                                Connochaetes gnou
            SBR, GR
36.       Blue Wildebeest                                  Connochaetes taurinus
            KR, MK, PB
37.       Red Hartebeest                                   Alcelaphus buselaphus
            SBR, AD, GR, PB
38.       Blesbok                                              Damaliscus dorcas phillipsi
            SBR, GR
39.       Impala                                                 Aepyceros melampus
            very common KR, MK, PB
40.       Springbok                                           Antidorcas marsupialis
            SBR, GR, PB
41.       Klipspringer                                        Oreotragus oreotragus
            KR, PB
42.       Steenbok                                            Raphicerus campestris
            KR, GR, MK
43.       Oribi                                                   Ourebia ourebi
            one between Dullstroom and R577
44.       Red Duiker                                         Cephalophus natalensis
            False Bay Park, SL
45.       Common Duiker                                  Sylvicapra grimmia
            KR, MK
46.       Right Whale                                        Balaena glacialus
            Jeffrey's Bay 2 ex.
47.       Dolphin spec.
            several Cove Rock south of East London


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