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The Following Reports are available from Serbia and Montenegro:
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Vojvodina, Serbia June 17 - 23 - 2013

  • Very close by we visited a smaller breeding colony of Bee-eaters together with hundreds of Common Sand Martins. In town several pairs of Black Redstarts were breeding, often singing from chimneys and the European Serins were singing from antennas...Jan Landsverk reports.

Two days Birding in Serbia, April 2007

  • I have been to Europe many times, but never on a birding trip, that is, an excursion with experts who know where to go and what to see. This time I was determined to change that, while I was in Belgrade in late April 2007...Dorothy Harper reports

Where to watch birds in Serbia

  • In an effort to answer the questions where to see the birds that epitomize the region, what sites should be given priority, and when is the best time to go, this short article makes a brief mention of 18 globally Important Bird Areas....Dragan Simic reports

Birdwatch Belgrade

  • In an effort to answer the questions where to see the birds that epitomize the area, which sites should be visited and when is the best time to go there, this short guide describes the 14 best birding spots in and around Belgrade, and makes brief mention of 6 Important Bird Areas nearby...Dragan Simic reports.

Iron Gates N.P., Serbia (Yugoslavia) Jan 1999

  • One very old, golden-headed mature White-tailed Eagle flew above us one late January 1999 afternoon, while the green trawler Aka entered the dock at Donji Milanovac in east Serbia. Milica Ivovic (Belgrade's Natural History Museum), Goran Sekulic and myself (Bird Protection and Study Society of Vojvodina) had counted 29,000 ducks that day alone..Dragan Simic reports.

Skadar Lake N.P., Montenegro (Yugoslavia) January 1997

  • Skadar Lake National Park is a winter sanctuary for numerous birds that migrate from the frozen marshes of Northern Europe. When ice grips the northern hemisphere, up to 250,000 ducks, grebes and Coots find here a plenty of food. For an amateur-ornithologist like me, it's an irresistible lure.... Dragan Simic reports

Birding and Canoeing on the Danube

  • During spring and summer months, Belgrade riverbanks and willow groves owe their charm especially to their egrets and herons. The first Night Herons appear in the treetops of the little island by the name of Konjska Ada in the River Danube branch by the end of March, silent and motionless......In winter, a long awaited sighting of a White-tailed Eagle over Belgrade fulfilled a life-long ambition...Dragan Simic reports.


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Why not send us a report, or an update to one of your current reports?

Some Useful bird books for Serbia and Montenegro:
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Collins Bird Guide
Lars Svensson: Buy from or

  • "Well, it has been much hyped but it is all true. This beats all other European guides by a significant margin. The songs and calls are extremely well notated, even though the pronunciation takes some getting used too. Many pictures for each species. Very information dense. Buy it. The best available bird identification book for Austria.

The Complete Guide to the Birdlife of Britain & Europe
Rob Hume, Peter Hayman (Illustrator): Buy from

  • This is quite simply the best illustrated guide to Europe's birds that I have seen. Every bird is pictured at least five times (and sometimes twenty times) in varying poses within its habitat. Seeing the birds in context, really gives this book the edge.
    More than a field guide, the book is coffee table size, and certainly deserves to be in the collection of every serious bird watcher.

Recommended travel books for Serbia and Montenegro:

Serbia: The Bradt Travel Guide
Laurence Mitchell: Buy from or

  • The Bradt's Serbia is an amazingly informative, surprisingly accurate and incredibly honest book. The whole text is well structured and includes detailed information on natural history and birdwatching, geography, history, Art and architecture, literature, even cinema and music. This new edition has a two-page box by local expert Dragan Simic on finding birds in serbia

Lonely Planet Eastern Europe (Travel Guides)
Steve Fallon: Buy from or

  • Including travel information designed for all budgets, this guide also features useful words and phrases in different languages, information on visa and border crossings, and details of how to change one currency to another. Published in Feb 2001.


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