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A Report from

Thailand, April 22-May 3, 2008,

Stephen Janko

Went on a 2 week trip to Thailand which included bird watching as a part of it, primarily in the southern part of the country in Phuket and also Phang Nga Province.  One of the goals was the Gurneys Pitta in Khao Nor Chuchi. Unfortunately, did not see it.  The trip included Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Phuket and a cruise on Phang Nga Bay.  All together, the trip yielded 40 species including 35 new species. Several target species are amongst these.  These include both Mangrove and Blue Winged Pitta, Asian Paradise Flycatcher and White Bellied Sea Eagle.  A planned 3 day trip for the sole purpose of birding was cut down to 2 as a result of uncooperative weather.  Rain and very humid conditions.

While in Phuket, employed the services of Paddle Asia, the leading Eco-Tourism company in Southern Thailand.

Places visited include:

Ton Paliwat Wildlife Sanctuary
Phang Nga National Park
Khao Nor Chuchi
Phang Nga Bay

Guide Books used:

1. Birds of Southeast Asia by Robson
2. A Guide to the Birds of Thailand by Boonsong Lekagul and Philip D. Round and Mongkol Wongkalasin and Kamol Komolphalin

Though Bangkok itself wasn’t a birding destination, it did produce a number of species including Common Myna, Crested Myna, a new species and Little Egret along the Klongs.


Monday, April 21:  Departed USA

Tuesday, April 22: Arrived Bangkok, Thailand in evening

Wednesday, April 23: City and Temples Tour.  No birding, but saw numerous Common Myna and Crested Myna around the city.  The commons were particularly abundant.

Thursday, April 24: Grand Palace Tour in morning followed by afternoon Klongs Tour.  Spotted 2 Little Egret

Friday, April 25.  Nothing seen this day as I had a business meeting.

Saturday, April 26: Full day tour to Ayutthaya.  Again, Common Mynas were especially abundant at site.   Briefly glimpsed a larger sized blue colored bird, but unable to identify.

Sunday, April 27: Flew to Phuket.  Common Myna were very abundant at hotel.   Saw Asian House Martin flying about the grounds.  Pied Bush Chat were also present in the thicket adjacent to the hotel in Kata Beach.

Monday, April 28:  Start of birding part of trip.  Already had tallied 5 species.  Picked up at 6:00am.  Birded an upland area and canal and lagoon in Phuket.  principal buirds seen were Red Wattled Plover, Pacific Golden Plover, Cattle Egret and a Purple Heron flyby.

Later in day, birded the boardwalk at the Mangrove in Phan Nga National park in search of Mangrove Pitta.  Saw 2 birds.  Then was driven to a bird rich area near my guides home.

Birds seen included Blue-winged Pitta, Buff-vented Bulbul and Green-billed Malkoha

Below is the complete list. 
Use the key for reference for where each species were seen or heard.

TP=Ton Paliwat
PNP=Phang Nga Province
KNC=Khao Nor Chuchi
PNG=Phang Nga Bay

  1. Purple Heron-P
  2. Cattle Egret-P
  3. Little Egret-B
  4. Little Heron-PNG
  5. Little Grebe-P
  6. Red Wattled Lapwing-P
  7. Pacific Golden Plover-P
  8. Brahminy Kite-PNG
  9. White Bellied Sea Eagle-PNG
  10. Blyth’s Hawk-Eagle-TP
  11. Thick billed green Pigeon-KNC
  12. Emerald Dove-KNC
  13. Spotted Dove-PNP
  14. Greater Coucal-PNP
  15. Green-billed Malkoha-PNP
  16. Orange breasted Trogon-KNC
  17. Red crowned Barbet-KNC
  18. Grey capped Woodpecker-P
  19. Blue Winged Pitta-PNP
  20. Mangrove Pitta-PNP
  21. Asian House Martin-P
  22. Scarlet Minivet-TP
  23. Black Headed Bulbul-KNC
  24. Yellow vented Bulbul-P
  25. Buff vented Bulbul-PNP
  26. Bronzed Drongo-KNC
  27. White bellied Yuhina-TP
  28. Common Tailorbird-TP
  29. Oriental Magpie Robin-PNP
  30. Dark-sided Flycatcher-TP
  31. Asian Paradise Flycatcher-KNC
  32. Brown Throated Sunbird-TP
  33. Ruby-cheeked Sunbird-KNC
  34. Yellow-breasted Flowerpecker-TP
  35. Thick billed Flowerpecker-KNC
  36. Orange bellied Flowerpecker-KNC
  37. Pied Bushchat-P
  38. Common Myna-B,P,PNP
  39. Crested Myna-B
  40. Large billed Crow-B (heard only), PNG


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