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A Report from

South Africa: Western and Northern Cape,21 February - 14 March, 2001,


Christoph Moning,

Christian Wagner,

Strategy and Logistics:

This was our first trip to Africa. Therefore the trip-target was to see as many African species as possible. For this reason we did not plan our trip around certain key species (although everyone of us had several "special birds" in mind). We tried to visit the most characteristic and important habitats. As we had "only" three weeks time, we decided just to visit the Northern and Western Cape provinces.

There are many flights to Cape Town from Europe (from 1000, -DM = ~455 $US). We took a flight with British Airways from Munich via London Heathrow. The cost was 1300, -DM (~590 $US) each person.

In order to travel comfortable through the Cape Provinces, we hired an Opel Corsa, that did a good job on the South African roads (although you should be able to handle a flat tire!). The car hire was arranged in advance through Holiday Autos (Europcar). The total price, fully inclusive, for 20 days was 950, -DM (~430 $ US).

We suggest to hire a car with air-condition and radio, as we could tell you now how it feels to do without these things. Europcar offered us to use a handy for free (the phone calls not included of course), which showed to be rather practical. But mobile phone coverage in remoter areas is not complete. We run the car a total of 5500 KM. This shows you that because of the huge distances and remote location of many of the top birding spots, you will need a car for getting around. Also expect to do long drives. Some comfort is, that fuel costs about 0,57 $US the litre (unleaded).

We spent the nights in our tent. There was nearly always a nice campground or farm, where we could do some excellent camping. The standard of security and facilities was good, sometimes better (some campsites offered supermarket, fuel station and pool!). Camping is rather popular and cheap in South Africa (~3,2 $US each person and night).

The South African supermarkets offer you everything, what your heart desires (You should really try biltong and wine!). The prices are - compared with Europe -moderately cheap. You could pay nearly everywhere with your credit card (we used Visa), but at the fuel stations you have to pay cash. Tap water has been potable, but in the Kalahari area it has an awful taste.

It showed to be the best birdwatching-strategy to start at dusk (about 6 to 7 a.m.) until the activity slows down at about 11 a.m. At this time we used to have "breakfast". During the heat at around 1 p.m. we absolved long drives. Late afternoon/ evening was also a good birding time.

Climate & Timing:

February/ March might not be the best time for bird watching in western South Africa. Just imagine Spain in August to understand that. At the Cape the climate was pleasantly warm. At the coast it has been quiet windy and at some times stormy (we had some serious problems with our tent!). In the Kalahari or Bushmanland the temperatures reached nearly 40°C during the daytime. At night the temperatures dropped to pleasant 17°C. For sun lovers this time of the year is the best. There was nearly no rain during our trip. It has been raining 5 mm in the Kalahari Gemsbok Nationalpark in February. That was clearly too few for good bird watching conditions. But the differences are immense! We have seen swimming Caravans on photos, which have been taken in March! Generally late summer is a good time to visit the Kalahari area for bird watching.

Although it has not been the best time for bird watching, we saw 305 species of the 613 species that has been recorded in the area until now! These are much more species than we have expected to see, especially as we could not do the pelagic trip, because of strong winds. Everybody of us saw around 250 lifers! So even late summer is a good time for bird watching in South Africa.

At this time of the year it is difficult to spot some of the endemic Warblers like the Knysna or Victorin's Warbler. You should engage a guide or use a tape.

The Country:

South Africa shows in many aspects a European standard. The roads are well maintained. We could drive on nearly any gravel road with our small car (prepare for any form of dust in your car). There are enough signs on the roads to find your way. Accommodation reaches from camping to luxurious lodges.

There are enough supermarkets and fuel stations to go round. Most people are friendly and helpful, but we must admit, that we did not speak to many people, as we concentrated on bird watching.

One should not conceal, that the differences between the standards of living between black and white are still immense. Attached to any village, you will find a settlement that looks like a collection of shabby margarine cubes. Most of the black people still live barely. Some of them do not even have enough to eat for the day. So, you will be asked for some money or food, when you go to a supermarket for example. But we rarely felt importuned, as the people mostly were not intrusive. A small donation satisfied the most and maybe helps them for a short while. Violence is still a theme in South Africa. You should check out the situation and areas concerned before you go. We cannot report about any critical situation.

The health system is good. The typical tropic-African illnesses are rare. There is no Malaria in both provinces at the moment, even not in the Kalahari Gemsbok National Park (information from institute for tropical illnesses in Munich). But the situation could change during the next years, so debrief this too before you go.

English is spoken everywhere, but many people speak Afrikaans as their mother tongue.

If you are not a fan of wide and open even barren country, you should reconsider travelling to western South Africa. The roads are running dead straight through the open country. The longest stretch of road with not even the smallest curve was 41.5 KM long!

But we found great variety as well. There are beautiful mountain ranges, Savannahs, wide Karoo, subtropical forests and rough or sandy coasts at the Atlantic and Indian Ocean.

Literature & Contacts:

Literature (Selection):

We had some problems to organize certain literature from Germany. But you could buy all the essential books for example at the bookstore at Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden in Cape Town. Also at the most national parks you will find a good selection of literature.

·        SASOL Birds of Southern Africa - Sinclair, Hockey, Tarboton (second edition 1997). At the moment probably the best Guide (although some groups as skuas and pipits are not shown detailed enough).

·        Newman's' Birds of Southern Africa - Newman (new edition). Useful; especially as the common species are concerned.

·        Roberts' Birds of Southern Africa - Mclean 1993. New edition is currently in preparation. The classic handbook for further information on birds of the region.

·        Field Guide to the Mammals of Southern Africa - Stuart & Stuart (second edition 1998). A good guide among several. In any case it is worth to take a guide to the mammals with you!

·        Essential Birding Western South Africa; Key Routes from Cape Town to the Kalahari - Cohen & Spottiswoode (first edition 2000). This book is - as the title already indicates- essential. We have used it very much and we did not regret. It is full of excellent information about the best places. We especially liked the descriptions of the routes and the organisation of the chapters. You could use this book for a single day but also for a three weeks lasting trip. Very good additional information for example about special species, contacts and areas. With this book you could see 300 species or more in two or three weeks.

·        Take additional literature for example about skuas, pipits and the large brown eagles (Steppe, Lesser Spotted and Tawny Eagle) with you.

Internet (Selection):



· - strongly recommended! Good reference to best places, books, useful contacts..

· - up-to-date information, advice and tours

· - Very useful in order to organize a pelagic trip: Contacts, booking form, background information.

· - Also recommended: pelagic seabird trips and bird guiding.


·        http// interesting trip report written by Gruff Dodd

Contacts (Selection):

·        Pelagic Seabird Trips and Bird Guiding: Trevor Hardaker ( & John Graham (

·        Birding Africa; Specialist Bird Tours & Ornithological Consulting. Callan Cohen ( & Claire Spottiswood ( We can heartily recommend contacting Callan Cohen. He answered us a lot of questions during the planning of our trip and he arranged the pelagic trip for us. In South Africa he spent two hours with us to plan the route. He has got an excellent knowledge about the birds and where to see them. If you are looking for special species or if you need a good guide: This is your man!

- The birding spots -

We mainly visited the places that were recommended by the book "Essential Birding" and by Callan Cohen himself. If you want to know, how to approach the described places, you should read the recommended literature and Internet sources (see above).

Everyone, who wants to know more about the areas and species, is heartily invited to contact us.

Cape Peninsular (114 species observed):

It is rewarding to spend some days on the Cape Peninsular. From here the pelagic trips start and you will get a good introduction to the birds of the cape.

West Coast Area (152 species observed):

The West Coast Area appeared to us as one of the species-richest area we visited. Coast species are most dominating. But also the strandveld vegetation held a lot of interesting species.

Namaqualand (60 species observed):

As Namaqualand receives rain chiefly during the winter and is additionally the transitional Zone between the Karoo and Namib Desert, we found rather dry scenery there. For this reason we only passed through. If you have more time, it might be rewarding to stay some days in the area.

Bushmanland (108 species observed):

In the huge area of Bushmanland we have been birdwatching around the small town of Pofadder (northern part) and around the village of Brandvlei (eastern part). Here you can find the greatest diversity of larks worldwide (14 species) including the endemic Red Lark that only can be found in Bushmanland. This semi desert is scarcely populated and characterized by endless expanses.

Kalahari (104 species observed):

At the beginning of our planning we wondered if it is worth to do the long way to the Kalahari Gemsbok National Park (about 1300 KM one way from Cape Town!). It is comparable to come to Bavaria in Germany for some birdwatching and driving afterwards to southern France for a short visit! But although it was not the area of the most species, it was rewarding in every respect. Just the large amounts of game like Bat-eared Fox, Black-backed Jackal, Spotted Hyaena, Cheetah, Lion, Gemsbok, Springbok, Blue Wildebeest and Red Hartebeest were worth to do all the hours of driving on never ending roads.

This region receives the most rain in late summer. With a little luck you could see flourishing desert landscape including the presence of many species, which cannot be seen during the dry season.

We could observe more than 20 species of birds of prey, because in late summer there are some migrant species from Europe and Asia.

So in contrast to the rest of western South Africa late summer is the best time for birdwatching in the Kalahari.

Kalahari Gemsbok Nationalpark: This area is the game-richest area that we have visited. One can travel around on good gravel roads, which can be used by a normal car. A four-wheel car is not necessary as long as dry conditions are lasting. Be careful when you park beside one of the Camelthorn Trees (We had to change two wheels)! There are fuel stations and repair services in every of the three camps in the park. In the camps there are all other facilities that you need. At Twee Rivieren you could also jump into a refreshing pool. A little disadvantage for birdwatching is the fact that one is not allowed to leave the car with any part of the body. This rule is acceptable, because the animals show no fear against the cars, as long as you stay in the car. The best area for raptors is north of the Nossob Camp. When we visited this area, there has been no rain. Therefore the activity was rather poor. South of Nossob Camp we could see much more as it has rained a little bit there. Consequently you should check out the current situation when you enter the park. Chiefly the raptors caused some elation. Just to show the great variety, we want to enumerate what we saw: We observed Lappet faced, White headed and African white backed Vulture as well as Bateleur, Black breasted Snake Eagle, Steppe, Tawny and Wahlberg's Eagle, Martial and Booted Eagle, Jackal, and Steppe Buzzard, Pale Chanting Goshawk, Black, Yellow billed and Black shouldered Kite, Gabar Goshawk, Pygmy, Lanner and Peregrine Falcon, Lesser, Rock and Greater Kestrel and Secretarybird plus Barn and White-faced Owl. Outside the National Park the Savannah south of the main entrance is rather rewarding.

Garden Route including Swartberg Pass (153 species observed):

The rather famous coastal stretch between Mossel Bay and Tsitsikamma, the so-called Garden Route, is characterized by picturesque scenery consisting of subtropical forests, willows, coastal lagoons and a sandy to rocky coast at the cold Indian Ocean. The landscape is completely different to the rest of western South Africa. For this reason there are many "new" species to watch. Most of them reach the western limit of their range in this area.

Generally the best time for birdwatching in the forested areas is from dawn to around 11 a.m. Contrasting to the open habitats the activity does not rise that much in the evening again.

We decided to save you reading endless species lists. Nevertheless, if you are interested in what we saw, here is our complete list of the observed birds and finally of the observed mammals. Everyone who needs further information about species or birding spots is heartily invited to contact us.

Complete list of the observed birds

1.            Ostrich                                                   Struthio camelus

2.            African (Jakass) Penguin                       Spheniscus demersus

3.            Great Crested Grebe                             Podiceps cristatus

4.            Black necked Grebe                              Podiceps nigricollis

5.            Dabchick                                                Tachybaptus ruficollis

6.            White chinned Petrel                             Procellaria aequinoctalis

7.            Sooty Shearwater                                  Puffinus griseus

8.            Cory's Shearwater                                 Calonectris diomedea

9.            Cape Gannet                                          Morus capensis

10.        White breasted (Great) Cormorant       Phalacrocorax carbo

11.        Bank Cormorant                                    Phalacrocorax neglectus

12.        Cape Cormorant                                    Phalacrocorax capensis

13.        Reed Cormorant                                    Phalacrocorax africanus

14.        Crowned Cormorant                              Phalcrocorax coronatus

15.        African Darter                                         Anhinga rufa

16.        Eastern White Pelican                           Pelecanus onocrotalus

17.        Purple Heron                                          Ardea purpurea

18.        Grey Heron                                             Ardea cinerea

19.        Black headed Heron                              Ardea melanocephala

20.        Yellow billed (Intermediate) Egret          Egretta intermedia

21.        Little Egret                                              Egretta garzetta

22.        Cattle Egret                                            Bubulcus ibis

23.        Black crowned Night Heron                   Nycticorax nycticorax

24.        Greater Flamingo                                   Phoenicopterus ruber

25.        African Spoonbill                                    Platalea alba

26.        Hamerkop                                              Scopus umbretta

27.        Hadeda Ibis                                            Bostrychia hagedash

28.        Glossy Ibis                                             Plegadis falcinellus

29.        Sacred Ibis                                             Threskiornis aethiopicus

30.        Spur winged Goose                               Plectropterus gambensis

31.        Egyptian Goose                                     Alopochen aegyptiacus

32.        South African Shelduck                         Tadorna cana

33.        White backed Duck                               Thalassornis leuconotus

34.        Southern Pochard                                  Netta erythrophthalma

35.        Maccoa Duck                                         Oxyura maccoa

36.        Yellow billed Duck                                  Anas undulata

37.        Mallard                                                    Anas platyrhynchos

38.        Cape Shoveler                                       Anas smithii

39.        Cape Teal                                              Anas capensis

40.        Red billed Teal                                       Anas erythrorhyncha

41.        Hottentot Teal                                         Anas hottentota

42.        Lappet faced Vulture                              Torgus tracheliotus

43.        White headed Vulture                            Trigonoceps occipitalis

44.        Cape Vulture                                          Gyps coprotheres

45.        African White backed Vulture                Gyps africanus

46.        African Fish Eagle                                  Haliaeetus vocifer

47.        Osprey                                                   Pandion haliaetus

48.        Bateleur                                                  Terathopius ecaudatus

49.        Black breasted Snake Eagle                 Circaetus gallicus

50.        Steppe Eagle                                         Aquila nipalensis

51.        Tawny Eagle                                          Aquila rapax

52.        Wahlberg's Eagle                                  Aquila wahlbergi

53.        Black (Verreaux's) Eagle                       Apuila verreauxii

54.        Martial Eagle                                          Polemaetus bellicosus

55.        Booted Eagle                                         Hieraaetus pennatus

56.        Jackal Buzzard                                      Buteo rufofuscus

57.        Forest Buzzard                                      Buteo trizonatus

58.        Steppe Buzzard                                     Buteo buteo vulpinus ("Falkenbussard")

59.        Gymnogene                                           Polyboroides typus

60.        African Marsh Harrier                             Circus ranivorus

61.        Black Harrier                                          Circus maurus

62.        Pale Chanting Goshawk                        Melierax canorus

63.        Black Kite                                               Milvus migrans

64.        Yellow billed Kite                                    Milvus aegyptius

65.        Black shouldered Kite                            Elanus caeruleus

66.        Pygmy Falcon                                        Polihierax semitorquatus

67.        Gabar Goshawk                                     Micronisus gabar

68.        Little Sparrowhawk                                Accipiter minullus

69.        African Goshawk                                    Accipiter tachiro

70.        Secretarybird                                         Sagittarius serpentarius

71.        Lanner Falcon                                        Falco biarmicus

72.        Peregrine Falcon                                   Falco peregrinus

73.        Lesser Kestrel                                       Falco naumanni

74.        Rock (Common) Kestrel                       Falco tinnunculus

75.        Greater Kestrel                                      Falco rupicoloides

76.        Cape Francolin                                      Francolinus capensis

77.        Grey wing Francolin                               Francolinus africanus

78.        Helmeted Guineafowl                             Numida meleagris

79.        Red knobbed Coot                                 Fulica cristata

80.        Common Moorhen                                 Gallinula chloropus

81.        Purple Gallinule                                      Porphyrio porphyrio

82.        Black Crake                                           Amaurornis flavirostris

83.        Blue Crane                                             Anthropoides paradiseus

84.        Kori Bustard                                           Ardeotis kori

85.        Stanley's Bustard                                   Neotis denhami

86.        Karoo Korhaan                                       Eupodotis vigorsii

87.        Northern Black Korhaan                        Eupodotis afraoides

88.        Southern Black Korhaan                        Eupodotis afra

89.        African Black Oystercatcher                  Haematopus moquini

90.        Black winged Stilt                                   Himantopus himantopus

91.        Pied Avocent                                          Recurvirostra avosetta

92.        Common Ringed Plover                        Charadrius hiaticula

93.        Three banded Plover                             Charadrius tricollaris

94.        Kittlitz's Plover                                       Charadrius pecuarius

95.        Chestnut banded Plover                        Charadrius pallidus

96.        White fronted Plover                              Charadrius marginatus

97.        Crowned Plover                                     Vanellus coronatus

98.        Blacksmith Plover                                  Vanellus armatus

99.        Grey (Black bellied) Plover                    Pluvialis squatarola

100.    Ruff                                                        Philomachus pugnax

101.    Red Knot                                                Calidris canutus

102.    Curlew Sandpiper                                  Calidris ferruginea

103.    Sanderling                                              Chalidris alba

104.    Little Stint                                               Calidris minuta

105.    Common Sandpiper                              Tringa hypoleucos

106.    Wood Sandpiper                                    Tringa glareola

107.    Common Greenshank                           Tringa nebularia

108.    Marsh Sandpiper                                    Tringa stagnatilis

109.    Bar tailed Godwit                                    Limosa lapponica

110.    Whimbrel                                               Numenius phaeopus

111.    Eurasian Curlew                                    Numenius arquata

112.    Ethiopian (African) Snipe                       Gallinago nigripennis

113.    Ruddy Turnstone                                   Arenaria interpres

114.    Spotted Dikkop                                       Burhinus capensis

115.    Double banded Courser                        Smutsornis africanus

116.    Pomarine Skua                                      Stercorarius pomarinus

117.    Arctic Skua                                             Stercorarius parasiticus

118.    Kelp (Southern black backed) Gull        Larus dominicanus

119.    Grey headed Gull                                   Larus cirrocephalus

120.    Hartlaub's Gull                                        Larus hartlaubii

121.    Caspian Tern                                         Hydroprogne caspia

122.    Swift (Greater Crested) Tern                 Sterna bergii

123.    Sandwich Tern                                       Sterna sandvicensis

124.    Common Tern                                       Sterna hirundo

125.    Little Tern                                               Sterna albifrons

126.    White winged Tern                                 Chlidonias leucopterus

127.    Namaqua Sandgrouse                           Pterocles namaqua

128.    Burchell's (Spotted) Sandgrouse          Pterocles burchelli

129.    Rock Pigeon                                          Columba guinea

130.    Rameron Pigeon                                    Columba arquatix

131.    Cinnamon Dove                                     Aplopelia larvata

132.    Feral Pigeon                                           Columba livia

133.    Red eyed Dove                                      Streptopelia semitorquata

134.    Cape Turtle Dove                                   Streptopelia capicola

135.    Laughing (Palm) Dove                           Streptopelia senegalensis

136.    Namaqua Dove                                      Oena capensis

137.    Rosy faced Lovebird                              Agapornis roseicollis

138.    Knysna Lourie                                        Tauraco corythaix

139.    Spotted Eagle Owl                                 Bubo africanus

140.    Barn Owl                                                Tyto alba

141.    Wood Owl                                              Strix woodfordii

142.    White-faced Owl                                    Otus leucotis

143.    Fiery necked Nightjar                             Caprimulgus pectoralis

144.    Rufous cheeked Nightjar                       Caprimulgus rufigena

145.    Alpine Swift                                            Apus melba

146.    European (Eurasian) Swift                    Apus apus

147.    African Black Swift                                 Apus barbatus

148.    Little Swift                                               Apus affinis

149.    Horus Swift                                            Apus horus

150.    White rumped Swift                               Apus caffer

151.    African Palm Swift                                 Cypsiurus parvus

152.    Narina Trogon                                        Apaloderma narina

153.    Red faced Mousebird                             Urocolius indicus

154.    Speckled Mousebird                              Colius striatus

155.    White backed Mousebird                       Colius colius

156.    Giant Kingfisher                                     Ceryle maxima

157.    Pied Kingfisher                                       Ceryle rudis

158.    Malachite Kingfisher                               Alcedo cristata

159.    Swallow tailed Bee-Eater                       Merops hirundineus

160.    Lilac breasted Roller                              Coracias caudata

161.    Grey Hornbill                                          Tockus nasutus

162.    Southern Yellow billed Hornbill               Tockus leucomelas

163.    Red billed Woodhoopoe                        Phoeniculus purpureus

164.    Greater Scimitarbill                                Rhinopomastus cyanomelas

165.    African Hoopoe                                      Upupa africana

166.    Scaly throated Honeyguide                    Indicator variegatus

167.    Lesser Honeyguide                                Indicator minor

168.    Acacia Pied Barbet                                Tricholaema leucomelas

169.    Ground Woodpecker                             Geocolaptes olivaceus

170.    Olive Woodpecker                                 Mesopicos griseocephalus

171.    Cardinal Woodpecker                            Dendropicos fuscescens

172.    Clapper Lark                                          Mirafra apiata hewitti

173.    Karoo Lark                                             Mirafra albescens (Certhilauda a.)

174.    Red Lark                                                Mirafra burra (Certhilauda b.)

175.    Sabota Lark                                            Mirafra sabota

176.    Fawn coloured Lark                               Mirafra africanoides

177.    Southern Thick billed Lark                     Galerida magnirostris

178.    Red capped Lark                                   Calandrella cinerea

179.    Agulhas Longbilled Lark                         Certhilauda brevirostris

180.    Karoo Longbilled Lark                            Certhilauda subcoronata

181.    Sclater's Lark                                         Spizocorys sclateri

182.    Grey backed Finchlark                           Eremopterix verticalis

183.    Spike heeled Lark                                  Chersomanes albofasciata

184.    South African Cliff Swallow                    Hirundo spilodera

185.    Greater Striped Swallow                        Hirundo cucullata

186.    European (Barn) Swallow                      Hirundo rustica

187.    White throated Swallow                         Hirundo albigularis

188.    Pearl breasted Swallow                         Hirundo dimidiata

189.    Black Saw-Wing Swallow                      Psalidoprocne holomelas

190.    Brown throated Martin                            Riparia paludicola

191.    Rock Martin                                            Hirundo fuligula

192.    Fork tailed Drongo                                 Dicrurus adsimilis

193.    Grey Cuckooshrike                                Coracina caesia

194.    Eastern Black headed Oriole                 Oriolus larvatus

195.    White necked Raven                             Corvus albicollis

196.    Pied Crow                                              Corvus albus

197.    Black Crow                                            Corvus capensis

198.    House Crow                                           Corvus splendens

199.    Ashy Tit                                                  Parus cinerascens

200.    Southern Grey Tit                                   Parus afer

201.    Cape Bulbul                                           Pycnonotus capensis

202.    African Red eyed Bulbul                        Pycnonotus nigricans

203.    Terrestrial Bulbul                                    Phyllastrepus terrestris

204.    Sombre Bulbul                                       Andropadus importunus

205.    Olive Thrush                                          Turdus olivaceus

206.    Groundscraper Thrush                          Turdus litsitsirupa

207.    Sentinel Rock Thrush                            Monticola explorator

208.    Cape Rockjumper                                  Chaetops frenatus

209.    Familiar Chat                                         Cercomela familiaris

210.    Sickle winged Chat                                Cercomela sinuata

211.    Karoo Chat                                             Cercomela schlegelii

212.    Tractrac Chat                                         Cercomela tractrac

213.    Mountain Chat                                        Oenanthe monticola

214.    Capped Wheatear                                 Oenanthe pileata

215.    Common Stonechat                              Saxicola torquata

216.    Southern Anteating Chat                        Myrmecocichla formicivora

217.    Chorister Robin                                      Cossypha dichroa

218.    Cape Robin                                            Cossypha caffra

219.    Kalahari Robin                                       Erytropygia paena

220.    Karoo Robin                                           Erytropygia coryphoeus

221.    Yellow throated Warbler                        Phylloscopus ruficapillus

222.    Willow Warbler                                      Phylloscopus trochilus acredula

223.    Yellow bellied Eremomela                     Eremomela icteropygialis

224.    Karoo Eremomela                                 Eremomela gregalis

225.    Cape Penduline Tit                                Anthroscopus minutus

226.    Knysna Warbler                                     Bradypterus sylvaticus

227.    African Sedge Warbler                          Bradypterus baboecala

228.    Cape Reed Warbler                               Acrocephalus gracillirostris

229.    African Marsh Warbler                           Acrocephalus baeticatus

230.    Grassbird                                               Sphenoeacus afer

231.    Green backed Bleating Warbler            Camaroptera brachyura

232.    Chestnut vented Titbabbler                    Parisoma subcaeruleum

233.    Longbilled Crombec                               Sylvietta rufescens

234.    Bar throated Apalis                                Apalis thoracica

235.    Fantailed (Zitting) Cisticola                    Cisticola juncidis

236.    Desert Cisticola                                     Cisticola aridulus

237.    Neddicky                                                Cisticola fulvicapillus

238.    Grey backed Cisticola                            Cisticola subruficapillus

239.    Levaillant's Cisticola                              Cisticola tinniens

240.    Rufous eared Warbler                           Malcorus pectoralis

241.    Spotted Prinia                                        Prinia maculosa

242.    Black chested Prinia                              Prinia flavicans

243.    Dusky Flycatcher                                   Muscicapa adusta

244.    Spotted Flycatcher                                 Muscicapa striata

245.    Fiscal Flycatcher                                   Sigelus silens

246.    Chat Flycatcher                                     Melaenornis infuscatus

247.    Marico Flycatcher                                  Melaenornis mariquensis

248.    African Paradise Flycatcher                  Terpsiphone viridis

249.    Cape White- Eye                                   Zosterops pallidus capensis, Z. p. pallidus

250.    Pririt Batis                                              Batis pririt

251.    Cape Batis                                             Batis capensis

252.    Cape Wagtail                                         Motacilla capensis

253.    Grassveld Pipit                                       Anthus cinnamomeus

254.    Orangethroated Longclaw                     Macronyx capensis

255.    Crimson breasted Shrike                       Laniarius atrococcineus

256.    Southern Boubou                                   Laniarius ferrugineus

257.    Lesser Grey Shrike                                Lanius minor

258.    Common Fiscal Shrike                          Lanius collaris

259.    Southern Tschagra                                Tschagra tschagra

260.    Bokmakierie                                           Telophorus zeylonus

261.    Black backed Puffback                          Dryoscopus cubla

262.    Glossy Starling                                       Lampratornis nitens

263.    Black bellied Starling                              Lamprotornis corruscus

264.    Pale winged Starling                              Onychoganthus nabouroup

265.    Red winged Starling                               Onychoganthus morio

266.    European (Common) Starling               Sturnus vulgaris

267.    Wattled Starling                                     Creatophora cinerea

268.    African Pied Starling                              Spreo bicolor

269.    Cape Sugarbird                                      Promerops cafer

270.    Malachite Sunbird                                  Nectarinia famosa

271.    Orange breasted Sunbird                      Nectarinia violacea

272.    African Black Sunbird                            Nectarinia amethystina

273.    Dusky Sunbird                                       Nectarinia fusca

274.    Greater Double collared Sunbird           Nectarinia afra

275.    Lesser Double collared Sunbird            Nectarinia chalybea

276.    Great Sparrow                                       Passer motitensis

277.    House Sparrow                                      Passer domesticus

278.    Cape Sparrow                                        Passer melanurus

279.    Southern Grey headed Sparrow            Passer diffusus

280.    White browed Sparrow- Weaver           Plocepasser mahali

281.    Sociable Weaver                                   Philetairus socius

282.    Southern Masked Weaver                     Ploceus velatus

283.    Cape Weaver                                         Ploceus capensis

284.    Southern Red Bishop                            Euplectes orix

285.    Yellow rumped Widow                           Euplectes capensis

286.    Pin tailed Whydah                                  Vidua macroura

287.    Shaft- Tailed Whydah                            Vidua regia

288.    Swee Waxbill                                         Estrilda melanotis

289.    Common Waxbill                                   Estrilda astrild

290.    Violet eared Waxbill                               Uraeginthus granatinus

291.    Redheaded Finch                                  Amadina erythrocephala

292.    Scaly feathered Finch                            Sporopipes squamifrons

293.    Quail Finch                                             Ortygospiza articollis

294.    Yellow Canary                                        Serinus flaviventris

295.    Bully Canary                                           Serinus sulphuratus

296.    Black throated Canary                           Serinus atrogularis

297.    Forest Canary                                        Serinus scotops

298.    Cape Canary                                          Serinus canicollis

299.    White throated Canary                           Serinus albogularis

300.    Protea Canary                                        Serinus leucopterus

301.    Streaky headed Canary                         Serinus gularis

302.    Black headed Canary                            Serinus alario

303.    Cape Siskin                                            Pseudochloroptila totta

304.    Larklike Bunting                                      Emberiza impetuani

305.    Cape Bunting                                         Emberiza capensis

List of the observed mammals

  1. Bats                                                           Chiroptera spec.
  2. Chacma Baboon                                       Papio ursinus
  3. Cape Hare                                                 Lepus capensis
  4. Ground Squirrel                                         Xerus inauris
  5. Grey Squirrel                                             Sciurus carolinensis
  6. Porcupine                                                  Hystrix africaeaustralis
  7. Striped Mouse                                           Rhabdomys pumilio
  8. Diverse Mice                                             Cricetidae u. Muridae
  9. Bat-eared Fox                                           Otocyon megalotis
  10. Black-backed Jackal                                 Canis mesomelas
  11. Small Grey Mongoose                              Galerella pulverulenta
  12. Yellow Mongoose                                      Cynictis penicillata
  13. Small-spotted Genet                                 Genetta genetta
  14. Spotted Hyaena                                        Crocuta crocuta
  15. Cheetah                                                    Acinonyx jubatus
  16. Lion                                                           Panthera leo
  17. Aardvark (nur holes)                                 Orycteropus afer
  18. Rock Dassie                                             Procavia capensis
  19. Cape Mountain Zebra                                Equus zebra zebra
  20. Eland                                                         Taurotragus oryx
  21. Bushbuck                                                  Tragelaphus scriptus
  22. Gemsbok                                                  Oryx gazella
  23. Grey Rhebok                                             Pelea capreolus
  24. Blue Wildebeest                                        Connochaetes taurinus
  25. Red Hartebeest                                         Alcelaphus buselaphus
  26. Bontebok                                                   Damaliscus dorcas
  27. Springbok                                                  Antidorcas marsupialis
  28. Klipspringer                                               Oreotragus oreotragus
  29. Steenbok                                                   Raphicerus campestris
  30. Dusky Dolphin                                           Lagenorhynchus obscurus
  31. Cape Fur Seal                                           Arctocephalus pusillus


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