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A Report from

Cape Town (South Africa) and Zimbabwe, October 2nd-25th, 1996,


David Kelly, Prestonpans, East Lothian, Scotland;

Cape Town:

This trip report covers my second trip to southern Africa. I am lucky that my wife, Lillian, has a sister in Harare which makes visiting the region easier than for most people. On this trip we flew from Edinburgh on 1 October 1996 by Air France to Charles de Gaulle, Paris, and then on to Cape Town via Johannesburg. We arrived in Cape Town at around 1.30pm local time and picked up the hire car from Imperial Self Drive. For 10 days the car was c.200UK pounds, comparable to car hire in the UK. The car was a Toyota Corolla hatchback (5-door). Using the Lonely Planet Guide we had booked accommodation at the St. John's Lodge in Sea Point, a back-packers lodge with rooms upstairs for approx. UKP10 per night. This was excellent value and a good place to stay and meet other people, no birders though. I used Newman's Birds of Southern Africa as a field guide, Top Birding Spots in Southern Africa by Hugh Chittenden, Birdwatch Zimbabwe, The Lonely Planet Guide to South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland and the Rough Guide to Zimbabwe and Botswana.

Prices for food and petrol were about half of UK prices in South Africa and even cheaper in Zimbabwe. We didn't have any hassle in Cape Town, and in Zimbabwe everybody was friendly. We traveled by bus in Zimbabwe, and there are good services between the big towns. To get to Kyle we had to get a taxi from Masvingo and arrange for us to be picked up in time for the bus to Bulawayo.

A total of c.290 species were seen, of which 129 were new to me. If you want more details you can e-mail me at

2/10/96 Sea Point

A walk along the Promenade in the late afternoon. Few birds around, just flocks of Red-winged and European Starlings, and Feral and African Rock (Speckled) Pigeons, as well as Cape Wagtails on the lawns. Loads of very noisy Grey-headed Gulls and a few Pied Crows.

3/10/96 Table Mountain

You can't go to Cape Town without trying to get up Table Mountain, and today we managed it but we had to wait three hours in a queue to get on the cable car. When we parked the car I saw my first, magnificent male Orange-breasted Sunbird. Once at the top we lunched at the Restaurant where White-necked Raven, African Black Crow, Red-winged Starlings and Rock Pigeons scavenged for scraps, as did Rock Hyrax. We walked away from the crowds and saw more Orange-breasted Sunbirds as well as an immature Black (Verreaux's) Eagle and a couple of falcons, either Lanner or Peregrine. We had to queue to get back down the mountain, but while we waited large flocks of Swifts arrived before roosting on the crags. Not a lot of birds were seen but it was a beautiful place with magnificent views over Cape Town and south to the Cape Peninsula.

4/10/96 Simonstown and the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve

Brendan at the Lodge advised us to visit Simonstown to see the penguins and he was right. The colony is at the southern side of Simonstown at a place called "The Boulders." The penguins are Jackass Penguins and don't seem to disturbed by tourists. At one point there was a coach load of Taiwanese tourists lined up on the landward side of the beach parallel to a line of Penguins on the seaward side. In the bushes there were Cape Robins and Karoo Prinias, and offshore I could see some passing seabirds as well as a few cape Fur Seals lolling on the rocks. From The Boulders we drove south to the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve, stopping for lunch at the Black Marlin Seafood Restaurant. In the garden were flowering bushes, and here there were Lesser Double-collared Sunbirds and Malachite Sunbirds.

Cape Point was a bit disappointing, very built up and busy, but we did see a Peregrine overhead with Cape Gannets, Cormorants and a Subantarctic Skua offshore. We decided to try the Cape of Good Hope and a few of the less popular areas of the reserve and managed to add Ostrich, Black-headed Heron, Egyptian Goose, African Fish Eagle, Jackal Buzzard, Grey-winged and Cape Francolins, Helmeted Guinea-fowl, African Black Oystercatcher, Blacksmith Plover, Swift Tern and lots of smaller birds seen that day. Mammals seen were Cape Mongoose, Chacma Baboon and the splendid chocolate brown and white Bontebok.

5/10/96 The Overberg

We left Cape Town to go east to the Breede River Valley, the Overberg. I had my first Blue Cranes from the motorway. We hoped to stop at Sir Lowry's Pass to get some of the endemic passerines but low cloud and mist made trying a waste of time so we pressed on to Hermanus. Hermanus is very tourist-orientated, and its main attraction are the Southern Right Whales which come to the Cape coast to breed. We had distant views of the whales, the telescope was handy for this, and closer views of Lesser Double-collared Sunbirds in the ornamental shrubberies.

>From Hermanus we went to the beautiful and remote Salmonsdam nature reserve to try for more endemics. This was inland and along gravel roads, and once we got away from the sea it was very warm. Here we added a number of species to the trip list including the spectacular Cape Sugarbird, as well as Red-breasted Sparrowhawk, Ground Woodpecker, Neddicky, Grassbird, Southern Boubou, Pied Starling, Cape Canary and Red Bishop. I failed to see Cape Rockjumper or Sentinel Rock-thrush though.

We pushed on to Swellendam where we stayed in the Swellengrebel hotel. This is a beautifully preserved Cape Dutch town and is handy for the Bontebok National Park.

6/10/96 Bontebok and de Hoop

We began in the Bontebok NP with a game drive, flushing a female Black Korhaan from the side of the road as well as seeing African Stonechat and Red-capped Lark. As you would expect there were lots of Bontebok in the Bontebok National Park as well as Cape Mountain Zebra, Red Hartebeest, Steenbok and Ostriches. By the office there is a garden where we saw Fiscal Flycatcher and Malachite Sunbird. We also walked some of the riverside trails, through woodland and the campsite, and here we saw a lot of small birds. On the way out of the park we flushed a Secretarybird from its perch in some scrub and saw a displaying male Stanley Bustard.

We now had a 50km drive to de Hoop along gravel roads through farmland. Lots of farmland birds were seen on this drive including more Blue Cranes. The first part of the huge de Hoop Nature Reserve we visited was the Potberg, a remote hill at the eastern end of the reserve where the Western Cape's last Cape Vulture colony is found. We spent a little while watching the vultures from the car park and also saw a Black Sparrowhawk above the Eucalyptus plantation as well as a pair of Jackal Buzzards mobbing an immature Black Eagle. At the western end of the reserve we walked from the car park to the sea and had a look at the de Hoop vlei and in this area we added wetland birds and a few passerines to our daylist. We also saw more Southern Right Whales offshore, closer than at Hermanus as well as Eland, Bontebok and Cape Mountain Zebra. We didn't have enough time at either site and had to leave de Hoop quite early to reach Cape Town before dark. On the drive back to Cape Town there were more Blue Cranes and a female Black Harrier near Bredasdorp.

7/10/96 West Coast National Park

We went north to this excellent site, a tidal lagoon with fynbos and saltmarsh around it. There were flocks of European Bee-eaters at the entrance, and Black-shouldered Kites were on the overhead wires, and one or two roadside Ostriches were seen. The park centre at Geelbek had Grey-winged Francolins, Pied Starlings, Fiscal Shrikes and a colony of Cape Weavers. There were some hides around here, but as it was high tide many of the waders were roosting. However, we did see White Pelican, African Spoonbill, waders, Grey-headed Gull and Caspian Tern from the hides. In the saltmarsh vegetation were various small birds. A drive through the Postberg section of the park produced a male Black Harrier and lots more species. There were also antelope in this section but we had missed the spring bloom of annual flowers. On the way out a superb male Black Korhaan was strutting his stuff by the side of the road, and another hunting male Black Harrier.

8/10/96 Duiker Island and Kirstenbosch

Today we drove south to Hout Bay to take a boat trip to Duiker Island where we saw Cormorants, Kelp Gull and Common and Swift Terns, as well as close up views of Cape Fur Seals. In the afternoon we visited Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens where we had a long walk and added a few more species to the trip list.

9/10/96 Rondevlei

Our last morning of Cape birding was at this superb wetland reserve with watchtowers and hides. This was the only place I met another birder, and he was originally from England. This was the only place I saw Cape Shoveler, African Marsh Harrier and Purple Swamphen as well as a host of other birds, but we did not see the Hippos.


10-11/10/96 Cape Town to Harare

A long bus journey from Cape Town to Harare via a ten hour stop in Johannesburg. We drove through the Karoo at night and were on the Highveld of the Orange Free State by dawn. From the bus I was able to see Paradise Whydah and White-quilled Korhaan but the best sight was the flocks of Greater and Lesser Flamingoes on the pans outside the gold mining town of Welkom.

12-13/10/96 Harare

Harare is situated in hilly terrain and is surrounded by granite Dombas, two of the more famous being Ngomakurira and Dombashawa. These are good for birds such as Miombo Double-collared Sunbird, Boulder Chat, Mocking Chat and Wattle-eyed Flycatcher. We also managed to see Fiery-necked Nightjar and Spotted Eagle-Owl.

14-16/10/96 Kyle

Took the bus from Harare to Masvingo to stay at the Kyle Game Park on the shores of Lake Mutirikwe. The National Parks lodges here are luxurious, but we had no car so we could not enter the Gama Park and were limited to walks around the campsite. On the first day there was a plague of locusts, and this attracted many birds as well as a huge Wandering Spider and toads. A dead tree in the garden was used by a Grey Hornbill as a song post, and a Yellow-billed Kite tried to steal my breakfast, but the garden's most obvious inhabitants were a family of Warthogs. On the last day we were supposed to go on a horseback safari, but it rained, and the wardens said it was too muddy for the horses to be safe.

17/10/96 Matobo

We had taken the bus on the 16 October from Masvingo to Bulawayo and stayed in the Shelborne Hotel in the city centre. I had booked a tour of the Matobo National Park with UTC. For two people this worked out at Z$730 (approx. 50UKP). Our driver was Gilbert, and he was a knowledgeable guide full of information about many aspects of the history and wildlife of the area. He took us to World's View where Cecil Rhodes and some of his cronies are buried. Here we saw the lizards being fed with sadze, the local staple made of maize meal, and a nervous Elephant-shrew trying to join in. Gilbert also showed us some of the rock paintings left by the San before the Ndebele conquered this area. The hills are famous for their Black Eagles, and we saw singles and pairs all over the area. Other wildlife here included plenty of dainty Klipspringers, but it was in the Game Park where we saw one of the highlights of the trip, three White Rhinoceroses (male, female and calf) as well a Giraffes, Zebra, Sable Antelope, Waterbuck, Wildebeest and Impala. This landscape of the Matobo is incredible and shouldn't be missed by anyone visiting Zimbabwe.

18-20/10/96 Vumba

We flew from Bulawayo to Harare on an Air Zimbabwe flight and were met at the airport to travel to the Eastern Highlands. These run along Zimbabwe's eastern frontier with Mozambique and are home to the near-endemic species found in Zimbabwe. There was a party of us, and we rented two cottages at Campbell-Morrison's farm, near the Leopard Rock Hotel. I found the birding here difficult, especially in the forested areas, but did get some new species for me although I missed all the near-endemics bar Chrinda Apalis. The near-endemics are Swynnerton's Robin, Robert's Prinia and Chirinda Apalis. This was, however, a beautiful spot with spectacular sunsets over the Mozambiquean mountains and a splendid tree in the garden which was favoured by a small flock of the pterodactyl-like Silvery-cheeked Hornbill.

20/10-23/10/96 Nyanga

>From Vumba we headed north to the Nyanga National Park. Here the landscape was a strange mixture with the very African woods of Acacia abbysinica mixed with grasslands, pine plantations and dams which were a little reminiscent of some areas back home in Scotland. Highlights here included Blue Swallows feeding over the dam and grasslands near our lodge at Udu Dam, a nesting Malachite Kingfisher at Rhodes Dam, but best of all was a pair of Taita Falcons mobbing a Lanner at Honde View. Wildlife here included Bushbuck, Reedbuck and Waterbuck. There were a lot of archaeological sites, and some of the views such as World's View and Honde View were spectacular.

24/10/96 McIlwaine Game Park and Lake Chivero

Our last day, and my sister-in-law gave us a loan of her car to go to McIlwaine. The lake was higher than in 1993, and there were less birds around but we did see quite a few. Game seen included Kudu, Impala, Wildebeest and Zebra. For lunch we drove to a nearby hotel, and a Spotted Creeper flew across the road in front of the car and landed on a fence post, a great bird to finish the trip on.

Species List:

E = endemic to southern Africa

English Name                Scientific Name          Sites
------------                ---------------          -----
Ostrich                     Struthio camelus         Cape of Good Hope, Bontebok, de Hoop,
                                                     West Coast, Matobo, McIlwaine
Little Grebe                Tachybaptus ruficollis   Rondevlei, National Botanic Gardens
                                                     in Harare
Great Crested Grebe         Podiceps cristatus       de Hoop Vlei
Jackass Penguin      E      Spheniscus demersus      The Boulders at Simonstown
White Pelican               Pelecanus onocrotalus    West Coast and Rondevlei    
Cape Gannet                 Morus capensis           common offshore in the Cape
Great Cormorant             Phalacrocorax carbo      common offshore in the Cape,
                                                     Rondevlei, McIlwaine
Cape Cormorant              Phalacrocorax capensis   Duiker Island, Cape of Good Hope
Bank Cormorant       E      Phalacrocorax neglectus  Duiker Island
Crowned Cormorant           Phalacrocorax coronatus  Rondevlei (may have been overlooked 
Reed Cormorant              Phalacrocorax africanus  Rondevlei, McIlwaine
African Darter              Anhinga melanogaster     Rondevlei
Black-crowned Night Heron   Nycticorax nycticorax    Rondevlei
Cattle Egret                Bubulcus ibis            Common and widespread
Great Egret                 Egretta alba             Rondevlei, Kyle, McIlwaine
Little Egret                Egretta garzetta         Common and widespread
Purple Heron                Ardea purpurea           Rondevlei
Grey Heron                  Ardea cinerea            Common and widespread
Black-headed Heron          Ardea melanocephala      Common and widespread
White Stork                 Ciconia ciconia          Harare
Glossy Ibis                 Plegadis falcinellus     Rondevlei
Sacred Ibis                 Threskiornis aethiopica  Common and widespread
African Spoonbill           Platalea alba            West Coast, Rondevlei
Greater Flamingo            Phoenicopterus ruber     flocks from bus at Welkom
Lesser Flamingo             Phoenicopterus minor     flocks from bus at Welkom
Hamerkop                    Scopus umbretta          Vumba - on the Leopard Rock golf course
Egyptian Goose              Alopochen aegyptius      Common and widespread
Knob-billed Duck            Sarkidiornis melanotos   Matobo
Red-billed Teal             Anas erythrorhyncha      Rondevlei
Yellow-billed Duck          Anas undulata            Rondevlei
Cape Shoveler               Anas smithii             Rondevlei
Southern Pochard            Netta erythropthalma     Rondevlei, Udu Dam (Nyanga) and McIlwaine
Secretarybird               Sagittarius serpentarius Bontebok
Cape Vulture E              Gyps coprotheres         Potberg in de Hoop
Yellow-billed Kite          Milvus (migrans) parasiticus  Common and widespread.
Black-shouldered Kite       Elanus caeruleus         Common and widespread
Wahlberg's Eagle            Aquila wahlbergi         Kyle
Black Eagle                 Aquila verreauxii        Table Mountain, de Hoop and Matobo
Crowned Eagle               Stephanoaetus coronatus  Kyle
Long-crested Eagle          Lophaetus occiptalis     Rhodes Dam (Nyanga)
African Fish Eagle          Haliaeetus vocifer       Cape of Good Hope, McIlwaine
Steppe Buzzard              Buteo b. vulpinus        Common in Eastern Highlands
Jackal Buzzard       E      Buteo rufofuscus         Cape of Good Hope, de Hoop area
Augur Buzzard               Buteo augur              Matobo, Nyanga
Red-breasted Sparrowhawk    Accipiter rufiventris    Salmonsdam, Rondevlei
Black Sparrowhawk           Accipiter melanoleucus   Potberg (de Hoop)
Gabar Goshawk               Micronisus gabar         Kyle
African Marsh Harrier       Circus ranivorus         Rondevlei
Black Harrier        E      Circus maurus            female near Bredasdorp, 2 males in West Coast
Peregrine Falcon            Falco peregrinus         Cape Point
Lanner Falcon               Falco biarmicus          Honde View, Nyanga   
Taita Falcon                Falco fasciichuna        2 Honde View, Nyanga mobbing Lanner
Common (Rock) Kestrel       Falco tinninculus        de Hoop
Helmeted Guinea-fowl        Numidia meleagris        Common and widespread
Cape Francolin       E      Francolinus capensis     Cape of Good Hope, Cape Peninsula,
                                                     West Coast, Bontebok, de Hoop
Grey-winged Francolin E     Francolinus africanus    Cape Peninsula, West Coast
Red-necked Francolin        Francolinus afer         Nyanga
Blue Crane           E      Anthropoides paradisea   common in fields around de Hoop
                                                     and Bredasdorp
Wattled Crane               Grus carunculatus        2 in fields near Christon Bank N of Harare
Black Crake                 Amaurornis flavirostris  Rhodes Dam (Nyanga) and
                                                     National Botanic Gardens - Harare
Purple Swamphen             Porphyrio porphyrio      Rondevlei
Common Moorhen              Gallinula chloropus      de Hoop and National Botanic Gardens
Red-knobbed Coot            Fulica cristata          Rondevlei
Stanley Bustard             Neotis denhami           Bontebok      
Black Korhann         E     Eupodotis afra           Bontebok, West Coast
White-quilled Korhaan E     Eupodotis afraoides      from bus between Cape Town and Jo'burg    
African Black Oystercatcher E  Haematopus moquini    Cape of Good Hope, de Hoop
Ringed Plover               Charadrius hiaticula     West Coast
Kittlitz's Plover           Charadrius pecuarius     West Coast
Three Banded Plover         Charadrius tricollaris   West Coast
White-fronted Plover        Charadrius marginatus    West Coast
Blacksmith Plover           Vanellus armatus         Common and widespread
Crowned Plover              Vanellus coronatus       Common and widespread
Wattled Plover              Vanellus senegallus      Kyle
Sanderling                  Calidris alba            de Hoop
Curlew Sandpiper            Calidris ferruginea      West Coast
Little Stint                Calidris minuta          West Coast
Whimbrel                    Numenius phaeopus        West Coast
Greenshank                  Tringa nebularia         de Hoop Vlei, West Coast
Marsh Sandpiper             Tringa stagnatilis       de Hoop Vlei
Wood Sandpiper              Tringa glareola          de Hoop Vlei
Common Sandpiper            Actitis hypoleucos       Kyle, Rhodes Dam
Subantarctic Skua           Catharacta antarctica    one seen off Cape Point
Grey-headed Gull            Larus cirrocephalus      common in the Cape, also McIlwaine
Hartlaub's Gull      E      Larus hartlaubi          West Coast
Kelp Gull                   Larus dominicanus        common around the Cape
Caspian Tern                Sterna caspia            West Coast
Swift Tern                  Sterna bergii            common around Cape
Common Tern                 Sterna hirundo           a few seen around the Cape Peninsula
Damara Tern          E      Sterna baleanarum        one seen de Hoop
Rock Pigeon                 Columba guinea           Common in the Cape, around Harare 
                                                     and in eastern Zimbabwe
Feral Pigeon                Columba livia            Common in cities
Rameron Pigeon              Columba arquatrix        One seen Kirstenbosch, also Rhodes Dam
Cape Turtle Dove            Streptopelia capicola      Common and widespread
Red-eyed Dove               Streptopelia semitorquata  Common and widespread
Laughing Dove               Streptopelia senegalensis  Common and Widespread
Grey Lourie                 Corythaixoides concolor    Kyle
Red-chested Cuckoo          Cuculus solitarius       Rhodes Dam
Spotted Eagle Owl           Bubo africanus           seen Ngomakurira, heard Udu Dam
Fiery-necked Nightjar       Caprimulgus pectoralis   seen Dombashawa, heard Kyle
Mozambique Nightjar         Caprimulgus fossii       heard Kyle    
Palm Swift                  Cypsiurus parvus         common in Zimbabwe
African Swift               Apus barbatus            common and widespread
Little Swift                Apus affinis             common and widespread
White-rumped Swift          Apus caffer              seen Harare
Horus Swift                 Apus horus               Table Mountain and Vumba
Alpine Swift                Apus melba               Table Mountain
Common Swift                Apus apus                Nyanga
Mottled Swift               Apus aequitoralis        Nyanga, Honde View, Leopard Rock
Scarce Swift                Schoutedenapus myoptilus Eastern Highlands
Speckled Mousebird          Colius striatus          Vumba
Red-faced Mousebird         Colius indicus           Bontebok
White-backed Mousebird E    Colius colius            West Coast, Bontebok
Little Bee-eater            Merops pusillus          Kyle
European Bee-eater          Merops apiaster          West Coast, McIlwaine
Lilac-breasted Roller       Coracias caudata         Common and widespread in Zimbabwe
Pied Kingfisher             Ceryle rudis             Matobo, McIlwaine
Malachite Kingfisher        Alcedo cristata          Rhodes Dam
Striped Kingfisher          Halcyon chelicuti        McIlwaine
Scimitarbill                Phoeniculus cyanomelas   McIlwaine
African Hoopoe              Upupa (epops) senegalensis  Kyle   
Yellow-billed Hornbill      Tockus flavirostris      Common in Zimbabwe
Red-billed Hornbill         Tockus erythrorhynchus   Common in Zimbabwe
Crowned Hornbill            Tockus alboterminatus    Vumba
Grey Hornbill               Tockus nasutus           Kyle
Silvery-cheeked Hornbill    Bycanistes brevis        3-4 in garden at Vumba
White-eared Barbet          Stactolaema leucotis     Vumba
Pied Barbet                 Lybius leucomelas        Common in Zimbabwe
Black-collared Barbet       Lybius torquatus         Kyle
Crested Barbet              Trachyphonus vaillanti   Kyle, Harare
Ground Woodpecker    E      Geocolaptes olivaceus    Salmonsdam
Golden-tailed Woodpecker    Campethera abingoni      Vumba
Lesser Honeyguide           Indicator minor          Bontebok
Rufous-naped Lark           Mirafra africana         Kyle
Long-billed Lark            Mirafra curvirostris     Bontebok
Karoo Lark           E      Mirafra albescens        West Coast
Red-capped Lark             Calandrella cinerea      Common and widespread
Red-breasted Swallow        Hirundo semirufa         Nyanga
White-throated Swallow      Hirundo albigularis      Bontebok, Vumba
Blue Swallow                Hirundo atrocaerulea     feeding with House Martins Udu Dam
Greater Striped Swallow     Hirundo cucullata        Bontebok, Vumba
Lesser Striped Swallow      Hirundo abyssinica       Nyanga
Black Saw-wing Swallow      Psalidoprocne holomelas  Bontebok
Eastern Saw-wing Swallow    Psalidoprocne orientalis Vumba and Nyanga
House Martin                Delichon urbica          Large flocks Nyanga
Brown-throated Martin       Riparia paludicola       Common and widespread
African Pied Wagtail        Motacilla aguimp         Common and widespread
Cape Wagtail                Motacilla capensis       Common in the Cape
Mountain Wagtail            Motacilla clara          One seen Rhodes Dam
Grassveld Pipit             Anthus cinnamomeus       Common and widespread
Long-billed Pipit           Anthus similis           Bontebok, McIlwaine
Plain-backed Pipit          Anthus leucophrys        de Hoop
Buffy Pipit                 Anthus vaalensis         Vumba
Bushveld Pipit              Anthus caffer            Matobo, McIlwaine
Orange-throated Longclaw E  Macronyx capensis        West Coast
Black Cuckooshrike          Campephaga flava         Common and widespread
Square-tailed Drongo        Dicrurus ludwigii        Vumba
Fork-tailed Drongo          Dicrurus adsimilis       Common and widespread
Black-headed Oriole         Oriolus larvatus         Kyle
Black Crow                  Corvus capensis          Common around the Cape and Harare
Pied Crow                   Corvus albus             Common and widespread
White-necked Raven          Corvus albicollis        Common in Cape and uplands of Zimbabwe
Southern Black Tit          Parus niger              Kyle
Southern Grey Tit    E      Parus afer               West Coast
Spotted Creeper             Salpornis spilonotis     McIlwaine
Arrow Marked Babbler        Turdoides jardineii      Harare, Matobo - common garden bird
Cape Bulbul          E      Pycnonotus capensis      Common around the Cape
Black-eyed (Common) Bulbul  Pycnonotus barbatus      Abundant in Zimbabwe
Yellow-streaked Bulbul      Phyllastrephus flavostriatus  Vumba
Sombre Bulbul               Andropadus importunus    Kirstenbosch
Kurrichane Thrush           Turdus libonyanus        Common garden bird in Harare and Vumba
Olive Thrush                Turdus olivaceus         Kirstenbosch
Groundscraper Thrush        Turdus litsipsirupa      pair at refreshment stop between 
                                                     Jo'burg and Harare
Cape Rock Thrush     E      Monticola rupestris      de Hoop
Miombo Rock Thrush          Monticola angolensis     Vumba
Heuglin's Robin             Cossypha heuglini        Common garden bird in Zimbabwe
Cape Robin                  Cossypha caffra          in the Cape
Boulder Chat                Pinarornis plumosus      Common in dombas around Harare, 
                                                     esp. Ngomakurira; Matobo
Familiar Chat               Cercomela familiaris     Common and widespread
Mocking Chat                Thamnolaea cinnamomeiventris  Ngomakurira
White-browed Robin          Erythropygia leucophrys  Kyle, Vumba
Karoo Robin          E      Erythropygia paena       Bontebok
Stonechat                   Saxicola torquata        Common and widespread in the Cape 
                                                     and Eastern Highlands
Cape Reed Warbler           Acrocephalus gracilirostris  Rondevlei and Nyanga
African Sedge Warbler       Bradypterus baboecala    Udu Dam
Yellow Warbler              Chloropeta natalensis    Udu Dam
Broad-tailed Warbler        Schoenicola brevirostris Rhodes Dam
Willow Warbler              Phylloscopus trochilus   singing National Botanic Gardens
Bar-throated Apalis         Apalis thoracica         common in Zimbabwe
Chirinda Apalis      E      Apalis chirindensis      Vumba
Yellow-breasted Apalis      Apalis flavida           Kyle
Grassbird            E      Sphenoeacus afer         Cape of Good Hope, Kirstenbosch, de Hoop
Grey-backed Cisticola       Cisticola subruficapilla West Coast
Wailing Cisticola           Cisticola lais           Nyanga
Singing Cisticola           Cisticola cantans        Nyanga
Levaillant's Cisticola      Cisticola tinniens       West Coast and Salmonsdam, Nyanga
Lazy Cisticola              Cisticola aberrans       Kyle
Neddicky                    Cisticola fulvicapilla   Nyanga
Tawny-flanked Prinia        Prinia subflava          Common in Zimbabwe
Karoo Prinia         E      Prinia maculosa          Common in the Cape
Blue-grey Flycatcher        Muscicapa caerulescens   Kyle
Dusky Flycatcher            Muscicapa adusta         Nyanga
Fiscal Flycatcher    E      Sigelus silens           Common in the Cape
Cape Batis                  Batis capensis           Bontebok and Kirstenbosch
Chinspot Batis              Batis molitor            Kyle, Nyanga  
Wattle-eyed Flycatcher      Platysteira peltata      male Ngomakurira
African Paradise Flycatcher Terpsiphone cyanomelas   common and widespread in Zimbabwe
Fiscal Shrike               Lanius collaris          common and widespread
Magpie Shrike               Corvinella melanoleuca   Kyle
Southern Boubou      E      Laniarius ferrugineus    Salmonsdam and Bontebok
Tropical Boubou             Laniarius aethiopicus    Vumba
Black-crowned Tchagra       Tchagra senegala         Matobo
Gorgeous Bush-shrike        Telophorus quadricolor   heard Vumba
Orange-breasted Bush-shrike Telophorus sulfureopectus  Vumba
Common Starling             Sturnus vulgaris         Common around the Cape
Pied Starling        E      Spreo bicolor            Common around the Cape
Wattled Starling            Creatophora cinerea      A few seen Overberg farms
Plum-coloured Starling      Cinnyricinclus leucogaster  Matobo and Kyle
Greater Blue-eared Starling Lamprotornis corruscus   Kyle
Red-winged Starling         Onychognathus morio      Common in Cape and Zimbabwe
Cape Sugarbird       E      Promerops cafer          Salmonsdam
Malachite Sunbird           Nectarinia famosa        A few seen around the Cape
Orange-breasted Sunbird E   Nectarinia violacea      Cape Peninsula and Mountains
Lesser Double-collared Sunbird E  Nectarinia chalybea  Common around the Cape
Miombo Double-collared Sunbird Nectarinia manoensis  Common in Zimbabwe
Collared Sunbird            Nectarinia collaris      Vumba
Olive Sunbird               Nectarinia olivacea      Nyanga
Black Sunbird               Nectarinia amethystina   Kyle
Scarlet-chested Sunbird     Nectarinia senegalensis  Common in Zimbabwe
Cape White-eye       E      Zosterops pallidus       Common in the Cape
Yellow White-eye            Zosterops senegalensis   Common in Zimbabwe
White-browed Sparrow Weaver Plocepasser mahali       Seen around refreshment stop in 
                                                     S Zimbabwe
House Sparrow               Passer domesticus        Common in towns
Cape Sparrow                Passer melanurus         Common around the Cape
Grey-headed Sparrow         Passer griseus           Kyle
Forest Weaver               Ploceus bicolor          Vumba
Cape Weaver          E      Ploceus capensis         Common around the Cape
Spectacled Weaver           Ploceus ocularis         Vumba and Nyanga
Holub's Golden Weaver       Ploceus xanthops         Common in Zimbabwe
Masked Weaver               Ploceus velatus          Common and widespread
Spotted-backed Weaver       Ploceus cucullatus       Common in Zimbabwe
Red-headed Weaver           Anaplectes rubriceps     Matobo
Thick-billed Weaver         Amblyospiza albifrons    Rhodes Dam
Red-billed Quelea           Quelea quelea            Large flock seen from road in S Zimbabwe
Red Bishop                  Euplectes orix           Common around the Cape, Harare
Yellow-rumped Widow         Euplectes capensis       Common around the Cape
Red-faced Crimsonwing       Cryptospiza reichenowi   Vumba
Blue-billed Firefinch       Lagonosticta rubricapa   Vumba
Blue Waxbill                Uraeginthus angolensis   Common and widespread Zimbabwe
Common Waxbill              Estrilda astrild         Common and widespread
Black-cheeked Waxbill       Estrilda erythronotos    Matobo
East African Swee           Estrilda quartinia       Vumba
Bronze Mannikin             Spermestes cucullatus    Harare
Paradise Whydah             Vidua paradisea          From bus on Highveld
Pin-tailed Whydah           Vidua macroura           Common and widespread
Yellow-eyed Canary          Serinus mozambicus       Common Zimbabwe
Yellow Canary               Serinus flaviventris     Common around the Cape
Cape Canary                 Serinus canicollis       Salmonsdam and Nyanga
Black-eared Canary   E      Serinus mennelli         Kyle
Golden-breasted Bunting     Emberiza flaviventris    Harare, Matobo
Cape Bunting                Emberiza capensis        Common around the Cape
Cinnamon-breasted Bunting   Emberiza tahapisi        Kyle

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