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Fairy Pitta - Taiwan, May 12, 2006,

Gary and Marlene Babic


This was a brief stop to pick up a view of Fairy Pitta, because we had already seen all other Taiwan endemic birds on previous visits. By exchanging e-mails with researchers from the Taiwan Endemic Species Research Institute (TESRI) in Chichi Township, Nantou County, we learned that Fairy Pittas were resident there this season and could be readily seen. They are studying the pitta as well as Taiwan’s endemic birds and have located several recurring sites for the pitta. Most have been nesting near a small village named Huban, but in 2006 a pair of pittas nested right on the grounds of TESRI. Researcher Mr Yao Cheng-te of TESRI was kind enough to pick us up from a nearby highway rest area where a friend have dropped us off, bring us to the 2-star Chi-Chi Resort, and then to TESRI the next morning where we observed the female Fairy Pitta on the nest. The grounds of TESRI, as well as a temple area near the hotel, held a nice variety of the common lowland species.

TESRI deserves support for its ongoing research on endemics as well as for its field work to protect breeding sites for the Fairy Pittas and other endemics, many of which are under threat from various development projects (see references). This is certainly an uphill battle.   


Yao Cheng-te:

Chi-Chi Resort, tel: 049-2762988

“Stop the Hushan Dam, a threat to Fairy Pitta habitat”:

Trip reports:

Graham Talbot,, Taiwan and Fairy Pitta


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